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December 27, 2008 (go to News December 27, 2008)
Maayan's book
Maayan presenting his book to Pinhas Amitai
When Maayan was younger, he used to sleep with books under his pillow to help him fall asleep. He used to choose a page with an animal that is "strong" but not "bad", and sleep with that page open so that if he had a bad dream the animal would help him. The two books that he used the most were a book of mammals,  and a book about reptiles written by Pinhas (Pini) Amitai.
Pini Amitai has written numerous books about animals, so it was a special treat for Maayan when he visited Pini at his home, and saw his collection of reptiles. When Pini sent him a copy of his new book, Zehirut Akrabim (Beware! Scorpions), he decided that he too would write a book and give it to Pini to thank him.
Maayan chose the pictures and dictated the descriptions to Moran, who arranged for the printing of the booklet, which was duly presented to Pini.
You can see the pages of the book by clicking here. (Press the PgDn key there to go from page to page )
Both Maayan and Lotem are fascinated by reptiles and insects, as can be seen from these pictures of Maayan and Lotem.

December 20, 2008 (go to News December 20, 2008)
Patissa and Sofia Rasmussen
Patisa Rasmussen and our daughter Vered have been close friends since they were in High School in the Virgin Islands, and we consider Patisa one of the family. She's visiting in Israel now, and this was our first opportunity to meet her lovely and friendly daughter Sofia.(see also Archives). Patisa lives in Denmark with her husband Jens who'll be joining her in a few days.
Click for another picture.

December 13, 2008 (go to News December 13, 2008)
Denise's family at Denise and Shai
Back: Aviv Ron, Eitan, Gabi Dvir, Lior Ron, Denise Braverman,Nico Arroyo, Shai Arroyo
On Sofa: Lotem Segoli, Doreen, Louise Braverman, Donni Dvir with Avigail, Yahel Braverman, Vered Ron, Danielle Ron

Last night Denise Braverman (see Glezer, Nochimovicz, and Schank family trees) and her companion Shai Arroyo invited Denise's family for a family dinner. It's always nice when family gets together, and the delicious meal and excellent company ensured that we enjoyed a really lovely evening.
Here are some more pictures of the event.

December 6, 2008  (go to News December 6, 2008)
Habonim kenes c 1960
back row: Jeff Greenstein, Eleanor Gamsy, Dickie Hirschberg, Colin Kessel, Maureen Koningfest, Aura Bilchik, Hillel Factor, Carol Vigdor, Naomi Levine, Misha Ehrlich, Doreen Shapiro (Shappy), Dave Rothschild
row 3: Ian Maltz, Joan Baharach,  Anthony/Eitan Levy, Naomi Hertz, the late Cedric Shapiro, the late Fern Levy, the late Viv Klaff, Brenda Brazil
row 2: Marcia Shapiro, Doreen, Estelle Rothschild, Melanie Belman, Frankie Klaff, Erica Driman, ??, Ilana Rubenstein, Lynn Strasburg, Miriam Ballin, Dawn Lurie
front row: Harold Cilewitz, Dave Barkham, Aaron Rose 

This picture, taken probably circa 1958, is of an annual kenes (congress) of the Natal branch of the Jewish youth movement Habonim. Apart from its historical interest, the pictures is a reminder of how close we were then as a group.
Even though we now live in at least 6 different countries around the world, we still have some form of contact with nearly half the people in the picture, and some of them are numbered among our closest friends. Of couse we didn't know it at the time, but Doreen my future wife is sitting in front of me; and Frankie Klaff is in the picture with both her future husbands, Vivian Klaff and Dave Rothschild.
We were fortunate that Colin Kessel was visiting as an official guest (from the head office?) - he gave me this picture!

November 29, 2008  (go to News November 29, 2008)
Doreen guiding at Sde Boqer
This week Doreen took a group down to Eilat. On the way they stopped at Sde Boqer to see Ben Gurion's grave and memorial. This was an opportunity for Maayan to see what his granny does for a living. I don't know how much he learned about Ben Gurion, but I'm sure he enjoyed the experience and the break from his kindergarten.

November 22, 2008  (go to News November 22, 2008)
Spice Farm Eilat
Eitan, Louise Braverman, Doreen, Maya and Rafi Fridman
I was in Eilat for the Red Sea Bridge Festival, and Doreen joined me for the weekend after finishing her tours. With Doreen's sister Louise, who was playing in the bridge festival, we took the opportunity of visiting the Eilat Herb and Spice Shop, a new venture of Rafi Fridman, son of Ariella and the late David Fridman. We couldn't resist buying a variety of  herbs, spices, teas and granolas and recommend this shop to all Eilat visitors.

November 15, 2008  (go to News November 15, 2008)
Itamar and Ilai
Itamar and Ilai Levy
I'm in Eilat and will be here,on and off, next week as well, at the Red Sea Bridge Festival. I'm staying with Aviv and Limor and enjoying their company and of course the grandchildren. I was very happy to see how gentle and caring Itamar is with Ilai, his baby sister. I tried to get a picture of the three grandchildren, Itamar, Amit and Ilai together and all three looking at the camera together, but it's a "mission impossible".

November 8, 2008 (go to News November 8, 2008)
receiving the prize
Lior Ron (in yellow cap), with two other pupils,  receiving the Prize Cetificates on behalf of Yachdav School and the Raanana Municipality
At the beginning of the school year, the Parents' Committee of Yachdav Primary School in Raanana implemented, together with the Road safety Council, an idea suggested by Vered  Levy-Ron. Pupils meet in a park in the morning and then walk along a safe route (funded by the Raanana Municipality) to school, accompanied by adults.
The Raanana Municipality, which supports and funds the project, won two prizes at the "Sustainable Transport" Competition, organised by the Ministries of Transport and Environment. The project was cited not only for the healthy walking, but also for resultant reduction in traffic problems in the school area in the morning, and in pollution.
Lior was chosen to be one of the three pupils receiving the prize, in part in order to recognize the part played by her mother, Vered, in proposing and implementing the project.

November 1, 2008 (go to News November 1, 2008)
Lotem and her birthday cake
Lotem putting the finishing touches to her birthday cake

Lotem was 3 years old on October 26. She celebrated with the family and later had a birthday party at her gan (kindergarten). There are some more pictures here.

October 25, 2008 (go to News October 25, 2008)
The family dive on Sukkot 2008
l to r: Dani Ron, Aviv Levy (back), Moran Segoli, Caroline Livni, Doreen, Mikhal Segoli
While I was in Beijing, the family went to Eilat to celebrate Sukkot, the Festival of the Tabernacles.  The highlight was the Family Dive to honour Danielle, the newest scuba diver in our clan. The dive was supervised  by Aviv Levy, a qualified dive instructor.
For more pictures on the dive and on sukkot, see  Events of 2008, and Danielle's page.

October 18, 2008
Israel Junior Team
The Israel Junior Bridge Team at the World Mind Sports Games Beijing 2008
Ron Schwartz, Bar Tarnovski, Alon Birman, me, Eliran Argelazi, Gilad Ofir, Lotan Fisher
I  enjoyed my time in Beijing at the 1st World Mind Sports Games, as a Tournament Director (referee) in the Juniors series. I also got a lot of pleasure from the  Israel Youth Bridge  team, who played well and behaved well.  Their results were impressive, and with a little bit of luck could have been even better. 
Israel finished  5th out of 74 countries in the qualifying stage of the under 28 teams championships but were  knocked out by China in the quarter finals.
With two deals to go (out of 72 deals) Lotan and Ron were leading the field in the Pairs Championships, but a Turkish pair just managed to pull ahead and Ron and Lotan had to be content with the Silver Medal - a fantastic achievement. Alon and Eliran were always among the leaders and finished a very respectable 7th (out of 96 pairs who made it to the final stage). Bar and Gilad just missed the cut for the A final, but made amends by finishing 3rd in the B finals.

October 11, 2008
Carving duck in Beijing
Teaching the Chinese how to carve a duck
Hello from Beijing, China, where I am officiating in the Bridge Section of the First International Mind Sports Games, the Olympic Games of the mind sports. There are five main sections: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Xiangqi, with 3000 participants. I am Assisant Chief Tournament Director of the Junior Series of the games (under 28, under 26, under 21). We work quite hard during the day, but nights are free, and we have found some exceptional restaurants, such as the duck restaurant pictured above where they carve the ducks at the table. Of course I had to try my hand at carving, but although I consider myself an excellent carver I came nowhere near their speed or accuracy. Apart from the culinary delights, I haven't seen too much of Beijing, but enough to note the remarkable changes since our visit here 20 years ago.

October 4, 2008
Vered and Dotan
Vered Loew and Dotan
Mazeltov to Vered and Yoav Shavit on the birth of a boy, their first child, Dotan, on 29th September 2008. Mazeltov too to proud grandparents, Yaffa and Andy Loew.

September 27, 2008
Felix Karlsbad
Felix Karlsbad 1919 - 2008
Felix Karsblad died this week on September 24th, aged 89. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his children, Rachel Karlsbad, and Zvike and Zahava Karlsbad; and to his gandchildren, Asaf and Roni.  See Schank family tree.

September 20, 2008
Mica Matz10
Mica Tavi Matz, a few days old
Congratulations to Gavin and Jodie-Beth Matz on the birth of their first child, daughter Mica Tavi, in Manchester,England on 16th September 2008. (see Matz family tree.). Mazaltov also to grandparents Leon and Jennifer Matz of Cape Town.

September 13, 2008
stretching with grannie
Lotem doing stretching exercises with Grannie Doreen.
There are a few things that are "Granny Doreen" to the grandchildren. Making muffins is definitely one of them; the other is morning stretching. The grandchildren are especially fascinated with exercises that include "reach for the sky", "pull me-push me", "hiss-meow" and "stars in your eyes." This week we slept over in Sde Boqer after attending a wedding of a colleague's son at the Eshkol Nature Reserve in the Negev. The following morning Lotem duly did her stretching exercises with "Grrrrannie Dorrrreen".

September 6, 2008
Vered arrive at Ben Gurion airport
Vered Levy-Ron arrives at Ben Gurion Airport
Danielle and Lior were at Ben Gurion airport to greet mommy Vered on her return from the USA. Joining them were Dani's friend Meirav, Doreen and of course Lopsy

August 30, 2008
Moran Reijzer barmitzvah
Ezra, Moran and Hans Reijzer
We were in Amsterdam to celebrate Moran Reijzer's barmitzvah last Saturday 23/8/08. We thoroughly enjoyed the barmitzvah, the company and hospitality of the Reijzer family,  and Amsterdam.
See also News items from 30/8/08 and 23/8/08
More  pictures here.

August 23, 2008
The Yaniv family
The Yaniv family (Nitzan, Naama, Moishik, and Rotem) with the new additions - Ido and Amit

to Naama and Moshik Yaniv on the birth of twin boys, Amit and Ido, brothers to Nitzan and Rotem. Congratulations to great-grandmother Rachel, grandparents Yael and Avraham Segoli, and sisters Mikhal, Dikla and Ophra.

See also: Welcome to the Yaniv Twins, Maayan's page, Lotem's page.

August 16, 2008
Aura and Hilon Greenberg
We were delighted to have another opportunity of seeing long-time friends Aura (nee Bilchik) and Hilton Greenberg at the barmitzvah of their grandson Richard Hyde in Jerusalem. The Greenbergs and Hydes live in Toronto, Canada, but Richard celebrated his barmitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Our  friendship with the Greenbergs goes back many many years - Doreen and Aura were classmates in Durban and I was at some time their madrich in the Habonim youth movement. Aura's mother, Luba Bilchik, was one of my Hebrew teachers at afternoon cheder classes. I also knew Hilton from before he met Aura.
Mazaltov to the Greenbergs, and to Richards parents, Jeanette and Gary Hyde. A special mazaltov to great-grandmother Luba Bilchik.
For a previous meeting with the Greenbergs, see the archives of  This Week's Picture for 7 January 2006.

August 9, 2008
Happier times
Happier times
At this time of sadness and mourning for my sister Fern and Doreen's nephew Rael, it seems appropriate to recall happier times. At Aviv and Limor's wedding in November 1998 in Eilat, Rael (standing on right) and Fern (sitting on right) share some fun with the family and 3 year old Danielle.
Links to Rael's Memorial Page and Fern's Memorial Page.

August 2, 2008
Rael fishing
Rael Anthony Braverman 5.4.1964 - 2.8.2008
With overwhelming sadness we announce that our nephew Rael, passed away today, following complications after a transplant operation. Rael is the son of  Doreen's sister Louise and Melly Braverman, and brother of Denise and Yahel; to whom our hearts go out. Rael was always an integral part of our family and his passing is deeply felt. We, and Vered, Aviv, Moran and families are shattered at the loss.
Link to Rael's Memorial Page

July 26, 2008

Fern T. Levy 18.11.1942 - 21.07.2008
At the beginning of our stay in America we were informed of the sad news that my sister Fern had passed away. Fern had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, but her sudden death, apparently of a heart attack,  was a shock to us all. Fern had been living in Wales for many years, where she taught in high school. She was also an accomplished alpinist and an active volunteer in the local Search and Rescue Team. She was a talented and principled person, who always fought for the rights of the underprivileged.  A few years ago she spent three highly successful years as a volunteer in  a backward area of Namibia, giving of her knowledge and skills to the inexperienced teachers there.

See also the family picture at Fern's 60th, and a picture of our visit last year.   Link to Fern's Memorial Page   

July 19, 2008
Alma Pashas
Eli, Moriah and Alma Pashas
Last Saturday evening we welcomed Alma (more pictures here), born 31 May, 2008, daughter of Moriah and Gil Pashas, and granddaughter of Rochelle and Moshe Kirshner, at alovely party held at the Kirshner's farm. See Schank family tree.

July 12, 2008
Tali Klaff's swimming medal10
Congratulations to Tali Klaff
A couple of months ago we wrote about the sporting achievements of Alex and Tamir Klaff (click here for details of Alex's triathlon and Tamir's Primal Quest success. )
Tali, their daughter, is certainly taking after her parents. On July 4 she marched in the parade with her gym class and entertained the crowd by doing cartwheels and splits on the road. (Click here for picture). This week she competed  in her first swim meet and won her heat in the freestyle, came in second in backstroke and third in the relay. Congratulations, Tali. The next Olympic Games is in 4 years time.
See Goldberg family tree.

July 5, 2008
Sailing away
Row row row your boat ........
Near Sde Boqer, where the Segolis live, there is a Nabatean pool or cistern. The Nabateans were Arab commercial nomads who knew the secrets of the desert. Over 2000 years ago they had damming systems, waterholes, and even vineyards. They had settlements in many places in the desert, and thus travelled and controlled the camel  "Spice Route" from the Persian Gulf to the port of Gaza.. The Nabateans took goods originating in the Far East,  from the Persian Gulf through the desert (Petra, Avdat etc) to the port of Gaza, whence they were shipped to Rome.  Ramaliyeh was one of the small settlements along the way, and the cistern, or pool, they dug to utilize and store desert water still exists today. Moran and Mikhal sometimes visit there (accesible by 4- wheel drive jeep) when Maayan and Lotem want a boat ride.

