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  December 26, 2015  
Habermans and Janet Cohen
Dinner  at home with family
Sarah Olkienitski, Shuli and Eitan Haberman, Eitan and Doreen, Janet Cohen
We had dinner at home with some our Goldberg family relatives. Sarah is a cousin of my late mother and at 92+ is the oldest of my relatives.(see picture at her 90th birthday). We see Sarah's daughter Shuli and her husband Eitan fairly often (for example two weeks ago at a Channuka party at their house). Janet was on a visit to Israel from England and this was an opportunity to see her again.
It was a lovely evening and apart from the company we all enjoyed Doreen's perfectly cooked lamb shoulder.
See Goldberg family tree.
  • We celebrated grandson Maayan's 12th birthday today in Sde Boqer with the Eilat Levys. Click here for some pictures.
  • Lotem's present to Maayan was original and impressive and consisted of a message interspersed with appropriately named candy bars. Click here to see it.
  • Another birthday celebrated - unfortunately without our presence - was Frankie Klaff's 70th. (see Goldberg family tree.). She and Dave celebrated in California with grandson Asher and his parents Amalia and Oren. Dave sent his fantastic - as usual - pictures, and some of them can be seen here.

December 19, 2015  
The "farm" family
At the home of Andy and Yaffa Loew
Back, l-r: Yaakov and Ziva Bortenstein, me, Louise Braverman, Vered and Aviv Ron
Front, l-r: Andy Loew, Lotem and Moran Segoli, Vered Loew Shavit, Yaffa Loew, Doreen

On Friday we took part in a memorial service for Yaffa and Andy's son Guy ז"ל who was killed in a car accident in 2000 while serving in the army. After the ceremony we joined Yaffa and Andy's family and friends at their home. Athough the occasion was sad, we were glad to get together again with the Schank side of the family. Lotem Segoli insisted on coming with her dad Moran. Her middle name is Gaia and she wanted to learn about Guy, after whom she is named.
See Schank and Glezer family trees.
  • We celebrated our 51st wedding aniversary by exchanging cards (bought secretly in London a few weeks ago) and going out for dinner to an excellent fish dinner. (see selfie).
  • Today we went to a concert in a church in Abu Ghosh  by our favourite chamber orchestra Barocade, and afterwards went for lunch to a local restaurant. This picture captures some of our wishes for Israel.

December12, 2015  
Eitan Haberman
Eitan Haberman lighting the Channukia
Lighting channuka candles at the home of Eitan and Shuli Haberman (Goldberg family tree) has become a tradition in the family, and this year was no exception, with lots of channukiot, friends and family, and excellent food.
For more pictures click here.
  • It's channuka (see above) - click for pictures of the Rons and Segolis lighting candles, and of Zoe celebrating at kindergarten.
  • Son Aviv had another impressive appearance on TV, explaining about sea horses and how they are bred and returned to the sea. Click here for the TV clip (in Hebrew.) Even if you don't understand Hebrew the underwater video is interesting and self-explanatory.
  • Granddaughter Lotem took part in a theatre make-up workshop and frighterned us with this picture of her "knife wound."
  • A less disturbing picture of facepainting on Lotem and Zoe was taken at the birthday party of cousin Rotem.
  • Back from overseas - the Rons and I returned this week from our respective trips to USA and Budapest. 

December 5, 2015  
Zoe picking Avocado
Zoe picking an avocado
Granddaughter Zoe helped Granny pick the last avocado of the season from our tree and afterwards Aviv and Moran helped with drastic pruning.

  • The Segolis and Eilat Levys (our Southern Sons) visited us this weekend and all 11 of us had a good time. After a delicious Friday night dinner, we handed out Channuka presents including a kit to make a clock from two potatoes (see picture).
  • On Saturday there was a walk along Nahal Alexander to see the turtles and hear an explanation of the story of Channuka and its relation to Alexander Yanai after whom the river was named. (see pictures)
  • The Rons, daughter Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior are in USA for a week; Vered on business and the rest of the family on holiday.
  • Tomorrow I fly to Budapest for a few days as part of the preparation  for the European Bridge Team championships which will take place in Budapest in June.

November 28, 2015  
Aviv and Limpor wedding
Aviv and Limor's wedding Anniversary
This week was the 17th wedding anniversary of son Aviv and Limor Levy. Aviv found this picture from the wedding and sent it to me and now all the family can share it.
Mazal tov, Aviv and Limor!
  • We are back in Israel after our trip to England. We had a great time in London (see last week's Picture of the Week.). An unusual and thoroughly enjoyable experience was attending a concert at St Martins in the Field. During the interval the conductor explained the main theme of the 2nd Movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony with the help of the orchestra spread out among the audience and playing from sheetmusic held by the audience (see picture)
  • Daughter Vered Ron has not been well and spent a few days in hospital. She is feeling better now, and last night the Rons came over for dinner. Our grandchildren Dani and Lior are vegan so Doreen prepared a delicious vegan makluba (see picture). See also the Recipe page for Doreen's description of makluba . 

November 21, 2015  
London with Levia Passwell
Levia Passwell, Doreen and I enjoying a meal at Signor Sassi
We have been in London since the beginning of the week and return to Israel next week. We always enjoy ourselves in London and this time is no exception. Apart from the museums, exhibitions and shopping we have seen two operas (including a wonderful Carmen at the Royal Opera House) and 4 plays (with perhaps more to come.)


November 14, 2015  
Benchley - near Milton Keynes
The Enigma machine at Bletchley Park
We are at Horwood House, just outside the town of Milton Keynes in England. I am here attending the European Bridge Champions' Cup and an executive meeting of the European Bridge League. Doreen has used her time here to visit Woburn Abbey and the famous Bletchley Park complex where the World Wart II code-breaking machine was developed by Alan Turing and his assistants.
See some more pictures here.

  • We leave Milton Keynes tomorrow and travel to London where we will spend about 10 days.

