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December 2006 - Maayan Segoli's 3rd birthday party.
December 2006 - Jordan Davis visits
Chanukah 2006
December 9, 2006: Welcome to this world, Gabriella Anne Nathan
December 2006: Vered Loew and Yoav Shavit are getting married.
The Cotton children
Novmber 18, 2006 - The Klotnicks visit Israel
November 7-30,  2006 - Exhibition of paintings of Dina Levy
October 2006 - Welcome to this world Adam Joseph Levy
Yaffa Loew's 60th birthday October 2006
October 2006 - Wedding party for Rachel and Yuval
Sukkot 2006
Dani and Lior Ron's Birthday party September 2006
Rosh Hashanah 2006
At the Segolis in Mevaseret Zion - September 2006
An explanation and pictures of drummies,
Cycling in Warsaw, Poland, August 2006
Welcome to this world, Devorah Klotnick
Daniel Klotnick's barmitzvah
Melodie is expecting!
13th Levy family reunion and summer camp
Gidon and Sharon are engaged!

Venice June 2006
Verona -
World Bridge Championships  - June 2006
Roni Karlsbad's Batmitzvah Pary - June 2006
Aboard the Antares - June 2006

Welcome Keira Ashleigh Leibowitz
Rachel Engleberg and Yuvie Moskovitz are engaged
February 2006 - party for Ton kooijman and Maurizio di Sacco
January 2006 - Ellie Silberman 1907 - 2006

December 2006 - Maayan Segoli's 3rd birthday party.
We celebrated Maayan's 3rd birthday today at Kibbutz Dvir. Lots of family joined in the celebration (although seasonal flu and the cold spell prevented some from attending.). Maayan and four of his cousins (Nitzan, Lior, Itamar and Rotem) had a great time cavorting at high speed on their push bikes. When they had settled down, we all came inside and sang happy birthday songs to Maayan, watched him light and blow out the candles, and of course open his presents. The highlight was a show put on my Mikhal and Maayan, who told us all about the lion who loved strawberries.
Maayan's 3rd birthday partyMaayan's 3rd birthday party

Maayan's 3rd birthday partyMaayan's 3rd birthday party

December 2006 - Jordan Davis visits.
Jordan Davis
We had a special guest this weekend - Jordan Davis from New Zealand who is on a  Birthright tour of Israel. We have known Jordan since he was a two-year old baby, when his parents Lindy and Richard Davis spent a year in the Bahamas. We were at his barmitzvah in New Zealand 5 years ago, and had a wonderful time with Lindy and Richard and Lindy's parents, Denis and Valda Knight.

Chanukah 2006
After a week of candle-lighting and eating traditional doughnuts, Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, ended today. We attended many celebrations and candle-lighting ceremonies during the week. Chanuka is a wonderful opportunity to meet people we don't see often enough.

There were candle-lighting ceremonies in Eilat at Itamar's kindergarten, at kibbutz Dvir with the Segolis, at Raanana with the Rons, in Herzliya with the Habermans, and in Kohav Yair with the Peleds.
LimorChannukah 2006at VeredChannukah 2006Channukah 2006

We were delighted to meet up again with Ariella and Naomi Peled, whom we met while touring the Red Centre in Australia, and their respective spouses. We have kept up contact (not enough!) and spent a delightful evening (and delicious meal) at the home of Naomi and Itzik.
Channukah 2006

Thanks to the Habermans and their traditional Chanukkah party, (see pictures from 2004,  and from last year) we had another opportunity to meet my "Goldberg" relatives (on my mother's side) - Michael and Janet Cohen and Joe Woolwich visiting from England, and we always look forward to meeting the Olkienitski clan on these happy occasions.
Channukah 2006Channukah 2006

It's always wonderful being with our children and grandchildren ....
Channukah 2006Channukah 2006Channukah 2006
Channukah 2006Channukah 2006

and with the Bravermans Louise, Denise and Yahel; and Aviv's sister and brother-in-law, Orit and Moshe.
Channukah 2006Channukah 2006

