Danielle Hagit Ron

 Dani is our oldest grandchild. She was born in New York on September 30, 1995.
The name "Hagit" is in memory of her grandfather Haim (Aviv's father) and her great-grandmother Gertie/Gittel (Doreen's mother).
She spent two years in Paris, and then returned to America. In September 2004 she came with her family to live in Raanana in Israel.

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More pictures of Dani can be seen on the page of sister Lior

Dani celebrates her birthday
The Rons and us celebrated Dani's birthday. She had recently returned from India and she wanted an Indian style dinner - vegan of course. My favourite Indian dish is spicy chicken or lamb curry but I enjoyed the delicious curry dishes prepared by the family.
See also Archives.
1010birthday 2023

July 2023 - Dani at Swan Lake - about 2002
Lior went to the Metropolitan Opera for a performance of Swan Lake. This reminded us when we took her sister Danielle, then about 7 years old, to the same place and the same ballet. She loved it so much that during the intermission, to the delight of the audience, she tried to emulate the dancers.
Swan Lake

April 2023 - Dani plays cricket!

Cricket is the national sport of India, and Dani of course decided to see what it was like with a cricket bat.
(Dani is in good company - five of our relatives have played first-class cricket including two international  cricketers - Adam Bacher and Aaron "Ali" Bacher who captained South Africa.)


April 2023 - Dad Aviv visits Dani in India


March 2023 - Off to India!
Danielle will be visiting India for a few months, and we went to wish her a safe and enjoyable trip. Following an old Jewish custom, Doreen gave Danielle money to donate on reaching her destination to ensure safe travels.
Dani india

February 2023 - 28th Family Reunion
Click for pictures of the grandchildren Itamar, Maayan, Zoe, Lotem, Amit, Lior at the ceramic session.
More pictures on the 28th Reunion page.

December 2022
We celebrated Dani's graduation from Reichman University
See  pictures here and here.
For a previous picture see here.

November 2022 - A hike with Oz in Nahal Kaziv
(see also the Segoli's hike a few days earlier.

September 2022 - Berlin and meeting granny.

Sailing with dad, skipper mom, sister Lior and friend Oz.
sailing with dadSailing with Oz

January 2022 - Dani returns from the Galapagos and South America

A big "welcome back" to granddaughter Danielle Ron. Dani spent 3 months in the Galapagos and Amazonas as part of her studies in Sustainability and Government at  Reichman University.  After her studies and projects she spent time in South America where she was joined by her friend Oz.
Dani and Oz

August 2021 - Farewell to Dani before her trip to the Galapagos.

May 2021 - Dani on Dean's List

Dani certificate

Congratulations to granddaughter Danielle Ron on being an outstanding student and
being on the Dean's List at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya.

Dani is in her second year of studies in Sustainability and Government, and we wish her success in her future studies.

See picture of the ceremony here.

April 2021 - Earth Day

Danielle was on the organising committee and in charge of publicity for an Earth Day event organized by her faculty at University
Dani Earthday

February 2021 - Lotem vs cousin Danielle at chess.
On a trip to "test" our new car we spent a warm sunny day with the Segolis and 3/4 of the Rons at Midreshet Ben Gurion. Lotem and Danielle enjoyed a game of chess. (see picture).

December 2020 - 26th Family Reunion - 56th Anniversary Granny and Saba Eitan

On 16/12 we celebrated the 56th Anniversary of Granny Doreen and Saba Eitan, together with the 26th Levy Family Rreunion.  There are more pictures on the Events page, on This Weeks Picture Archives, and on the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Amit, Ilai and Zoe.

26 Reunion

Danielle is 25!

Birthday cake in bed! That's really a celebration.

September 2019 - November 1997 - The Pumpkin tale
When  granddaughter Danielle was two years old  and living in USA I took her to visit  a zoo, around Halloween time.  When I recounted our "pumpkin adventure" Doreen wrote a story  about it  which we read to Dani's delight.  This week, when looking for  an old picture, I  found the story and it is reproduced here with some pictures.