November 7, 2015  
Click for This Week's Video

Getting to know Twitter

The newest member of our family is Twitter the cockatiel. Twitter joined us a month ago by appearing at our verandah and adopting Doreen (see This Week's News). Yesterday we took Twitter to the Segolis in Sde Boqer. On the way we dropped in to the Rons. The Eilat Levys were also visiting the Segolis, so all our children and grandchildren had the opportunity to say "welcome" to Twitter. Both Twitter and the family were very excited - the children were delighted, especially as Twitter likes copying whistles and movements. Twitter was a little overwhelmed at first but later joined in the celebration.
See some pictures here, and here, and on the pages of Itamar, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem, Lior and Zoe.
  • Doreen is back from her guiding - three groups back to back. Her ribs and back are painful but slowly getting better.
  • Later this week we fly to England. I will be officiating at the European Bridge Champions' Cup, and we will stay on a short while in London.
  • While we're away, Flopsy will as usual spend his time being spoilt by dog sitter Nurit and family, and the Segolis will look after Twitter.
  • The Eilat levys spent the weekend with the Segolis and apart from meeting Twitter, had a good time which included a hike to see the desert daffoldils.

 October 31, 2015        
in the Bahamas
Doreen gardening in Nassau, Bahamas

This week another picture scanned by Moran and in my Old Photo collection. We spent 3 years in the Bahamas in the 1990's, where Doreen was the family's chief gardener. Note the machete in her hand!

  • Doreen is guiding - cracked rib and all - a tour with a goup from USA. She'll be back later this week.
  • Granddaughter Lotem celebrated her 10th birthday this week. Moran sent us some pictures of her party.

October 25, 2015        
Aviv the barber_poor Moran
Vered cutting Moran' hair in Eilat

Another picture from my (still not organised) Old Photo collection. Moran sent me this picture recently - if he had seen it earlier he might have asked Vered to solve the problem of cutting Zoe's hair (click for Zoe's haircut.)
  • Doreen came back last night from her guiding - with a bruised or cracked rib from a bad fall in the bus. She's in pain,  and hopes it get better before her next tour in 4 day's time.
  • We enjoyed having Frankie Klaff (see Goldberg family tree) and Dave Rothschild with us for most of their visit to Israel. They are now back home in the USA.
  • As part of her course at school in Communication and Advertising, granddaughter Lior prepared an advertising campaign in "the fifties style" for the JNF. Included was having her hair done by a hairdresser in "the fifties style" . Click for pictures.

October 17, 2015        
michal 40 birthday
Mikhal Segoli's 40th birthday

Maayan, Lotem (and Zoe?) prepared a birthday dinner to celebrate their mother's 40th birthday.  On the menu was Thai chicken with peanuts and coconut milk, and the children were very proud of their effort. Mikhal's 3-day celebration included a traditional brunch at Beresheet in Mizpeh Ramon (see picture.)
  • Doreen is due back from her guiding later this evening, and goes again with another group on Tuesday.
  • Frankie Klaff (see Goldberg family tree) and Dave Rothschild are visitng Israel and are staying with us for part of the time.  Her sister Sybil celebrated her 80th birthday so they have been busy with family, but we managed to enjoy a good meat meal at the Alabama Restaurant witth Colin and Louise Kessel. (Picture)
  • Son Moran sent us a lovely picture of our youngest grandchild, Zoe.

October 10, 2015
         The Levys with Buzz Aldrin
Aviv, Ilai and Amit Levy with astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Our good friend Morris Kahn visited Coral World in Eilat with Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon (see article in Wikipedia). Buzz talked to the children about his experience, and then Aviv took him on a dive to see the sharks - see picture.

October 3, 2015        
Dani 20 Bday
Danielle is no longer a teenager!
Happy birthday to our oldest grandchild who this week celebrated her 20th birthday.
Dani's page can be accessed here.

  • Back in Israel: We are back from our yacht trip to the Aeolian Islans off Sicily, pictures here, and the Rons are also back from their trip to the Greek Isles.
  • Away from home: Daughter in law Mikhal Segoli is in Malaga Spain for a conference, and sent us these pictures. Doreen is also away - guiding a group of tourists for 10 days.
  • This week there was a total eclipse of the moon. Shai Arroyo, niece Denise's companion took a fantastic time delay photo.
  • Our house pets may increase from one (Flopsy the dog) to two (Twitter the cockatiel). Twitter showed up on our veranda, chirping loudly, and fell instantly in love with Doreen. Doreen is on a trip so it has now tranfered its attentions to me and follows me around the house, followed by Flopsy who I think does not have good intentions. We'll have to decide soon what to do with it.

September 26, 2015        
on board the Antares III
Dinner on board the Antares off Cefalu, Sicily
Doreen, Barney Wainer, Morris Kahn, Ariella Delaney and me.
Our good friend Morris Kahn invited us to join him and Ariella on his yacht Antares III for a sail around the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. Flying from Tel Aviv to Palermo on Morris's private plane (see picture) was an absolute delight, sitting on comfortable armchairs around a table and enjoying sushi and salads.
We are spending our first night off the coast outside Cefalu, and in the morning we start the trip.

We were pleased to meet up with Rik and Emma again whom we remember well from a previous sail in the Corsica Area, and look forward to his professionalism and her gourmet cooking, and of course enjoying the company of good friends.


September 19, 2015        
Denise climba Kilimanjaro
Denise climbs Kilimanjaro

Congratulations to our niece Denise Braverman ( see Nochimovitz/Nickel , Schank, Gordon/Glasser trees) who this week successfully ascended to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. A fantastic effort, Denise, and we are proud of you.
As far as I know, Denise is our second family member to climb Kilimanjaro, joining Sheenagh Levy (see
Hershovitz/Levy and  Matz  trees) who did it a number of years ago.

This is just the latest in the list of extreme achievements of Denise "de niece". Here are some of the others:
Transalpine Run (also here)
full marathon
climbing Mount Kachkar

September 12, 2015        
with Hans and lottie Reijzer
With Hans and Lottie Reijzer in Amsterdam

We returned early this morning from a short trip to Amsterdam to visit old friends Hans and Lottie Reijzer. We have known Hans and Lottie since we were on the same ulpan in 1965 and we see each other regularly and have spent holidays together. Our children are friendly with their children, and we are family in every sense except genes! Hans and Lottie are going through a hard time health-wise and we wish them speedy recoveries.


September 5, 2015        
Maayan prepares a meal
Move over, Doreen, there's a new cook in the family
Maayan with the meal he prepared

Our grandson Maayan wanted to prepare a meal, so Moran defrosted two chicken thighs and legs and gave him a project to prepare supper. Maayan looked up various cookbooks (in Hebrew and English) and chose crispy chicken, with rice, peas and two salads (one with cherry tomatoes with basil and pinenuts, and one a special cucumber salad for sister Zoe.).
He cooked ands prepared everything himself, with no advice or help (except for Moran removing the ready chicken from the hot oven.)
Moran reports that everything was absolutely wonderful and tasty.
Click for two more pictures of the preparation.