June 28, 2008
Vered Ron - wedding picture
Happy birthday today, to our daughter Vered Ron. You were younger on your wedding day, but you're still as beautiful and precious as then.

June 21, 2008
The family at Aviv's 40th birthday
The family, in Jerusalem, at Aviv Levy's 40th birthday
Aviv Levy turned 40 today, June 21st. (see also This Week's Picture from last week.) We thought it would be a good idea to celebrate together, and as Doreen was guiding in Jerusalem (and had Friday night and Saturday morning free) we all met in Jerusalem. On Friday night the adults - the siblings, spouses and us parents - celebrated with a festive meal at a Jerusalem restaurant (and the kids celebrated with their respective baby-sitters). On Saturday morning we all met for breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel. After breakfast, the parents went their own ways, and the rest visited the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. An enjoyable time was had by all, as can be seen from the pictures..

June 14, 2008
Doreen Vered and Aviv
Happy birthday to Doreen, Vered and Aviv!
Doreen (11th), Aviv (21st) and Vered (28th) all have June birthdays. I thought it would be a good idea to have a picture of the three of them for This Week's Picture, and I looked for a picture showing the three of them. I spent hours and hours searching through hundreds and hundreds of old pictures. There were lots of pictures of the three with other people, but I'd made a decision not to crop the picture, and find one with ONLY  Doreen, Aviv and Vered.  Eventually I found only two, one of which is this picture, and the other can be seen by clicking here.
I must say I enjoyed looking at the old pictures, and strolling through "memory lane". Some of these pictures will be coming to you on a certain family site in the future! (In the meantime - see this for elegance)

And now for Question of the Week. Where (and on what occasion) was this picture of Doreen, Vered and Aviv taken?

June 7, 2008
Rachel, Yuvie and Tamar

Rachel and Yuvie Moskowitz (see Matz family tree) are visiting Israel with 4 month old  Tamar. They'll be here about 10 days and are staying with Yuvie's parents, who live just down the road from us. It's always a pleasure to see  Rachel and Yuvie, and also Rebecca, Rachel's sister who lives in Israel. Rebecca will be staying with us for a few days so as to be near the visitors.

May 31, 2008

Rael in hospitalRael in hospital
 Our nephew Rael Braverman (see Glezer family tree) underwent a double transplant  this last week. With a new kidney and pancreas we hope that a much better quality of life awaits Rael. Imagine - he went in with severe diabetes and kidney failure and came out with a functioning kidney and without diabetes. Rael is recovering well and we look forward to his being released from hospital in a few weeks time. Although we don't know who is the young man whose sudden death gave Rael a new chance of life, our hearts go out in gratitude to the parents and we thank them and know their pain.

May 24, 2008

in Eilat at Yoshida rstaurant
During the weekend in Eilat Doreen and I enjoyed a Japanese-style meal in Eilat with Limor, Aviv, Itamar and Amit.
For update pictures of the three Eilati  grandchildren visit their pages:  Itamar, Amit, Ilai.

May 17, 2008
Alex Klaff in  the triathlon
This week belongs to Tamir and Alex Klaff, for outstanding  physical achievement.
Alex, above, took part in the demanding Gulf Coast Triathlon and raised a considerable amount of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (see previous report on this site). She completed the 70 mile course (swimming, cycling and running) in 6 1/4 hours. Read about her race and her feeling of achievement. Here is a link to some official pictures.

Tamir and his partner placed second in his category in the gruelling Primal Quest Sprint Series, a 5-6 hour, 50 mile endurance test involving mountain biking, difficult terrain running, paddling,  rope obstacle course, orienteering, and Log PT (sit-ups, presses etc with a 5 meter wood log)
You can read all about it on the Primal Quest home page, and see some amazing pictures  here (I was especially amazed by the pictures on page 4, where he has to swim across a river carrying his bike.).

May 10, 2008
Yom Haatzmaut Sde Boqer
When  Moran was asked to be one of the beacon lighters at the Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day) ceremony at Sde Boqer, we immediately decided to attend the ceremony. It was a wise decision. We were very proud of our son who attended the High School for Environmental Education at  Sde Boqer and later returned to do his Master's degree, during which time he found and married Mikhal, whom he called, 'amazing.' Last year  Moran and Mikhal moved with their children Maayan and Lotem, back to the Sde Boqer campus where they are writing their doctorates. Continuity and love of the desert was the theme and it was heart warming to see other people who had studied and then returned to the Sde Boqer campus.  No stars came to sing and no bands played. Some-one prepared fire works (which were placed so as not to interfer with the desert vultures!), young girls prepared a dance while the older children prepared tombola games for the younger ones. Altogether there was a wonderful feeling of community and sense of common destiny of preserving the desert.

May 3, 2008

Doreen paradiving
Doreen coming in to land
Doreen: Five years ago Caroline invited me to join her on her 60th birthday and skydive. It didn't work out because of the weather but truthfully I was relieved as I was terrified. Almost five years later I called her and told her I was ready to dive. This weekend was the result, and a surprise for me was that our children treated me. Vered and her Aviv, Mikhal (without Moran who is recovering from a shoulder operation), my niece Denise, Caroline and her son Gideon and I were all in high spirits and eager to go. Two months ago jumping out a plane at 12,000 feet was an unimaginable madness; today it was something to eagerly anticipate.
Click here for more pictures of the Adventurous Seven.
Click here for a video of one of the dives, mainly of Vered but also with Doreen and Mikhal.

April 26, 2008
picking mulberries in Hofit
Picking mulberries is fun!
After the seder, Moran and Mikhal went back to Sde Boqer, and we offered to look after Maayan and Lotem for the week. We had a most enjoyable (and tiring!) time with them. Considering their ages (4 and 2) and that they were away from their parents, they behaved wonderfully with a minimum of crying and moaning. They were  kept busy "helping" Doreen cook (they made special passover muffins, see Recipe of the Month), going to a children's musical, helping in the garden (picking ripe loquats), picking mulberries from some wild trees in the area, playing games, watching TV, and listening and singing to children's passover songs over and over again. They enjoyed the petting and playing with Flopsy, and kept their distance from Lopsy, who is too old to have any patience for kids (and who was being "dogsat" while the Rons were overseas.). There are more pictures on Maayan's and Lotem's pages.

April 19, 2008
Brit mila of Leshem Nickel
Richard and Rona Nickel with Leshem after his brit mila.
Mazal Tov to Richard and Rona Nickel on the birth of a son, Leshem Aaron, last Wednesday April 9th. Mazaltov also to grandparents Julius (Yudel) and Laura Nickel on the birth of their sixth grandchild. The brit mila (circumcision) was on Wednesday. Click for more pictures

April 12, 2008
Danielle diving
Danielle Ron's first dive
Last weekend the Rons- Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior - went down to Eilat, where they celebrated Itamar's 5th birthday. Danielle was the one who got the big present: an introductory dive in the open sea in full SCUBA equipment with uncle Aviv Levy. Aviv L is a certified dive instructor and he took 12-year old Danielle for her first dive. Danielle says it was the best experience she has had in her whole life, and Aviv reported that Dani's reactions in the water were excellent and that she is a natural diver. We're all proud of  Dani, especially granny Doreen, who was the first Israel woman to receive a 3 Star open water  diving accreditation.
See Dani's page for more pictures.

April 5, 2008
Moran before his shoulder operation
Moran Segoli underwent an operation on his shoulder on Thursday. Moran was rather amused at the arrow - he thought the doctor should know by now where a shoulder is. He was told that it's to ensure that the correct  shoulder is operated on. Maybe the arrow is to show which way is "up"?
The operation  went without a hitch, and at the time of writing Moran is home and well, although in a bit of pain. we all wish him well and a speedy recovery. His arm will be in a sling for 6 weeks, and he is not supposed to use his arm during this time.

March 29, 2008

Tamar Engleberg
Tamar Moskowitz aged 6 weeks
This week's picture is the latest addition to the Matz family tree - beautiful Tamar, daughter of Yuval and Rachel (nee Engleberg). (see  This Week's Picture Archives). Yuval is the son of  neighbours Ralli and Yossi Moskowitz. We're sure that they and grandparents David and Charlene are very proud of their grandchild - the first for the Englebergs. Auntie Leah Engleberg is visiting Israel and staying with Auntie Rebecca, and they both assured me that Tamar is even prettier than in her picture.

March 22, 2008

The Rons skiing in Colorado
Vered, Danielle, Aviv and Lior Ron
The Ron family - Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior - came back last Saturday from their ski holiday in Colorado, USA. They report that they had a fantastic time,  on and off the snow.

March 15, 2008
at Coral World
The Segolis  went down to Eilat to spend a weekend visiting their Eilati cousins. We hear that they had a great time. In addition to their usual visit to Coral World they also visited the Dolphin Reef, and petted the dolphins. Aviv is with Itamar, Amit, Lotem, Maayan and Mikhal. Some more pictures of the Eilat trip on the pages of Itamar, Lotem and Ilai.

March 8, 2008
supper at "habayit" at Ein Hud
l-r: Caroline Livneh, Jeanette Hersch, Morris Kahn, Ariella Delaney, Eitan, Doreen, Dick and Maureen Fain
Last  night the eight of us enjoyed a different dining experience. Passing the artists' colony of Ein Hod we drove along tortuous roads until we reached the village of Ein Hawd where the 24 families are all related. In the courtyard of the El-Haija family residence is the restaurant  Habayit b'ein Hawd (The house in Ein Hawd). A family run business, there is no menu but  they serve serve over 20 authentic homecooked Arab dishes. We ate until we all felt stuffed and after the many dishes were cleared from the table Mrs El Haija told us how she started the restaurant in her lounge, eventually building a restaurant in their courtyard. Her husband, Mohammed Abu El Haija, led the successful fight for the official recognition of many  Arab villages, including Ein Hawd..

March 1, 2008
Arava bulbusim
The Segolis - Moran, Mikhal, Maayan and Lotem - went on a two day hike in the Arava desert in the region of kibbutz Yahel. The highlight was the bulbusim (limestone nodules) that are found in the area. These round rocks, called bulbusim in Hebrew  after an Aramaic word for potato, consist of limestone containing unoxidized organic matter, and are dark in colour. When broken (which you are not allowed to do as they are protected) they give off the "rotten egg" smell associated with sulphur compounds. There are some more pictures on Maayan's and Lotem's pages.

February 23, 2008

the Bravermans
Back, l-r: Donni, Denise, Rael
Front l-r: Yahel, Louise
Louise gave a family dinner to wish bon voyage to Yahel Braverman and fiance Donni, who are  going to Cape Town, South Africa, for a holiday. There they will  meet Yahel's father Melly, who is also holidaying there. (see Glezer family tree). We sent them off with good wishes and reminders not to forget "peppermint crisps" and biltong!

February 16, 2008
Ilai 1st birthday, but late
Itamar, Danielle, Doreen, Aviv and Ilai, Limor, Amit celebrate for the second time, this time a bit late, Ilai's 1st birthday.
We went down to Eilat this weekend and took our eldest granddaughter Danielle with us. We had missed celebrating Ilai's 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to have another birthday cake and sing "Happy Birthday".  Everyone was happy with the idea - any  reason is a good reason for a celebration.

February 9, 2008
Ton kooijman
The 42nd annual Israel Bridge Festival opened in Tel Aviv this week, and as usual I am playing my part in directing (judging). Once again this year we welcomed Ton Kooijman, of the Netherlands, as our Chief Tournament Director. Ton is a chief Tournament Director of the European Bridge League and the organizer of the biennial European course for aspiring international directors. Among other positions he holds, Ton is also a member (and past chairman) of the World Bridge Federation Laws Committee. We took the opportunity of discussing and clarifying some of the finer points of the new Laws of Bridge which come into effect later this year.

February 2, 2008
Eitan Haberman conducting
60th birthdays are often celebrated with parties - surprise or planned - with family and friends. Eitan Haberman celebrated his 60th in a unique way.
Eitan is a successful, high profile lawyer whose passion and hobby is classical music.  Both he and his wife Shuli are involved and active in Israel's music scene, and for his 60th birthday celebration he invited family and friends to a performance of Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle which he himself conducted. .
The performance, with choir, soloists, piano and harmonium, took place on Friday, the day after his birthday on January 31st. Eitan was in complete control and the performance was excellent. The choir, The New Vocal Ensemble, is among Israel's best. (Shuli  is a member of the choir. She is in the picutre, above Eitan's right hand). The four soloists are leading Israeli opera stars, and were outstanding. The audience of about 200 family and friends were treated to a wonderful show, and Eitan's 60th will be long remembered.

January 26, 2008
Mussie Karlsbad and more
While moving his boxes, albums and other things to his new home in Sde Boqer Moran found some old photographs, including this one taken probably about 1976, which brought back many memories. Doreen thinks it was taken while she was recovering from meningitis.
On the right, in front, is the late Mussie Karsblad (nee Drue), a first cousin of Doreen's late father Maurice. (see Glezer family tree.). Standing at the back are Mussie's niece, Yaffa Loew (nee Bortenstein), and her daughter Rachel Karlsblad.  In the middle Doreen is with her late mother Gertie Glazer (nee Nickel) and Vered, Aviv and Moran (on her lap).

January 19, 2008
Flopsy - hot water bottle
A live hot water bottle, or "Happiness is a Warm Puppy"

Moran, Maayan and Lotem spent Thursday night in Hofit on their way up north. We're still in the middle of an exteme cold spell (for Israel) and what better hot water bottle than Flopsy.  There is an ongoing love affair between Flopsy and the grandchildren, and Flopsy has performed calming-down and other duties in the past. (See Flopsy babysitting Maayan (aged 3 months) and Itamar (aged 11 months),

January 12, 2008
5 kids in a tub
Rub A Dub Dub - five kids in a tub
And who do you think they been?
Maayan, Nitzan,Lotem,
And Itamar and Rotem,
All scrubbing their way to be clean (*)

l to r: Maayan Segoli, Nitzan Yaniv, Lotem Segoli, Itamar Levy, Rotem Yaniv

Although this looks like an attempt to set a new Guiness record "Most Cousins in a Bathtub", it was a convenient way to clean five sandy cousins at Maayan's birthday weekend last weekend..
You can see more pictures at "Maayan's 4th birthday weekend."
(*) With apologies to the
English nursery rhyme.

