Here we are having lunch in the RV at the start of our trip. Lasagne, sushi, roast chicken and fried trout made a varied menu. The table can come down and form a bed with the benches.

We spent (too) many hours at Six Flags amusement park. Lior who is quite timid and always wants to be big and fighting her fear wanted to go on the Rapids. The excitement on her face after a rush into the water and a total soaking is plainly evident. Dani on the other hand is fearless. After a turn on the roller coaster Eitan came off wobbling and Dani wanted another go.

The unhappy look on my face increased with every ride. Round and round, zigzagging in and out, both Eitan and I felt as if we'd been rewired and were buzzing for hours!

This was to Lior's and our taste!

This was a great ride - we watched as the girls went up and down, up and down and......

Sleeping arrangements didn't work out quite as we had anticipated. The girls slept snugly in our bed while Eitan slept the first night on the table bed and then we scrunched up in the bed above the steering wheel.

Danielle wanted to see The White House in Washington, which she thought was just beautiful. Lior thought the Lincoln Memorial was boring ..............

.....but a sudden downpour made walking along the drained Reflecting Pool fun.

A final goodbye to the bears as we left Washington.

Our next stop was Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, where we met our friends Steve, Nina and Hannah Schaffer. Dani poses in front of lily pads that can grow to over 2 meters in length. We met a young girl who had a Dog in Service. She suffers from epileptic fits and her guide dog senses when she is about to have an attack and alerts her to take steps to prevent injury to herself.

We stopped at a campground where we went fishing.  Dani caught a fish and Lior touched it. They were both very proud of their achievements.

At the start of our trip we had bought marshmallows to make 'smores' but a thunderstorm prevented our going to a communal campfire. On the last morning the girls gathered couraged and walked over to a neighboring fire and asked for help to toast their marshmallows
Eitan shows the girls how corn grows on stalks. We later stopped and bought plenty of corn for dinner at double the price it was being sold for at the local supermarket.

The girls loved the Crayola factory and decorated their own T-shirts.

On the way home Dani watches as the holding tanks on the RV are emptied.


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