December 9, 2006: Welcome to this world, Gabriella Anne Nathan, (2 days old in the picture on the left below). Congratulations to new Mom and Dad, Melodie and Mark Nathan (see Nochomovich family tree). Gabrielle was born a month prematurely and spent some time in  neo-natal care in hospital. The picture on the right is in the car seat on the way home from the hospital (about 10 days old).We wish her continued speedy growth. Mazaltov also to grandparents Lucille and Graham Melamed on the birth of their new grandchild, cousin to Yehuda and Daniella Melamed.
Gabriella NathanGabriella aged one week

December 2006: Vered Loew and Yoav Shavit are getting married.

Vered Loew and Yoav Shavit
  Yoav Shavit. Vered Loew
Congratulations to Vered Loew on her engagement to Yoav Shavit. The wedding is planned for August 2, 2007. Congratulations too to Mom Yaffa and Dad Andy and to grandmother Rivka.Bortenstein.
(See more pictures of Yaffa and Andy taken at Yaffa's 60th)

The Cotton children

The Cotton children

Cecile (Levy) is my youngest cousin. She is married to Raymond Cotton and they live in Johannesburg, South Africa. These are their three children, Eric, Jenna and Raphael. This is the first time that pictures of the Cotton family appear on my site, and I hope that there will be many more.

The Klotnicks visit Israel (November 18, 2006)
Joel and Beryl Klotnick (see  Matz family tree.) from Johannesburg are visiting Israel and spending time with son Mark and daughter in law Sarina, and of course with grandson Yali. They found time to come to us for dinner, together with my cousin Shirley and her husband Nathan. As always it was delightful to be with all of them, and we spent a most enjoyable evening.
Klotnick and Kansky.

November 7-30,  2006 - Exhibition of paintings of Dina Levy
Dina Levy paintings exhibitionDetails of exhibition
Dina Levy is having an exhibition of her paintings at the Weil Centre ( Hanotea Street 6) in Kfar Shmaryahu.  The exhibition opens on Tuesday 7 November and continues until the end of the month. Dina is married to my cousin Jonathan (See Hershovitz/Levy family tree ).

October 2006 - Welcome to this world Adam Joseph Levy
Hearty congratulations to parents Jason and Shari Levy, grandparents Seymor and Brenda Levy, and Sam and Bunny Tabasky; on the birth of Adam Joseph Levy on October 26, 2006. Here is his picture, all 6 pounds and 19 inches of him!
(See Hershovitz/Levy family tree, page 2)
Adam Joseph Levy

Yaffa Loew's 60th birthday October 2006
Yaffa's 60th birthday is on 30 October 2006, and we celebrated it at a delightful garden party and lunch at the Loew residence. Excellent food and company and the opportunity to  see that side of  Doreen's family  helped make the event most enjoyable. (see Schank family tree.)
Yaffa Loew's 60th birthdayYaffa Loew's 60th birthdayYaffa Loew's 60th birthday

Yaffa Loew's 60th birthday
The family choir - Zahava Karsblad, Roni Karlsblad, Moriah and Rochelle Kirsh, Rachel Karlsblad
Moriah and Rochelle Kirsh reworked the Givatron song, Bat Shishim. For the words (in Hebrew) to Yaffa's version, click here.

October 2006 - Wedding party for Rachel and Yuval
The Israeli party for the wedding of Rachel  Engleberg (see Matz family tree) and Yuval Moskovitz was last Monday night. (The wedding was last month in Colorada, USA). It was a great party, with a lively atmosphere and excellent food. Moran, Mikhal and their kids joined us, and we had a most enjoyable evening. Rachel and Yuvie went back today (via London) and we wish them every success in their future, and hope we'll see them again soon. Fortunately Rachel's sister Rebecca (on the left in the picture on the left, and also here)  is remaining in Israel and we hope to see more of her. For another picture of Rachel and Yuvie, Click here .