August 29, 2015        
The kids have gone!!
End of School Vacation
Children: Bye Grandpa! Bye Granny!
Grandfather: At last! We have vacation until Rosh Hashanah eve (Jewish New Year)
Grandmother: Just pray that there won't be a (teachers') strike before then....
This cartoon (by Israel cartoonist Guy Morad) could have been custom drawn for us! Those following this site will know that we (mainly Doreen) have been looking after our grandchildren almost back to back for the last month or so. This week was no exception - see below - but the summer vacation ends the day after tomorrow and the grandkids go back to school.

August 22, 2015        
Sara Olkienitski
With Sara Olkienitski
Doreen and I visited Sara Olkienitski this week. As usual we enjoyed being with her and hearing from my oldest relative about my family history. She showed us many pictures, including an interesting picture of my late Aunt Dora with the Begin family.
I reported a couple of week's ago about Sara's interview on  TV and we talked about this too.


August 15, 2015        
Medrano circus
Enjoying Medrano Circus

Our grandchildren full house (see last week's Picture of the Week) continued till Monday when the Segolis left. Itamar and Ilai remained with us till Thursday. Doreen arranged many activities - the highlight was the Medrano Circus where we were joined by cousins Yahel, Rafael and Avigail Dvir  and Aunt Louise Braverman. A good time was had by all.


August 8, 2015

              Maayuan's presentation       
Maayan's Presentation
This weekend we have nearly a full house with us. The Eilat and Sde Boqer grandchildren and Moran and Mikhal Segoli are all sleeping over, and Vered and Aviv Ron joined us for Friday night dinner.
We showed pictures of our recent Norway trip, and the grandchildren prepared powerpoint presentations on background material: Ilai on "reindeer", Itamar on the "northern lights", and Maayan (picture above) on the "midnight sun". Amit and Lotem will present based on next week's activities.

Click for list of  August birthdays and anniversaries.

August 1, 2015                   
Dinner with the Blichs and Kahns
We were most surprised and delighted when we received an email from Haggai Blich telling us that he was visiting Israel with his wife Elizabeth. We have not been in contact with Haggai for about 30 years when he left Israel for South America. We originally met him through Morris Kahn when I was involved in the Eilat Underwater Observatory and later became friendly especially when he bought a holiday apartment in Eilat.
Morris had also not been in contact with Haggai for 30 years and was happy to join us, with Ariella, to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Doreen.

  • After a month plus in Norway at the Bridge Championships I am back in Israel. (Read about our 5 day  trip to the islands near Tromso during the break between the Open and Youth Championships).
  • Previous pictures of our stay in Norway  can be seen in the Archives and Miscellaneous sections of this site.
  • Welcome back to grandddaugher Lior Ron from her 9 day Scouts Summer Camp. Lior was a counsellor. It was hard work but she thoroughly enjoyed herself and we're sure that her young charges also did. See pictures here. 

July 25, 2015
 Israel U21 wins bronze
The Israel Under 21 Bridge Team
The closing ceremony of the Youth Competitions took place this evening and together with the European Bridge League President Yves Aubrey I presented the medals to the winners. The Israel Under 21 team won the bronze medal in their category, and of course I was particularly happy to present their medals. The Under 16 and Under 26 teams did reasonably well but were not in the placing. The Israel U21 team will now represent Europe in the World Under 21 Championships to be held in Italy next year. (Click for group picture of the participants.)
This was the first time in years that I was not Chief Tournament director, but there was a surprise for me. I was presented with a special plaque for my years of service to the EBL and for serving for so many years as Chief Tournament Director of the Youth Competitions. (see picture here.).
  • Tomorrow I return to Israel after a month in Tromso in the Arctic Circle. I have enjoyed it here but will be happy to get away from the midnight sun and again experience going to sleep in the dark.
  • Doreen has written an account of our 5 day  trip to the islands near Tromso during the break between the Open and Youth Championships. Her report, with pictures can be accessed here.
  • Previous pictures of our stay in Norway  can be seen in the Archives and Miscellaneous sections of this site.
  • Moran has posted the latest Segoli family monthly update. Read in  Hebrew  and in English.

July 18, 2015
 beautiful Norway0
Doreen enjoys the beautiful scenery of Norway
The European Open Bridge Championships in Tromso finished at the beginning of the week, and we rented a car and spent 5 lovely days touring some of the islands in the vicinty:Kvaloya, Senja and Andoya. The weather was kind to us, the views were astounding and it was a very relaxing break.
Doreen is preparing an account of our trip which I hope will be on the site next week, together with some pictures (chosen from the 300 or so taken during the week!).
In the meantime, here is a short clip of a sperm whale starting its dive in the sea off Andenes in Andoya.

  • Doreen returned to Israel yesterday and I remain in Tromso for the European Youth Team Championships which start today.
  • Pictures of our 5 day trip in the area will be posted next week. Previous pictures of our stay in Norway  can be seen in the Archives and Miscellaneous sections of this site.
  • Moran has posted the latest Segoli family monthly update. Read in  Hebrew  and in English.

  • July 11, 2015
     with the Kanskys in Tromso
    With the Kanskys in Tromso
    By a lucky coincidence my cousin Shirley Kansky and most of her family took a ship cruise that stopped for the day in Tromso. Shirley not only brought her family, she also brought the first day of bright sunshine that was not freezing cold. While the rest of the family went sightseeing we enjoyed the sun, Shirley, Nathan and I chatting, and Doreen showing the local sites to Wendy and Ziva.

  • We are still in Tromso, Norway, for the European Open Bridge Championships. Doreen has visited all the attractions, and yesterday visited the Botanical Gardens.  Last night there was a staff party at which we were all given woollen hats to remind us of the cold in the Arctic Circle at Tromso. (Pictures here.).
  • Today is the last day of the Championships and tomorrow Doreen and I will hire a car and tour the area for 5 days.
  • Moran has posted the latest Segoli family monthly update. Read in  Hebrew  and in English.