September 2019 - A visit to India
Granddaughter Danielle only had 2 days to enjoy home after returning from a family trip to USA before she was off again - this time on a 6 week trip to India. Dani loves travelling and visiting new places as can be seen by viewing her page below, for example Hawai, South America, Galapagos, Prague .......
Dani to India

June 2019 - Lior and Danielle at mom Vered's birthday

Lior and Dani at Vered's bday
Click here for another picture.

June 2019 - Vegafest

vegafestDani explaining the advantages of joining Vegan Active at the Veganfest at Sarona Tel Aviv.
Click here for another picture of Dani at the TA Vegafest.

May 2019
While mom Vered was overseas in China Danielle and Aviv joined us for a meal at a local Netanya Chinese restaurant.
Chinese restaurant

Family Reunion in Italy at the Villa Prato al Sole - April 2019
Prato al SolePrato al SolePrato al Sole

For more pictures of the reunion see: 

February 2019 - Damielle is back in Israel.
Dani returns
Granddaughter Danielle is back in Israel after her work (and holiday?) in Hawaii

February 2019 - Enjoying Hawaii.

November 2018 - Back to the States
Granddaughter Danielle Ron returned to the USA. We're sorry to see her go, but happy she's doing whats she wants to do. She is planning on returning to Israel round about February, for good this time. We prepared a bon voyage picture for her to enjoy at the airport, and in return received a picture from the airport.
Bon voyage Dani10We sent a bon voyage picture for her from Eilat to enjoy at the airport .......
bon voyage........ and received a goodbye picture from the airport. (With sister Lior, mom Vered, and of course Tuli).

October 2018 - Dani is back!
Big Surprise of the Week - Granddaughter Danielle Ron returned to Israel after her long stay overseas.
After spending nearly two years working in California and then touring South America, Dani returned to Israel, perhaps for a short visit, perhaps for a long stay. We were not told she was coming back now - Dani wanted to surprise us - and she succeeded. We went for dinner at the Rons to meet long-time friends Patisa and Jens Rasmussen who are visiting from Denmark. Then there was knock at the door and, Surprise! Dani entered!
See This Week's Picture Archives and sister Lior's page for more pictures.
Dani returnsDani returns

September 2018 - Still in South America - Peru, Argentina .....

Our adventurous Dani with a group of friends in Peru; and with a group she joined on a survival adventure (living off the land, only taking clothes and sleeping bag!)
DAni -Sth AmericaDAni -Sth America

A beautiful woman in beautiful scenery

DAni -Sth AmericaDAni -Sth America

In Argentina Dani was joined by parents Vered and Aviv and sister Lior for a family reunion and continuation of her trip, this time with her family. (Pictures here)

August 2018 - Dani in the Galapagos Islands II.

Before continuing her South American trip to Peru, Dani sent us this terrific photo of her watching a march of marine iguanas. When we visited the Galapagos it was soon after a disastrous "el niño" causing sea currents that led to "warming of the ocean and reduction of the cold nutrient-rich water that sustains large fish populations" (Wikipedia), and the marine iguanas we saw, that were still alive, were thin and emaciated and not strong and plump like those in Dani's picture.

August 2018 - Dani in the Galapagos Islands.

July, August 2018: Dani continues her South American trip. She visited Quito in Ecuador and straddled the equator. See picture.

June 2018 - with Guy at Lake Tahoe

Dani has finished working in the USA and next week she will start her South American tour with friends by travelling to Mexico.
Dan-=Guy Lake Tahoe

February 2018 - On holiday in Hawaii with her boy friend Guy
in Hawaii

January 2018 - 23rd Levy Family Reunion
Danielle is currently working in the States. The family took advantage of Danielle's visit to Israel to organise a family reunion. There are pictures of  Danielle and all the family here.

January 2018
Dani came to Israel for a home visit. See picture. She will return to California at the end of the month.

December 2017
A sunny day in winter in Sacramento

dani sunny day

September 2017 - Vered visits Danielle in USA
Mom Vered and Dani meeting up on Vered's visit to the USA and by all accounts they had a marvelous time tofether

with mom

July 4th 2017 - Danielle celebrates

4 j uly
When in Rome America ........
Danielle celebrates July 4th in  Sacramento California with some friends.