Rachel and Yuvie's weddingRachel and Yuvie's wedding

Sukkot 2006
As has become our custom at Sukkot (click here for pictures from 2004), we celebrated at the apartment of Wendy Kansky, where we all had the opportunity of sitting in a sukkah and shaking the Lulav and Etrog. As always, we had a lovely time, as Doreen and I, and Vered and Moran and their kids celebrated with cousin Shirley's family (Nathan; Wendy and Dan; Cheryl Tal and Adam and Meital, Ben, Ron; Braham and Zahavit, and cousin Jonathan's family (Aunt Malia, Dina and Yarden. ) Here are pictures of some of those who were there.

Adam and Meital, Ben, Cheryl, Ron
Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006

Dan, Dina, Yarden and Lior, Malia, Jonathan
Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006Sukkot 2006

Dani and Lior Ron's Birthday party September 2006
Lior's birthday is on the 13th of September, and Dani's on the 30th, and one of their birthdays usually falls on or very near to the the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. So Rosh Hashanah is a convenient day to celebrate the girls' birthdays with family. This year was no exception and on the second day of Rosh Hashanah the family got together to celebrate.
Here are some pictures taken at the party:

Rina (one of Aviv's sisters) with her children and grandchildren; Andy Loew, Louise Braverman and Doreen;
Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006

Dovvie and Ziona Glassman; Dani blowing out her candles; Yaffa Loew and Lotem Segoli;
Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006

Orit (Aviv's youngest sister) and Haim; Lior blowing out her candles; Yaffa and Vered Loew and Yoav
Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006

Edna and Anat (Aviv's sisters) and Eli; Gali and Asaf Nickel; Mikhal, Moran, Maayan and Lotem Segoli with Doreen;
Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006Ron's birthday party 2006

Lotem Segoli showing Doreen how SHE blows the shofar
Ron's birthday party 2006

Rosh Hashanah 2006 - Happy New Year!
We celebrated Rosh Hashanah this year in Hofit, with a relatively small number of celebrants - only 18. Doreen still had to work in the kitchen for two days cooking and preparing the delicious (as usual) meal. This year we again had a shofar-blowing competition (see the Shofar competition in 2004) - it's on the way to becomimg a tradition. Most of us tried our luck, but despite the valiant efforts of the adults, notably Rebecca Engleberg, the winner this year was again one of the children, Lior, who blew real cool, deep notes.
Lior blowing the shofarLior Ron - 2006 Champion Shofar blower.

Rosh Hasahanah 2006Rosh Hasahanah 2006Rosh Hasahanah 2006Rosh Hasahanah 2006Rosh Hasahanah 2006Rosh Hasahanah 2006

At the Segolis in Mevaseret Zion - September 2006
We spent a lovely evening - and a tasty meal - with the Segoli family in Mevaseret, as Yael and Avraham entertained their 4 daughters with spouses and children. Avraham's mother Rachel was also there, as was Avraham's brother on a visit from Hong Kong. We took Dani and Lior too, and it was a lovely evening.

August 2006 Warsaw, Poland
Planning the trip, and a visit to Wilanow Palace
While I was in Warsaw for the  European Bridge Championships Doreen took the opportunity  to spend a wonderful day cycling  with Marianne Pencharz.

August 2006 - Welcome to this world, Devorah Klotnick (9 Aug 2006)
Ian and Talya Klotnick with baby
Devorah Klotnick - one day old
Mazal Tov to Ian and Talya Klotnick on the birth of a baby daughter in Johannesburg on August 9, sister to Raphael and Aharon. Mazal tov too to Joel and Beryl Klotnick, on the birth of their 4th grandchild. Special mazal tov to great-grandmother Milly. May you have many more!

Daniel  Klotnick's barmitzvah 5 Aug 2006
Daniel Klotnick and parents
Mazeltov to Daniel Klotnick, in Melbourne Australia, on his barmitzvah. Congratulations to all the Klotnick clan, to parents Steven and Sharlene (in the picture), brother Jordan, sisters Candice, Romy and Tarryn; and  grandmother Milly.

