September 2019 - Wuhan, China

I am in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, in the center of the country on the Yangtse River. Population over 13 million! I'm here to attend meetings of the World Bridge Federation. 

WBF meetingWBFEC

The opening ceremony included performances of Chinese song and dance (and too many speeches!)


This is my third trip to China. The thousands of bicycles and ringing bells on my first trip have been replaced by non-stop traffic and incessant hooting of vehicles and scooters.
Even the progress I saw on my second trip 11 years ago is dwarfed by what I saw now.

On the way from the airport to the center I saw hundreds of completed or partially completed high rise residential buildings, grouped in neighbourhoods. .
By high rise I mean high rise - the buildings were 30 storeys or more high.

China now is a mix of traditional Chinese and Western civilization. Walking from my modern hotel along a main street there were rows of small specialist shops each selling a particular product usually of  Chinese foods, but also some shops that are symbols of  Western culture.

I took a short cut from my hotel to the Championship venue by walking through a large shopping mall containing all the well-known Western brands in large attractive shops. The car dealer dealt and displayed Toyota as well as the luxury cars Bentley, McClaren, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Ferrari. On the -1 level there is a super super market - the largest supermarket I have ever seen anywhere in the world and I've seen a lot of them.

Coffee, anyone?
KFC, anyone?

September 2019 - A weekend at Sde Boqer with the family

While I was in Wuhan China attending bridge meetings, Doreen went down to Midreshet Ben Gurion (Sde Boqer) to the Segolis. The Eilati Levys also came and there was a "mini family reunion". Meeting for the first time were our dog Joanie and grandaughter Amit's dog Oreo. Fortunately they got on very well together. The family prepared sushi under the guidance of grandson Maayan who we have seen (and tasted) is an expert in this.
Sde Boqer weekendSde Boqer weekend1010

Sde Boqer weekend

When we were in Oslofjord earlier this year Doreen was most impressed with the skipping
she saw at the World Rope Skipping Championships. She bought a competiton grade
skipping rope and showed (or I presume, attempted to show) what it was like.

Moran had hired a jeep and they drove to Ein Akev, a natural pool in the desert, where they swam and later ate the sushi they had prepared.

Sde Boqer weekendSde Boqer weekend
Sde Boqer weekendSde Boqer weekend

August 2019
The Eilat Levys seem to agree with the English proverb, "More Hands Less Work" as they all pitch in helping in the kitchen - all except for Aviv of course, someone has to take pictures.
helping in the kitchen10

August 2019 - The Rons visit New York
The Rons, Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior spent an enjoyable week in New York. They especially enjoyed the view from the top of the the wedge-shaped Flatiron Building - a National Historic Landmark - and a walk along the High Line, the old railway line turned park and walking path.
Rons in USARons in USA2

August 2019 - Lotem paints her room
Granddaughter Lotem Segoli was not too happy with the colour of her room so she decided to repaint it, with the help of younger sister Zoe. It looks like they did a good job!
Segolis painting

August 2019 - The Levys and Segolis go on a coastal hike

Doreen with the Eilatis and Segolis and some friends from Australia went on a hike from Hof Dor to Habonim. Unlike the straight sandy coastline where we live, the beaches were covered with countless shells and were full of attractive coves and bays.  It was extremely hot and they entered the water at every opportunity.
See another picture in the Archives of  This Week's Picture.
family hikefamily hikefamily hike

August 2019 - The Levys and Segolis come for dinner

The Eilat Levys, son Aviv, wife Limor and Itamar, Amit and Ilai came for dinner on Thursday evening and slept over. On Friday the Segolis, son Moran wife Mikhal and Maayan, Lotem and Zoe joined us for a specially festive Friday night dinner deliciously prepared by Doreen with help from the grandchildren. Somehow we found room for 12 persons to sleep.
family dinnerfamily dinner

August 2019 - The Segolis in Moscow
On the way back from their Mongolia trip the Segolis spent a few days in Moscow. Of course they sent me a picture of  KFC in Moscow. Lotem made sure to have a meal at the Bar BQ restaurant that donates a portion of the cost of the meal to a fund for saving the tiger. (see also from our trip to Moscow)
Segoli MoscowSegoli Moscow

