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11th May 2024
Zoe BM party
Zoe's batmitzvah celebration

The Levy and the Segoli families celebrated Zoe's Batmitzvah with a gathering at the Gofra Beach on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). It was fun to be together and the venue, though very basic, was very suitable for the event.
More pictures here.

4th May 2024

On our trip to Rome and Naples to celebrate granddaughter Zoe's batmitzvah Doreen and I visited Capri where we enjoyed the Blue Grotto and the wonderful views from Monte Solaro.
  • We are back from our Italy trip for granddaughter Zoe's batmitzvah trip. Unfortunately the last part of our trip was affected by a stomach virus but despite that it was a very successful trip. Read about it here.
  • Congratulations to Dani and Tali Haberman on the birth of son Yuval their first child. And special Mazal Tov to grandparents Shuli and Eitan Haberman on the birth of their 6th grandchild. See  Goldberg family tree.
  • Were are once again proud of our son Aviv. He and the staff of Coral World and the Nature Reserves Authority took part in a successful effort to save and then release a stranded and wounded toad fish in the Coral Reserve in Eilat. There is a detailed article (in Hebrew) in the publication of the Nature Reserves Authority.

27th April 2024
Zoe batmitzvah

Doreen and I took granddaughter Zoe and her brother Maayan to Italy her for her batmitzvah.  We celebrated her birthday dinner on the 24th at our favourite Rome Restaurant, AL34.  It was a special dinner, not only were we treated like royalty by Renzo the waiter who has served us on our many visits to the restaurant but also because Courtney Mills a renowned opera singer with a resounding voice sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Doreen and I are with  Zoe and Maayan in Italy. see the first stage of our trip here. To be continued next week.

20th April 2024
Preparing chrain for Pesach

In a few days we will celebrate the holiday of Pesach, Passover, especially the seder held on the eve of the first day. Apart from the obligatory seder dish of 6 items and the eating of matzo there are many other ethnic based foods. For Jews with origins in Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries chrain,  made mainly with grated horseradish and beet,  is a must.  It can be overpoweringly strong with "fumes" which clear the nose and water the eyes, or, mainly by adding more beet, a mild condiment to be eaten with gefilte fish.  Many buy the ready made chrain in shops. Dustim Hoffman was the Rainman  but in our family I am the chrain man who prepares both mild and strong versions. Grating or blending the horseradish is overpowering even with a mask and goggles. Either the chrain is stronger or I am weaker but this year I had to take a breather outside in the fresh air while preparing.

While we celebrate the Festival of Freedom we hope that the hostages in Gaza will soon be freed and that peace will come to all of us.

On the first day of Pesach Doreen and I are traveling to Italy with granddaughter Zoe Segoli for a family traditional batmitzvah holiday. Zoe's brother Maayan is joining us. We will be in Italy for a week visiting Rome and its sites, the Pompeii ruins near Naples and the Blue Grotto in Capri. Oh, nearly forgot, at Zoe's request we will spend a day at a large amusement park outside Rome. While in Italy we will celebrate Zoe's birthday at AL34 our favourite Rome Restaurant. We'll be in Naples for my birthday but 84 years doesn't need much of a celebration.

13th April 2024
fishing bay
The small fishing bay in Larnaca

A view of the small fishing marina a short walk from our apartment in Larnaca. We bought fresh fish in the mornings and enjoyed delicious lunches. We even ate lionfish so well known in Eilat both for their appearance and for their poisonous fins. See picture.
See picture of the stall where the fish are displayed and sold.
  • We have returned from a restful and enjoyable week in Larnaca. We took a break from eating fish and went to the Panos Meat Restaurant. It was OK but not nearly as good as the Hobo Steakhouse where we enjoyed a meal on a previous visit. The pepper grinder (!) partly made up for the slightly disappointing steaks.
  • The less said about our bridge results at the Limassol Bridge Festival the better!
  • We invited Louise and Colin Kessel for lunch today to compensate for our absence from Louise's 80th birthsday. We forgot to take a picture so we need to rely on a picure from April 20 years ago when we also missed Louise's 60th party!