Melodie is expecting!
We were delighted to hear that Melodie is expecting in January. We wish her and Mark all the best. Here they are celebrating with parents Lucille and Graham Melamed (front)
The Melameds and Nathans

Gidon and Sharon are engaged!
Gidon Collins and Sharon have announced their engagement. Mazelov to them, and to Caroline Livne (Collins), our longtime good friend. Caroline and her children, Gidon and Avigail are very close and dear to us, and have participated in many of our family celebrations.
Gidon Collins and Sharon

Venice - June 2006

Breakfast at the Pensione Accademia                        The view from the Rialto Bridge

On the Venetian island of  Burano                                                       The view from our hotel window

Verona - World Bridge Championships - June 2006: Doreen's impressions
Verona is a particularly beautiful city surrounded by ancient walls and a river. The architecture reflects the glory and importance of Verona in the Middle Ages and walking becomes a problem as you don’t know whether to watch your steps  on the cobbled streets or to turn your eyes to the frescoes and picturesque balconies, the most famous of which is Juliet’s balcony, immortalized by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. There is a huge Roman arena right in the middle of the walled city. Gathered outside are enormous props for the opera Aida which we shall see Sunday night.  The other side of the Bra piazza is taken over by restaurants and coffee houses.  Many have big TV screens and late at night the shouts of joy or cries of disappointment ring through the streets as people watch their favorite teams fight for the World Cup football. title.  But we are here for a different World Championship, the biannual World Bridge Championship which is being held in Verona this year. When Eitan was recently appointed Assistant Chief Director of the European Bridge League his place amongst the top world directors at the tournament was assured.

The (bridge) tournament is very demanding both for the players and the directors. Perhaps because of this in the evenings everybody chills out over Italian wine, German beer and good food. Most of the bridge staff stay at our hotel and the feeling of camaraderie among the directors is very real. They discuss the day’s problems and rulings that they had to give. I notice that tournament directors really do not like it when their rulings are appealed by the players, even if the appeals committee rejects the appeal.

I’m preparing a profile of tournament directors.  Besides the real love of bridge and their fascination with its rules, they all seem to be night birds and most think that a midnight double espresso is just the thing to put them to sleep. Needless to add most aren’t at their very best in the morning, however when we walk into the breakfast room we exchange greetings with the director from Egypt and say hello to the Mexican director (Jewish) as he piles proscuttio onto his plate and tells me that it's not kosher. We make sure to eat dinner at the Chinese restaurant recommended by the director from Hong Kong (not very good) and make sure to have a beer with the (Moslem) director from Pakistan. Slavek from Poland gives us a bottle of Polish vodka and he is delighted when we offer to bring him something from Jerusalem when we go to the European Championships in Warsaw in August. Rahmi entertained us when we were in Istanbul last Pesach; all the directors join us in promising to come to Istanbul if he gets married. Pierre and I exchange loaded remarks about sharing the same bed which causes a few raised eyebrows as the other directors don’t know that Eitan and I were guests at their house in Lausanne when Pierre and Francoise were away last summer.  And then there is Dimitri from Greece who always likes Eitan to work with him at the World Junior Championships so he (Dimitri) will have good company. This year it works out well – Eitan will continue from Italy and I will return home to work immediately.  And we haven’t even mentioned Anda, the other Israeli director, Max from England who apologizes that because we’re going to Warsaw he couldn’t fit Brighton into this summer’s itinerary for us. We exchange words with Maurizio who is Italian but speaks some Hebrew because of his frequent trips there. 
Goran MattssonWe have dinner with Goran and Tini Mattsen and I promise Goran, who is the chairman of the European Seniors’ Committee, a trip to Jerusalem on his next trip to Israel. Goran’s father was an UN Official in about 1956 and he came to visit one summer when his father was stationed at the UN Headquarters in Jerusalem. We were delighted to discuss the nun from Notra Dame who looked out of the window one day only to have her false teeth fall into no-man’s land. It caused an international incident (and much merriment) as UN officials (including his dad) as well as Israelis and Jordanians went searching through the fields until they found her teeth.

