May 2020 - Heat wave
The third week in May 2020 was
the hottest May week  ever recorded.  Inside we had air-conditioning but ging outside was quite unbearable.
Melly Braverman sent us this picture from Eilat with the temperature showing an incredible 49°C (120°F)

May 2020 - The Rons come for dinner

Many of the Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed and after such a long time we were so happy that  daughter Vered and the Ron family could come for a most enjoyable dinner.
rons dinner

May 2020 - Caroline's birthday

Our long-time very good friend Caroline Livneh celebrated her birthday. We invited her over for a cup of English tea and a birthday cake. (pictures here.)

Caroline bdayCaroline bday

May 2020 - welcome to baby Crutchi
dikla's baby
Congratulations to Dikla (Segoli) and Pini Cruchi on the birth of their daughter, sister to Mili and Tal. Dikla is a sister of our daughter in law, Michal segoli.

Remembrance Day April 2020

Yaffa memorial for Guy

The ban on gatherings on Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers meant Yaffa Loew (Schank family tree) could not visit son Guy's gravesite for the first time since his death 20 years ago.

A short while before the commemorating siren, soldiers from Guy's army unit, a local police officer, neighbors and friends gathered in the road outside Yaffa's home (observing distancing) and stood in silence with her while the siren sounded.

It was a truly emotional moment for Yaffa.

April 2020 - My 80th birthday

My planned large family 80th birthday party was a victim of Covid19 and was cancelled and replaced by a Zoom meeting with my children and grandchildren.
Doreen spent 2 days preparing my birthday dinner consisting of a surprise menu. On the day of the dinner I was not allowed into the kitchen lest I see what whas for dinner. I found a way to get into the kitchen to prepare my coffee without discovering Doreen's secret.
80th birthday

I celebrated with my family on Zoom with "happy birthday" and greetings and with a birthday cake with 81 candles (yes, really!) followed by Doreen's gourmet dinner with of course beautiful silver cutlery from the set inherited by Doreen.

80th birthday80th birthday

April 2020 - Pesach seder.

This year the strict Covid-19 isolation restricions prevented us from gatherings, so like thousands of others we celebrated "together" with the help of  Zoom. As the only option it was OK, but a Pesach table set for two (see picture) is not a very satisfying substitute for a real physical celebration. 
seder for one

March 2020 - "Virtual" exercising

zoom exerciseszoom exercises
Exercising together in Coronavirus time
with Granny in charge     -     Granddaughters in charge

Click on each picture for video

Covid-19 lockdown continues. We are finding other ways to keep together while observing 'social distance'. Our two oldest granddaughters Danielle and Lior Ron decided that exercising together with Granny Doreen was an appropriate activity. Click on each picture above for short videos.

March 2020 - Raphael Cotton and Tamar Gralnick

Raphael Cotton weddingRaphael Cotton wedding
Congratulations to Raphael Cotton on his marriage to Tamar Gralnick in Johannesburg South Africa. Mazel Tov too to parents Cecile and Raymond Cotton, seen above with Raphael. (See Matz and Hershovitz/Levy family trees.).  Covid-19 restricted the number of participants but Cecile reports that there was a wonderful relaxed atmosphere at the wedding. Cecile is continuing her new set of treatments and we wish her a speedy and full recovery.

March 2020 - Zoe scans some old slides
Granddaughter Zoe is utilizing the break from school to scan some of her dad's old photo slides. She has sent some to us.  Here is an example.
When we were young - Moran, Doreen Aviv and Eitan (with Lolly) at a Friday evening meal in Eilat about 1988

March 2020 - The Segolis and Levys in Eilat

Coronavirus lockdown - schools are closed, children get bored, so the Segolis went to Eilat to spend the time with the Eilat Levys.

in Eilat

March 2020 - A closed park
The coronavirus lockdown has kept us at home this week except for some short walks with Joanie our dog and 'outings' to buy food. Entrance to public spaces like parks is forbidden, even to the small park opposite our building.

closed park

March 2020 - Negev floods
The last few days have seen stormy weather in Israel, particularly in the normally dry southern areas. In the Negev desert the normally dry riverbeds (wadis) became rivers. Many went to see the rare sights of the flooded  areas, among them son Moran Segoli and family who by chance met relative Uri Haberman and family (see Goldberg family tree) who were also there.