March 2017 - Dani visits San Francisco

Danielle took a day off from work in Sacramento to visit nearby San Francis
San Fransisco

January 2017 - Dani is off to USA to work
Good luck to granddaughter Danielle who has gone to  Sacramento USA to begin working there. Danielle is a US citizen and wants to try her luck there before making a final decision on what she wants to do.
Saying goodbye to mom Vered, Dad Aviv, sister Lior and of course to Tuli.

See also this picture.
at the airport.

December 2016 - Chanuka
Click here for some Chanuka pictures.

December 2016 - A visit to Prague
Dani spent a few days in Prague, Czech Republic, enjoying her visit with some friends, and exeriencing the Christmas atmosphere there.
Dani in Prague

November 2016: Free at last! Dani's last day in uniform after serving for two years in the air force.
Dani last day army

October 2016 - Rosh Hashanah at Midreshet Sde Boqer


September 2016 - Dani is 21 !

Congratulations to granddaughter Danielle on her 21st birthday. We joined Vered, Aviv, and Lior to celebrate Dani's birthday at Vong, a Vietnamese Restaurant where we ate tasty meals - vegan for Danielle and Lior, and "normal" for the rest of us.
Dani 21

August 2016 - Dani receives another stripe

Congratulations to Sergeant Danielle Ron!
another stripe

August 2016 - A few days on Kos with sister Lior

Lior and Dani enjoy breakfast on the Greek Island of Kos.

August 2016 - 100 days left ...

100 days left

July 2016 - Dani cuts her hair

In June 2013  Dani cut her long long hair and donated it for wigs for needy cancer sufferers. She's grown her hair for three years and this week again had her hair cut for the same worthy cause.
(Sister Lior also followed her big sister's example a few years ago.)
Dani haircutDani haircutDani haircut

June 2016 - Dani is a taglit guide

Granddaughter Dani was chosen to be one of the Air Force's representatives accompanying youth visiting Israel on a taglit tour, which aims to get American Jewish youth acquainted with Israel. Looks like she's enjoying it!

October 2015 - Against Animal Cruelty

Granddaughter Danielle attended her first mass demonstration last week when she took part in a large demonstration in Tel Aviv  against cruelty to animals.

September 30, 2015 - Dani's 20th birthday
20th birthday20th birthday

September 2015 - Dani sprains her arm - some holiday!!

The Rons enjoyed a few days on the island of Lindos in Greece. (see picture). Unfortunately granddaughter Danielle fell down some steps and badly strained her arm which was put in a splint. Dani's holiday is now a "no movement, no swim" one.
Dani sprains her arm

August 2015 - So sad!
All the cousins are enjoying themselves, but Dani has to stay on base - so sad , but .........................

at the base
group hug

.............................      but compensation was soon to come. She came home a couple of days later in time for a group hug with Mom Vered, sister Lior, cousins Itamar and Ilai Levy and of course Tuli.

May 2015 - Shavuot greetings from the Air Force
Poster girlDani (on the left) on the Airforce 'Happy Shavuot Holidays' greeting.

May 2015 - Dani's Vegan birthday cake

Dani made this cake for a friend who observes a vegan diet. It is composed entirely of fruit.
vegan cake

April 2015 - Mom amd Dad visit Danielle at her air force base.
Dani at her base

March 2015 - A visit to the Nickel girls
Dani and the Nickel girls
Daniel's base is close to where Louis and Etti Nickel live. Dani took the opportunity of a short break to visit her cousins - and good friends - Gali and Amit.

November 2014 - In army uniform
At the Recruitment centre, saying goodbye to mom, dad and sister, before before receiving her uniform, Then a day at home before she's OFF to the army.  Oh, those baggy clothes

family at absorption centreDani in uniform

November 2014 - At the wheel!
Dani driving

October 2014 - At Lotem's 9th birthday

We celebrated our granddaughter Lotem's 9th birthday at her home in Midreshet Ben gurion. She invited her new friends to celebrate with her. The theme was "Animals" and the girls had a wonderful (and noisy!) time. Here is a picture of Granny Doreen with her oldest (Danielle) and youngest (Zoe) grandchildren. There are more pictures on Lotem's page and  This Week's Picture.