  • July 4, 2015
     Ilai's certificate
    Another Outstanding Pupil
    Congratulations to granddaughter Ilai Levy on receiving a Certificate of Excellence from her school principal "on your volunteering and involvement and your contribution to the pleasant atmosphere in your class and school"  recognizing her serious and responsible attitude towards her studies.
    Keep up the good work, Ilai!
  • We are still in Tromso, Norway,a city in the Arctic Circle, for the European Open Bridge Championships. Although it's the middle of summer it's cold. We're still fascinated by the midnight sun and find ourselves going to bed very much later than normal. We've had midnight excursions, and a  midnight bridge competition. Click here for some pictures.
  • One of the highlights was seeing the Europa, the ship we sailed on for our honeymoon, docking right in front of our hotel. (Picture and more here.)
  • Cick for a picture of a  lovely work by Lotem sculpted using plasticine, marbles and cotton wool.

  • June 27, 2015
     Amit CertificateAmit Certificate
    Our Outstanding Pupil
    Congratulations to granddaughter Amit Levy on receiving a Certificate of Excellence from her school principal recognizing her serious and responsible attitude towards her studies.
    We're all proud of you Amit. Keep up the good work!
  • We are in Tromso, Norway,a city in the Arctic Circle, for the European Open Bridge Championships. I am an official at the Championships and also will be attending meetings of the European Bridge League Executive Committee.
  • As Tromso is in the Arctic Circle we witnessed the phenomenon of the "midnight sun". Basically the sun never sets and there is light 24 hours a day. Basically the sun never sets and there is light 24 hours a day. Click here for a picture taken from our hotel room at midnight.
  • As reported last week, daughter in law Mikhal Segoli is in the USA taking part in a conference. She added a few days to enjoy the surroundings (see picture)

  • June 20, 2015
    3 birthdays 
    Celebrating three birthdays
    June is a busy month for our immediate family - three birthdays: Doreen on the 11th, son Aviv's on the 21st and daughter Vered's on the 28th (and many more relatives' birthdays). This year Moran decided to have a joint birthday party. He invited us all to his house in Sde Boqer to spend the weekend. The joint birthday idea was a surprise, although Doreen was told that it was for Aviv's birthday  and she prepared 2 birthday cakes to be decorated by the children. After a delicious lunch (a la his cooking lesson in Thailand) prepared by Moran, the kids were taken to another room where they prepared for the birthday surprise. A lovely surprise and a lovely weekend.

  • As noted above, we spent the weekend in Sde Boqer. On Thursday Moran and Aviv took the children on a walk to the desert waterhole at Gev Yamin, on Friday morning the children decorated the birthday cakes and then went to the pool, Vered and her girls joined us for a delicious lunch and then we had the surprise birthday party.
  • Click here for Doreen's recipe for the delicious (and moist) chocolate cakes ahe baked
  • Son-in-law Aviv Ron is overseas on a business trip; and daughter in law Mikhal Segoli is in USA attending a conference.
  • Daughter Vered has returned from her yacht trip in the Greek Isles - she says it was  "amazing."
  • The next update will come from Tromso in Norway where Doreen and I will be visiting on the occasion of the European Open Bridge Championships

  • June 13, 2015
     Amit Ilai snuba diving
    Amit and Ilai Levy Go Snuba Divimg
    Granddaughters Amit and Ilai had their first taste of underwater diving when Dad Aviv took them underwater to experience Snuba diving (air is provided via tubing from the surface, not in air bottles on their backs.) Brother Itamar is no stranger to diving - he had his first lesson nearly five years ago (see picture.)

  • Mazal tov to Ben and Lee Tal on the birth of their first child, a son, this week. And mazaltov to new grandmother Cheryl Tal and new great-grandparents Shirley and Nathan Kansky. (see Matz and Hershovitz/Levy  family trees.)
  • Daughter Vered is busy getting her International Skipper Licence and is sailing in the Greek Islands. Pictures here.
  • Granddaughter Amit was not well this week and was in hospital for a couple of days with a high fever. She has fully recovered.
  • I am no longer president of the Israel Bridge Federation. After 3 terms totalling 6 years I did not stand for re-election. I congratulate the new president Modi Kenigsberg and wish him luck in his new role.

  • June 6, 2015
     vegetables from Saba Eitan's garden
    Vegetables from Saba Eitan's Garden
    Oor six youngest grandchildren spent this weekend with us. Itamar, Amit and Ilai flew from Eilat on Thursday evening, and Doreen took them to visit the Atlit Heritage site on Friday morning. (see pictures and Doreen's account.)
    Moran and Mikhal, with Maayan, Lotem and Zoe, joined us on Friday afternoon. Doreen and I put on a short "show" for the children where Doreen complained that there were no vegetables for a dinner salad. Of course I suggested picking vegetables from my garden, and off the children went to pick them. (see picture above, and also more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem, Ilai and Zoe and on the Miscellaneous  pages.)
    On Saturday we visited the Tzippori National Park where the highlight was crawling through the ancient water viaduct (see pictures.)
    A great, though short, weekend finished with a tasty meal of traditional middle-east food in a local restaurant.

  • During the week we visited Eddie Nemenoff and Yael Nemenoff. Eddie was the Habonim shaliach in Durban when Doreen and I were dating against her parents' wishes, and Eddie was a go-between for us. He was also a friend and we shared a common love for bridge. We hadn't seen him or Yael since his 80th birthday 6 years ago. At the Habonim reunion last month we heard that Eddie was ill and we visited him. (see pictures.)
  • Congratulations to Lital and Dvir Kasula on the birth of their 3rd child, a brother Shai for Yonatan and Sa'ar. Mazeltov too to grandparents Yaakov and Ziva Bortenstein. (see Schank family tree.)
  • Daughter Vered is sailing in the Greek Island as part of her requirements for her Skipper licence.
  • Click for list of  June birthdays and anniversaries.

  • May 30, 2015
     Stuffed Camel
    A special treat - Stuffed Camel (without the camel!)
    Stuffed camel is evidently a very special feast for special occasions, especially among the Beduin and in Saudi Arabia. This afternoon we were invited to a stuffed camel feast, but without the camel, due to its cost and a special sensitivity about killing camels. Our feast consisted of a sheep, stuffed with a lamb, stuffed with chickens, stuffed with zuccini and stuffed vine leaves and various other things, all roasted for 10 hours over a fire. (see picture above.). The feast was given by Nof  Atamna (a doctor of Microbiology and winner of the Master Chef Competition on Israel TV) in honour of Dalia Lamdani. It was delicious and not even the 50 hungry people there could finish all the food.
    For background, description and pictures of this event see Doreen's Column.

