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I was a judge ("tournament director") at the Youth Team Bridge Championships in  Riccione, on the Adriatic Coast in Italy. Doreen joined me and we had a very enjoyable time.

Riccione is an Italian holiday resort with miles of shops and an unending stream of shoppers, cyclists everywhere and displays of impressive fireworks nightly. Each hotel has its own beach area, with miles of umbrellas and beaches. Doreen decided to join the shoppers and cyclists and leave the beaches to the holidaymakers. Notwithstanding an accident the first day, leading to a deep gash in her leg requiring stitches, she managed to tour the vicinity by bike.
We ate mainly in the hotel and the food was good, especially the antipasti. We went out to eat a few times, and on the last night enjoyed a seafood meal in the most pleasant company of Patrick Jourdain and Maggie Pierce.

The Bridge Championships were successful and very well organized by good friend Maurizio di Sacco., in conjunction with the Youth Bridge team headed by the able and experienced Panos Gerontopoulos and Dimitri Balas.  Antonio Riccardi was the Chief Tournament Director, and as always it's a pleasure working under him.
Antonio concentrating on a bridge judgement problem.

Israel was represented in both the Junior (under 26 years) and Schools (under 20) events.

Poland finished in first place in both the Schools and the Junior events, while Holland took the Girls' Teams honors.

The Juniors finished a rather disappointing 6th. With one day to go they were in contention for the bronze medal, but couldn't sustain the effort. The first 5 teams qualified for the World Junior Championships, so Israel just missed out.

The Schools team, after leading for much of the way, finished a very commendable 2nd.

Doreen and I were moved when the team received their Silver Medals and Hatikvah was played.

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