born: 24 April 2012 in Sacramento, California, USA

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September 2018 - SCHOOL!!
Zoe starts school and seems delighted - welcome to Kita Aleph, grade 1
Zoe starts school

August 2018: Helping at the Reniala Lemur Rescue Center.
On their trip to Madagascar, the Segolis voluntered to help at the Lemur Rescue Center. Read Moran's brief description,
See pictures of the children working at the center on the pages of Maayan, and Lotem .

Zoe preparing vegetables for the lemurs and helping clean their area.
vegetableshelping clean

August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar II

The Segolis are having a great time on their visit to Madagascar. Maayan went diving, Zoe ate chocolate and Lotem went swimming. As can be seen by clicking here, life there is not easy especially for Moran.
eating cocoaZoe couldn't resist tasting chocolate/cocoa directly from the tree

August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar

The Segolis are continuing their trip to Madagascar and seem to having a fabulous time. It looks like a perfect place for the nature-loving Segolis. See picture here and on the pages of Maayan, and  Lotem .
zoe in madagascarWild-life photographer Zoe keeps busy and snaps a local mongoose.

June 2018 - The Segoli Pyramid


Lotem and Maayan

Mikhal and Moran

June 2018
honey letters
Zoe starts school in September. At the end of kindergarten they had a Letters in Honey ceremony, an old Moroccan tradition. Cookies in the shape of letters of the (Hebrew) alphabet are on a tray. Here Zoe is about to pick out the cookies spelling her name and then will dip it in honey and eat it.
May you have a great school year Zoe!

May 2018
The success of Israel's Netta winning the the Eurovision Song Contest was big news in Israel and she gave a special open air performance in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv attended by thousands including  Lotem and Zoe.
The girls were in ecstacy, Zoe all the time saying "I can't beleieve I'm seeing the real Netta!"
netta - toy

May 2018
The Eilat Levys have a new cat so when we visited them we decided to leave our dog Joanie in Sde Boqer with the Segolis, especially with Zoe. Zoe and Joanie adore each other and Zoe took her dog-sitting duties seriously.

April 2018
Zoe turned six this month and she celebrated with the Segolis in Mevaseret, with the Levys in Eilat , in Sde Boqer at home and in kindergarten (below), and also with Saba Eitan - a joint celebration in Netanya.
That's the way to celebrate a birthday birthweek birthfortnight!
Zoe at kindergartenZoe Sde Boqer

April 2018 - Zoe enjoys a piggyback ride on cousin Itamar. For another picture of Zoe going for a "piggyback" ride - in completely different circumstances - click here.

March 2018 - Purim
Click here for a picture in fancy dress costume.

February 2018 -  Zoe comes home after a pyjama party at kindergarten

Zoe was excited for a week about the pyjama party (and the new pyjamas Doreen bought her) at her kindergarten.
pyjama party

January 2018 - 23rd Levy Family Reunion
There are pictures of Zoe and all the family here.

January 2018 - Zoe tries gymnastics

December 2017 - Channuka

August 2017 - The Segolis trek the Dolomites

More pictures here, and on the pages of Maayan and Lotem, and in the Week's Picture archives.
Segolis - Dolomites

June 2017 - A little snake to play with


Our grandchildren's attiitude towards animals always amazes me, both for their "likes" and "dislikes".
There was another example this week: son  Moran found a small snake and brought it home.
As you can see from the delighted look, Zoe was thrilled to entertain the little snake.

April 2017 - The grandchildren go horseriding. Zoe wanted to go riding on her 5th birthday and was delighted to be upgraded from pony to horse. She couldn't stop smiling.
horse riding
See more pictures on the miscellaneous page, and on the pages of Ilai, Itamar, Lotem and Maayan

April 2017 birthdays
Our immediate family has 3 April birthdays: Itamar Levy - April 4, Zoe Segoli - April 24, me - April 27. This year we celebrated at daughter Vered's house where there was a near full house of children and grandchildren. What made the event extra special was that grandson Maayan, aged 13, cooked the delicious meal. The theme was Indian cuisine and he prepared samosas, butter chicken curry and naan bread.
birthday 20127Zoe blowing out her candles on the cake that she and Ilai decorated.
More pictures on the pages of Itamar and Zoe, and on the Miscellaneous page.