<> <>Judy Rand told me at the prize-giving ceremony that my name appeared in the Bulletin. I groaned – the last time that happened I was so embarrassed I stopped playing in tournaments. That was in Brighton a few years ago when Eitan and I played in the last competition of the Congress. I agreed on condition that he wouldn’t shout at me. The next morning there was an article which said that we had played together and that Eitan was very sorry he had promised not to shout at me.  So with some trepidation I found a copy of the bulletin and was amused to read:”Eitan Levy’s wife Doreen decided to go see A Midsummer’s Night Dream, advertised as being “In the original language, with Italian subtitles.” Alas, it transpired that it was not in the original English prose of the Bard of Avon, but that of the performers, who spoke Hindi!”

So after a hard two weeks we bid farewell to our friends with promises to meet in Warsaw in August at the European  Championships.

Roni Karlsbad's batmitzvah party was a great success. The party was great, the food was good, and the reunion with the family fantastic. Mazal tov, Roni. (See also Archives of This Week's Picture)
Roni KarlsbadRoni KarlsbadRoni Karlsbad

Roni KarlsbadRoni KarlsbadRoni Karlsbad

Roni KarlsbadRoni KarlsbadRoni Karlsbad5

Roni KarlsbadRoni Karlsbad

Roni KarlsbadRoni KarlsbadRoni Karlsbad

June 2006 - The Antares
We spent a delightful Friday on board Morris Kahn's yacht, the Antares, sailing and eating. As always, Morris was a gracious and generous host. It was wonderful being with good friends again, especially   Robert and Fanny Lieberman who were visiting from South Africa. As usual, we were hilariously entertained by Robert's magic tricks and jokes. (Link to our visit to Amsterdam for the launching of the Antares.). See also This Week's Picture archives.
Antares June 2006Antares June 2006Antares June 2006

Antares June 2006Antares June 2006Antares June 2006

Antares June 2006Antares June 2006Antares June 2006

Welcome Keira Ashleigh Leibowitz!
Welcome to this world, Keira Ashleigh Leibowitz. Congratulation to parents Josh and Tash; and to new grandparents, Joe and Sharon Leibowitz. A special mazaltov to new great-grandmother, my Aunt Winnie Levy.See the Matz and Hershovitz/Levy family trees. We have fond memories of our trip to Australia when we met Joshua, Daniel and Donna, and Natalie for the first time; and saw cousin Sharon and Joe again after so many years. Click here for more on the Leibowitzes.
Keira Ashleigh LeibowitzKeira Ashleigh Leibowitz

Rachel Engleberg and Yuvie Moskovitz
Congratulations to Rachel Engleberg (see Matz family tree) and Yuval (Yuvie) Moskovitz on their engagement. We are particularly delighted, not only because we like them so much, but also because we hope we'll be seeing much more of them in the future, as  Rachel, a Colorado girl, has found a guy who lives in our street in Hofit.
Rachel and Yuvie

February 2006. International Bridge Festival :Party at our house for tournament directors  in honour of our overseas guests, Ton Kooijman and Maurizio di Sacco. Three cooks combined for a delicious evening.

td partytd partytd party

td partytd party

16 January 2006: Just one day after her son in law, Viv Klaff passed away, Ellie Silberman passed away in Israel. She was 98. Heartfelt condolences to her children Sybil Firer, Merrick Silberman and Frankie Klaff and their families.
We knew Ellie - Mrs Silberman - from our Durban days, as the mother of friends Merrick and Frankie. When Frankie "became family" we got to know her better, and visited her occasionally at Bet Protea. Two years ago she visited us, and we solved the problem of the stairs by using a custom elevator.