January 5, 2008
Visit of Mike BelmanDurbanites
A Durbanite reunion after 40+ years
Left picture: Doreen, Mike, Maureen    Right picture: Mike (back row - left; Doreen (middle row left); Maureen (middle row 4th from left)

Doreen: When Mike Belman, one of our good friends from Habonim days, contacted us to say that he and Lorna would be visiting Israel, it was  cause to invite friends over for dinner. Maureen Fain (nee Konigsfest) and I were very excited at the prospect of a mini-reunion with Mike. Maureen brought old photo albums to jolt our memories.  We, joined by Anthony (!), Terry and Carol Kessel and Livia Passwell - all going back many many years - spent a delightful evening. See picture  and also January Recipe.
The last time the three of us were photographed together was  in Durbs a million years ago.  Thirteen years ago when visitng Los Angeles I stayed  with Mike and Lorna; and Vered, then living in Manhattan, flew over to tell me personally that she was pregnant (with Danielle). 

December 29, 2007
Doreen guiding
Doreen entertainig her tourists on the tour bus
During Doreen's tour, on the way to Eilat, the tour bus stopped near Sde Boqer for a visit. Moran and the kids took the opportunity of saying hello, and Moran took this picture of Doreen talking to her group. A desert isn't a desert without camels, and Lotem and Maayan were happy to go for a camel ride. (see picture).

For previous pictures of Doreen guiding, click July 2005, March 2007, May 2007

December 22, 2007
maayan slidingClick on the picture

During the Channukah week Doreen and I went to Eilat for a couple of days, and went with Aviv, Itamar and Amit to a protest against the building of a 4 hotel complex in an untouched desert area near Timna.  Afterwards, we went to a sandy hill nearby and enjoyed sliding down and genertally having a good time. Click for pictures of Itamar and Amit.

On the same weekend, Moran, Mikhal, Maayan and Lotem went to Nahal Gov where there is a huge rock ideal for sliding (see picture above.).  Click on the picture or here for a short (9 second) movie showing Maayan sliding down. This is also  the first time that This week's Picture is This Week's Movie!

December 15, 2007
recipe of the week
Last week's inaugral This Month's Recipe (zucchini/potato latkes) persuaded Mikhal, Maayan and Lotem to try it out. They ran out of zuccini so used sweet potato as well. They report that the latkes were delicious and it certainly looked like lots of fun preparing it.
A successful week for Mikhal - not only latkes, but also first prize for the best PhD lecture at the 44th Meeting of the Zoological Society of Israel. Congratulations! (more details in This Week's News )

December 8, 2007
Itamar shark
Itamar Levy - Great White Shark hunter!

The above caption is not quite accurate - the shark is not quite great, and is not quite a man-eating White shark, rather a small mustellus deep-water shark. Also, the shark was not exactly hunted - in fact the opposite. Itamar was helping dad Aviv return the shark, caught by a fisherman, to the sea, after removing the hook from its mouth and making sure it could survive.

December 1, 2007
Viki Gilbertt and the Millers
l-r: Martin Miller, Doreen, Rochelle Miller, Viki Gilbert, me
On Wednesday night  Doreen and I travelled to Jerusalem to meet my relative Viki Gilbert (see Matz family tree) for the first time. (A few weeks ago I wrote about Viki , who had found this web site in a roundabout way when a school friend of her sister Gillian saw their names on it ). Viki was in Israel for the wedding of the son of Martin and Rochelle Miller and we had a most pleasant evening with them. Viki is a warm and delightful person and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. We hope that there will be more opportunities to meet her, as well as her family.

November 24, 2007
November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer
Moran is affixing the mezuzah to the doorpost of the new house in Sde Boqer.The mezuzah depicts Noah's Ark and animals, which is very appropriate for a family so connected to nature. The whole Levy family, plus Louise and Denise Braverman, spent the weekend in Sde Boqer for the "house warming." Click here for pictures. There are also pictures on the personal pages of the grandchildren, Dani,Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Amit and Ilai.

November 17, 2007
Itamar at kindergarten
Going "green" at Itamar's kindergarten

Cecile, in charge of the kindergarten that Itamar (our eldest grandson) goes to, has decided to make it "green."  The children have been given lunch boxes and they may no longer bring their food and sandwiches in plastic bags. They use only recycled materials (like tires, bottles, wood, old plastic containers etc) for making and doing the various things that kindergarten children make and do.  They build using a homemade cement from clay and straw. Doreen was impressed, and spent a morning at the kindergarten helping Itamar build a sitting area from mud -  see picture above. Later, when the tire flowerpot was covered with mud and straw, the children were invited to decorate the mud using their fingers.

November 10, 2007
Repaired and ready to roll!
My motorbike has now been fully repaired after the accident, and as I am also nearly fully repaired, I hope to start riding it regularly soon. I needed an ultrasound examination on my leg this week, and decided it would be appropriate to go there by motorbike. I must admit to a certain trepidation as I started riding, but that soon disappeared, and I had to make an effort to drive extra carefully and avoid zipping through thre traffic like I used to do.

November 3, 2007
Sde Boqer - painting
This week Moran and Mikhal moved from their temporary home at Kibbutz Dvir to their permanent home in Sde Boker.  They worked hard packing, moving, and unpacking. Doreen and I went down to Sde Boker to help them a little. Atlthough their house was finished over a  year ago, they have not lived in it yet, so there was a lot of cleaning and arranging to do, including painting/oiling the wood  pergolas outside.  We were fortunate in being able to get two young workers to help us (in flagrant violation of the laws against child labor.)
See also the beginnings of their house and how it looked two years ago.

October 27, 2007
Eilat October 2007
Babysitting our seven grandchildren in Eilat - October 2007
L to r on the luggage cart: Ilai, Maayan, Lotem (back), Amit (front), Lior, Itamar, Danielle

This weekend we had to babysit our grandchildren Maayan and Lotem. So we decided to take them, as well as the two granddaughters Dani and Lior, down to Eilat where we were joined by the three grandchildren Itamar, Amit and Ilai. We spent a most enjoyable (and tiring!) time with all our seven grandchildren, and with Aviv Levy and Limor who were of great help to us. The kids got on fabulously with each other. The two eldest Dani and Lior were wonderful with the younger kids, until Dani slipped and fell next to the pool, requiring a visit to the local hospital. Fortunately nothing was broken, but she was in pain and couldn't walk, possibly with a torn tendon.
Click for more pictures .

October 20, 2007
Viki GilbertHannah Gilbert
Two pictures this week: Viki Gilbert on the left, and daughter Hannah on the right.
This is the 196th consecutive week that this site has been updated and a picture of the week shown. It's not easy keeping to this timetable, and there have been many times when updating the site on time has been very inconvenient. I have sometimes wondered if it's worth it, and have thought about giving it up; but then a "lost" relative finds the site, gets in touch with me, and contact is established. This has happened a number of times in the past, with relatives from different parts of the world. So I was delifghted to receive an email from Viki Gilbert, who had found my site in a roundabout way when a school friend of her sister Gillian saw their names on it!
Viki (nee Kirsch) is my second cousin (her mothert Shana was my father's cousin)  and lives with her husband Jack and daughter Hannah in Manchester, England. We have never met, but she will be visiting Israel in November and I look forward to meeting her then. I also hope there will be opportunities to meet her sisters Laura, Gillian and Candis.
 I have updated the Kirsch family in the Matz family tree  with some details that Viki kindly sent me. She also sent me pictures of her sisters and nieces, and these will be posted on the site on the relevant birthdays.

October 13, 2007
Josh and Tash Leibowitz
Congratulations to Joshua and Natashe Leibowitz (Josh and Tash) on the birth of their second daughter, Hayley Olivia, a sister to Keira ( in the picture above). Mazaltov also to grandparents Sharon and Joe Leibowitz and to great-grandmother Winnie Levy. See Hershovitz and Matz family trees.
Click for a wedding picture showing all the family, and here for another picture of Keira.

October 6, 2007
Danielle Ron's batmitzvah
Danielle Ron reading her the celebration of her batmitzah on September 29, 2007.
The celebration took place next to the Hofitkin pool in Hofit. It was a delightful informal affair, with good food, lovely atmoskhere and cool swimming in the pool for those who wanted it. There were also some more serious parts. Dani read and explained her parsha, and members of the family spoke and blessed her, and 12 candles were lit by 12 post-batmitzvah friends and family. There was also a presentation of picture highlights of Dan's life. All in all, a lovely time was had by all.
For more pictures click here.

September 29, 2007
Yahel and Donny
Congratulations to Yahel Braverman (see Glezer and Schank family trees) and Donny Dvir, who have announced their engagement. Mazeltov too to mom Louise, dad Melly, and siblings Denise and Rael.  Click here for another picture of Yahal and Donny with Donny's two children, Gabi and Avigail.

September 22, 2007
Klaffs off to schoool
The beginning of September is also a new year - the new year of schools. It's back to school for most of our children and grandchildren (and also for some of us). For some it's a new school - like Danielle who is starting Junior High School. grade 7 - and for some it's off to school for the first time. Alex Klaff (see Goldberg family tree) saw both her kids starting new school lives - Tali off to school,  REAL school, to grade 1; and Cale  off to  pre-school. Good luck to you two, and to all of you kids starting a new or another school year.

September 15, 2007
Family Reunion 2007
14th Levy Family Reunion - Bet Hillel, Galilee, Israel
Aviv and Ilai, Limor and Amit, Itamar, Eitan, Louise, Rael, Denise, Doreen, Vered, Lior, Danielle, Aviv, Moran and Lotem, Maayan, Mikhal

We celebrated the New Year with our family at the 14th Levy Family Reunion at  Bet Hillel in the Galilee. 18 of us took over Gross Guesthouse and celebrated. We all had a great time, we hiked, swam, jeeped, talked, watched DVDs, cable-carred, jacuzzied, and of course, ATE. Click here for an albumn of pictures from the event (without captions for the time being).

September 8, 2007
Lior aged 8 (almost!)
Happy Birthday to our granddaughter Lior Ron who celebrates her 8th birthday this week on the 13th. Lior is very self assured and knows exactly what she wants. This is how she wanted to be photographed when they came over for Shabbat dinner this last Friday night..

September 1, 2007
hedgeno hedge
Before                                                                                                                     and After
All the sidewalks in Hofit are being repaved and evidently our beautiful live hedge had grown so well that it encroached on public property. So before we really knew what was happening our hedge was uprooted. The constant need for cutting and pruning was becoming increasingly burdensome and we had been discussing the possibility of replacing the hedge, so now the decision was made for us. The hedge is being replaced by a concrete wall - much easier for maintenance but not nearly as attractive (at least in my eyes.). In the meantime we have a temporary wire fence to keep people out and dog in, and I'm thinking of the possibility of keeping the fence (on the inside of the wall) and growing some kind of a creeper on it,  so at least from the inside there'll still be green.

August 25, 2007
with Fern in Wales
On our visit to England, we took a train to Wales to visit my sister Fern, who has recently returned to Wales after a successful and rewarding 3 year stint in Namibia as an Overseas Volunteer in the Education Department.  She has a very nice apartment in the village of Gwyddelwern. The countryside is amongst the most beautiful we have seen anywhere with stunning views. Fern took us on two short walks which we thoroughly enjoyed.

August 18, 2007
sorry, temporarily not available

August 11, 2007
Helen Nickel
              Helen Beth Nickel 1926-2007

We are saddened to hear of the death of Helen Nickel, wife of the late Aaron Nickel, in Cape Town, South Africa. (see Nochimovicz/Nickel family tree.)We offer our heartfelt condolences to daughters Gail Nickel, Lucille Melamed, Wendy Ginsberg and Carmen Kay and families; and to grandchildren Max and Melodie, Natalie and Saul, Talia and Jaryd; and to great-grandchildren Daniella and Yehuda, and Gabriella.

August 4, 2007
Wedding of Vered and Yoav
Congratulations to Vered Loew and Yoav Shavit on their marriage on August 2. It was a lovely affair and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also a happy occasion to see the Schank side of the family again. Congratulations also to Vered's parents, Andy and Yaffa (nee Bortenstein) Loew. Click here for more pictures.

July 28. 2007
in palma de mallorca
Well here we are in Palma de Mallorca, in the Spanish Balearic Islands, visiting Aviv, Limor, Itamar, Amit and baby Ilai.. Aviv is visiting Curator at the newest Coral World attraction, the Palma Aquarium, which is truly world-class. See also archives of  This Week's Picture. We'll be here till the beginning of next week, when we return home to Israel. We're staying with Aviv and Limor and enjoying being with them and the kids. Aviv took a day off to show us around, and we have visited some lovely places here with Limor and the kids.

July 21. 2007
Venice July 2007
Doreen and I are still in Jesolo, near Venice, Italy, for the European Junior Bridge Championships., where I am a Tournament Director (referee). Last Saturday was a free day and we took the opportunity to visit Venice (an hours bus/boat ride away.) We were fortunate that the visit coincided with the annual Redentore Festival. We spent an enjoyable day there and then had an excellent meal before returning late at night. We spent most of the day in the company of John Carruthers, Patrick Jourdain and Barry Rigal, all bridge journalists and officials at the championships.

July 14. 2007
- girls' team
Doreen and I are in Jesolo, near Venice, Italy, for the European Junior Bridge Championships., where I am a Tournament Director (referee).The Championships comprises three series, Junior Teams (to age 25), Girls' Teams (to age 25) and Schools' Teams (to age 20). The Junior and Girls series have started and Israel has entered a girls team  but not a juniors team. At the moment of writing the Girls' team (above) is lying a creditable 5th place. The Schools' series starts next week and there will be a team from Israel.
from left to right, just before the opening ceremony: me, Elizabeth Skagin, Niva Goldberg, Ilan Shezifi (non-playing Captain), Hila Levy, Adi Asulin

July 7. 2007
Denise finishing the race
Well done, Denise Braverman!
Denise (see Glasser family tree) took part in the 10 km "White Night" race sponsored by Nike, last week in Tel Aviv. This was the first time this race was held. It proved to be very popular, and even though many more wanted to participate, only the first 5000 were accepted. I understand that many raced unofficially alongside the registered runners. Denise was one of the "legal" participants, and here is is seen crossing (staggering across?) the finish line. We're proud of you, Denise!

Click here for article (in Hebrew) on the race.

June 30, 2007
Dani's graduation
Congratulations to our eldest granddaughter, Danielle Ron, on finishing primary school, with a successful report card. We're proud of you, Dani. Have a great vacation, and then get ready for grade 7 in Junior High School..

June 23, 2007
The Kremlin Palace Resort, Antalya, Turkey
This year I was again invited to be a Tournament Director (referee) at the European Open Bridge Championships. This year's event is tsaking place in Antalya, Turkey at the Kremlin Palace Hotel. I came a few days ago, and Doreen joined me today. I did not work this afternoon and Doreen and I spent a lovely afternoon strolling along the spacious grounds of the resort, and having a refreshing swim in the large pool.

June 16, 2007
turtles at Nahal Taninim
A Shabbat tiyul (hike) to Nahal Taninim (Crocodile Stream) had everybody peering with fascination over the bridge looking for ...turtles.  The last sighting here of crocodiles was in 1867. We spent a delightful morning exploring  the remains of aquaduct systems and water-powered flour mills.
From front to back:: Danielle, Moran, Lotem, Mikhal, Lior and Maayan.