April 2017: Zoe visits the Netanya Luna Park

Siblings Maayan and Lotem flew to Paris, Aunt and cousins Rons flew to America, Saba Eitan has just returned from flying to Cyprus, so Zoe can fly to Kiryat Hasharon in Netanya

Luna Park

Siblings Maayan and Lotem flew to Paris,

Grandparents Segoli also flew to Paris,

 Aunt, uncle and cousin Rons flew to America,
Saba Eitan has just returned from flying to Cyprus,

so Zoe wants to fly to Kiryat Hasharon in Netanya

Of course overbooking could lead to trouble, so it's better to go by horse or by train

Luna Parkluna P ark

January 2017 - Maayan's barmitzvah

For more pictures see the Events page and also the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Ilai and Lior
Maayan barmitzvah sand dunes

December 2016 - Chanuka
Click here for some Chanuka pictures.

October 2016 - Lotem's 11th birthday

Granny Doreen baked a tasty chocolate cake for Lotem's birthday and Zoe decorated it beautifully.
decorating the cake
See also Lotem's page

October 2016 - Bicycle riding
Congratulations to Zoe on learning how to ride a bicycle by herself!
riding a bicycle

August 2016 - Flopsy and Zoe

Flopsy's best is sleeping in Zoe's children's bed which, even though she has outgrown it, is still suitable for Zoe to keep Flopsy company.
Flopsy relaxing

August 2016 - A visit to Sky Jump with Granny

Zoe enjoying a visit to Sky Jump. See also here.

July 2016 - A visit to the Galapagos Islands.
A highlight of any visit to these islands is seeing the giant tortoises that gave the islands their name.
On our visit to the Galapagos in the 1980's we were fortunate to see "Lonesome George", the last of his sub-species (he died in 2012) and scratch his neck. Touching the tortoises is now forbidden, and Zoe found an alternative. But she wasn't sure what to make of the strange looking Galapagos Iguana.

The Levys at Aya Napa CyprusSegolis in the GalapagosThe Levys at Aya Napa Cyprus

There are more pictures of the Segolis in the Galapogos on the pages of Lotem and Maayan, and on the 2016 Events page, and in the 2016 archives

July 2016 Zoe finds a new friend

seal in the Galapogos

The Segolis are in the Galapagos and Zoe saw a sea lion sleeping on the sidewalk.

June 2016: In a restaurant in USA after a long transatlantic flight from Israel

tired zoe

The Segolis flew from Israel to USA to start their holiday in the USA West Coast before going to the Galapagos Islands.

On arrival in the USA Moran and Mikhal decided to keep the children awake as long as possible to overcome jet lag.

They went to a restaurant, Zoe was exhausted and wanted to sleep,  but didn't want to give up on the tempting french fries.

So she lay down on the bench and .....

May 2016 - Zoe breaks her arm

Granddaughter Zoe Segoli fell and broke her arm  Get better quickly Zoe!
We were reminded that her big sister Lotem broke her arm just before she was due to fly to South Africa with us a few years ago.But there's no problem with her arm now - click to see a painting she made a few days ago.
broken arm

Zoe prepared a picture for Saba Eitan

A princess riding on a platypus and on a seal.
birthday drawing

April 2016 - Zoe's 4th birthday
zoe birthday 2016pesach hikes
Zoe's birthday fell during the pesach holidays and we celebrated it after the seder in Sde Boqer.

April 2016 - At Itamar's barmitzvah
A lovely picture of Zoe taken by Aviv Ron

March 2016 - Adloyada in Sde Boqer

Purim, the festival of parades and fancy dress, is here again, and the traditional adloyada (parade) festivites took place at Midreshet Sde Boqer, where the Segolis live. Click for a picture of Maayan at the celebration.

December 2015 - celebrating Channuka.
More channuka pictures here.

December 2015 - Facepainting - see a picture of Zoe and sister Lotem with beautiful facepainting at cousin Rotem's birthday party..

November 2015 - Getting to  know Twitter
with twitter
See some more pictures here and here, and on the pages of Itamar, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem,and  Lior, and a video here.

