Mark and Sue GlasserMark and Sue Glasser (4th)

Cecille and Raymond CottonCecille and Raymond Cotton (11th)

TarrazasVanessa and Giorgio Tarazza (12th)

Lee and Nadav LevyLee and Nadav Levy (12th)

Eitan and Doren 2006Doreen and Eitan Levy (16th)


Natasha and JoshuaNatasha and Joshua Leibowitz (18th)

Wendy and David Ginsberg (19th)


Melodie and Mark Nathan (28th)

Jonathan Klotnick (3rd)

Viki GilbertViki Gilbert (5th)

Andrew LevyAndrew Levy (7th)

Frankie 2015Frankie Klaff (7th)

GabiGabriella Nathan (9th)

Mark Nathan (11th)

Jimmy RabinowitzJimmy Rabinowitz (14th)

Dan KanskyDan Kansky (16th)


Daniel LeibowitzDaniel Leibowitz (17th)


Gabriel glogauerGabriel Glogauer (18th)

Ben TalBen Tal (20th)

SharonSharon Leibowitz (nee Levy)(21st)

NatashaNatasha Leibowitz (21st)

Dina Levy (22nd)


Jonathan LevyJonathan Levy (25th)


Chloe GChloe Glogauer (25th)

Maayan rock climbingMaayan Segoli (26th)


Sheryl Levy (31st)