Moran and Michal Segoli, Uri, Deganit and Geffen Haberman, Maayan Golomb

A History of the Bacher and Kirsh families

Doreen's cousin (and Ali's older sister) Mushe Kirsh (see Nochimovitz/Nickel Family trees) has just published a book detailing the story of the Bacher and Kirsh families. We have just received a copy and have found it extremely intersting as it not only details the two families but also includes much background on our common heritage as Jews from the Baltic and Byelorussia who emigrated to South Africa.
Musha's book

March 2020 - Cousin Ali Bacher and Shira visit
We were delighted that Ali and Shira Bacher (see Nochimovitz/Nickel Family trees) could join us for dinner on their visit to Israel. It was a great opportunity for the some of the Nickel descendants of siblings Rose, Gertie and Julius to get together, and for many of the children to meet with Ali for the first time. We enjoyed the lovely atmosphere, the delicious food and the remembrances of Louise, Doreen and Ali from their young days when they lived in Cyrildene in Johannesburg. I said a few words and Ali movingly recounted how "Uncle Yudel" (Julius) had influenced his youth, bought him his first cricket bat and influemced his path to his great success as an international sportsman.
Bacher visit

Purim - March 2020
Sde Boqer celebrated the Festival of Purim a few days before the official dates. As usual all the children and many of the adults wore costumes or "fancy dress", and our family of course joined in. 

Purim2020   Purim2020Joanie purimPurim2020

Both Michal and Moran benefiited from Lotem's amazing talent for make up - just look at Moran's red eye! Click for pictures of Lotem working on Moran's head.
But the real appeal of Purim this year for us was the Adloyada the tradional carnival-like parade taking place in various cities in Israel during the Purim festival. This year almost all the parades were cancelled due to the coronavirus precautions. The tradtional Adloyada at Midreshet Ben Gurion in the Negev, completely organized, prepared and staged by the high school students at the School for Environmental studies there, was "partly cancelled" as the onlookers were restricted to residents and parents of residents. Doreen and I joined in the festivities and we were extremely impressed with the standard of the floats and the enthusiasm of the high school participants.

Waiting for the floats, and Maayan enjoying himself . (see also the Archives and Maayan's page.


Some of the floats - all built by the high-schoolers


March 4th - Cousin Cecile celebrates her 60th birthday

A special "happy birthday" wish to cousin Cecile Cotton who celebrated her 60th. We are happy to see that Cecile is responding favourably to treatment. She will start another round of chemotherapy soon. (See Matz and Hershovitz/Levy family trees.)
Cecile 60

March 2020 - Another Israel Election

The results of the latest - 3rd round - of the Israel parliamentary elections indicate we may be in for a fourth round! I voluntered to to work on election day and was the chairman of a polling station representing the Meretz-Labour party, whose results were for us very disappointing - 7 seats instead of the 10 expected. 
polling station

March 2020 - Joanie on holiday

Joanie poses for a picture with the Segolis

February 2020 - Eilat

In Eilat with son Aviv and granddaughter Ilai


February 2020 - The Segolis visit the The Dead Sea area
Dead SeaDead SeaDead Sea
Heavy rains, but a lot of sunshine - this is the time when even the dessert area around the Dead Sea takes on a special beauty with seasonal flowers including the purple toadflax. The Segolis enjoyed a visit there documented by Lotem's photography.

February 2020 - La Boheme at the Royal Opera House

We enjoyed an amazing performance of La Boheme at the Royal Opera house. This is the 5th time we have seen La Boheme, but the production - singing, acting, set -  was so outstanding that we were moved as if this were the first time we had seen it. It was definitely one of the best Operas I have ever seen.

Royal Opera

February 2020 - A visit to Fern's burial site

Doreen and I visited sister Fern's burial site in St Asaph, Wales. When I spoke to Fern a few days before her death she told me that she hoped to be able to eat tomatoes from the plants she had so carefully tended. Unfortunately this was not to be. So, instead of flowers, we placed her tomato plants on her grave. On our visit this week we sprinkled tomato seeds over her burial site. Perhaps they will grow.
See also This Week's Archives.
Fern's burial siteFern's burial site

February 2020 - A short visit to Chester
We spent two days in Chester, a 45 minute drive to sister Fern's burial site. Chester is a delightful and picuresque city. We enjoyed walking through the streets and had two good meals there, including one at a popular pub The Harkers Arms.
Chester city1chester pub

Changing plans and hopefully planes at Belfast Airport.
airport queue
Part of the seemingly permanent and  never-ending line at Belfast airport waiting to arrange alternate transport arrangements.

Storm Ciara caused most flights from Belfast to London to be cancelled, including ours, and we had to join the thousands of stranded passengers trying to find alternate arrangements. After two days (!) we finally flew from Belfast to London to spend a "very" few days there.

February 2020 - Actually eating at a KFC

After so many family pictures of KFC's around the world (for example here), we finally ate at one in Belfast.
KFC Belfast

February 2020 Belfast - Tournament Directors Workshop
TD WkShop
The staff at the Workshop I organized for improving the standard of tournament directors in Europe
Ton Kooijman (Netherlands), Fearghal O'Boyle (Ireland), Marc van Beijsterveldt (Netherlands), Gordon Rainsford (England), me, Slawek Latala (Poland), Jacob Duschek (Denmark), Peter Eidt (Germany).

