Slowly, so far very slowly, I'm going through album after album of old photos from pre-digital days.
Some photos will be "This Week's Pictures" or on other pages of my site (see index of these pictures), and others will be posted here.
At the moment they're in no particular order, but later I hope to organize them in some kind of logical order.

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1957 - School Photo 1957
Class 6A Durban High School
My last year of school at Durban High School. I am in the back row, last on the right.

Doreen on a camel in Sinai
Moran scanned this photo of Doreen on a camel in Sinai, and sent it to us in time for Passover 2015. Approriate as the haggadah recounts the 40 year wandering by Moses and the Children of Israel  in the desert. They should have taken Doreen as a guide.
on a camel in Sinai

In December 1994 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary. I was working in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, and the children and my sister  Fern decided to surprise Doreen by visiting us. I kept the secret with difficulty, and as can be seen from the above pictures Doreen had no idea that they were coming. Doreen and I had the "last laugh" -  we planned a surprise flight (see picture) and weekend to Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. (In those days the Baths, a rock formation on the island, was largely unknown. Today it is a major tourist attraction - see a short clip on You Tube.)
For another picture - of Vered and Aviv - click here. 
Also, I think the picture below was taken then.

1994 in Virgin Uslands>

17/9/1904  -  21/10/1977
The Levy family about 1917
Levy family 1917Annie ?, Joe, Hayman, Olga with Eric, Fannie?, Ethel

- - - - -

The four Levy brothers, taken at Jonathan Levy's barmitzvah in 1968
4 Levy brothers
l-r, also in descending order of age: Hayman, Joe, Eric, Abe

- - - - -

Young Eric Levy
young Eric
 Sheenagh and Charles sent me this picture of Charles' father, Eric, my uncle. The family resemblance (not apparent in pictures of older Eric) to me, and (Doreen says) our grandchildItamar is striking.
- - - - -

My father and mother, Hayman and Queenie, with Menahem Begin in Durban. Hayman was an active member of the Zionist Revisionist Movement, the forerunner of the Herut political party in Israel which became the dominant partner of the Likud, the party in power in Israel.  Doreen's father was also a Revisionist supporter.
See also a picture of my aunt Dora Shapiro at Beni Begin's barmitzvah.
Doreen and I have not followed the family tradition - we are supporters of the Meretz Party which is diametrically opposed to the Likud Party.
Menahem Begin10

- - - - -
Hayman with grandson Aviv, about 1968
Hayman with Aviv

Read item in "Hasholom", the monthly newsletter of the Durban Jewish community (about 1948).

Read obituary in the "Jewish Herald" one of the two Jewish newspapers in South Africa.

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GERTIE (NICKEL) GLAZER 1/11/1914 - 31/5/1883
MORRIS GLAZER 1904 - 16/1/1973

Gertie and Morris Glazer

This picture of Doreen's parents was probably taken on the occasion of their engagement.

Gertie Glazer (rt) and her sister Rosie Bacher (nee Nickel)

Gertie and Rosie10

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DORA SHAPIRO 1910 1983

Dora and Beginback of photo
My Aunt Dora Shapiro was a strong supporter of the Zionist Revisionist Party, the forterunner of the Herut political party, now the Likud. She is pictured (on the right) with Israel Prime Minister Menahem Begin on the occasion of the barmitzvah of Beni Begin (later a Minister in the Israel Government.).
See also a picture of my parents with Menahem Begin.

Click to read a letter written to Dora in South Africa in 1939 by her cousin Shulamit Goldberg in Lithuania.

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RV trip with Vered and Aviv
About 20 years ago, while they were still studying in New York at Columbia, daughter Vered and son-in-law Aviv joined Doreen and me for about a week on our RV trip in California and Oregon.

In 1995 Doreen and I went on a long RV (motorhome) trip in Western USA -Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming. We visited many of the canyons and parks the West is famous for


and also met family.
Matz familyUtah, the Matz family: Sidney and Esther, Ruth McCrimmon, me and Berenice Engleberg

We lived and ate in the motorhome (and even sewed!), and parked in campgrounds.

We visited many of the canyons and parks the West is famous for
yellowstoneA bison in Yellowstone Park
and hiked,
resting in Hermitage Park wyomingStopping for a break, rest and picnic lunch in Heritage Park in Wyoming.
climbing in the snow

McCay ParkAt the Wyoming - Idaho border

and fished.  I didn't have too much luck with fishing but one one occasion I was lucky to catch a meal-sized  trout in the Wind River (Wyoming). 
trout for dinner


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1010with Keren in Cuba
When I was working in the Bahamas about 20 years ago, Doreen and I would sometimes go to Cuba.for the weekend. Often when we had visitors they would join us. On this occasion daughter Vered and Aviv joined us together with Vered's long-time friend Keren. (Click for a picture of Vered and Keren skiing).

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abt 1985 - Some of the Bortenstein family, including Avram
1940+ - Hayman, Anthony, Rose
1948 - Hayman, Queenie, Fern
1963 - The Levy and Edelstein Families at Charles' barmitzvah
1983 - Vered enlists
1998 - Aviv and Limor chinna
1997 - Lunch in the forest
1995 - Vered and Aviv
1964 Wedding photo
2001 - At Club Daintree in Australia
1994 - Vered and Aviv at 3rd Family Reunion Virgin Gorda
2001 - A visit to the Himba in Namibia
1980's - Carnival in the USVI
A day sail with Vered and the Habermans.
abt 1974 - On the beach with Hayman and Gertie
1994-6 - Aviv on motorbike at Key West
abt 1940? - Roddeh Shapiro
1966 - Doreen with 3 month old Vered
abt 1950 - Eitan and Fern with mother Queenie on Durban beach
abt 1980 - Doreen and Moran looking at an aquarium
abt 1970 - Denise, Aviv, Vered and us at the Kinneret
195? - The Loudrena (Gertie, Doreen, Louise)
19?? - Gertie Glazer (100th anniversary of birth)

1930's ? - Hayman Levy yahrzeit
about 1937  -  Morris and Gertie Glazer
1957 - The Levys at David Levy's barmitzvah
1960 - Doreen and her mother and sister visit family in New York.

1995 - Our RV in a narrow tunnel in Black Hills, South Dakota.
1995 -Catching a trout in the Wind River (Wyoming). 
1980s - Aviv at the Blue Mountain in Sinai

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