We did take Dani on the RV. She said she wanted 3 nights and 3 1/2 days. We were all very excited, took photographs and drove off. I'd forgotten that an RV is like a boat and I should have packed much better.  At the first corner all the drawers swung open, the cupboards opened and many things started crashing down. What didn't fall out remained and rattled. Lopsy started shivering and never stopped as long as he was in the RV. A few minutes later we stopped for gas and Dad, mainly because of bad instructions from the gas attendants, crashed into a pole. At which point Dani started to cry that she wanted to go home. And we hadn't even left Maplewood yet! Dani eventually slept and that was a blessing because it left us time to find our way. Only thing is that at supper, while Dad was carving the chicken she began to cry, telling us about a really frightening dream she had had. That afternoon I had read her a Dr Seuss book and it mentioned a fishbone and a wishbone. We had looked at the picture, talked about it and she made a wish. So at dinner while she was crying I saw Dad put a wishbone down. I seized it and told her it was great luck. She made a wish about ensuring good dreams, wrapped it under her pillow and slept well. When we were back at home, Dani again found a wishbone at dinner. Vered was adamant that the wish only came true when you threw it away. I was most indignant and asked her where she got her education and of course Dani had to wrap it up and place it with the other wishbone that was under her pillow.

The trip was great. We slept at a RV Campground the first night and then at Viv and Frankie and the last night with Nina and Steve. Dani behaved beautifully and we were very proud of her.

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