On 22nd January 2004, Ma'ayan Levi Segoli was circumcised and brought into the Jewish faith at the synagogue at Sde Boqer where Moran, Mikhal and Ma'ayan live.

When Moran told me that Ma'ayan already smiles, I pooh-poohed the idea. But here he is on the morning of his brit giving me a great smile.
Mikhal gave Ma'ayan a long bath to calm him before the ceremony. Pity Moran and Mikhal don't have a bath in their caravan - they needed calming too!



I think that a brit is wonderful. Although some people (like Eitan) think it is barbarous, I love the re-enacting of a ritual that goes back thousands of years It is very satisfying that our sons have ensured that another link extending Judaism has been added.

This is the pre-circumcision preparation. Looks like poor Ma'ayan knows what's coming.

Attending the ceremony were some family and a few friends. The distance to Sde Boqer and stormy weather meant only the really determined arrived.   It was a wonderful intimate occasion and felt just right.
Ran Kagan was the 'Sandak.'. We thought it a nice touch that Moran, who put his life into Ran's hands on a number of occasions when they climbed various peaks, now put a new and precious life into Ran's hands.

It's not easy seeing your child circumcised. Mikhal  and her mother Yael share an anxious moment.

Ma'ayan was handed from Mikhal to me, to Eitan, to Avram (Mikhal's dad), to Perry, and finally to Kagan the Sandak, godfather. Each one of us will remember that we held this precious new life for a few seconds, forming a chain of caring people as he neared the moment of circumcision..

Here Moran kisses Ma'ayan held by Kagan on Elijah's chair while Mikhal  looks as the Mohel works.

The Mohel, Ran Nahmani, is from the Breslav stream. When I mentioned that he had come a long way from Jerusalem to do the brit he said that there were honoured guests like God and Elijah who had come even further. I countered that I had hoped that God was always amongst us. But Elijah, Elijah, he countered, he came from heaven.

The Mohel talked at length to Moran and Mikhal, giving instructions for caring for Ma'ayan in the next few days and for life generally.


Ah! Peacefully asleep at last.

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