Lotem's 9th birthday

October 2014 - Enjoying a bicycle ride in Slovenia

The Ron family - daughter Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior are touring Slovenia and Croatia in an RV (recreational vehicle, motorhome). From reports so far  they are having a fantastic time. There are some more pictures of the family here  and here and on the page of Lior.
enjoying Slovenia

September 2014 - Helping Granny prepare the Rosh Hashanah meal

Dani is now a gefilte fish and kneidlach expert!
Rosh Hashanah 2014Rosh Hashanah 2014Rosh Hashanah 2014
Click here for some more pictures of Rosh Hashanah

September 2014 - Off to USA with mom Vered.

Dani and Vered on way to USAt the airport, ready for a US vacation

April 2014 - Passover in Eilat

pesach in Eilat

Click for more pictures on the pages of  miscellaneous pictures, and Amit and Ilai.

March 2014 - Purim.
Click here to see purim pictures of  Dani the rest of the family.

December 2013 - 19th Family Reunion
We celebrated the Segoli visit to Israel with a family reunion at the desert resort of Ein Gedi, and also welcomed Zoe to the family.
We climbed Massada, went on a tour of the Dead Sea Salt Works, hiked in Nahal David, and most important of all had a great time together.
on MassadahDanielle, mom Vered, Lior Ron
More pictures of our Ein Gedi weekend are on the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem, Zoe, and the Miscelleaneous Activities page.
Click to see the family group picture

November 2013: With mom and friend in Jerusalem

Dani enjoys a break from her "Year of Service" with Mom and a  friend at a restaurant in the Machaneh Yehuda market.
Danielle and friend

September 2013: Dani is 18
Dani's 18thCelebrating Dani's 18th birthday - 18 presents including a winter hat

Dani's 18thDani's best: drinking Vietnamese soup from the bowl !
See also Lior's page and Archives.

September 2013: The Rons spend the Sukkot holiday in Eilat
The Rons in Eilat

September 2013 - Celebrating sukkot in the sukkah in Raanana - decorated by Lior, Danielle and the Eilat Levy Kids.

See also Lior's page and Archives of This Week's Picture.

August 2013 - Danielle's going-away party

Last Saturday evening we had a farewell party for granddaughter Danielle who is volunteering for a year on  Shnat Sherut (one year community service)  before her compulsory army duty. She will be leaving home to stay in an area to help less-privileged children, helping at school in the mornings, and with  after-school activies at the community centre in the afternoons. We know it won't be easy but we are confident she has the character to succeed. We are proud of our granddaughter and wish her luck and success in the coming year.   More pictures on sister Lior's page.

Dani's partyDani's partyDani's partyAugust 2013 - Danielle's going-away party
Shuki, a very close friend of Aviv. Yahel Braverman with partner Donny Dvir and Shai Aroya, niece Denise's partner.  Orit, Aviv's sister  makes an emotional speech while another sister Edna looks on.

July/August 2013 - On a family cruise in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean CruiseMediterranean CruiseMediterranean Cruise

For a short description of the cruise, with pictures, click here.

See also, This Week's Picture Archives

July 2013 - Preparing for the prom
Dani prepares for the prom
Dani makes sure that every little
 is in place for the traditional high school prom. Click here for another picture.

June 2013 - Dani cuts her hair.

Our grandaughter Danielle Ron has just finished her matriculation exams and decided to cut her beautiful long hair and donate her hair to make wigs for women who need cancer treatment and can't afford wigs.
Dani cuts her hairDani cuts her hairDani cuts her hairDani cuts her hair

June 2013: At dinner celebrating Granny Doreen's birthday.
Dani and Lior
Not only a lovely picture of lovely granddaughters, it's also doreen's first picture taken and emailed  from her smartphone.

Chanuka 2012
Chanuka 2012
Danielle celebrating Chanuka with sister Lior and second cousin Jenna Cotton from South Africa.

More pictures here (with sister Lior), here, (lighting the candles)  and here (This Week's Picture archives..)