June 9, 2007
on the way to Palma
Before checking in at the airport
Bon Voyage and good luck to Aviv Levy, Limor, Itamar, Amit and Ilai. Aviv will be organizing the aquarium staff at the newest Coral World attraction, the Palma Aquarium in Palma de Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands. He and his family will be there about 3 months. It wasn't easy getting organized with three small children, and the check-in at the airport (which took one and a half hours!) was a nightmare.(one child was double-booked, one wasn't booked etc etc). Limor's mother, Margalit Sadeh, was there to help and will be with them for the first two weeks to help with the children.

June 2, 2007
Hiking in Greece
Welcome back to Doreen from her hike in the Zagoria mountains in Greece. She tells us it was quite a difficult hike. But we can see that even on a difficult hike there is always time to relax, if only for a minute or two

May 26, 2007
Ilai Eilat May 07
While Doreen was hiking in Greece, I went down to Eilat for the Shavuot holiday.As always, I was amazed at how she has grown. She's a lovely, quiet baby, interested in what goes on around her, and smiles delightfully as soon as she sees someone looking at her. There are more pictures of Ilai on her page.

May 19, 2007
Doreen guides from a helicopter
Doreen has had some rather different tours to guide over the last few months, but this week was definitely a first for her: guiding from a helicopter.  Visitors to Israel with little time and a desire to see as much as possible, took a helicopter tour that included Jerusalem, Massada, Golan Heights, Haifa, Caesaria and, by special request, Hofit. Doreen called me from her cell phone and I rushed out and managed to take this picture. Look closely - you still won't be able to see her, but take my word for it -  she's there looking green as the helicopter circled above

May 12, 2007
Patissa's baby
The baby daughter of  Patisa and Jens Rasmussen
This week's picture is of a little baby girl born to Patisa and Jens. We consider Patisa our "adopted daughter."  When I was stationed in the US Virgin Islands in the 1980s, our daughter Vered and Patisa became friends at Antilles School and formed a deep friendship which has lasted these many years over various countries. They keep constant contact and meet fairly often, so we were thrilled to hear that Patisa had given birth this week to their  first child, a daughter. Patisa married Jens Rasmussen and they live in Odense, Dennmark.
Congratulations, Patisa and Jens, may you enjoy much pleasure and happiness from your daughter.

May 5, 2007
Rubinstein Piano Festival tour
Doreen's tours this week were very different from her usual tours. Firstly they were two one-day tours; and the participants were not pilgrims nor regular tourists, but gifted pianists - winners of international piano festivals and performers at the 4th Eilat Piano Festival.
On the first day the group toured the Golan Heights (hosted by Alex Sacharov who also piloted one of the planes.) . The pianists were prize winners of  the last Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition (Minsoo Sohn, Tatiana Kolesova and Jie Chen) and  two 13 year old prodigies, winners of the 2nd Schimmel International Piano Festival. (Wei Xin Zhou and Liyan Ho). Doreen is on the extreme left of the picture and Shuli Haberman (see Goldberg Family Tree) of the Rubinstein Prize committee 4th from right.
Doreen enjoyed hearing all 5 pianists at a dress rehearsal, and we also went to a performance of Jie Chen (Ravel Piano Concerto) and were enthralled with her performance.
The next day there was a trip to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Click for picture.

April 28, 2007
Eitan and Doreen
It was my 67th birthday yesterday, so I thought that for a change I could have a picture of me as This Week's Picture. This picture of Doreen and me was taken last night by granddaughter Danielle at a restaurant Vered and Aviv and daughters took us to to celebrate. Click here for a picture of all of us.

April 21, 2007
Page of Testimony - Mottel Glasser
The Page of Testimony for Mottel Glasser, from the Archives of the Yad Vashem database.
Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day was commemorated this week. On this day we pause and remember the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.
Many of our relatives were murdered during the holocaust, including Doreen's grandfather and grandmother. The Page of Testimony above is for Doreen's grandfather, Mottel, who together with his son Abrashke (Doreen's uncle) and nephew Elke were captured by Lithuanian collaborators in Vilnius (Vilna) and taken to the forest of Ponar (Poneriai) and shot and buried in a mass grave. Click here for a summarized account of the extermination of the Jews of Vilnius, and here for an account of the Ponar Massacres
The picture attached to the Testimony is of Doreen's grandfather Mottel and grandmother Nettie/Nessie ( who perished in the town of Olshan in Belarus), and Abrashke. The picture is cropped from a picture taken in 1929 in Vilna.
Doreen's father Maurice  had two brothers: Michael who lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).and Abrashke. Michael's grandson Mikie Glasser celebrated his barmitzvah this week.
In April 1999, we visited Poland and Lithuania and the visit to the forest of Ponar was particularly moving. Many of the Lithuanian Jews met their death in the camps of Poland, and Doreen has written a moving account of her visit to Majdanek concentration camp just outside Warsaw.

April 14, 2007
Caesaria April 2007
The Segolis stayed over on 2nd Passover eve and the next day we had a lovely time in Caesaria with the Segolis and Danielle and Lior. ( See also the pages of Lotem, Maayan, Lior and Danielle). Caesaria has certainly changed since the days when we would spend a Saturday on the beach there. It is now an excellent tourist attraction, that has succeeded in finding the right balance between an modern attraction and an important historical site.  The interactive "interviews" with historical characters was particularly impressive.

April 7, 2007
Amit eating a lamb bone at Pesach 2007
Pesach 2007:  This year we celebrated the Pesach seder in Eilat with Aviv and Limor and family, together with Vered and Aviv and the girls, and Rael Braverman. For a change, we didn't have turkey for the main meal, but a big, delicious leg of lamb, cooked to perfection by Doreen. The change proved very popular, especially for Amit, who thoroughly enjoyed eating what remained of the leg bone. Another picture here.

March 31, 2007
pesah and gefilte fish
<>Doreen only finished her tour last night, but already today she was in the kitchen preparing food for the Passover seder. We are going down to Aviv and Limor in Eilat for the seder. Doreen is preparing most of the meal, which we will take down with us. For us, there is nothing like Doreen's mock chopped liver, her chicken soup and kneidlach (matza balls), and of course her gefilte fish. My pesach culinary skills are limited to preparing extra-hot horse radish. While Doreen was expertly evaluating her gefilte fish (see picture)  I was shedding copious tears (in spite of the protective goggles) and sneezing and coughing as I grated  the horse radish and beetroot. 

March 24, 2007
Richard and Rona Nickel

Mazeltov to Richard Nickel and Rona Mazor on their marriage last Thursday, 22 March 2007 in Rishpon, Israel. Congratulations to parents Julius (Yudel) and Laura Nickel and Racheli Mizrahi. (See Nochimovicz family tree.). They were a handsome couple, and Rona was a beautiful bride. We await pictures from the wedding.

March 17, 2007
Doreen guiding
Doreen has been away guiding so much the last two months that I thought I'd put a picture of her here so that I'd remember what she looks like! She has no groups scheduled in Pesach/Easter ad I'm sure she's looking forward to the rest.
This picture was taken by one of her group members while Doreen was explaining something. She certainly looks like she's enjoying herself

March 10, 2007

Maureen Fain painting

Our two oldest grandchildren, Danielle and Lior , had their portraits painted last week by long-time friend and well-known artist, Maureen Fain.  See the pages of Danielle and Lior for photographs of the portraits.

March 3, 2007
Purim 2007  - Dani and Lior
Purim 2007 - Maayan and LotemPurim 2007 - Itamar
This weekend we celebrated the festival of Purim. For most Israelis the festival has lost much of its religious meaning and is an opportunity to party, especially in fancy dress. There is hardly a Jewish child in Israel who doesn't wear fancy dress for Purim and the days preceding, and the malls and public places are full of colorful costumes ranging from Queen Esters to Spidermen to George Bushes. Our family chose an angel, a funky waitress, a tiger and a leopard, and Spiderman.

February 24, 2007
Ilai Levy's brita
On Thursday we went to Eilat to celebrate the brita (naming ceremony) of our newest granddaughter, 3 week old Ilai Levy. If you look carefully you can see little Ilai in the Rabbi's arms, as parents Aviv and Limor and big sister Amit look on and join in the blessing. There was a lovely function at an hotel in Eilat, well-organized and with excellent food. Mazel Tov!
There are pictures of the event on Ilai's home page.

February 17, 2007
Melodie Nathan and Gabi
Thanks to Melodie Nathan (see Nickel/Nochomovich family tree) for keeping us informed and up to date about her family. Melodie has gone back to work, and on her first day back took 8 week old Gabi (see pics) to see what it's all about. Here we see Melodie and Gabi at the office, or, as Melodie puts it, Mommy multi-tasking.

February 10, 2007
41 Int bridge festival
This week the 41st International Bridge Ffestival is being held in Tel Aviv and I'll be kept busy "directing" (that is,  refereeing) there.  Although it's hard work (I'm still teaching at school this week)  I enjoy it and enjoy meeting "old" faces again.

February 3, 2007

We are delighted to announce the birth of a baby girl, 2.640 kilos, born January 28; to Limor and Aviv Levy; their third child, sister to Itamar and Amit; and our seventh grandchild. Mother and child are doing well, as can be seen of this picture of Limor and the baby, aged two days. More pictures are on the baby's site.

January 27, 2007

The Segolis at Dor Beach
A Shabbat tiyul with the Segolis doesn't cover a lot of ground. What was supposed to be a long relaxed walk along the Dor-Nahsholim shore turned into long stops at a pile of seashells which the children threw into the sea, ancient columns and walls which were ideal for climbing, rock pools where they looked for crabs and sea cucumbers and finally overturning stones to see what invertebrates live underneath. Anyone who read last week's story would not be surprised that ants, worms and isopods fascinate the Segoli family.

January 20, 2007
Donni Dvir and family
Yahel Braverman, Avigail, Donni, Gabi
At a family dinner last Friday night at Louise's, we were pleased to see the Levy-Rons, and Rael, Denise and Yaheli Braverman, and to meet again Yaheli's companion, Donni Dvir, and his daughters Gabi and Avigail.

January 13, 2007
Riva Bortenstein
Riva Bortenstein 1919 - 2007

With sorrow we report the passing of Riva Bortenstein on 8/1/07.  (see Schank family tree.). We extend our deepest sympathy to her children Yaffa Loew, Yaakov Bortenstein and Rachel Kirshner, and to her grandchildren Vered, Lital, Lior, Dan, Moriah and Raz.
Click here for more pictures of Riva.

January 6, 2007
Aviv and family
We started off 2007 with a visit to Eilat for a long weekend. Limor is "very" pregnant (see picture) but the baby decided to stay a little longer in the warm tummy. We enjoyed being with Aviv, Limor, Itamar and Amit. On Saturday we had a picnic lunch at Timna - for Itamar the highlight was filling the bottles with colored sand. Itamar was on his best behaviour and Amit tried hard despite having a cold and cough.  While in Eilat we attended three enjoyable concerts at the Eilat Classical Music Festival.

December 30, 2006
Maayan's 3rd birthday
We celebrated Maayan's 3rd birthday today at Kibbutz Dvir. Lots of family joined in the celebration (although seasonal flu and the cold spell prevented some from attending.) Watching Maayan light the candles on the cake which he helped bake and decorate are Doreen, Lior, Naama, Itamar, Rotem, Nitzan and Lotem. There are some more pictures here.

December 23, 2006
Limor and Chanukiah
After a week of candle-lighting and eating traditional doughnuts, Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, ended today. We attended many celebrations and candle-lighting ceremonies during the week, starting with Doreen in Eilat for Itamar's celebration at kindergarten, where Limor lit the candles.
For more chanukah 2006 pictures from all our parties, click here.

December 16, 2006
Dani and Lior on bikes
After many attempts, my two oldest granddaughters, Danielle and Lior, are now (almost) expert bicycle riders, with not too many falls, scratches and bruises. They are now quite addicted to it, and exploit every opportunity to ride their bikes. Danielle has already ridden to school on her bike.

December 9, 2006
Cecile and Raymond Cotton
Mazaltov to Raymond and Cecile Cotton (my youngest cousin) on their wedding anniversary on December 11th. Raymond and Cecille live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and have three lovely children. This is the first time that pictures of the Cotton family are appearing on my site - thank you Cecile for sending me the pictures.

December 2, 2006
Maayan preparing Muffins
Granny's little helper: "Helping" Doreen cook and bake is one of our grandchildren's favorite activities. Maayan is no exception, and here he is helping prepare  Bran Muffins from the recipe in Doreen's cookbook. Doreen, who is usually very pedantic and demanding in her kitchen, shows remarkable patience and understanding when the grandchildren want to help.

November 25, 2006
sorry, temporarily not available

November 18, 2006
Milly and Devorah
91 and 91
Great-grandmother Milly Klotnick holding great-granddaughter Devorah. Apart from 4 generations, why is this picture so special? The picture was taken on November 8, when Devorah was 91 days old, and she's being held by Milly who had just turned 91 years old. Days, years, they're both 91. Thanks to grandpa  Joel for the picture.
See Matz family tree.

November 11, 2006
Amit Levy
Happy Birthday to my youngest grandchild Amit - who turns one year old on Friday. There are more pictures of  her on her page.

November 4, 2006
Eitan trimming the hedge
Cutting the hedge in Hofit
We took advantage of a lovely autumn day to spend the day working in the garden, finally getting around to doing a lot of what we have been putting off for weeks. It doesn't look too hard, but cutting the hedge is very tiring and as usual led to discussion of replacing the living hedge with a fence. Maybe this time we'll do it ....

October 27, 2006
Anrew and Orly's party
Aviv Ron,Jack , Vered Ron
One of the advantages for Vered and Aviv in  coming back to Israel is renewing old friendships.  Vered has been friendly with Jack since school days, and they and their spouses are close friends today..
Last summer they spent a holiday together in Italy. This week  and his wife celebrated their 40th birthdays and Aviv and Vered joined in the fun as everyone celebrated in the style of the 80's.

October 20, 2006
Yaffa Loew's 60th birthday
We celebrated Yaffa Loew's 60th birthday today at a delightful garden party and lunch at the Loew residence in Kfar Mishar. There was excellent food and it was a wonderful opportunity to see the Schank side of  Doreen's family. (see Schank family tree.). Friends and family paid tribute to Yaffa, and her strength and friendship. Sister Rochelle and niece Moriah Kirsh had prepared a special version of the Givatron song Bat Shishim and the "family choir" (see picture) sang it. For the words (in Hebrew), click here.

October 13, 2006
Lunch at Malia's
Jonathan and Dina Levy, Nathan Kansky, Eitan Levy, Shirley Kansky, Yarden Levy, Malia Levy

Another tradition in the making - a sukkot meeting of the Israel branch of the Levy clan - the three cousins and spouses (except for Doreen who was ill with a stomach virus), Yarden and Aunt Malia - at Aunt Malia's. Last year we had a lovely time - and this year was no different. Thanks, Malia, for everything.  (Note for Dina: This time the picture is not blurred!)

