Vilna 1929

This wonderful picture of many of Doreen's family was taken about 1929 in Vilnius (also called Vilna), Lithuania (then occupied by, and part of, Poland).

Some of the family (including Joe Glasser, Doreen's great-uncle, and Maurice Glazer, Doreen's father) had already left Lithuania for South Africa. This picture was taken on the occasion of Joe's visit to Vilna with his wife and infant son.

The patriarch of the family, Itze-Ber Gleze (Doreen's great-grandfather) is seated in the middle (with beard and hat). Doreen's grandmother Nessie is second from left in the back row, and her grandfather Mottel is the second adult from the left in the middle row.

Of the 23 people in the picture, 3 died before WW2, 12 perished in the holocaust, and 8 made it safely (either before or during WW2) to America or South Africa.

(We are indebted to Florence Levin, Doreen's second cousin, for the picture.)

BACK ROW (from left to right)            RELATIONSHIP TO DOREEN LEVY (nee GLAZER)

1  Henia Kagan (nee Glasser)                                 grandaunt

2  Nettie (Nessie) Glasser (nee Schank)                  grandmother

3  Abrashke (Avraham) Glasser                              uncle

4  Mishke (Michael) Glasser                                   uncle

5  Haya Trotsky                                                     first cousin once removed

6  Kale Trotsky (Glasser)                                       grandaunt

7  Elke Trotsky (later, Mil)                                      first cousin once removed

8. Riva Glasser                                                       wife of granduncle

9  Liza Glasser (later Mark,am, Garber)                  first cousin once removed


1  Yehuda Kagan                                                   husband of grandaunt

    Noah Kagan (in arms)                                         first cousin once removed

2  Mottel Glasser                                                    grandfather

3  Blume Glezer                                                      great grandmother  

4  Itze-Ber Glezer                                                   great grandfather

5  Joe (Yeina) Glasser                                            granduncle

6  Alte Glasser                                                        wife of granduncle

7  Jacob Glasser                                                     granduncle


1  Rywa Kagan (later Schochat)                             first cousin once removed

2  Israel Kagan                                                       first cousin once removed

3  Avraham Kagan                                                 first cousin once removed

4  Stanley (Zalman) Glasser                                    first cousin once removed

5  Elke Glasser                                                       first cousin once removed

6. Hirschel Glasser                                                  first cousin once removed