October 2015


Rosh Hashanah 2015

zoe and Flopsy
For some pictures of the grandchildren on Rosh Hashanah see the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem,and Ilai

August 2015 - Zoe's first haircut
Granddaughter Zoe needed a haircut (her first) but was too afraid. Doreen took her and big sister Lotem to the hairdresser where Lotem had her haircut, but that didn't molify Zoe. So I took her to my barber where she also refused. On the barber's advice I had my hair cut while Zoe watched, then the barber told her he would cut her hair also only if she sat on grandpa's lap. So up she climbed and sat quietly as she had her first haircut, and received a certificate with a lock of her hair to prove it..
Zoe 1st HaircutZoe 1st Haircut

August 2015 - A visit to Technoda
Our Segoli grandchildren enjoy a visit to the Technoda Science museum and Planetarium. Click for pictures of Maayan and  Lotem at the museum. Zoe took part in a children's science activity and enjoed taking pictures with an old-style camera. She alsdo learnt how a close a circuit and make a light go on.

August 2015 - Decorating Flopsy
decorating Flopsy

When the Segolis came back from their Iceland trip they spent the weekend with us.
The Ron's dog Tuli was also with us, and having two dogs to' look after' was heaven for granddaughter Zoe.
She enjoyed decorating Flopsy and hoping he might fly by tying a balloon to his collar..

August 2015 - some activities with Granny and Saba Eitan
horse ridingSolar Garden
More pictures on the Miscellaneous pages and on the pages of Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem, and Lior.

June 2015 - Decorating birthday cakes for Aunt Vered and Uncle Aviv
decorating birthday cakes
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem, and Ilai; and the activities page.

room for ice cream?Room for ice cream? Saba Eitan checks for empty spaces in Zoe's tummy.

June 2015 - A visit to the Tzippori National Park
There are more pictures on the pages of the children Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem, Ilai  and also on the Miscellaneous Activities page.

June 2015 - Picking vegetables in Saba Eitan's garden.
Picking vegetables
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem, Ilai  and on also on the Miscellaneous and  Archives pages.)
May 2015 - Shavuot holiday - a long weekend in Eilat
Click on Zoe swimming video for a short video .
Shavuot in Eilat Extreme
I'm swimming, I'm swimming

Shavuot in EilatZoe and sister Lotem enjoy being hatched!
For more pictures of the Shavuot weekend in Eilat see also the year's Activities page and the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Amit, and Ilai.

April 2015 - Zoe's 3rd birthday
Zo e 3rd birthday
Sorry, no picture of the cake and candles. This is the best I can do!

November 2014
While looking after Flopsy, Zoe accidentally hurt his ear. She apologised, and kissed it better.  I'm sure he forgave her, especially when she read him a story..
Sorry!Zoe readingh to Flopsy

October 2014 - breakfast

Lotem's 9th birthdayPancakes with chocolate sauce are delicious!

October 2014 - Taking Tuli for a walk
While the Rons are touring Slovenia and Croatia, Zoe is looking after their dog Tuli. She takes her job seriously. Moran reports that one night she was very tired and falling asleep, but she remembered that she hadn't yet taken Tuli for a walk. She was too tired to walk, so a  suitable solution was found!
walking Tuli

September 2014 - brushing Flopsy's teeth
and picking olives with Granny Doreen.
brushing lopst's teethpicking olives
Last week there was a picture of babysitter Amit Levy looking after Zoe, and making sure to brush her teerth. We thought that Flopsy was babysitting Zoe, but Zoe thought otherwise - here she is helping Granny Doreen brush Flopsy'ds teeth.
The area is full of olive trees, and Doreen and Zoe picked olives which Doreen will pickle. Hopefully there'll be a recipe out of this for the nearly defunct Family Recipe page.

August 2014 - Looking after Flopsy
looking after Flopsy
Doreen, Flopsy and I went to Sde Boqer to help the Segolis get organised for their return to their house in Sde Boqer. Doreen and I helped where we could.
Flopsy's job was to keep Zoe occupied. Zoe's job was to look after Flopsy, including making sure that he ate his food.

August 2014 -

family scmamily - I got a dog
Although Zoe had a little trouble relating to all the new family crowding her at the airport, she did immediately attach herself to Tuli and Flopsy and she thinks Israel is wonderful - the land of dogs.

A dejected Zoe
sad Zoe
On the Segolis trip to the south of Australia: A dejected Zoe contemplates the disadvantages of being young and small as her older siblings climb the high branches of the trees.

A visit to the Billabong Animal Reserve in Townsville
Zoe pats a wombat.

See also the pages of Maayan and Lotem.