 The successful Workshop, attended by 50 enthusiastic directors from all over Europe, is largely due to the abilities and expertise of these dedicated persons.

February 2020 - Belfast
My fifth visit to Belfast in the last 3 years. This time I organized a bridge workshop for tournament directors. On our first night we found a restaurant near the hotel called the "Barking Dog". We had just received the picture of the Ron's new dog  (see here too) which in spite of its small size had no problem barking loudly at our much larger dog Joanie. That restaurant  was an obvious choice. Good food too..

Doreen took the opportunuty of again visiting the fantastic "Titanic" exhibition, which had so impressed us on a previous visit.


February 2020 - Moran in Berlin

Son Moran was in Berlin, Germany for a conference and seeing a KFC of course wanted to eat there. This was vetoed by his companions and his disappointment is clear.

January/February 2020 - KFC time in Prague

While in Prague we took our mandatory family picture of KFC (see for erxample). Although it's my favourite fast food restaurant we hardly ever eat there and did not eat there this time either. We did have a meal at our usual "Blue Duckling" Restaurant - a truly fabulous restaurant with atmoshere and great food.

Doreen took some of the wives to see the more conventional views of the old city - from left to right Doreen, Cippi Rona, Maureen Porteus and Angela Curran.

kfcdoreen and friends

January 2020 - The Segolis ski and glide

The Segolis enjoyed their skiing holiday in Romania. While there the grandchildren enjoyed the skiing and Lotem and Maayan  also loved the hang gliding.
Pictures on the pages of of  Zoe, Lotem and Maayan (and also below).

Segoli ski Romaniagliding

January 2020 - Cholent at the Rons

Saturday lunch eating the delicious cholent prepared by Aviv Ron.

January 2020 - Friday night with the Rons and Levys
Just nice to be with family but also celebrating Itamar's school achiement and Ilai's birthday.
rons-eilatis dinner

January 2020 - The Rons have a new dog.
Lior carries the Ron's new dog - a toy poodle.  When we know her name we can add her to our "Dogs of the Family" page.

new dog

January 2020 - The Segolis fly to Romania for a ski holiday
plane to skiing

The Segolis took a weekend trip to Eilat.

Enjoying shabbat dinner together.

January 2020 - Lunch at Meshek Barzilai vegan restaurant.

Doreen and the Segolis visited Microsculpture - the  amazing exhibition of  insect photographs  by Levon Bliss  exhibited at the Natural History Museum of Tel Aviv University.  After the visit they had lunch at the currently very popular vegan restaurant Meshek Barzilai.
vegan restaurant

January 2020 - Shabbat dinner with Lior

Only 10 days or so after her operation (see here), we were thrilled that Lior (lighting the Shabbat candles) felt well enough to join us and the Segolis for Shabbat dinner..
lior Shabbat candlesshabbat with Lior

Tamir Klaff's Old metal sculptures

Tamir, son of my late cousin Vivian, made these sculptures from old metal. You can visit his website and see more of these wonderful works.
Tamir's metalworkTamir's metalwork

December 2019 - A visit to Meshek Kirshner Hadash
In May 2016, on this site, we wrote:
"Moshe Kirshner, husband of relative Rochelle (nee Bortenstein, see Schank family tree), had his picture in the press this week accompanied by a long article "The farmer who is smashing the fruit market". Moshe a fruit farmer, and his wife, were disgusted to see that fruit he was selling to wholesalers at ILS 3 a kilogram was being sold in supermarkets at prices ranging from ILS 15 to ILS 40. He offered to sell the fruit (mainly nectarines and peaches) directly to the public for NIS 5-NIS 6 and put his offer on facebook. The response has been overwhelming.  Click here for see the picture and read the article in Hebrew."

Doreen, Moshe, Eitan

Overwhelming response is putting it mildly.
Moshe's direct to consumer stall run by Rochelle and him, open Friday and Saturday, has expanded into a large market open 7 days a week with over 60 employees
 selling tons of fruit and vegetables directly to tens of thousands of consumers every month.

In 2016 Moshe supplied 100% of the produce - today he supplies 1% with the rest coming from farmers from all over the country.

Well done, Moshe, we're very proud of you.

The Keysons visit Israel

At the beginning of last December we travelled to Amsterdam for the unveiling of Lottie Reizer's stone, and while there enjoyed a Friday night dinner with Lottie's daughter Jose, David and the Keyson clan.(see picture).  We were delighted when we had another opportunity to be with them on their visit to Israel at the end of December when daughter Vered Ron had them over for dinner.



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