6th April 2024
Itamar bday
Itamar celebrates his 21st birthday on April 4th
The Levy family with grandmother Margalit Sadeh.

Traditionally the keys of the house were given to a son on reaching his 21 st birthday. The 21st birthday is a significant milestone for any young person.  It marks the transition into adulthood symbolizing new opportunities and exciting adventures ahead. (In some countries the legal age for alcohol is still 21)
So congratulations Itamar. You already have the key to the house but go easy on the alcohol.

  • Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv are in Brazil (after 50 hours of multi flight issues). But they got there in the end. Click for a picture at the Iguazu Waterfall between Brazil and Argentina, considered to be the biggest waterfall in the world. 
  • I'm writing this from Larnaca Cyprus where Doreen and I are spending a week, including participating in the Cyprus Bridge Festival, We had hoped that son Aviv and Limor would join us but that didn't work out in the end.

30th March 2024

Making a Sandwich Cake
Although she is busy and occupied by writing a Vegan Cookbook Doreen still finds time for volunteering. Every week she spends time with one of the women who need help and ....

Doreen writes: I am a volunteer with the splendid  ESRA Netanya group that has many worthwhile projects. Among them is a cooking class for disadvantaged children at a local community center. Each week  a volunteer cooks something with the 12 children who are signed up. I wanted to make something that didn't contain sugar and remembered a savory sandwich cake I had made years ago. As the date approached so did my misgivings increase, quite sure I was overly ambitious. With the help of Rika, another volunteer, and Maya their madricha it turned out well.

They loved mashing the eggs, although many didn't like the yellow and only wanted the white. Mayo - ugh,  tuna - a teaspoon full, avocado - okay with cream cheese. They all loved cream cheese, prepared the fillings to place between the four layers of bread and then covered the 'cake' with more cream cheese and showed much creativity in decorating their cakes which they proudly took home.

  • Second cousin Yaffa Loew was in a traffic accident. Her car is a total write-off and she is suffering from some injuries but fortunately nothing was broken. She will need more treatment and we wish her a speedy recovery. We, Doreen, her sister Louise and I, made a lunch and visited her today (see picture) and in spite of the pain, she was her usual  positve self. After visiting Yaffa we visited her brother Yaakov and Ziva and spent an enjoyable couple of hours with them.

23rd March 2024


Doreen toasting Maureen Fain

We celebrated Maureen Fain's 80th birthday today with her family and friends in Jerusalem..
Maureen is a well known artist and has held many exhibitions. She and Doreen were schoolmates and we were all in the Habonim Youth Movement. I have probably known Maureen since she was 8 years old!
We see her regularly and have always enjoyed meeting her and her husband Dick who passed away 3 years ago.
See here for another picture and also a picture taken 20 years ago at her 60th birthday celebration..

  • Congratulations to granddaughters Amit Levy and Lotem Segoli who now have driving licences  - well done!

16th March 2024
fri night Eilatis
Friday Night Dinner with the Eilatis
Aviv R, Danielle R, Ilay L, Aviv L, Limor L, Itamar L, Amit L (front), Jordyn, Doreen, Eitan, Vered R

It's been a long time - too long - since we saw the Eilatis. They came up this weekend and it was wonderful seeing them again. Vered, Aviv and Danielle Ron, and 'our lone soldier' Jordyn joined us for Friday evening dinner. It was an exceptionally successful evening. We were sorry to see them go back to Eilat the following  morning.

  • The Eilatis' visit was a good opportunity for Doreen to show them how her vegan cookbook is progressing. They were very interested and promised to submit their contributions for the book. See picture.