  • We were happy to again meet up with Jose and David Keyson and son Naphtali at dinner at the home of the Rons. (see picture here). The Keysons live in the Netherlands and they and their children are close friends with Vered and Aviv  and their children. This is carrying on a 'tradition', for Jose's parents, Hans and Lottie Reijzer have been our close friends for over 50 years ever since we first met on a Hebrew ulpan. We see easch other fairly regularly, in Israel or in the Netherlands, or on holiday together. (see here for example)
  • We returned from our Shavuot trip to Eilat (see last week's Picture of the Week) and there are more pictures on the pages of the children, including a video of Zoe swimming.
  • Son Moran Segoli is back from Australia where he put the finishing touches to his project and work there, sister/in law Louise Braverman is back from an enjoyable tour in China, and Daughter Vered Ron is back from a business trip to Germany. To counter the arrivals, son-in-law Aviv Ron is off to France for a week.
  • Moran has posted the latest update of the Segoli activities - click to read in  Hebrew  or in English.
  • Click for list of  May and June birthdays and anniversaries

  • May 23, 2015
     Shavuot in Eilat
    Maayan, Lotem, Amit, Zoe and Itamar enjoy a visit to Timna.
    We are in Eilat after having picked up our Sde Boqer grandchildren and driving to Eilat to enjoy the long weekend of the Shavuot holiday together with our Eilat grandchildren and Mikhal, Aviv and Limor. Friday night we enjoyed a barbecue on the beach near Coral World, slept there,
    and then went the next morning to the Levys for breakfast. A visit to the historical Timna site was the morning activity.  We will stay here until Monday.
    Click here for some pictures.

  • I was saddened to hear of the passing of Jeanne (Gurland) Kottler in England this week. (see Hershovitz/Levy family tree). Although she was older than I, I remember her visits to our family in Durban. I visited her in her flat in Surrey about 12 years ago and we enjoyed reminiscing about old times. Condolences to her children Richard Kottler and Debora Sarfaty and to her grandchildren.
  • Moran is due back this week from Australia where he put the finishing touches to his project and work there. He enjoyed a visit to our relatives Claude and Ros Hakim in Sydney, (see see Nochomovicz/Nickel family tree) and back in Townsville went on a 2 day motorbike tour in the area.
  • We spent a few days in Sde Boqer earlier in the week babysitting the Segoli chioldren and looking for our dog Flopsy who was lost for about 15 hours (see notice we put up) until found by the Security patrol miles from the house. The poor dog - 15 years old - is almost completely deaf and partially blind but still enjoys running and exploring like a puppy.
  • Son Aviv received a call from the Nature Reserves Authority about a turtle in distress. He managed to rescue the turtle, remove the hook from its neck, and return it to the sea. Pictures here.
  • Granddaughter Danielle, doing her military duty in the Air Force, is moonlighting as a poster girl! Well, not quite, but she appeared on the Shavuot holiday greeting posted on the facebook of the Air Force.
  • 15 year old granddaughter Lior received her ID card, so I  suppose she is now officially an adult.
  • Moran has posted the latest update of the Segoli activities - click to read in  Hebrew  or in English.

  • May 16, 2015
    A Last Supper
    l-r: Dave Rothschild, Joan Weisman, Frankie Klaff, Doreen, Louise and Colin Kessel, me
    Frankie and Dave were the third set of guests who came for the Habonim Reunion (see Archives) and stayed with us. We enjoyed having all of them, their company, friendship, reminiscences. Frankie of course is special - she is not only a close long-time friend, but also a relative (Frankie was married to my cousin, the late Vivian Klaff). Dave is also a long-time friend, not only from our Habonim days, but we also were colleagues teaching at the Sharona School in Durban in our final student years. Joining us for dinner on Thursday were Colin and Louise Kessel with whom we have a close relationship, and Frankie's friend Joan Weisman who now lives in Netanya.  

  • This morning we bid farewell to our last "Reunion" guests.  When a friend remarked to Doreen that it looked like she was running a B&B, she replied it was more like running an hotel - half board. As soon as the last guests left we travelled to Sde Boqer to babysit Maayan, Lotem and Zoe Segoli. We will be here till Tuesday.
  • Son Moran Segoli is in Australia finishing his project and work there. On the way he spent some days in Thailand, and from all accounts had a wonderful time there. He did a cooking class and we look forwarad to his preparing us Pad Thai on his return. (see picture)
  • We wish a speedy recovery to Rachel Karlsblad.( see Schank family tree.)
  • We are proud of our granddaughter Ilai, 8 years old,  who flew by herself from Eilat to Tel Aviv and enjoyed it thoroughly.(see picture.)
  • And also proud of our oldest granddaughter, Danielle, who prepared a special birthday cake for a friend with a vegan diet. (see picture)
  • Moran has posted the latest update of the Segoli activities - click to read in  Hebrew  or  in English.

  • May 9, 2015
     Habonim Reunion
    Ex-Durbanites at the "Sixties" Habonim Reunion
    On Thursday and Friday we went to a reunion of 1960's members of the Habonim youth movement. Most of the two hundred people there live in Israel but there were also many who now live in other countries. The event was impeccably organized by ex-Habonimites who live on Kibbutz Tzora. The event was a resounding success and the experience of meeting old friends, some of whom we haven't seen for 50 years, was amazing.
    There were 31 participants who had belonged to the Habonim movement in Durban and it was extra-special seeing again the people who had played such important roles in our youth.
    There are more pictures here.
  • Prior to the Reunion at Tzora we were delighted to attend an "intimate" dinner at the house of  Louise and Colin Kessel for friends who had come from overseas for the reunion. There were about 30 people at the dinner and it was an exceptional evening. We brought a melktert that Doreen has prepared - see the recipe here.
  • Aura (nee Bilchik) and Hilton Greenberg, from Canada, whom we see fairly regularly, were in Israel for the Habonim reunion and stayed with us for a few days. As always it was wonderful being with them. (see a picture of a previous visit).
  • Another Durban friend that we see fairly regularly, Eleanor (nee Gamsy) Pines, came from South Africa for the reunion, and is staying with us for a few days. (see also a visit with Eleanor in SA, and something Doreen wrote a few years ago about friends.)
  • Later in the week Frankie (nee Silberman) Klaff and Dave Rothschild will be with us. They are more than friends. Frankie was married to my cousin, the late Vivian Klaff, and among the joy and celebration of the reunion, the memory of Viv , the devoted Habonimite, was a sad reminder of the passing years.
  • Louise Braverman,. Doreen's sister is on a tour of China.