2019 - Gabi Nathan

Gabi Nathan (see Nochimovitz/Nickel  family tree) has received many awards for scouting (Arrow of Light, Camper of the Week.....). She is one of the first girls in what what was traditionally "Boy Scouts".  We can all be proud of her.
Gabi Nathan

July-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and Moscow

Some pictures from the Segoli trip to Mongolia.  More pictures in the Archives, and on the pagers on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.
July-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and MoscowJuly-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and MoscowJuly-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and MoscowJuly-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and MoscowJuly-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and MoscowJuly-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and Moscow

July-August 2019 - KFC

The family know how much I like Kentucky Fried chicken and Doreen, Aviv, Vered and Moran regularly send me pictures of KFC in the various places they visit.
The Segolis in Mongolia, Vered in China, and (last month) Doreen in Istanbul.
KFCSee more pictures of the trip to Mongolia on the Miscellaneous page, and on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.KFC

July 2019 - Yaffa Loew (see Schank family tree) is a docent once a month at the local Museum at Mishar where she lives. Doreen, and friend Caroline Livneh. went to hear Yaffa's explanations and talks, and found it very interesting. Yaffa's sister Rochelle was also there.

Rochelle Kirshner, Doreen, Caroline, Yaffa
at Mishar Museum
See also the Archives of This Weeks' Picture.

July 2019 - A visit to Paris

The pictures originally here have been moved, together with an account of the trip, to this page.
( More pictures in This Week's Picture Archives, Amit's page and Ilai's page.)

July 2019 - the Segolis visit Mongolia

The Segolis, Moran, Mikhal, Maayan, Lotem and Zoe continue their visits to far-off places. During the next few weeks they will be visiting Mongolia. So far we have heard that it's very interesting and they have sent a few pictures.


July 2019 - During the summer holidays the Segoli and Levy grandchildren visited each in Eilat and in Sde Boqer.

While in Eilat they visited Coral World. (See another picture of Ilay)


Maayan and Lotem dived with dad Moran. (see more  pictures on the pages of Lotem and Maayan)
Lotem and Maayan
look no computer
                            And, as Aviv posted

                            "I saw an amazing phenomenon while diving. Incredible!
                               Maayan and Itamar together without computers!!"

And, not to be outdone, Zoe went snorkelling.

Doreen visits the "scorpion site"
scorpionJoanie doesn't seem very intertested. Probably looking for someone to tickle her tummy,

July 2019 - Vigeland Park in Oslo

The famous Vigeland Park, with over 200 statues, an obelisk with carvings and a fountain, all the work of sculptor Gustav Vigeland, is a must for all visitors to Oslo. About 50 years ago we visited  the park with daughter Vered. We remember how taken she was with a statue of a young child and how she wanted to hug the statue. So of course we had to visit the Park on our short trip to Oslo and take a picture of the statue. The statues represent people in everyday situations, and include subjects not usually depicted such as the old couple in the picture below..
Vigeland childVigeland oldies

July 2019 - Doreen helping at the Bridge Championships in Oslofjord

At the prize giving ceremony Doreen helped sort and distribute the medals.

Doreen at prizegiving

July 2019 - Two more join the clan's divers
Grandchildren Itamar Levy and Lotem Segoli did a diving course in Eilat. (See also Itamar's page and Lotem's page)

July 2019 - The Klotnicks visit Moran's R&D
Klotniks at R&DMoran took Beryl and Joel to see the R&D ("MOP") where he works

July 2019 - European Junior Bridge Championships

The Israel participants at the Championships
israel participants

oslo bridge
Some of the tables at play during the European Junior Bridge Championships held in the Oslofjord Centre Norway, the largest convention centre in Europe.