9th March 2024
with Lopsy
Itamar and Maayan with Flopsy

Dogs have always had an important place in our family and they have their own page on this site. Everyone in the family loves dogs and the feeling is mutual. We have been fortunate that all our dogs were gentle with  babies and toddlers, and the babies and toddlers loved to snuggle  with them.
These two pictures were taken in March 2004 - 20 years ago.
  • We retuned from Larnaca a few days after completing all the paperwork needed for the apartment and buying  all the neccesary items and equipment.
  • While in Cyprus we drove to Limassol and visited Galit Rubin who now lives in Cyprus. Galit is friend of  our son Moran and we haven't seen her for many many years. We enjoyed meeting her again and received some useful information about life in Cyprus. (see picture)
  • Son Moran and Mikhal paid a surprise and welcome visit to relative Yaffa Loew this weekend.  (see picture and  see Schank tree)

2nd March 2024
Cyprus appt
Q MacKenzie Residence, Larnaca, Cyprus

After some months of negotiations we have a holiday apartment in Cyprus. It's on the fourth floor, on the right as arrowed in the picture and has two bedrooms. It's a 15 minute drive from the airport, 200m easy walk to the beach promenade and about an 8 minute walk to a bathing beach.
More pictures and details here.
  • We received a collage from Melodie and Mark Nathan ( see Nochimovitz/Nickel tree) showing daughter Gabriella's Scout Eagle Project work. She and her volunteers made 20 elevated dog beds for as local rescue organization.  We're always pleased to have contact with Melodie and Mark and daughter Gabi. See collage here.
  •  Congratulations to niece Yahel Braverman and Donny Dvir on their marriage this month. Yahel and Donny have been partners for a long time and decided to tie the knot. Congratulations  too to their son Rafael and his daughters Gaby and Avigael.  See picture. (see Gordon/Glasser  and  Schank  family trees).

24th February 2024
Happy 80th Joel

We celebrated 2nd cousin Joel Klotnick's birthday with  his wife Beryl and his family. It was very enjoyable, especially that we so seldom see Joel's family.  We see  Joel and Beryl frequently, and visited Cyprus together with them a couple of years ago.

  (See Hershovitz/Levy  and Matz family trees.)

Congratulations to niece Yahel Braverman and Donny Dvir on their marriage this month. Yahel and Donny have been partners for a long time and decided to tie the knot. Congratulations  too to their son Rafael and his daughters Gaby and Avigael.  See picture. (see Gordon/Glasser  and  Schank  family trees).  

17th February 2024
charles and Sheenagh
Charles and Sheenagh Levy outside the Magistrate's court

On this day, 49 years ago, 24 year old cousin Charles married 19 year old Sheenagh Singer. Their wedding and their dress was rather unconventional for those days for a Jewish couple. . A couple of weeks later they had a more conventional ceremony.
Also happy birthday to Charles on his birthday last week. We have spent many enjoyable days with them but haven't seen them for far too long, and I hope we can rectify this sometime.

(See Hershovitz/Levy  and Matz family trees.)
How quickly grandchildren grow! Good luck to granddaughter Ilay Levy who had her first call up registration for the army this week. On the way to Beer Sheva they visited the Segolis. See picture.


10th February 2024
Valentine Day
Happy Valentine's Day to our children

Happy February Wednesday 14th - Valentine Day -  to all friends and relatives.

  • Another quiet week. Doreen is hard at work writing her Vegan Cookbook. She hopes it will be finished and printed in time for her 80th birthday in June. I'm fairly busy with some of my bridge duties involving tournament directors and regulations and helping Doreen with her book..
  • The operas we subscribed to have been canceled or postponed but we saw and heard an excellent a performance of Verdi's Requiem this evening.
  • Special birthday greetings to 2nd cousin Sydney (Brunow) Lossin on her 95th birthday this week on the 14th . (See Matz family tree.)

3rd February 2024
McCay Park, Wyoming at the Iowa border.