October 6, 2006

Sukkot at the Kanskys
Sukkot at Wendy Kansky
Enjoying the sukkah: Yarden, Lior, Dani, Lotem, Maayan and Moran.

As is our custom at Sukkot, we celebrated at the apartment of Wendy Kansky, where we all had the opportunity of sitting in a sukkah and shaking the Lulav and Etrog. As always, we had a lovely time, as Doreen and I, and Vered and Moran and their kids celebrated with cousin Shirley's family (Nathan; Wendy and Dan; Cheryl Tal and Adam and Meital, Ben, Ron; Braham and Zahavit, and cousin Jonathan's family (Aunt Malia, Dina and Yarden. ). Click here for more pictures, (and here for pictures from two years ago.)

September 30, 2006
Dani and Lior Birthday 2006
Dani and Lior Ron's Birthday Party
Lior's birthday is on the 13th of September, and Dani's on the 30th, and one of their birthdays usually falls on or very near to the the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. So Rosh Hashanah is a convenient day to celebrate the girls' birthdays with family. This year was no exception and on the second day of Rosh Hashanah the family got together to celebrate.
Click for pictures of the party.

September 23, 2006
Rosh Hashanah 2006
Rosh Hashanah 2006
Fom le:ft to right, back row: Eitan, Richard Nickel and Rona, Doreen, Denise Braverman, Aviv and Vered Ron, Rebecca Engleberg and Kobi, Maureen Hershowitz.
 Middle row:  Rael Braverman, Louise Braverman, Laura and Julius Nickel with Lior Ron between them
Front row: Daniel Ron, Yahel Braverman

We celebrated Rosh Hashanah this year in Hofit, with a relatively small number of celebrants - only 18.
Although we didn't have to order extra tables and chairs this year, Doreen still had to work in the kitchen for two days cooking and preparing the delicious (as usual) meal.
This year we again had a shofar-blowing competition (see the Shofar competition in 2004) - it's on the way to becomimg a tradition. Most of us tried our luck, but despite the valiant efforts of the adults, notably Rebecca Engleberg, the winner this year was again one of the children, Lior, who blew real cool, deep notes. See pictures of the blowers.

September 16, 2006
Eating a mango
If happiness is a warm puppy, then it looks like bliss is eating a delicious mango from Granny and Saba Eitan's garden. This year we had a reasonable amount of really delicious magoes from our small tree; and they were all much enjoyed. September is not only mango month, it is also Ron children's birthday month: congratulations to Lior on her 7th birthday on the 13th, and to Dani on her 11th birthday on the 30th.

September 9, 2006
Cinzia and drummies
I've never met Cinzia Tarazza, daughter of Giorgio and Vanessa (nee Glasser), but she keeps me informed of her family news and regularly sends me pictures. Cinzia is a drummie and recently got promoted from flaggie to rifle. Drum Majorettes, or squad marching, is not an activity I knew too much about, and I was surprised to learn how much time is devoted to it. If  the terms drummie and flaggie are strange for you too, then read this interesting account written by Cinzia of what it means to be a drummie. Thanks Cinzia, for the news, the pictures and the description. I hope we meet someday.

September 2, 2006
Dani at PisaLior at Pisa
Have you ever wondered why the leaning tower of Pisa has never fallen over? After Dani and Lior's visit to Italy this summer we finally know the answer.
August 26, 2006
 Warsaw Castle Square
In Warsaw for the 48th European Bridge Team Champioships.
On our free day we went around the Old City. In Castle Square we were glad to meet some of the members of the Israel Ladies and Seniors teams, also enjoying the break from the competition.

August 19, 2006

 Doreen's trek in Romania
  Doreen (centre, in yellow jacket) with group of friends from Israel in Transfagaras Mountains above Balea Lac.
This was another trek organized by Ivan (in red hood), this time to the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. They also hiked the beautiful mountains of Pietra Criolla and marvelled at the green alpine meadows and cool weather. Stories of "Granny climbs a mountain" will follow next week.

August 12, 2006
 Joel and Beryl Klotnick
Joel and Beryl Klotnick
Lots of celebrations for the Klotnick clan. These few weeks belong to the Klotnicks with good news all around.
Mazal Tov to Ian and Talya Klotnick on the birth of a baby daughter in Johannesburg on August 9, sister to Raphael and Aharon,  4th grandchild of Joel and  Beryl, and great-granddaughter of Milly..
Mazal tov to Daniel Klotnick in Australia, son of Steven and Sharlene, on his barmitzvah on August 5
Mazal tov  to Rrichard Klotnick (son of Alan and Lama) on his engagement to Tali Goldin.
And mazal tov to the Klotnick birthdays this month - Jordan (7th), Sarina (11th), Richard (25th), and Mark (25th)
This is an opportunity to say thank you to Joel for his interest in the family tree, and for keeping me up to date with news and pictures.

August 5, 2006
 Vilna 1929
Vilna 1929
This wonderful picture of many of Doreen's family was taken about 1929 in Vilnius (also called Vilna), Lithuania (then occupied by, and part of, Poland).  Some of the family (including Joe Glasser, Doreen's great-uncle, and Maurice Glazer, Doreen's father) had already left Lithuania for South Africa. This picture was taken on the occasion of Joe's visit to Vilna with his wife and infant son. The patriarch of the family, Itze-Ber Gleze (Doreen's great-grandfather) is seated in the middle (with beard and hat)..Doreen's grandmother Nessie is second from left in the back row, and her grandfather Mottel is the second adult from the left in the middle row.
Of the 23 people in the picture, 3 died before WW2, 12 perished in the holocaust, and 8 made it safely (either before or during WW2) to America or South Africa.
(We are indebted to Florence Levin, Doreen's second cousin, for the picture.)
For a full list of the individuals in the photo, with their kinship to Doreen, click here.

July 29, 2006

 Itamar - graduation

We have a graduate in the family. Itamar graduated from his pre-kindergarten and will now go into his "real" kindergarten. More pictures on Itamar's page.

July 22, 2006
 Levy Family Reunion 2006
Family Reunion "Summer Camp" July 2006
Because of the security situation we had to cancel our planned weekend in the north, and decided instead to have a family reunion in Hofit over the weekend. As you can see from the picture there were a lot of us, including cousins Eti and Louis Nickel and kids - who were "refugees"  from the bombing area -  and we pitched a tent in the garden to take the overflow at night. The reunion was different this time. Instead of visiting outside attractions and outside activities we had a "summer camp" at our house (except for a visit to the Hofit swimming pool.). In the mornings we had different activities suitable for all the age groups, and in the afternoon, games and competitions. The highlight was the watermelon-eating competition. Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful being together.
Go here to see pictures of  our activities.

July 15, 2006
 Maureen Fain exhibition
Maureen Fain's exhibition of watercolours at Ein Hod artists' village
Louise, Doreen, Maureen, Carol (Maureen's in-law)
I've known Maureen since she her early teens, and she and Doreen were at school together and have remained close friends. Maureen and Dick live in Jerusalem and we manage to see each other fairly often. Maureen is a well-known artist who has exhibited all over the world. We visited her current exhibition at the Ein Hod Artists Village, together with Louise and Caroline Livne and family. Although well attended, the exhibition had less visitors than expected as the fighting up north led to most people staying at home this weekend,

July 8, 2006

 Bratislava view
A view of the Bratislava Castle and the Danube River

I'm  in Piestany, Slovakia. I was at the  6th World Junior Pairs Championships as a Tournament Director (judge)  and stayed on for the Junior bridge camp. There are about 180 youth from all over the world having a great time both socially and at bridge. As part of the camp activities we had a trip to the Slovakia capital Bratislava. The old town was fairly interesting, but nothing special. I walked around for a few hours and visited all the tourist sites and churches in the old city. I also went to the mausoleum of the Jewish sage, Chotam Sofer, but had to be content with seeing it from the outside as it is closed on Saturdays.

July 1, 2006
 Aida in Verona Arena
Part (about a quarter!) of the vast stage in the Verona Arena for the spectacular Zefferelli production of Verdi's Aida.
To sit in this enormous arena with 15,000 other people and watch hundreds of performers on a vast stage in a spectacular grand opera is a truly unforgetable experience.

June 24, 2006
 tournament directors
Some of the Tournament Directors (judges) enjoying a meal after a long day.
<Doreen writes>: We are in Verona for the World Bridge Championship. The (bridge) tournament is very demanding both for the players and the directors. Perhaps because of this in the evenings everybody chills out over Italian wine, German beer and good food. Most of the bridge staff stay at our hotel and the feeling of camaraderie among the directors is very real. They discuss the day’s problems and rulings that they had to give.
I’m preparing a profile of tournament directors.  Besides the real love of bridge and their fascination with its rules, they all seem to be night birds and most think that a midnight double espresso is just the thing to put them to sleep. Needless to add most aren’t at their very best in the morning, however when we walk into the breakfast room we exchange greetings with the director from Egypt and say hello to the Mexican director (Jewish) as he piles proscuttio onto his plate and tells me that it's not kosher. We make sure to eat dinner at the Chinese restaurant recommended by the director from Hong Kong (not very good) and have a beer with the (Moslem) director from Pakistan. Slavek from Poland gives us a bottle of Polish vodka  Rahmi from Turkey entertained us when we were in Istanbul last Pesach; all the directors join us in promising to come to Istanbul if he gets married. Pierre from Switzerland  and I exchange loaded remarks about sharing the same bed which causes a few raised eyebrows as the other directors don’t know that Eitan and I were guests at their house in Lausanne when Pierre and Francoise were away last summer.  And then there is Dimitri from Greece who always likes Eitan to work with him at the World Junior Championships so he (Dimitri) will have good company. This year it works out well – Eitan will continue from Italy and I will return home to work immediately.  And we haven’t even mentioned Anda, the other Israeli director, Max the Chief Director from England who apologizes that because we’re going to Warsaw he couldn’t fit Brighton into this summer’s itinerary for us, Richard from Australia, Gustavo from Uruguay, Rui from Portugal, Petr from Czech Republic, and the Italian,  French and American directors. 
See Doreen's impressions of Verona.

June 17, 2006
  Keira Ashleigh Leibowitz
This week's delightful picture of the week comes all the way from Australia. Baby Keira Leibowitz certainly seems to be enjoying life, and I'm sure parents Josh and Tash are enjoying Keira. Thanks to grannie Sharon for keeping us up to date and sending us the picture. Click for more on Keira.

June 10, 2006
  Doreen and Lotem
Happy birthday Doreen! A wonderful wife and a wonderful grannie. Although working hard Doreen still found time to be with, and babysit, the grandchildren. She and Lotem are certainly enjoying each other's company.

June 3, 2006
  Antares June 2006
On board the Antares in Herzliya - Robert and Fanny Lieberman, Eitan and Doreen Levy, Riva Sandler
We spent a delightful Friday on board Morris Kahn's yacht, the Antares, sailing and eating. As always, Morris was a gracious and generous host. It was wonderful being with good friends again, especially   Robert and Fanny Lieberman who were visiting from South Africa. Robert didn't disappoint -  we were hilariously entertained by his magic tricks and jokes.
More pictures here.
Link to the launching of the Antares

May 27, 2006
 Roni Karlsbad
Best wishes to Roni Karlsbad who is celebrating her batmitzvah on Friday this week.  Mazal tov also to mom Rachel, and grandfather Felix.
May 20, 2006
  Tamir Klaffs
Cale, Tamir, Tali and Alex Klaff
Thanks to Alex for keeping us updated on the comings and goings of the Tamir Klaff family. We don't know where they are, but they certainly look as if they're enjoying themselves.

May 13, 2006
The Australian Glassers
Sue, Danielle, Mike and Mark Glasser
Congratulations to the Australian Glassers (see Glezer family tree) who recently moved into a new home in Melbourne. We received a lovely newsy letter from Sue and were happy to learn that Mark is over his medical problems. He has decided on a career change and is moving into the security business. We wish him the best of luck. His hobbt is photography, so perhaps he'll send us an updated picture of the whole family?
Sue  is still working part-time in an accountants office and helps Mark in their Traser Watch agency.
Both children have excellent academic results  at school and are also excellent sportsmen representing their school in the A teams in their respective sports.

  May 6, 2006

Picking loquats
Spring has arrived, the grass is bright green and the garden is looking lovely and colourful. We're a bit late this year but soon we'll start this year's vegetable plantings. The fruit trees are looking healthy, and the loquat tree, the first to bear fruit (except for the lemon tree which has had fruit for months now) had a smallish though reasonable yield this year. The Rons and Segolis came over and helped to pick and eat.
April 29, 2006
Mushe's party
Mushe Kirsh celebrating her birthday with uncle Julius (Yudel) Nickel and husband Issie.
 A few weeks ago we joined in the celebration of Mushe Kirsh's 70th birthday. Husband Issie had prepared an amazing surprise party. The Kirsh's were visiting Israel, celebrating the wedding of granddaughter Debra Bortz. Issie arranged for Mushe's children, grandchildren, brothers, sister and many other friends and relatives to come from all over the world a few days later for the surprise party.  It was not only a party but a heartwarming family gathering, and we had a chance to meet new family and get re-aquainted with many others.
See Nochimovicz family tree.

April 22, 2006
at the Blue Mosque
We spent a very enjoyable week plus in Turkey last week. Moran and Maayan were with us for 4 days in Istanbul and then we spent 3 days in the beautiful and unique Cappadocia area. During our trip we visited the impressive Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Click here for pictures and details of our trip.
April 8, 2006
Vered and Aviv in Togas

Congratulations to Vered and Aviv on their 15th wedding anniversary on the 14th. May they celebrate many more in happiness. We'll be in Turkey on the 14th, so we won't be able to celebrate with them, so being This Week's Picture will have to make do until we get back.

April 1, 2006
itamar ice creammoran ice creammaayan ice cream
In January 2004 the centre picture above of Moran eating ice cream was This Week's Picture.  I wrote then "When Moran was small he was a frequent visitor to Coral World Underwater Observatory, often going there and back home by himself by bus. As can be seen from this week's picture, the main attraction for him at Coral World was not the fish but the ice cream." I was reminded of this when we took Itamar and Maayan to Coral World last week.
Click to see who also likes ice cream.

March 25, 2006
Eilat March 2006
Aviv and Limor have just moved into their new lovely new house in Eilat. We popped over to Eilat for the weekend with Danielle, Lior and Maayan. to wish them well. The kids  had a lovely time with their cousins Itamar and Amit, and we enjoyed the intewnsive babysitting.. One of the highlights of the visit was getting to pet a turtle at Coral World.