July 2019 - Cucumber time at the spa
The Segolis set up a "spa" in their lounge at their home in Midreshet Sde Boqer. Zoe, Lotem amd Mikhal try their cucumber treatment. Evidently Dad Moran was not too impressed, but he did try a potato treatment.

at the spaMoran at the spa

July 2019 - The Segolis and Itamar at the pool

Zoe, Maayan, Itamar, 2 friends from Australia and Lotem pose for a group picture in the pool. (see another picture of the group looking at a scorpion)
in the pool

June 2019 - A visit to Caesarea
As part of the June birthday celebrations (see here) Doreen took the family to the new exhibit at Caesarea which was of interest to all. However, the highlight of the visit undoubtedly was trying to stop the waves.
getting wetat Caesaria

June 2019 - Vered jumping

We were pleased to see that daughter Vered Ron, on a recent business trip to South America, had time for some fun.
Vered jumping

June 2019 - Celebrating daughter Vered's birthday

Kisses from mother and daughters Lior and Danielle.                   Although living so far away, the Eilatis arrive first at the restaurant and wait for the others.
vered bdayvered bday
Click here for another picture of Danielle and Lior.

June 2019 - Mikhal Segoli works and relaxes

Mickal relaxing
Mikhal is attending a conference in France north of Nice and had the opportunity to relax a little.

Istanbul June 2019
We are in Istanbul for the European Open Bridge Championships. Apart from the Championships which last just over two weeks, and at which I am an official, there were also meetings of the EBL Executive Committee over three days. (see picture in the Archives)

Doreen spent most of the days touring the city, and visited the Blue Mosque with two "EBL wives", Nancy from the Netherlands and Maureen from Ireland; and enjoyed one of the many local markets

But the evenings were mainly spent enjoying the delicious cuisine of  Istanbul.
Enjoying fish baked in salt and a fish restaurant right on the sea


Rack of lamb - delicious and succulent at a restaurant with the friendliest  and most helpful staff
we have ever envountered anywhere. We went there a second time not only for the food,
but to say hello to the manager!

We were royally and deliciously entertained by Sevinc Atay, a member of the Executive Committee from Turkey, at her home in Istabul,

21 June 2019 - Aviv Levy's birthday
Son Aviv Levy celebrated his birthday this week and his family took him to an escape room with the theme King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Aviv bday
Itamar, Aviv, Amit, Limor, Ilai

June 21 - Doreen's 75th birthday

To celebrate Doreen's 75th birthday we went to an "Only Meat' restaurant in Jaffa to enjoy a steak and steak tartar.
only meat

June 2019 - The Abu Ghosh Music Festival
Shavuot is also the time of the Abu Ghosh Music Festival. We went to two performances and enjoyed them very much. Noam Heiman (see Goldberg Family Tree) is a singer in one of the performing choirs and we met him before the start of one of the performances.
Noam Heiman

June - jelly fish in Eilat
There was an "invasion" of jelly fish in the Eilat bay this week,and son Aviv Levy was quoted on a television article, assuring people that these jelly fish don't sting..  They also showed a short filming of the phenomenon that Aviv had photographed. Here is a still shot.


June 2019 - Shavuot
The Jewish holiday Shavuot is celebrated by many by folk dances to Israel songs. Here are grandchildren Zoe and Lotem Segoli celebrating at their school in Midreshet Sde Boqer
dancing on shavuotdancing on shavuot

June 2019
Doreen and I took part - unsuccessfully - in the Tel Aiv Bridge Festival held this week.
Tel Aviv Bridge Festival

Sailing in Greece.

Son Aviv Levy went on a week's sailing trip in the Greek Isles with some friends. He had an excellent trip and also enjoyed the views.
Aviv sailing

Louis Nickel at work
Doreen's cousin Louis Nickel has started a new job working at Bardichev Humus in Haifa. We visited him there and could see why the restaurant is so highly rated.. See Nochomovitz/Nickel family tree.
Louis Nickel

May2019 - A visit to Eilat


  April 2019 - Peter Royle's family
I was happy to renew contact with some of the Royle family, through an email from Peter Royle who lives in England. His family details have been updated in the Goldberg Family Tree and here is a picture of him with his 2 daughters, wife and mother.
Peter Royle family
Chiara, Cinzia, Peter, Sarah and  Orianna Royle

Peter's mother, Sarah nee Levy-Bencheton is a descendant of a family whose roots go back about 700 years to Saragossa in Spain.  As Peter points out - THAT'S a family tree!