It's nice to remember when we were a little younger - in the days before frequent visits to doctors and swallowing multiple pills. In 1995 we took a motor home trip in the USA West coast. We visited local places of interest by cycling.
We took quite a few motor home trips usually with bicycles attached to rear of the vehicle. Here are two more examples - in South Australia and in Northern Queensland. during our round the world trip in 2001.
  • We were invited by granddaughter Lior Ron to brunch at a local cafe. It was very nice and it was lovely being with her, even though I was a little cold. See picture.
  • We received an unusual bottle of wine from daughter Vered and Aviv. The wine was bottled on the day of the heinous attack on Saturday October 7 and is dedicated to the casualties of the attack. See here for more.

27th Jan 2024
Ilay and Moran
Happy Birthday to Ilay and Moran

This week we celebrate the birthdays of  granddaughter Ilay Levy (17 on the 28th) and son Moran Segoli (51 on the 30th). May the future bring health and happiness. In Hebrew we wish עד מאה עשרים  (May you live to 120!)
The are many more pictures of Ilay on her page . See this iconic picture of Aviv and Moran emptying a bucket on our first motor home trip.

  • We attended the 95th  birthday party of long-time friend Ziona Glassman. We have known her since our days in Hofit nearly 60 ago and have shared many moments with her and her late husband Dovvie in many places, including Eilat, Sinai, The Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.

20th Jan 2024
family Eilat mountains
In the Eilat Mountains 1976

Today I am commemorating a 20th anniversary.
I started this site devoted to the family in 2004, and the very first This Week's Picture was of Doreen with children Vered, Aviv and Moran on January 18 2004.
The picture brings back many happy memories of the time we lived in Eilat.

(The picture has been enhanced and colourized by ACDC and My Heritage).
  • We spent 3 days in Cyprus and enjoyed the rest and the quiet. Cyprus is an ideal "get away" destination as the flight time from Tel Aviv is only 40 minutes.
  • Daughter Vered Ron spent about a week in New York with her daughter Lior, and they tell us they had a lovely visit. See pictures of Lior.

13th Jan 2024

Tamir Klaff at NASA Florida

Congratulations to Tamir Klaff who was recently appointed Director of Space Robots at Astrobotics, a company that builds moon landers and space rovers.

Earlier this week NASA in conjunction with Astrobotics launched an unmanned vehicle, Peregrine, with a Vulcan rocket. This is the first US rocket to the moon in 50 years and the Peregrine will perform various experiments on the moon.
You can read about the launch and mission here.

The lander separated successfully from the rocket but there was a problem with a fuel leak and the Peregrine mission was in danger as its batteries were not charging (see report here.). Attempts to correct worked but not enough fuel remained and the lander was not able to land on the moon.

Video report on the
mission on CNN

(Of interest is that there is much controvesy over the fact that the moonlander carried human remains - the ashes of two persons. see CNN)

Tamir is the son of Frankie and my late cousin Vivian Klaff. (see Goldberg family tree).

  • It's been a busy week for us and some of our family with doctor visits and medical procedures. I'm happy to report that all procedures were successful and all tests and examinations showed no worsening.
  • Doreen participated in a demonstration of solidarity with the hostages at Haogen near us. Her attempt to  participate in a  demonstration calling for elections now and a massive demonstration concerning the fate of the 136 hostages after 100 days warfare, were less successful as she couldn't find anywhere to park and returned home, 'undemonstrated'.

6th Jan 2024
At the Sandwich Shop

Granddaughter Dani was recovering from a medical procedure so it seemed like a good idea to have a light lunch because Doreen was preparing for a medical procedure and near to where son Moran was preparing for his medical procedure. The Sandwich Shop in Herzliya was the answer.

  • We arer saddened to hear the news of the passing of Ari Lossin, husband of second cousin Sydney Lossin (Matz family tree). We have kept up contact with Sydney and Ari and as always, enjoyed our  visit to them a month or so ago. We send condolences to Ari's children Yonat and Adi and grandchildren and share in  the grief of Sydney and daughters Michal and Yael. Click for a picture of Ari.