March 18, 2006
Tova Ron
Tova Ron 24 August 1922  -  14 March 2006
Our deepest condolences to our son-in-law Aviv Ron, Vered, Danielle and Lior on the death of Aviv's mother, Tova.
Tova was not only an in-law; she was part of our family and we felt part of her family too. We had a wonderful relationship with "Savta" Tova and will miss her very much. Our thoughts are with her 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 8 great-children.

March 11, 2006
Amit and Lotem
This is such a great picture (taken by Moran) of our two newest granddaughters, Amit and Lotem, that it just HAD to be This Week's Picture.

March 4, 2006
six grandchildren
Our six grandchildren
Itamar, Maayan, Danielle holding Amit, Lior holding Lotem

The highlight of the week was todays party in honour of our two new granddaughters, Lotem Segoli and Amit Levy. We had over 100 guests in our garden.The weather was kind to us - it was a beautiful spring day and the event was very successful and enjoyable. In addition to introducing the two new additions, the party was also for our six grandchildren - this was the first time all six of them were together at the same time.

February 25, 2006
We are all very proud of Vered. This week she attended the 13th annual Columbia Women in Business Conference in New York She was a panel speaker in the session "International Woman: Investigating International Careers and Managing Diversity".  We understand that her talk went over very well. Click here for more information and Vered's biographical sketch.

February 18, 2006
Caryn and Viv
Caryn Klaff with her late father, Viv.

Caryn has begun training for a  "century bicycle ride" (100 miles) in order to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The ride will take place in Lake Tahoe, NV on June 4th, 2006.
In Caryn's words:
" .....Through countless emails and personal accounts over the past months, I have learned more and more about how much my father and his work meant to people; I am humbled by how much he gave to the community, his students, his extended family, and his chosen field.  In order to keep his spirit of service alive, I have chosen to raise money and train for the century bike ride. ...... I have committed to this because I know my efforts will help change lives. Every 10 minutes, another child or adult is expected to die from leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma; leukemias are the leading fatal cancers in young men and women under age 20......"
Caryn has committed to raise $4200 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; and you can track her fund-raising effort (as well as donate if you wish) at . You can also express your moral support by sending her an encouraging email at

February 11, 2006
three cooks
Do three cooks spoil the broth?
Definitely not these three.
Our  hosting of the overseas directors togwther with the leading Israel ones, has become a tradition of the international bridge festival taking place in Tel Aviv and this year was no different.
Edek Levnaor, Maurizio Di Sacco and Doreen combined for a delicious (and enormous!) dinner at our house.
Guests of honour were Toin Kooiman from Holland(Chairman of the World Bridge Federation Laws Committee) and Maurizio Di Sacco (Chief Director of the Italian Bridge Federation and Assiestant Chief European Director).
We were joined by Edek and Roni Levnaor, Ilan and Chana Shizifi, Barry Avnerre, Anda Enciu, and Gadi and Tali Leibowitz;and not only was the food excellent but the company too, and a great time was had by all. Click here for some pictures.
Maurizio's cooking has also become something of a tradition. This year he prepared my favourite pasta dish, spaghetti carbonara, and last year fritelle di riso di Carnevale.

February 4, 2006
TD Torino
Tournament Directors' Seminar -  San Giorgio Canavese, Italy
I participated in, and was a group leader at, the International Bridge Tournament Directors' Seminar held at the end of January. The seminar was a refresher for accredited international TDs, and also a qualifying exam for qualified TDs aspiring to international accreditation. The participants were divided into work groups, and in this week's picture I can be seen evaluastiong the performance of candidates at a simulation of a real-life problem at the bridge table. At the seminar I learnt that I had been appointed Assistant Chief Tournament Director of the European Bridge League.

January 21, 2006
viv klaff
Vivian Klaff passed away this week at his home in Maryland, USA, He was 63. Six months ago he was diagnosed as suffering from a terminal sickness. I took my farewell of him last October, and took this picture of him the last day I saw him. Viv was not only a cousin - he was my only cousin on my mother's side - he was also my close friend since childhood days. When he married Frankie, Doreen's closest friend, the bond between us only strengthened. We lived much of our life geographically close to each other, and when he moved to the States.the emotional closeness remained, reinforced by frequent visits to each other.
We will miss you, Viv. Rest in peace.
Tributes to Viv are on the Memorial Page.
Please send condolences, thoughts, reminiscences, pictures etc to
Tributes  by son Oren, daughter in law Alex, and Colin Kessel 
University of Delaware announcement
Delaware Online obituary

January 14, 2006

Doreen writes: It's 32 years since my Dad Maurice died here in Israel. He was 64. A week later his brother Mike died and a weekafter that  Moran our youngest son was born. So these last weeks of January are always a mixture of sadness and joy. Today we have many friends who are healthy and vital well into their 70's and even 80's. This picture was taken when Anthony (Eitan) and I got married. He died 9 years later.  I would so have  liked my father to have seen the person I have become, to have him been a part of our children's lives and just to be there for me. I miss him. 

January 7, 2006

With the Greenbergs
While in Eilat we met with Aura and Hilton Greenberg - long-time friends from South African days (Doreen went to school with Aura in Durban). Although they live in Canada, we manage to see them every few years, and again it was lovely seeing them again, especially as we could show off our Eilat family. We had an enjoyable visit to Coral World with Aviv and Itamar.

December 31, 2005
isaac olkienitski
Isaac Olkienitski lights the Chanuka candles at the home of Shuli and Eitan Haberman.
Lighting the Chanukiah has beconme a tradition at the home of Shuli and Eitan, and this year was as enjoyable as ever.
The Ron family were visiting in Eilat, the Segolis were not well, Doreen was on tour; so I was the family representaitive. The Olkienitkis and offspring were there in full force, and overseas visitors included Joe Woolwich and Michael and Janet Cohen.

December 24, 2005
Bernice 90 birthday
That's a lot of candles to blow out! Congratulations to Berenice Engleberg (nee Matz) on celebrating her 90 th birthday. Berenice is one of my father's 24 Matz cousins. Berenice is well, active and lucid and we send her the traditional Jewish greeting "may you live to 120!". Berenice lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she celebrated with her family in Colorado. Click for some more pictures.
December 17, 2005
The Leibowitzes
The Leibowitzes, l to r: Winnie Levy, Natalie, Sharon, Daniel and Donna, Joe, Josh and Natasha. (Taken at D & D's wedding last January).

December is Leibowitz month. Three birthdays and an anniversary. Sharon (Levy) Leibowitz is my first cousin on my father's side and she lives with huband Joe and family down under in Melbourne, Australia. (see  Levy family tree).
Daniel's birthday is on the 17th, Tash and Josh have their anniversary on the 18th, and both Sharon and Tash have birthdays on the 21st.
In addition, we have just learned that Josh and Tash are expecting in April,  so this month lots of "mazaltovs"  to the Leibowitzes. 

December 10, 2005
class 1, 2
I suppose when they start finding things wrong with one's heart, one starts reminiscing about youth. Anyway, I thought it would be appropriate to show this picture of my Class 1 group at the Jewish Primary school in Durban in about 1947. Can you see where I am? Check here to see if you were right.

Added in 2021 - Colourized picture (with names)

December 3, 2005
family ar Dvir
Doreen took this lovely picture of two-thirds of our children and grandchildren (Vered, Dani and Lior; Moran, Maayan and Lotem) at Kibbutz Dvir today, enjoying the unseasonable warm and sunny weather.. 
November 26, 2005
blue roofs
This past week we've had some fascinating emails from Caryn Klaff describing her impressions of her work in New Orleans as a Community Involvement Coordinator following the devastating hurricane, Katrina. (Caryn works for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington.DC.).
She took this picture from a helicopter. Note the large number of blue roofs. Operation Blue Roof provides a free temporary roof to residential structures, schools, daycares and all publicly owned facilities.  These temporary roofs are plastic sheeting and allow occupants to return and remain in their homes and facilities.  The temporary roofs will provide short term relief until the owner can make permanent repairs.
Click here to read some impressions  and see more pictures taken by Caryn..

November 19, 2005
new baby born 17 Nov 2005
Mazaltov to Limor and Aviv on the birth of a sister for Itamar, and our sixth grandchild. She was born in Eilat on Thursday 17 November and weighed a healthy 3.310 Kgs. The birth went smoothly and Aviv and Limor are ecstatic. Both baby and mother are well.
November 12, 2005
Lotem aged about 10 days. I think she looks like Lotem, but as with every new baby we hear various theories about who she looks like, whose nose she has, etc. I don't think she looks like her paternal grandparents, but decide for yourself.
November 5, 2005
Children and grandchildren Aviv and Itamar went north from Eilat; Vered, Aviv, Dani and Lior went south from Raanana; Moran, Mikhal, Maayan and Lotem remained at Kibbutz Dvir; and the Levy offspring and spouses welcomed Lotem to the family. The four cousins met their new cousin Lotem, and the uncles and aunt their new niece. It was almost a family reunion, except for Doreen who was guiding, me (busy with a meeting), and Limor (home-resting and getting ready for cousin/grandchild number 6.)
For another picture, taken by Dani, click here.

October 29, 2005
We are delighted to announce the birth of Lotem Gaia in Beer Sheva on 26 October 2005 to Moran and Mikhal Segoli. A healthy lovely baby, sister to Maayan, and our fifth grandchild. Maayan is fascinated with the new baby and is getting to know his baby sister.
More pictures on Lotem's home page.

October 22, 2005
Viv and Frankie Klaff
 During the week of 15-22 October 2005 I visited Viv and Frankie Klaff in Maryland USA.  Viv  had just finished a round of chemo- and radiotherapy, and was about to start a new round  of chemotherapy.
Also visiting the Klaffs was another ex-Durbanite and ex-Habonimite, Dave Rothschild, whom I haven't seen for about 40 years. It was good meeting again and recalling past experiences.
This picture was taken at the home of Errol and RuthAnn Ger, close friends of the Klaffs, where we ate a delicious meal and spent a lovely evening.

October 15, 2005

Yom Kippur 2005
It's now a tradition: This is third Yom Kippur we have spent at Coral World, keeping Aviv company while he fed the fish, patrolled and generally made sure everything was running smoothly. The three M's, Moran, Mikhal and Maayan joined us and we had a lovely relaxing time. Unfortunately, Limor couldn't be with us as she was in hospital under observation. During Yom Kippur, in the absence of traffic, the streets are taken over by cyclists. Coral World was taken over by tricyclists. Itamar rode his most of the day, whereas Maayan was more interested in the animals.

October 8, 2005

Not Dustin Hoffman, but Moran.
If you need to see the effects on rain in an area where it doesn't rain, what do you do? Simply watering is not good enough, for you need rain drops - water the size, shape and velocity of rain. So you use a rain machine.Here Moran is getting ready to produce "rain" at his experimental site in the Negev desert.

October 1, 2005

We wish you all a Happy Rosh Hashanah. May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, and may the New Year bring peace to Israel.
Doreen and Eitan

September 24, 2005
A meeting of the Israel branch of the Levy clan - the three cousins and spouses and Aunt Malia. Thank you, Malia, for your hospitality and for getting us all together. It was a lovely afternoon. (Apologies for the blurred picture - you were right, Dina!).
back: Eitan and Doreen, Nathan and Shirley (Kansky)
front: Malia, Jonathan and Dina

September 17, 2005
Today was my late father's birthday (17th September 1904) and my late mother's birthday falls next week (25th September 1904). This week's picture, taken at the barmitzvah of the late David Levy in 1957,  is in memory of Hayman and Queenie. Queenie died in 1960 at the age of 56, and Hayman in 1977.

September 10, 2005
During the night between Thursday and Friday, no break-ins or thefts were reported from the area of Hofit, Kfar Vitkin, Bet Herut. This was no doubt due to the fear inspired by the presence of the Neighborhood Watch that evening.

September 3, 2005
Back to school! For Lior, it wasn't back to school, but starting school. There was lots of excitement getting ready for Kita Aleph (grade 1) and going to the same school as big sister Dani. Some last minute encouragement from Mommy and Daddy at her school desk before starting the big adventure.

August 27, 2005
No, it's not an archeolgical dig in the desert. It is a desert, but it's the beginnings of Moran and Mikhal's house. Work has finally started on their house in Sde Boqer, in the Negev Desert, and we all wish them good luck.

August 20, 2005

This could have been a picture of my computer, but unfortunately it was stolen yesterday from my hotel room.

August 13, 2005

The funicular in Fribourg, Switzerland.
The easiest way to get from the upper part of Fribourg to the lower is by funicular. We decided to go down by funicular and then walk back up again. On approaching the funicular we noticed a terrible smell, like sewage. Later, on our way up we passed the funicular again and again noticed the smell. We had read that the funicular, built over 100 years ago, worked on water, and on enquiring we learnt that it works on sewage water!
The top funicular cabin is connected to the sewage system and its base fills and thus becomes heavier than the lower cabin. As the heavier cabin descends it pulls up the lighter bottom cabin. The speed of the cabins is controlled by brakes on the upper cabin. When the sewage-filled cabin reaches the bottom it discharges the sewage back into the system, while the new upper cabin is now filled with sewage, and so on. See details on this internet site devoted to funiculars.
For over 100 years the residents on Fribourg have been going up and down the mountain in a funicular working on sewage.

August 6, 2005
Off to scouts summer camp! Danielle getting ready for the scouts summer camp last week. Three days of sleeping in sleeping bags outside, and lots and lots of daytime activities. This is the first time Dani has been away from home for so long and she had a good time.
Vered joined the parents accompanying the kids and spent her time in the kitchen and doing guard duty.

July 30, 2005
Doreen wasn't the only one to need stitches recently. Lopsy, the "family dog" (now with the Rons, see story) on a visit to Hofit had a disagreement with Shimshon, a friend's dog which was also visiting. Lopsy was badly bitten, and has been walking around for about 10 days with a protective collar, which makes him look either like an angel, or a satellite dish, or a lampshade without the bulb (depending on which family member you ask.).

July 23, 2005
Last week, just before flying to join me in Italy, Doreen had the family over for Friday night dinner. It was an opportunity for grandma to be together with all four grandchildren.

July 16, 2005
All our family loves the sea, especially underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. It looks like Maayan is no exception and will follow in the family footsteps. He loves the water, and the 'underwater".  This delightful picture of him posing underwater (with eyes open) was taken by Moran last week.

July 9, 2005

Heartiest congratulations to Aviv Ron on being appinted CEO of the Commatch company ("the world's leading provider of Last Mile Voice and Media over IP solutions for Telecom Operators.") You can read about Commatch and about Aviv.  We wish you every success in your new job, Aviv, and are sure that you will be an asset to the company.

July 2, 2005
Moran sent me this picture of Doreen guiding her group in Jerusalem. I'm not sure how he got to be there to take the picture, but I suppose he was also going to be in Jerusalem at the same time as Doreen and knew her itinerary.

June 25, 2005
Just before going on her tour, Doreen went down to Eilat and spent a wonderful night on the beach with Aviv, Limor and Itamar; Moran, Mikhal and Maayan;  and Rael Braverman. Rael took the chance to relax and do some fishing, with Doreen ready to help land the big one.