April 2019 - My 79th birthday

We celebrated my 79th birthday at home and were joined by Vered, Aviv and Danielle. Doreen went out of her way and prepared a delicious gourmet 4 course dinner.

  79th birthday79th birthday79th birthday
I received a delightful birthday card from Doreen - see here.

And birthday wishes all the way from the Caribbean.
Aviv's wishes

April 2019 - Aviv in the Caymans
Son Aviv is in the Cayman Islands, in the Caribbean Islands. There he will be the diving companion of family friend Morris Kahn. Picured below are the pool area and a friend - all of which remind Aviv of the time we spent living in St Thomas in the Caribbean.

Aviv CaymanAviv Cayman

April 2019 - The Segolis continue their hike in the Italian Apennines.

Segoli AppeninesSegoli Appenines
For more pictures, access the Segoli site in English or in Hebrew.

Pesach with the Braverman/Dvir family.

We were all most impressed with Rafael's excellent singing of the "4 Questions" and the traditional  "Chad Gadya" song (with some modern touches) .
Rafael - Pesach

The Segolis go hiking in the Italian Apennines

Segolis resting After the 24th Family Reunion, the Segolis remained in Italy and went hiking in the Apennines.
The Eilati Levys in Rome

Eilatis at the Colisseum The Eilati Levys spent a few days in Rome after the 24th Family Reunion.

March 2019 - Purim

Purim is fancy dress time and the children - and adults - have a great time.
At Midreshet Ben Gurion at Sde Boqer there is a traditional adloyada - carnival - celebrated every year.  The floats are prepared by the high school students. Grandson Maayan  had a great time participating in the parade. Click on the picture below to see a few seconds of the parade.

Purim is made for granddaughter Lotem who does wonders with make up. Look at what she did to her dad Moran, mom Mikhal and sister Zoe.

                                    Granddaughters Danielle and Lior also dressed up.           Grandaughter Ilai flew up from Eilat for a special purim party for Animea fans, and cousin Danielle took her their. Ilai is wearing a mask of the Tokyo Ghoul.

March 2019 - A visit to Lausanne
Enjoying the traditional Fillet de Perche with Francoise and Pierre Collaros

We re-visited some of our favourite places including: Vevey with the giant fork statue, looking like a picture on a Swiss box of choclates. At Gruyere where we were were fascinated by the robot in the centre of the aisle that looks after the cheese (turning it over etc), while at the Fornerod Patisserie in Morges we enjoyed coffee and looked at the chocolates made from donkey milk.

We drove to Gstaadt with the magificent mountain scenery. Doreen explored Lausanne with Cipi Rona, the wife of Gianarrigo, the President of the World Bridge Federation, here with the cathedral with its exceptional stained glass windows in the background. We discovered a wonderful restaurant Cafe du Village, only  a 3 minutes walk from the home of Francoisse and Pierre.

March 2019 - Granddaughters Lotem and Zoe Segoli perform the dance scene by Ross and Monica  from  the sitcom Friends.

Click on the picture below
friends dance

February 2019 - still in Lisbon

Doreen writes about her touring first with grandchildren Maayan and Lotem, then by herself:

On the way to visit Evora we drove over the Vasco da Gama Bridge - 12 km over the Tagus River. We were a little disappointed to learn that it was not the longest bridge in Europe, but it was still a great experience.

In Evora we visited the Bone Chapel inside the Sao Francisco Church. Decorated entirely with bones of skeletons, above the entrance  is carved: "We bones that are here await yours."  We left them disappointed.
We also visited the Cromlech of Alamendres, 95 huge stones marking the equinoxes.. A few years ago we visited Stonehenge with Itamar and Maayan, but these are even older,.

