An explanation of the activity of drum majorettes by Cinzia Tarazza

Cinzia drummies

Cinzia drummies

What is drummies? Do you want the long version or the short version?? Only joking. 

You might know drummies better as drum majorettes or squad marching. There are two types of marching we do, indoor and outdoor.  Indoor is a smaller squad and performed in an indoor stadium.  Outdoor is a larger squad and performed in large outdoor stadiums.  At indoors we also do trios, which is a group of three of us performing a discipline, that means using a specific prop, either a rifle (made of wood) a mace, or different kinds of flags(a flaggie is a person who performs using a flag).

This year I did a non-prop trio, which means that we did a dance thing with no rifles, flags or maces.  In indoor I am now a flaggie; last year I didn't participate in indoors with a prop as I was a new drummie. In outdoor last year I was a flaggie and this year am a rifle, that means I toss and catch the rifle during marches. 

All the marches take the form of us doing different formations, the more complex and difficult the more points we earn.  At some stage during the march we have to down our props and do some non-prop moves.  An outdoor march lasts 15 minutes, we get penalised for going overtime so every move is carefully mapped out and timed.

We practice an awful lot, three times a week and before a competition we train everyday!!  We mostly practice hard for the first half of the year as the competitions are up to July.  In July 5 squads from each province attend Provincials which is a week long competition both indoors and outdoors to find the best squad in S.A.  Our team The Blues, does well, but we have not won Provincials yet.

We wear very glitzy uniforms, very military like and busbies (the furry hats).  Practice is hard and tough going. Before our first outdoor competition of the year I spent three days from 8 till 5 at school practicing.  It's called Night of Champs.  It's when all the new drummies get to march for the first time, pretty nerve wracking. I remember my first night of champs very clearly!! The marching is the best, my poor family spends hours watching our team and many others perform every Saturday, until July. They are my best supporters.


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