June 18, 2005
Moran and Mikhal officially received their Master degrees at a graduation ceremony at Ben Gurion University. Mikhal received her degree Summa Cum Laude at a special ceremony. Congratulations to both of you. We're very proud of you both.

June 11, 2005

It's Doreen's birthday today. Many happy returns to my darling wife. We spent the day quietly, me on the computer and preparing for my overseas trip; and Doreen mainly in the garden, tending to her lettuces and trees and picking a big round squash that turned out to be a small melon.

June 4, 2005
It's not quite a fish, but Aviv Levy took a break from fish on his visit last week to the aquariums in France (Antibes and Monaco) and Spain (Valencia and Barcelona) to check the mini-golf at the Antibes Marine Park.

Maayan is at the stage when he gets excited hearing and making animal sounds. On a visit to Hofit he was fascinated with a video of farmyard animals - Old MacDonald's Farm style - and enthusiastically joined in the sounds. Here he is in his bathtub in Lehavim and conducting a duel between his plastic animals.
Switch on the sound, and click  moo

May 21, 2005
yacht amsterdam
We spent a fabulous 3 days in  Amsterdam as guests of Morris and Jackie Kahn at the launching of Morris's new yacht, Antares. It was great fun being with people we know so well and like so much. Morris is a wonderful host, and we were taken care of very well. Basil Sandler took this lovely picture of Doreen and I enjoying ourselves.
Morris's new yacht is superb. For pictures of yacht and more people, click here.

May 14, 2005

At the beginning of May, Aviv Levy, Limor and Itamar spent a few days at the Meridien Hotel at the Dead Sea. They had a wonderful time, but for Itamar the highlight was undoubtedly his meeting with Mickey Mouse.

May 7, 2005

Granny Doreen, by Danielle Ron

Doreen, Vered, Denise de niece, Caroline Livneh and Yael Paperna enjoyed a walking tour guided by Yona Wiseman.  The tour was of the Bahaus/Modern Movement buildings of Tel Aviv (the "White City of Tel Aviv", a UNESCO World Heritage site). At lunch time Vered's husband Aviv and daughters Dani and Lior joined them for lunch. While waiting for the pizzas to arrive Dani drew a portrait of granny Doreen.

April 30, 2005
Ulpan reunion
Forty years ago we learned Hebrew at Ulpan Ben Yehuda in Netanya. Among those learning together with us were Hans and Lotti Reijzer from Holland and Gordon and Shirley Poluck from England. Although both the Reijzers and Polucks returned to their native countries we have maintained contact with them over the years, especially with the Reijzers, with whom we have spent many holidays together. This year Hans and Lotti stayed with us for the Passover week, and Gordon and Shirley visted their daughter and her family who are living in Israel. It was fun having an "ulpan reunion" after so many years.

April 23, 2005
Passover Seder: Gali and Amit Nickel asking the "Four Questions" ( Ma-Nishtanah ). Taking part in the seder were Aviv, Limor and Itamar; Moran, Mikhal and Maayan; Avraham, Yael and Ofra Segoli, Julius and Laura Nickel, Louis, Etti, Gali and Amit Nickel, Richard Nickel and Rona, Louise and Rael Braverman; and Hans and Lotti Reijzer from Amsterdam..

April 16, 2005
We spent the weekend in the Galil, with the Rons and the Segolis. We visited the Agamon (Hulah Reserve). We didn't see nearly as many birds as on our last trip there. We did see birds, though, and spent a few lovely hours there being driven around by Dani. On Saturday we  went to a  concert performance of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas beautifully performed by the Moran Ensemble, at the Tabga Church, while Dani, Lior and Maayan were looked after and played with some cute puppies.

April 9, 2005

Doreen writes: Moran and I  went to Eilat for Itamar's second bithday  which was celebrated in style - one birthday party at Coral World and the following day another at his kindergarten. By the second party he was tired and overwhelmed and wanted only to sit on the birthday throne behind the table (above). I laughed the whole time - remembering how, as a parent I always wanted my child to shine - and now how as a grandmother I could accept that Itamar just wanted to be a spectator.

April 2, 2005
Our granddaughters Danielle and Lior slept over with us last Friday night, and here they are showing the delicious challot which they baked in the afternoon ("Granny helped us a little").  I avoided a "diplomatic incident" at the Friday night meal by making two "brachot" (blessings over the bread)  - one for each granddaughter's challah.

March 26, 2005
Limor has opened up a shop in Eilat at the Solel Boneh Centre in Hatamarim Boullevard, selling lingerie. The interior of the shop is lovely and we wish her success in her new venture. So if you're in Eilat don't forget to visit Limor at "Olam Ha-Isha" (Women's World). If you mention this website, maybe she'll give you a discount!

March 19th, 2005
Aviv Levy appeared again on television. This time it was on channel 10, and it was a mini-feature on a channel 10 reporter learning to dive, and diving with sharks. Aviv was the diving instructor, and also guided and accompanied the reporter on his shark dive. Aviv came over very well, and displayed knowledge and expertise. We're very proud of him.
I don't have any pictures of him diving with sharks, so instead here's a picture of him playing bridge under water.

March 19th, 2005
Unexpected visits and even more unexpected good weather this weekend led to an impromptu picnic on our lawn in Hofit.

March 5th, 2005

The Segolis are back from their trip to the USA. Fortunately Moran and Mikhal were able to get help at the airport for their luggage. As a proud grandfather I can only say "My grandson the porter."
Camping out (sleeping in tents etc) in deserts with a one year old is not everybody's idea of fun, but they thoroughly enjoyed it. The great pictures of their trip on Moran's site attest to the wonderful time they had.

February 26th, 2005
A hearty mazelov to Phil Solomon, doyen of the Nochomovich branch of Doreen's family, who celebrates his 92nd birthday in New York today.
Phil lives with his son Martin and his wife Joy. His daughter Alice also celebrates a birthday this month.
About seven years ago, Phil's beloved wife, the late Fae came across an ad that offered prizes for new poetry.  She pushed and prodded Phil to enter the contest, as she knew poetry was an old love of his. Phil says that he had not written poetry for many years, but to please Fae, he wrote a poem for that contest.  He didn’t win any money but the editors sent him the Special Editors' Award. Ever since then Phil has been submitting new poems to the International Library of Poetry , and each year has received the Special Editors' Award.
Phil continues to write many poems to Fae, who died in 2002. He loved her greatly.  Three of his poems appear on the site.

February 19th, 2005
Although I'm almost 65, my motorbike is still my preferred mode of transport. And that gorgeous chick behind me is also in her sixties! A khamsin (hot, dry desert wind) changed Friday and Saturday from cold, rainy winter days into temporary lovely summer ones. Vered, Aviv and family took the opportunity (together with hordes of others) of going to the beach, and had a seaside lunch there with Aviv's sister, Orit, and family. We went by motorbike and negotiating the heavy traffic was much easier.

February 12th, 2005
Hannah, the daughter of our good friends Nina and Steve Shafer, is learning Hebrew and working in the kitchen at kibbutz Hazerim. We were delighted that she took time off from her ulpan and be with us for the weekend. Hannah went straight from the airport to the kibbutz and has seen hardly anything of Israel, so we were unfazed by snow and storm warnings and went to see a little of Israel. Atypically, the northern Golan was covered with snow. Here Hannah stands in the cold wind with the Kuneitra area of Syria in the background.

February 5th, 2005
Winnie Levy (extreme left)  with the Leibowitzes: Natalie, Sharon, Daniel, Donna, Joe, Joshua and Natasha, at the wedding of Daniel and Donna
Happy birthday for the 10th, Aunt Winnie. We hope you rest on your birthday after all your globetrotting to your grandchildren's weddings. Three grandchildren married in the space of a month and a half: Katherine to Sean on December 8th in South Africa, Joshua to Natasha on December 18th in Australia, and Daniel to Donna on January 22nd in Australia. Add to this the extra excitement of seeing Joshua and Daniel again after so many years. So take it easy on your birthday, and build up strength for your great-grandchildren.
See also Winnie's week.

January 29th, 2005
Back, l-r: Moran, Michal, Erez, Roy, Perry
Front l-r: Guy (holding Alma),Ayelet (holding Noam), Mikhal (holding Maayan)

A gathering of old school friends for Moran's 32nd birthday, in Hofit. The boys have been the closest of  friends since they were at high school together at Sde Boqer. Now, with wives and children, they don't pass up any opportunity to get together and have a good time.

January 22th, 2005
While going through some old files looking for something else, I came across this picture taken many many moons ago in Eilat. I can't believe how big that shark was, and how thin I was!

January 15th, 2005
Doreen collecting freshly picked lettuces leaves in our garden for a lunch salad. We both thoroughly enjoy our little vegetable garden. In winter we grow lettuces - about 7 different varieties - under plastic. They are organic; we don't use any pesticides and use compost we have made ourselves. We have a big container that collects rain water from the roof, and in the periods between the rains we use this water.

January 8th, 2005

Viv and Frankie Klaff were with us for about 10 days, and were joined by eldest son, Oren. They also visited Eilat, and Doreen took them on a hike to the Red Canyon.

January 1st, 2005
back: Doreen, Caroline Livneh, Ruti Marks, Eitan
front: Dovvie Glassman, Yona Weissman, Ziona Glassman.

Over supper at the Glassmans, Yona Weissman shared with us her harrowing struggle to stay alive after the train she and her friend Dani were on was hit by the tsunami. On the train were more than one thousand passengers; they were among the handful of survivors. The carriages of the death train were filled with dead bodies and watery mud up to their necks. Incredibly, Yona with great courage and tremendous strength and despite her fear of water calmly decided to come out of the ordeal alive. You can read her story here.
Another picture.

December 25th, 2004
Happy 1st birthday, Maayan! Ma'ayan, the son of our Moran and Mikhal is our youngest grandchild. Like all our other granchildren he exudes charm and conqers hearts with his winning personality. A cutie!.

December 18, 2004
We celebrated our 40th anniversary on the 16th. Looking at our wedding photo (how young and thin!) brought back nostalgic memories.

December 11, 2004
To quote Moran: "One small step for mankind - one great step for Maayan". Maayan takes his first steps alone. Watch out switches, on-off buttons, electricity outlets, keys, breakables; little boy on the prowl.

December 4, 2004

May 2007: Sadly, Katherine and Sean got divorced, so the picture that had appeared here has been removed.

November 27, 2004
Congratulations to Aviv and Limor on their 6th wedding anniversary on November 26. (This picture was taken last week at the wedding of Limor's sister Ophira). The family gave them a present of a weekend in a hotel in the Galilee while we took turns looking after Itamar: Friday Vered and Aviv R and family came to help us, and on Saturday M&Ms joined us.

November 20, 2004
We went to Eilat to celebrate the wedding of Ophira Sadeh and James Gevintor (right, in white shirt). It was great fun, as guests from both sides danced and celebrated non-stop.
Ophira is our daughter-in-law Limor's youngest sister, and she and James, originally from Liberia, have been going out for about 4 years. Congratulations to the happy couple, and good luck for the future.

November 13, 2004
Vered and Aviv were both overseas, so Dani and Lior spent the weekend in Hofit with us - or rather with Doreen, since I was busy for most of the time with a previous bridge committment. First thing in the morning, Doreen took the girls, still in their nightclothes, to the garden (Lior calls it "Granny's grocery") to pick breakfast: avocados, pomergranates, passion fruit, oranges; and a pomelo to take home to Raanana.

November 6, 2004
We spent a delightful weekend in the Upper Galilee with Carol and Terry Kessel. Wonderful company, interesting activities,  and excellent food.  On Friday we cycled around the Agamon area in the Hula, and saw tens of thousands of birds. Then on Saturday we went on a hike from the village Jish (Gush Halav)..  For more pictures and details, click here.

October 30, 2004
Doreen and Denise have just returned from a jeep trip in south Ethiopia. Here they are flanked by traditionally body-painted  tribal warriors with rifles. An account of the trip with pictures will be posted later.

October 23, 2004

The Levy Family - 1959
from left to right: Abe, Malia, Sharon, Eric, Winnie, Charles, Joe, Ethel, David, Miriam, my mother Queenie, Fern; my father Hayman, me, Ethel (William, nee Levy).
The anniversary of my father's death was this week, and as I lit the yahrzeit candle I got to thinking about him and his brothers and family. So I went and dug out this picture, which I think was taken in Uitenhage on the occasion of Shirley's wedding to Nathan. (This would explain Shirley's absence from the photo!). Two other cousins are absent; Jonathan, who was only 4 at the time, and Cecile who had not yet been born.
It is saddening to realise that nine of the fifteen in the picture are no longer with us.

October 16, 2004

Pinkas Aaron Nochimovich, born about 1860, in Slonim (?) Byelorus.
During the last couple of weeks (at Milly and Aaron Hock's initiative) we have been receiving emails from Solomon and Hock family members with family tree details, and the Nochimovich family tree has been updated.
The Hocks are from an American branch ("Solomon") of the Nochimovich family. Another branch of the family went to South Africa. (The "Nickel" branch.).  The earliest ancestor that we have on record is Pinhas Aaron Nochimovicz. He married Musha Leshnik and they lived in Slonim at the turn of the 19th century. (Pinhas had at least two daughters, one of whom went to South Africa and one to USA. We have not had any contact with these branches.)
We're not sure why the Nochimovich's changed their name to Solomon and Nickel, and any help in solving this puzzle, or finding the "lost" Nochimoviczes  will be most appreciated.
Doreen is a great-grandchild of Pinkas; a great-great-grandchild, David Hock (Phoenix, Arizona) sent us this wonderful picture of Pinkas.

October 9, 2004
On Friday we took a break from the Abu Ghosh music festival, and Vered, Moran and families joined us for a visit to the Old City and Western Wall. This was the grandchildren's first visit to Jerusalem and they were lucky to have Doreen as their expert guide.

October 2, 2004
On 29/9/04 we joined our eldest granddaughter Danielle in celebrating her 9th birthday - her first in Israel, with lots and lots of family present. Both Danielle and sister Lior are thrilled to have so much family around here in Israel.

September 25, 2004

Getting ready to break the fast, Yom Kippur 2004.
The animals at the Coral World Park don't fast on Yom kippur, and Aviv is on duty to feed them and look after them and generally see that nothing goes wrong with any of the essential systems. This is the second year we have joined him, so it's already a family tradition. We had a lovely time, resting,  reading, talking and simply taking it easy. More pictures on Moran's site.

September 18, 2004
We celebrated Lior's 5th birthday - her first in Israel and the first celebration in Vered and Aviv's house in Raanana. Lior was absolutely delighted - this is the first time they have celebrated a birthday with so many family - her sister, parents, Saba Eitan, Granny Doreen, Savta Tova and Auntie Louise and Rael.