  • May 2, 2015
    Doreen in front of the Marsaba Monastery
    Doreen joined our niece Denise Braverman and Shai and daughter Vered and Aviv on a jeep tour to the Judean Desert. They visited Nebi Musa (Moses' burial place according to Moslem tradition) and the dramatic Marsaba Monastery founded in the year 483. (More pictures and description soon.)
  • We extend heartfelt condolences to Lucille Melamed on the untimely death of Graham her husband. We wish "long life" to their children Melodie Nathan and Max Melamed and to his 5 grandchildren. May you have no more sorrow.(see Nochimovitz/Nickel family tree).
  • It was my 75th birthday a few days ago. Daughter Vered and Aviv joined Doreen and me at a new restaurant near us for a very tasty meal.
  • We were very happy to welcome long-time friend from our Durban days, Mike Belman and his wife Lorna. Levia Passwell joined us for dinner at home. (see picture.) We last saw the Belmans about 7 years ago when they visited Israel (see picture.) Mike and Lorna are here for the ex-South African Reunion at Kibbutz Tzora next weekend. We will see many many old aquaintances and some will be staying with us. Stay tuned to this site!
  • Every now and then Doreen gets together with some ex-Eilati girl friends for a brunch. Some of them met again this week. See picture. (Click for a picture of a previous meeting)
  • Melly Braverman, our ex-brother in law, sent us a picture of his children Tamara and Adam on a visit to Eilat from England. Denise "de niece" the eldest daughter of Melly and Louise, Doreen's sister, joined them.

  • April 25, 2015
    Independence Day 
    Aviv Levy celebrates Independence Day underwater
    Our son Aviv appearing in underwater shots of celebrations has become almost a tradion on Israel TV.  Yom Haatzmaut this year was no exception and a short video of  Aviv holding the Israel flag, including scenes of passing sharks, was part of the Indepence Day news.
    For two previous underwater celebrations, click for the underwater seder and for the underwater ballot box.

  • We returned a few days ago from a 6 day visit to Prague where I had to arrange for a bridge event in Prague next February. Doreen joined me and you can read some of her impressions in her Column.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron returned home from her visit in New Jersey with her school delegation. Some pictures here.
  • Israel's 67 Independence Day celebrations were this week (see picture above) and we celebrated it quietly with a barbecue with daughter Vered and family. Vered and Aviv went to pick up Danielle at the base where she is serving and we were happy that she could join us.
  • Daughter in law Limor sent us some most interesting and historical pictures of coupons issued by the first grocery shop in Eilat, which was owned by her grandparents.
  • Grandaughter Zoe Segoli celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday and we joined the Segoli clan at their house for the party.
  • Andrew Levy (Matz and Levy/Hershovitz trees) is one of the founders and organizers of the Umuzi Photo Club, a youth activism organization that works in Johannesburg's (S. Africa) under-resourced communities. Read some details in the Archives. Thanks to his father, my cousin Charles, for sending us this link to a most interesting and informative interview with Andrew  on a South African TV programme. Worth viewing!

  • April 18, 2015
    Lior receiving certificate 
    Lior with her Certificate of Excellence
    Grandaughter Lior Ron learns Communication and Advertising at school. Earlier this week we went to an exhibition of  the works of the students. We were most impressed by the printed displays as well as by the video clips they had prepared. Lior is posing in front of one of her posters with the Certificate of Excellence for her work. There is a picture on her page of another poster designed and prepared by Lior.
    Congratulations, Lior, from your proud grandparents!
  • I had to arrange for a bridge event in Prague, and Doreen joined me and we are spending 6 days here. After the meeting today I went with Doreen to the city centre and of course couldn't resist a delicious Czech sausage.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron (see also above) is in New Jersey, USA with a delegation from her school to visit families in New Jersey. Some pictures here.
  • And also overseas is our daughter-in-law Mikhal Segoli. She is visiting Paris for a week with Yael her mother and her sisters. (see pictures)
  • We enjoyed having Raphael Cotton (Levy and Matz family trees)  stay with us for a couple of days on his visit to Israel from South Africa.
  • There is a lovely picture of the three Eilat Levy grandchildren getting ready to return to school after the Passover vacation.
  • Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv celebrated their wedding anniversary this week. See picture.

  • April 11, 2015
     Itamar 12 birthday
    Itamar celebrates his 12th birthday
    The Eilat Levys rermained after the Passover seder, and on Saturday we celebrated grandson Itamar's 12th birthday. Parents Aviv and Limor went back to work in Eilat and the three children, Itamar, Amit and Ilai, stayed  on with us with a few days.
    See another picture on Itamar's page.
  • Graham Melamed (Nocimovich family tree) had a stroke and is in hospital. Our thoughts are with  Lucille and the Melamed/Nickel family as we hope  for a speedy recovery.
  • We're very happy to hear that Aunt Winnie (Levy and Matz family trees) is back home after a spell in hospital. We spoke to her and she is recovering well.
  • Raphael Cotton (Levy and Matz family trees)  is on a visit to Israel from South Africa.
  • I've added a video of Doreen, Danielle and Lior singing Who Knows One at our seder last week.
  • The week-long Passsover holiday is a great opportunity for family meetings with our children and grandchildren. Most of us were together for the seder, then the Eilat |Levys stayed with us (see above), the Segolis joined us for Friday night dinner, and on Saturday we joined Vered and Aviv and the Segolis at a fish restaurant at the Herzliya Marina (see pictures).
  • Read and see the pictures in the Segoli bi-monthly update in Hebrew and in English.