August 2012 - 17th Family Reunion - Eilat
17th Levy Family Reunion

For more pictures of the Levy Family Reunion see the pages of :  Lior, Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Lotem, Zoe, 17th Family reunion, Picture of  Week archives

May 2012 - Shavuot with Sarah Olkienitski
Danielle Ron

December 2011
Danielle RonAt the family reunion in Eilat
Danielle RonPreparing balloons for Maayan's birthday


Danielle Ron

September 2011 - The Ron girls
Danielle Ron

September 2010 - Rosh Hashanah
We celebrated Rosh Hashanah at home with the Rons and the Aviv Levys. As usual the food was delicious, the company great and  (despite overseas competition and efforts from Itamar, Danielle and IlaiLior won the shofar blowing competition again.)

shofar Rosh Hashanah 2010

July 2010 - Some pictures  of Danielle and Lior (click here) taken by Aviv Ron.

June 2010: Celebrating Granny Doreen's birthday on the beach.
celebrating granny's birthday
For more pictures click here.

June 2010 - At the Bet Yanai beach                                           
Bet Yanai beachBet Yanai beach
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Saba Eitan's 70th birthday
Not only Saba Eitan's birthday, but also a chance to see uncle Moran on his visit from California
Saba Eitan's 70th birthdaywith Moran at Saba Eitan's 70th birthday
See also This Week's Picture, Lior's page, and 2010 Events page.

February 2010 - Purim
Purim 2010Danielle dressed as an English schoolgirl

Hanukka 2009
hanukka 2009

August 2009- holidaying in Analya, Turkey
holidaying in Alanyaholidaying in Alanya

27 December 2008 - Maayan's 5th birthday party
Maayan 5th birthday
Dani and Granny Doreen baked this special dinosaur cake for Maayan's 5th birthday.
For more pictures see the pages of Itamar, MaayanAmit and Lotem.

October 2008 - As part of Lotem's 3rd birthday celebrations, the family went on a hike in the area of the Yerucham Dam, in the Negev Desert.

A hike in the Yeruham areaDani with sister Lior at the Yerucham Dam.

October 2008 . During sukkot, Dani joined the family on a family dive in the Red Sea. See This week's Picture and 2008 events.
sukkot 2008

October 2008 - cycling on Yom Kippur

Traffic comes to a stop on Yom Kippur in Israel, and in some areas many take advantage of the streets empty of cars and go bicycling. The Ron family went on a trip - Vered on roller blades and the rest on bicycles - visiting friends along the way.

yom kippur

April 2008 - Learning to dive with uncle Aviv.

Getting ready to go into the waterin full gear

March 2008 - Purim

Purim 2008Purim 2008

Click for more Purim pictures.

March 2008

Dani went on a two day school hike finishing about 2 hours before she was due at the airport for her flight to the USA. Doreen and I picked her when the hike finished., and took her home to complete her last minute packing before thre flight.

returning from a hike


February 2008
We took Danielle with us and spent a short but enjoyable weekend in Eilat with the Eilat Levys. 
See more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Amit, and  Ilai; and also at This Week's Picture.

Dani in Eilat with her cousins

<>January 2008 - Maayan's 4th birthday party
We celebrated Maayan's 4th birthday during a weekend in Sde Boqer. Friday night was Sushi night, with everyone trying their hand at rolling sushi; on Saturday we went for a hike in Nachal Zin and then had lunch together.
Maayan's 4th birthday

Click here for more details and lots of pictures., and here for This Week's Picture of 5 cousins bathing together.
There are also pictures on the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan and Lotem.

November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer
November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde BoqerNovember 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer

May 2007 in Eilat for Shavuot. Entertaining (?) us with song and drum; and being a wonderful big cousin to Ilai.