September 11, 2004

ETHEL LEVY (nee SOLOMONS) August 4, 1912 - September 7, 2004

My Aunt and godmother Ethel Levy, nee Solomons, passed away quietly in Port Elizabeth South Africa last Tuesday. Aunt Ethel was one of the warmest persons I have ever met. I was always very close to her, and loved her very much. She had a wonderful marriage to my father's brother, Joe, and she faced the tragedy of losing three children and her husband with courage and strength. Our visit to her in Port Elizabeth on our trip to South Africa three years ago was the last time we saw her, although we spoke a few times on the phone.
Our thoughts are with her devoted daughter Shirley and families; with Sheryl, the late David's wife;  and with her brothers Bertie and Donald, and their families.
I'll miss you, Aunt Ethel.

September 4, 2004
Congratulations to Aviv (Levy) who has been appointed curator of  Coral World in Eilat.  His duties include responsibilty for all the animals and exhibits, as well as underwater maintenance. We wish him all the best and know that he succeed in this highly responsible job. We're proud of you, Aviv!

August 28, 2004
A Night at the Opera. It is not often that Eitan can be inveigled into wearing a tuxedo, but at the Glyndebourne Opera Festival it is de rigueur. The last time we appeared similarly attired was in Paris 20 years ago at a Skal conference.
Opera at Glyndebourne is a happening. The performance starts late afternoon and is preceded by strolls in the large manicured grounds, while sipping champagne or wine. The interval lasts an hour and a half; ample time to enjoy a picnic basket on the lawns, or a meal in one of the three gourmet restaurants. We were enchanted and moved by a stirring performance of Jenufa, a wonderful opera by Janacek.The key role of Kostelnicka was magnificently portrayed by Kathryn Harries.

August 21, 2004
We're at Brighton at the Brighton Bridge Congress. This is the fifth time that we have spent August here while Eitan directs and we generally have a great time meeting friends and having a rest. The bridge directing has gone well  and Doreen has been busy visiting the sales, going to London, working out in the gym and just relaxing.

August 14, 2004

Welcome to this world, Almog Collins, born this morning. Although not a relative, new granny Caroline has been part of our family since our Eilat days, and we wish her, mommy Avigail and uncle Gidon a hearty mazal tov

August 7, 2004

Welcome to the Ron family on their return to Israel! Aviv, Vered, Danielle and Lior (and Lopsy) arrived at Ben Gurion airport on August 3, 2004 with 13 suitcases. They have rented a house in Raanana and will be staying with us in Hofit until their lift arrives from America. The plan is that they will move to Raanmana by the end of August.

July 31, 2004
While we were in the USA, Aviv and Moran and families popped into Hofit on their way to the upper Galilee for the weekend. They slept at Bet Hillel near Kiryat Shmona  and Aviv took the opportunity to exchange alligators  for the Coral World Amazon exhibit.
In Hofit the grandsons sampled some of our garden's produce (passion fruit, litches and tomatoes). Maayan in particular was crazy about passion fruit.
We are very proud of our garden. Much of our watering is done with rain water (which we collect in containers in winter), with water from air conditioning (in summer), and with "recycled" saltier-than-normal water (from our reverse osmosis drinking water.). This year we had bumper crops of lettuces and raddichios (9 varieties!), arugula, tomatoes (3 varieties), peppers (2 varieties), passion fruit, litches, kumquats and loquats. We had more than we could eat, and neighbours and friends shared in our bounty (especially the lettuces and litches), and we pickled the peppers (delicious!). We were only moderately successful with lemons and limquats, and our orange and pomella yield was almost non-existent. We are still expecting moderate amounts of mangoes and avocado.

July 24, 2004
To make things a little easier for Vered and Aviv while they were packing for the move to Israel, we took Danielle and Lior on an RV (motor home) trip to the Washington DC area. On the way we visited the Six Flags Park where the girls had a wonderful time. The highlight of of the Six Flags visit was the trip down the Coyote Creek Rapids, where to their delight they got sopping wet.

July 17, 2004
On my first day in America we had a delightful visit from Rami and Tahel Erez. The Erez family are friends dating back to our Eilat days (and Ruthie organized Doreen's 60th surprise party.). We take great pleasure that our friends' children make the effort to come and see us whenever they are invited. Rahmi is an architect and Tahel is starting a post graduate program in Forensic Physchology here in New York.

July 10, 2004
My grandmother Olga Levy (nee Matz) with 6 of her children (Abe was not yet born) in about 1916
l to r: Annie, Joe, Hayman, Olga holding Eric, Fannie, Ethel

The picture this week is in honour of the Matz family. During the last week I had access to a census list from 1834 for the Lithuanian town of Darbenai, where my Matz forebears lived. I discovered a lot of  new information on the family, including 12 new individuals and went one more generation back. I was also able to confirm dates that I had previously only surmised.

I now have the names of 9 generations of my Matz family, from Nachman, born about 1735, through Aaron, Shevach, Shaya, Olga, Hayman, Eitan and Vered/aviv/Moran to Danielle/Lior/Itamar and Maayan, born 6 months ago.
So Danielle, Lior, Itamar and Maayan: The name of your great great great great great great grandfather was Nachman.

All the new information has been incorporated into the family tree. You can see an outline of the Matz descendants by clicking on  Matz family tree.

July 3, 2004
back: Eitan, Doreen, Tali, Viv, Frankie, Alex, CJ (Oren's friend), Oren
front: Caryn, Tamir.
This week is a celebrations for the Klaffs. Viv and Frankie  celebrate their 39th anniversary on the 4th, Viv's birthday is on the 6th, and son Tamir's birthday is on the 7th.
Vivian Klaff is my only cousin on my mother's side. My mother was one of five children. Sister Rose married Sholem Klaff, two of her sisters never married (Dora and Bess Shapiro), and her brother Willie had no children. (See Goldberg family tree). Viv grew up on a farm in the Magaliesberg area in South Africa. Later the Klaff family moved to Rustenburg and then to Durban, where we lived, and where our fathers shared business interests. I spent many wonderful holidays with Viv in Magaliesberg and Rustenberg and our close relationship continued in Durban. The relationship was cemented when Viv married Frankie Silberman, who was Doreen's best friend then and has remained so today.
Although the Klaffs live in the USA we still manage to often see them and their children Oren; Tamir, Alex and Tali; and Caryn. This week's picture was taken on the occasion of Viv's 60 birthday, which we celebrated with his family in a resort in the Colorado area.

June 26, 2004

I'm in Malmo, Sweden, at the European Bridge Championships, from June 18 to July 3. For those of you who don't know I'm a certified International Tournament Director (bridge judge). That's me in the picture, keeping an eye on things. The hotel I'm staying at is  far from the venue, and the easiest transport solution is a bicycle.

June 19, 2004

Our two eldest children are both June babies. Aviv was born on the 21st and Vered on the 28th. We have so many pictures of them that it was difficult choosing. Here they are together, many years ago, looking relaxed, happy and beautiful.

June 12, 2004
Congratulations to Mikhal! She has been awarded a prestigious Kreitman Fellowship for her doctoral studies. We are very proud of you, Mikhal. May you climb even higher on the road to success.
Go to the Segoli's page to see what an honour it is being a Kreitman Fellow.

June 5, 2004

Happy 60th birthday on the 11th, Doreen! You were lovely then and you're lovely now. I love you very much and feel so privileged to be married to you, my love and my friend.

May 29, 2004
This week there is a delightful picture of our granddaughters, Danielle and Lior, taken in their dancing costumes. They are getting ready for a performance this week with their ballet class. Good luck, Dani and Lior!

May 22, 2004
Olkienitski familyOlkienitski family 2
I don't have too many relatives on my mother's side, and the two closest are my first cousin, Vivian Klaff, and my mother's first cousin, Sarah Olkienitski (nee Goldberg). There is also a branch of the family in England.(Goldberg family tree) The amazing story of how contact was re-established among the family after the war never fails to move me.
Sarah is the sole Holocaust survivor from her family. She and husband Isaac have raised 12 wonderful children and grandchildren, who are not only our relatives but also our friends.
May is a month for celebration, for 6 family members celebrate birthdays. It is also a month for sadness, for eldest daughter Miri, born on May 13, died at the age of  49 on May 24, 2000. In honour of Sarah's descendants, and in memory of Miri, this week is dedicated to the Olkienitski family.

Left picture:     back: Avi Gilad, Sara, Racheli Gilad, Isaac, Yoav Gilad, Noam Heyman
                        front: Yael, Michal and Naama Gilad

Right picture, from left to right: Yoav, Naama, Racheli, Uri Haberman, Shuli Haberman, Doreen, Eitan Haberman, Avi

(Missing from the pictures:Dani and Michael Haberman, Idit and Maayan Heyman)

May 15, 2004
Who says we don't keep our promises?  Over two years ago when we took an organized tour to the Red Center of Australia we met Ariella and Nomi. Actually we had met them on a bus in Cairns a few days before so when we saw them on our trip we felt that they were 'landsman,'.  We got on very well and promised we'd meet soon. That was in Pesach 2002  - so when Nomi and her husband Yair and Ariella came for dinner this week we were a little apprehensive but had a delightful time and arranged to meet again, together with Ariella's husband 'soon.'  Nomi and Ariella are remarkably good friends - remarkable because Ariella's ex is Nomi's present husband.

May 8, 2004

We spent a lovely weekend in Eilat with Limor and Aviv and  Itamar. We call Itamar "Mr Smiley" and here he and Savta Margalit share a joke. Another thing that Itamar enjoys is eating hummus.

May 1, 2004
While going through some old pictures we came across this delightful picture of Anthony (aka Eitan). The picture is the worse for wear, but then so is Eitan!

April 24, 2004
Back row : Moran, Mikhal and Maayan, Moshe and Orit (Aviv Ron's sister), Vered
Front row: Doreen, Denise de niece, Tova Ron (Aviv's mother)

Vered spent a very busy week in Israel. A few hours before flying back to Maplewood NJ she enjoyed a few hours of sunshine on the Bet Yannai beach with family.

April 17, 2004
Doreen stands at the memorial in the Ponar Forest (Paneriai), outside Vilnius in Lithuania.

Holocaust Memorial Day falls this week. On this day we pause and remember the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.
In April 1999, we visited Poland and Lithuania, and visited many of the infamous sites. Doreen wrote a moving account of her visit to Majdanek concentration camp just outside Warsaw.
The visit to the forest of Ponar was particularly moving, for Doreen's grandfather, uncle and many other relatives were among the the tens of thousands of Lithuanian Jews who were shot and buried there in pits.
Here is an extract of the "Page of Testimony" submitted by Florence Shochat-Levine to the Yad Vashem memorial, relating to Doreen's father's brother, Abrashke Glasser: "In August 1941 he was captured with his father, and his cousin Elke Glasser, by the Chapponas, told he was to be taken to work, but was killed in Ponar."

April 10, 2004
April 10, 2004
Pesach celebrates freedom and spring. Moran, Mikhal and Maayan took advantage of the holidays to enjoy some of the pleasures of spring in the Upper Galillee. After a particularly wet winter nature was out in all her glory, as this picture taken by Moran shows.
For an account of their trip, and more pictures, see this page at Moran's site.

April 3, 2004  <no picture>

March 27, 2004
This is not only the Picture of the Week, it is the Babysitter of the Week. With so much attention being paid to Maayan on his visit last week to Hofit, and the corresponding neglect of Flopsy, it looks like Flopsy has decided: "If you can't beat 'em for affection, join 'em." Both seem very satisfied with the arrangement.

March 20, 2004
Happy Birthday this week (21st March) to our son-in-law Aviv Ron.

March 13, 2004
Doreen is back from her Ethiopian trip.
"Our four-day trek through the Semein National park was the high point of our trip. Because of the height the trekking was strenuous but it was constantly rewarding because of stunning scenery and good weather. Only at night did we all freeze. We also visited many beautifully decorated churches. Here I am, after the trek,  at the Blue Nile Falls, the main source of the Nile River."

March 6, 2004
The Jewish holiday of Purim falls on Sunday. The holiday celebrates the deliverance of the Jews of Persia from the evil schemes of Haman, through the intervention of Mordecai and Esther. It's a fun day especially for kids. Firstly the scroll of Esther is read in synagogue and every mention of Haman's name is accompanied by children booing, screaming and generally making a noise. Secondly, it's the traditional day for fancy-dress, parades and parties. In Israel, nearly every pupil comes to school in fancy dress, and the streets are filled with traditional and current costumes. The adults, too, have parties, usually in fancy-dress also.
Here is Dani dressed up as Pippi/Gilgi/Bilbi  ready to go to school, and Maayan enjoying his first Purim party Sde Boqer campus.
Here are some more pictures of  Purim celebrations.

February 28, 2004
With the family being so spread out, occasions when we can all get together are much rarer. We try and have a family reunion at least once every 1-2 years. So it was time for a reunion. (We were all together for Mikhal and Moran's wedding, but that was a wedding so it was not counted as a reunion.).
The 12th Reunion took place in Eilat over the weekend of 19-21 February. Usually we have special T-shirts made up for the reunions, but this time Vered handed out coffee mugs with pictures of the family!
It was the first reunion with Mikhal, Maayan and Itamar, so it was extra-special. A wonderful time was had by all.

 February 21, 2004
Moran and Mikhal have decided to act as if Ma'ayan is their second child. So despite the icy wind and grey skies we all went to see the daffodils in Wadi Hatzatz. . It was remarkable to see the contrast between the rocky river bed and the mass of delicate daffodils. The Negev desert in bloom after this year's heavy rains was exciting.

February 14, 2004
The four cousins at the family party in Hofit, together for the first time. Our family came to say hello to the Rons, and to welcome Itamar and Maayan.
l to r: Lior Ron, Itamar Levy, Danielle Ron holding Maayan Segoli.

February 7, 2004
A triple celebration! Winnie Levy's birthday on the 10th, Charles Levy's birthday on the 12th and Charles and Sheenagh's 30th wedding anniversary on the 17th. MazalTov.
The picture, with daughter Katherine and Shaun, was taken at Mark and Serena Klotnick's wedding in September 2002 at Sdot Yam in Israel.

January 31, 2004
Picture of the Week features Moran, whose birthday falls this week (January 30). When Moran was small he was a frequent visitor to Coral World Underwater Observatory, often going there and back home by himself by bus. As can be seen from this week's picture, the main attraction for him at Coral World was not the fish but the ice cream. Click to see who also likes ice cream.

 January 25, 2004
On 22nd January 2004, Ma'ayan Levi Segoli  was circumcised and brought into the Jewish  faith at the synagogue at Sde Boqer whereMoran, Mikhal and Ma'ayan live. Here Moran kisses Maayan held by Ran Kagan on Elijah's chair while Mikhal looks on as the Mohel works.

January 18, 2004
From left to right: Vered, Doreen, Aviv and Moran. The picture was taken somewhere in the mountains of Eilat about 1976.

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