  • April 4, 2015
      Pesach 2015
    Who Knows One - אחד מי יודע
    This year we hosted the Passover Seder at our home in Netanya and managed to squash in 20 people. It was a most enjoyable seder with enough tradition and more than enough food. The highlight was the rendering of Ehad Mi Yodea by Doreen, Dani and Lior. (see video). We finished the seder in style singing passover songs and Israeli hits from now and long ago.
    More pictures on the 2015 Events page.
    • Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Aunt Winnie Levy in Johannesburg, who was hospitalized this week for an anaemia problem.
    • Moran scanned an old photo of Doreen on a camel in Sinai, which is approriate for Passover as the haggadah recounts the 40 year wandering by Moses and the Children of Israel  in the desert.
    • Read and see the pictures in the Segoli bi-monthly update in Hebrew and in English.

    March 28, 2015
    EBL Executive
      The European Bridge League Executive
    I am writing this from Lausanne, Switzerland where I have been at a meeting of the EBL Executive at the Maison du Sport International. This is one of the three regular committee meetings held each year. The Committee chairmen reported on the work of their committees, some important matters were discussed and some decisions made. I return home tomorrow Sunday. 

    • While I was in Lausanne Doreen guided a two day tour and then went to Eilat for a couple of days.
    • There was a terrific news article  (in Hebrew, with pictures) featuring son Aviv in this week's Yediot Eilat and Mynet titled "The Eilatis who jump into the pool with sharks".
    • The Segolis grandchildren's school organized a fair to raise money for Holocaust victims, as part of their observance of "Good Deeds Day". Lotem sold drawings she had done (click here) , amd Maayan sold coffee and bread he had baked (click here). The children were very excited about the project and started preparing days in advance.
    • Granddaughter Lior continues with her Scout activities and took a group on a hiking trip.
    • Moran found and scanned some old photos he had found, including one of Doreen's Mother Gertie and her sister Rosie..
    • Read and see the pictures in the Segoli bi-monthly update in Hebrew and in English.

    March 21, 2015
    election day
    Emptying the ballot box before counting the votes
    Doreen and I spent most of this week's election day chairing  local election committees at two polling stations. Our job was to see that the voting and counting was done according to protocol. Neither of us experienced anything untoward.
    Both of us were very disappointed with the final results of the elections, and are worried about our leaders' committment to democracy and peace.


    • We had three very pleasant social activities this past week honoring old friends  The first was an exhibition and Study Day at Haifa University in honor of Dalia Lamdani. (See details and picture here.)
    • The second was the celebration of Morris Kahn's 85th birthday. The event was lavish and most enjoyable. First of all it was an opportunity to see old friends. Secondly, hearing about Morris's achievements and philanthropy is always uplifting; and thirdly 25 young potential and successful entrepeneurs from South Africa were in Israel as part of a project meeting and discussing with Israeli counterparts, and Morris, one of the sponsors of the project, had invited them to his party. It was interesting and an eye-opening talking with them. The other sponsor of the Project is Jonathan Beare, an aquaintance from long ago in our home town of Durban South Africa.
    • Doreen: the third social activity was for women only. Our long time friend Malka Lev celebrated her 80th birthday with a sumptious luncheon, speeches and a performance of Chekov stories by Limor Yitzhak. Here too meeting old-time friends who have dispersed was uplifting.
    • Read and see the pictures in the Segoli bi-monthly update in Hebrew and in English.

    March 14, 2015
    Doreen playing bridge
    Doreen contemplating the winning defence
    We spent the first half of the week at the Dead Sea at the annual Bridge Festival there. I directed the competitions and for a change Doreen decided to play. In the first evening competition, a simultaneous event played by over 1000 pairs all over Israel, she did very well and came 3rd in the Dead Sea heat and 241 overall, and earned her first two National Master Points. Well done!


    • After the Dead Sea Bridge Festival, we went to Eilat to visit the Aviv Levys, and to celebrate the barmitzvah of Itai Nickel, son of Doreen's cousin Warren. (see Nochimovicz/Nickel family tree.). Click here for pictures.
    • The latest issue of the Ben Gurion University magazine has an interesting and complimentary article about daughter-in-law Mikhal Segoli. You can read the article (in Hebrew) by clicking here. We're proud of you, Mikhal.
    • The Israel General Elections will take place this coming Tuesday, and although I don't think there's much chance, I hope we get a new Prime Minister. Doreen and I will be manning (peopling?) a polling booth on behalf of the Meretz party.

    March 7, 2015
    It's Purim again!
    The Festival of Purim is here again - with fancy dress costumes, parties and generally having fun. Above are our grandchildren and a ferocious cousin lion (and one adult) dressed up.  Try and identify them!
    For previous years' Purim pictures click here.

    • Daughter and son-in-law Vered and Aviv Ron took a short break and went skiing with lucky daughter Lior. Click here for a picture, and here for a picture on Lior's page.
    • While parents and sister were enjoying the snow, Danielle took advanbtage of a short break from the army and visited cousins Gali and Amit Nickel, who live near her base. See picture.
    • Next week I'll be at the Dead Sea for the Dead Sea Bridge Festival, then we go to Eilat to celebrate the barmitzvah of Itai Nickel. (see Nochimovicz/Nickel family tree.)

    February 28, 2015
    Lotem's book project
    Lotem Segoli next to her book project
    Doreen and I spent an enjoyable morning yesterday at granddaughter Lotem Segoli's school, visiting the Book Project exhibition. All third graders were asked to chose a hero from a book they had read and prepare a display on the book and its hero.  Lotem chose the book Thea Stilton's The Legend of the Fire Flowers because "my favourite books are Roald Dahl books but I don't have any at home, so I chose my 2nd favourite books, the books on the Thea Sisters."
    There are more pictures on Lotem's page.
    • Son Moran Segoli returned today from a highly enjoyable short holiday in the Italian snow with long-time friend Ran Kagan.  See pictures.
    • Daughter Vered Ron was in Minneapolis this week on a business trip. The temperature was -21 degrees and at least she enjoyed walking on the frozen lake and watching people fishing through holes in the ice. See pictures here.
    • I  was busy most of the week at the Tel Aviv Annual Bridge Festival, which was very successful.
    • Roslyn Hakim sent us a picture of herself and husband Claude at the temple in the jungle of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The trip is to celebrate Ros's "big 0" birthday. Mazal Tov! (see Nochimovitz/Nickel family tree.

