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21st January 2023

Glazer fam
Gertie, Louise, Maurice and Doreen Glazer

This January marks 50 years since the passing of Doreen's father Maurice on 16th January 1973.
 See Doreen's column.

  • Daughter Vered Ron returned this week from USA and now all our children and grandchildren are in Israel
  • We were saddened this week by the passing of Tirza Naor whom Doreen had befriended for a number of years.
  • Tiina Drui (see Schank family tree) is a very talented artist. Her painting of her husband Heini acurately depicts him. This painting and some more of Tiina's artwork can be seen here.
  • Last week we saw pictures of the Segolis in Tromso viewing the Northern Lights. It looks like an amazing sight. That's something we've never experienced or even come close to. Our visits to the far north were all in summer. At least we did see the midnight sun in Tromso and had lunch and bought a tee shirt at the Northern Lights Inn in Labrador!
  • Granddughter Lotem Segoli's robotics team took first place in the Israel Robotic Competition preliminaries. We're proud of her team and of Lotem who was also nominated for the FIRST Dean's List for excellence. FIRST is an international not-for-profit organisation that sponsors mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills for high school students. 
  • Like father like son: About 50 years ago the Chief Rabbi of Israel Ovadia Yosef visited Coral World and I showed him around the site. This year his son, Chief Rabbi Yitschak Yosef visited Coral World and my son showed him around the site. Click for pictures

14th January 2023
northern lights
Moran and Mikhal Segoli view the Northern Lights
Son Moran writes:

For my 50th birthday, we went to see the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

We climbed a mountain to see the ‘almost’ sunrise (the first sunrise this winter is on the 21/1), went on snow-shoe hike with a sledge dog puppy, warmed up with a fire on the ice, went whale watching and saw Killer whales and Humpback whales.

The weather wasn’t good – cloudy and snowing but on our last day we managed to see the Northern Lights in the one hour that the clouds cleared up.

For more pictures click here

See Wikipedia article on the Northern Lights

7th January 2023
balldrop new year eve
New York - - Welcome 2023 - The Ball Drop at midnight.

We're in New York, and thanks to Daughter Vered's friend Meaghan Coffey, we had a bird's eye view of the pre-midnight festivities and a direct ground level view of the tradional ball drop signalling the beginning of the year. Click on the picture or here to see the final 5 second countdown. To see more pictures and Doreen's account of the occasion click here..