The Red Centre - continued

Enjoying pancakes at the campground, and looking at a thorny devil by the side of the road.
Alice SpringsZoe and Horny Devil

Alice Springs - camel and enjoying patting a real live camel.
For more pictures click here, and also see the pages of Lotem and Maayan.

April 2014 The Red Centre of Australia with Saba Eitan and Granny Doreen

April 2014 The Red Centre of Australia with Saba Eitan and Granny DoreenApril 2014 The Red Centre of Australia with Saba Eitan and Granny Doreen
There are two ways of hiking - the easy way with Daddy carrying me, and the hard way (the Leki stick doesn't help much.)

For more pictures click here, and also see the pages of Maayan and Lotem .

March 2014 - Zoe and the neighbours' dogs
zoe and the neighbors dogs
One of Zoe's favourites it to pat the neighbours' dogs through the fence. It seems like the dogs like it too - when they hear our car pull up in the driveway in the afternoon they rush to the fence to wait for Zoe to get out and pet them.

March 2014 - preparing Muffins with Granny Doreen
Zoe cooking
See also the pages of Maayan and Lotem .

March 2014 - Purim.
Click here to see purim pictures of  Zoe and the rest of the family.
- and here for a picture of  Maayan, Lotem and Zoe in a foam bath together.

January 2014 - visit to Thailand

On the way back from Israel to Australia the Segolis stopped over in Thailand and had a wonderful time. You can read a little about it and see some fantastic pictures on the Segoli site update  in Hebrew or in English.

December 2013 -  With Saba (where is he?) and Maayan in Netanya
view from the topZoe: "There's a better view from up here - even if Maayan had to run to hold me in case I fell"

December 2013 - A visit to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Doreen and I  spent a most enjoyable day at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo with the family. Aviv Levy and Itamar, Amit and Ilai came up from Eilat and joined Moran and Mikhal Segoli and Maayan , Lotem and Zoe. Mikhal's mother, Yael Segoli, also joined us with three cousins from the Segoli side, Rotem, Ido and Amit (children of Mikhal's sister Naama and Moshik Yaniv). All the children got on extremely well and had a wonderful time. Vered Ron, who was working in Jerusalem, joined us for a short time.  The zoo is large, well-organized and has many interesting animals.

Biblical ZooEnjoying feeding nectar to the parrots.
There are more pictures on the activities page, and on the pages of Amit and Ilai  and on the Archives page.

December 2013 - 19th Family Reunion
We celebrated the Segoli visit to Israel with a family reunion at the desert resort of Ein Gedi, and also welcomed Zoe to the family.
We climbed Massada, went on a tour of the Dead Sea Salt Works, hiked in Nahal David, and most important of all had a great time together.
Zoe Ein GediZoe Ein Gedi
On the way to Ein Gedi Zoe stopped to take a ride on a horse. She also walked to the top of Massada, with some help of course from Abba Moran  and Ima Mikhal, but she managed the snacks on her own.

More pictures of our Ein Gedi weekend are on the pages of Dani, Lior, Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem, and the Miscelleaneous Activities page.
Click to see the family group picture

December 2013
At Auntie Vered's house with family and fluffy Tuli

Zoe Ein GediZoe loves animals, especially a nice fluffy dog like Auntie Vered's Tuli.

June 2013 - A trip to Lamington National Park and Fraser Island

Zoe and parrot
More pictures here and on the pages of Maayan and Lotem.

February 2013 - Zoe takes her first walk, alone, almost.
Click on the link below for a short movie clip (may take a minute or so to load)
Zoe takes a walk

February 2013 - Zoe helps babysit a possum
Zoe and the possum
Zoe is fascinated by the possum that the Segoli family is babysitting.
See more details here, and more pictures on the pages of Maayan and Lotem.

December 2012 - Zoe on the beach

Zoe on the beach

August 2012 - 17th Family Reunion - Eilat

17th Levy Family Reunion
 A family reunion to meet the prettiest baby in the world!

For more pictures of the Levy Family Reunion see the pages of : Daniel, Lior, Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem, 17th Family reunion, Picture of  Week archives

Doreen visits Zoe (about 1 month old)   (More pics on the pages of Maayan and Lotem)

Doreen and ZoeDoreen and Zoe

Zoe (about 10 days old) and family

Zoe about 10 daysZoe about 10 daysZoe about 10 days

Here are some pictures of Zoe Tanya Segoli taken soon after her birth. (Tanya is after great-aunt Fern Tanya Levy - see her memorial page)