    February 21, 2015 
    horse riding
    Grandchildren Lotem, Ilai, Maayan, Zoe, Amit and Itamar (with Mikhal) go horse riding.
    This morning the Segolis and Levys went horse riding and absolutely loved it. See also Itamar's page. This was part of our "grandchildren weekend" - click here for some pictures. The Segolis came from Sde Boqer, the Levys from Eilat and the Rons from Raanana and we had a full house of 8 grandchildren together with 4 children and their spouses for Friday night dinner. Other pictures on Itamar's page and also here.
    See more on the grandchildren below.


  • For Doreen it has been a baby-sitting week. From Sunday to Wednesday she was in Sde Boqer looking after the Segoli children. On Wednesday Ilai Levy came to Tel Aviv for a doctor's appointment, accompanied by daddy Aviv and siblings Itamar and Amit. Aviv went back on Thursday morning and left the kids in the care of Granny Doreen, who took them to the Beer Sheva Museum. Then on Friday, the 5 Segolis arrived and enjoyed, at least for them,  lunch at MacDonalds. As noted above the Rons joined us for dinner. Saturday morning early Moran left, and Mikhal and the 8 kids remained. So Doreen baby-sat from Sunday to Saturday. She's our nomination for "baby-sitting Granny of the Year". Click here for some pictures.
  • Son in law Aviv Ron, Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development at Kramer Electronics, attended the annual ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) Tradeshow in Amsterdam. Click on for his remarks on the success of his company at the Show. 
  • Son Moran left this morning for a short holiday in the Italian snow with long-time friend Ran Kagan. Holidays with Ran are quite common - see for example here in the Himalayas.
  • Daughter Vered  leaves tonight for a business trip to the USA.
  • The Annual Tel Aviv Bridge Festival has started and I will be fairly busy there for the week.

  • February 14, 2015
    Lior in New Jersey
    Is this why Lior wants to visit New Jersey - for the yummy milk shakes?
    Congratulations to granddaughter Lior Ron on being among the pupils chosen to represent her school on a nine day visit to New Jersey this coming April. Every year her school sends some pupils to New Jersey, to interact with the Jewish Community there who helped fund the school  in Israel. The pupils will stay in private homes and will get to know the community and help with the celebrations of Israel Independence Day.
    Lior lived in New Jersey for 3 years, from ages 2 to 5, when her parents Aviv and Vered were working there, so she was particularly excited to be chosen for the trip.
    To bring back some of her memories, on her page there are some more pictures taken when she lived in New Jersey.

    • Happy Valentine Day to all our relatives and friends.
    • Last week I wrote that spring is in sight and that I was planting and organising our small garden. I am writing this with the wind howling outside, heavy rain falling and a sharp drop in temperature. Next week I will probably write that I have had to replant.

    February 7, 2015
    Charles asnd Sheenagh
    Charles and Sheenagh Levy - 40 years together
    Today Charles and Sheenagh Levy ( Matz and Hershovitz family trees) celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at a party organised by their children Katherine and Andrew. Charles and I are cousins but the relationship between Charles and Sheenagh and Doreen and I goes beyond familial; we are very good friends too. Although they live far away in South Africa we make opportunities to meet and see each other and always enjoy our time together. Doreen and I were unable to go to South Africa for their anniversary celebration, and Joel and Beryl Klotnick - relatives on the Matz side of the family and also good friends - represented the Israel relatives. Mazal tov, Charles and Sheenagh. We hope to be with you on your 50th.
    Click here for a picture of Charles and me enjoying each others company.

    • I'm back from Spain where I organised a very successful workshop for bridge judges (tournament directors.)
    • Winter is coming to an end and spring is in sight so Doreen and I spent some time this week organising our small garden, cleaning up and planting new vegetables.
    • That spring will soon be here can be seen from this lovely picture of the Segolis in a poppy field.

    February 7, 2015
    Bridge workshop
    Explaining a difficult bridge law
    The past 4 days I have been in Alicante in Spain organising a European Bridge League workshop for bridge tournament directors (judges). There are 50 participants of varying standards from 15 European countries. All of them will benefit greatly from the course, and a few of them will be eligible to take part in a further course for international certification.
    While I was in Alicante, Doreen was in Eilat with Aviv and Limor and the grandchildren, and they celebrated Ilai's 8th birthday. See picture.

    January 24, 2015
    birthdays jan 25-31
    This Week's Picture is a collage of family members with birthdays during the last week of January. (For full list of January birthdays, click here)

    In a few days time I will be travelling to Alicante in Spain for 5 days to be in charge of a workshop for European bridge tournament directors.

    January 17, 2015
    Eitan 5 months
    Eitan (Anthony) aged 5 months
    I'm still going patiently through the vast collection of old photos, and decided to post a picture of me this week. I've finally got up the courage to throw many away, expecially of people I don't recognize! If nothing else, the photos bring back many memories.
    • Best wishes to Dave Rothschild, Frankie Klaff's husband (see  Goldberg family tree)  for speedy recovery from his pacemaker implant. Get well soon, Dave, so you can go on  another trip like the trip to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago. (see pictures)
    • The Segoli update for November-December is posted. Click to see and read in Hebrew or in English

    January 10, 2015
    The launching of the Loudrena
    The Glazer Girls - Doreen, Louise, Gertie
    One of the attractions in Durban for visiting friends of the Glazers was a fishing trip on the "Loudrena". (Of course Doreen and Louise were the main attractions!). Doreen's father had a fishing motor boat built to his specifications and many enjoyable hours were spent on the boat catching fish and generally having a good time, although the fairly frequent rough seas sometimes led to less happy time on the boat.


    January 3, 2015
    at Ein Gev
    Enjoying the Kinneret at Ein Gev about 1970
    Denise de niece, Aviv, Doreen, Vered, me.
    Another picture from our photo albumns. In the early 1970's we used to regularly spend enjoyable weekends camping or "bungaloing" at the Kinneret (Lake Gallilee), fishing, swimming, and just generally having a good time.
    • We wish all our relatives and friends a happy new year.
    • This afternoon we visited the most interesting photograph exhibition of Haim Lev. Haim and Malka Lev are long-time friends from our original days in Hofit and we see them regularly. Haim is a keen photographer and goes around the Emek Hefer area on his bicycle taking pictures. Click for a picture of the Levs and us at his exhibition.
    • Apart from that, we started off the year quietly - nothing special to report, good or bad.
    • Some pictures have been added of grandson Maayan's birthday celebration at Superland.