Eilat - Shavuot 2007Eilat - Shavuot 2007

April 2007 - with saba Eitan on his birthday
with Saba Eitan

April 2007
The Segolis stayed over on 2nd Passover eve and Dani and Lior also slept over. The the next day we had a lovely time in Caesaria with the Segolis and Danielle and Lior.
  ( See also the pages of Lotem, Maayan and  Lior, and the picture of the week.). Caesaria is very interesting and both the girls were interested in what they saw. The highlight, though, was the "big foot".
The big foot

April 2007
Pesach in Eilat with the family, singing from the haggadah.
Pesach 2007

March 2007
Danielle having her portrait  painted by long-time family friend and well-known artist, Maureen Fain.

portrait by Maureen Fainportrait by Maureen Fain

December 2006 - Dani on her bicycle (with sister Lior)
Dani on her bike

October 2006 - Dani's birthday cake
For Dani's birthday party for her friends, Vered, Aviv and cousin Denise baked her a special guitar cake. It not only looks good - it looks delicious!
Guitar cake

April - May 2006
Nature girl
Danielle RonDanielle RonDanielle Ron

With cousins Denise and Lotem
Danielle RonDanielle Ron

Shavuot 2006
Danielle Ron

August-September 2005: A week's visit to the beautiful Greek Island of Zackynthos, getting back just in time to prepare for school (5th grade this year) with sister Lior  who is just starting school in Kita aleph - grade 1.

  August 2005
Visiting the Monkey Park. It's fun to climb walls, and also to give a kiss to cousin Maayan

Underwater! July 2005

Dani and friends - end of the school year - June 2005

A visit to New York - June 2005

April 2005 - A visit to the Agamon Reserve and Rosh Pina, with the Segolis and Saba and Granny.

Agamoncute puppiesAgamon

December 2004: 
Chauka at Shuli and Eitan Haberman's house; and helping Granny make and serve profiteroles. 

October 2004 - The first visit to Jerusalem. What better guide than Granny?

Babysitting baby cousin Maayan

29 September 2004 - Dani's 9th birthday party - her first birthday in Israel.

Lots of family and friends present: Savta Tova; Granny and Saba Eitan; Louise, Denise, Rael and Yahel Braverman; Orit Ron and Shachar and Oron; Rina Klipstein and Hayim; Eli and Shirli Ezra and Or, Gili and Idan; Anat and Eli Zur ; Andrew and Orly Morris with Ben, Maya and Jason; Shuki Kuriski

September 2004 - Rosh Hashana was celebrated at Granny and Saba Eitan with family. Dani and Lior had each made a shofar back in America and there was a competition to see who was the best at blowing the shofar. Dani found another use for the shofarim.......

In September 2004, Vered and Aviv decided to return to Israel. They rented a house in Raanana. Dani was sotry to say goodbye to her friends and to leave her school. But she soon met new friends, and especially lots and lots of family. We wish her good luck and success in her "new" life in Israel.

August 2004
Dani and family visited Israel, and Dani and Lior helped granny in her garden.

July 2004

Aviv had won an auction at Dani's school for a private guided visit to the New York Metropolitan Museum. We all enjoyed it very much, especially the visit to the basements to see the item not on exhibit, like this antique writing table being examined by Dani.

Granny and Saba Eitan hired an RV and went on as trip to the Washington area with Dani and Lior.
Click to see more pictures and an account of the RV trip.

May 2004
dani liorDani and Lior are dressed for a dance performance.

Purim 2004


Dressed as Pipi


February 2004

Dani reading her welcome.

What a wonderful babysitter!


Climbing with Moran (at Timna)

July 2003, at uncle Moran and Mikhal's wedding.
After the wedding, she stayed on in Israel with Granny Doreen and Saba Eitan. This was her first holiday without her parents. She went to an art summer-school in Hofit, did homework, watched TV, went to the swimming pool and behaved beautifully. Her Granny and Saba enjoyed having her and hope she will come again soon.

Uncle Aviv's Wedding

Dani was a bridesmaid at the wedding.
  Dani 4 yrs old
Aviv Limor weddingShe is with her parents and with Savta Tova

Dani is our oldest grandchild. She was born in New York on September 30, 1995.
The name "Hagit" is in memory of her grandfather Haim (Aviv's father) and her great-grandmother Gertie/Gittel (Doreen's mother). She spent two years in Paris, and then returned to America.
Until 2004 she lived in Maplewood in New Jersey and went to Solomon Shechter School in West Orange. Her after-school activities included ballet, karate, art classes and French. In September 2004 she went with her family to live in Israel. 


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