At Sintra we took a tuktuk up the steep mountain and then explored  the colorful Palacio da Pena, the disney-like castle from every angle. See another picture on Maayan's page.)
Afterwards we went to the Initiation Well at Qunita de Regaleira, which involved a lot of walking uphill....and downhill.
Sintrainitiation well

 After the grandchildren returned to Israel I took a ride on tram 28 through the city, amazed how the trams climb the torturous hills on narrow, narrow streets. In the middle of the city there is the Justa Elevator, considered public transport. The metro ticket is valid for the elevator but one has to pay to climb the narrow steps for a great view of the city.

For more pictures of the Lisbon visit see below, the pages of Maayan and Lotem, and the Archive pictures here and here.

February 2019 - A visit to Lisbon with Maayan and Lotem
Doreen and the two grandchildren accompanied me to Lisbon here where I am officiating at the European Mixed Teams Bridge Championships. While I was busy with the bridge Doreen took the children to see a little of Lisbon and Portugal.

On the first day they went into Lisbon centre. Lisbon is very hilly and they walked their feet off as they climbed monuments and walked up and down the hills.On the way they stopped, not only at the oldest bookshop in the world, but also refreshed themselves many times (for energy?!) - ice roll specially made for Lotem - at the first coffee shop in Lisbon -at Alcoa for their famous pastries - lunch at Timeout - and enjoying noodles.


Doreen hired a car and off they went to see some of the area's beautiful nature, such a Boca da Inferno, with its waves smashing over the rocks. Boca do Roca, the westernmost point of Europe was just as impressive with its dramatic coastline and thinking there was nothing between them and the Americas except the Atlantic Ocean.
Boca do InfernoRocksrocks

See more pictures on the Archives page and on the pages of Maayan and Lotem

February 2019 - A new relative!
We were delighted to hear some months ago from Devra Hock, a relative on the Nochomovitz side, who would be in Israel to attend a meeting in Israel of a Museum Research Group as part of her studies for a Ph.D in paleontology.  We have never met her or her parents but have met quite a few other Hock relatives (for example, see here.) . Over the weekend we got to know her as friendly and articulate. Her visit culminated in a Friday night family dinner, before her flight back home to the States.
Devra Hock visitDevra Hock visit
Devra Hock visitDevra Hock visit

February2019 - In Antalya for the Bridge TD Course

Grading test papers

During the bridge course in Antalya (see here) I was busy and only managed to see a little of the city during the last afternoon, but Doreen had time to get around and see some more of the area.
She rented a bicycle and went on a long ride,even uphill!. She also visisted Perge, an ancient Roman city mentioned in the New Testament, and the Kursunlu Falls.
AntalyaPergeAntalya Kursunlu Falls

Some of the big advantages of these bridge events are meeting people from other countries, and meeting up with old friends and acquaintances.
Doreen went on a short tour with Mandie from England and Trish fom Australia and enjoyed the Duden Falls; and on the last afternoon we had the opportunity of seeing the port with Ton Kooijman (Netherlands) and Laurie Kelso (Australia) - both of the World Bridge Laws Committee, - and Catherine Vitry, secretary of the European Bridge Leahgue.
AntalyaAntalya port

February 2019 - Celebrating the birthdays of Ilai and Moran

Two days and a few decades separate the birthdays of granddaughter Ilai  (28 Jan) from son Moran (30 Jan) and Doreen decided to invite the whole clan for Friday night dinner. 14 of the 16 (both AvivR and Dani are overseas) came from Herzliya, Sde Boqer and Eilat. It's a real pleasure to see how everyone enjoys being together and that the children get on so well. 


January 21 - Dinner with some Reijzer grandchildren
We had dinner at daughter Vered's home and were happy to again meet newly married Jonathan and Alexandra Keyson , and Nadav  Keyson

Reijzer grandchildren

January 2019 - A quick visit to London

Doreen and I spent a week in London and were happy to see some old friends and relatives again.

We enjoyed meerting and having lunch at TPT our favourite Chinese Restaurant with long-time friend Shirley Poluck

with Shirly Poluk

We visited Bletchley Park where, during the war, Alan Turing and others developed the codebreaking machine, the Bombe, to break the German codes generated by their Enigma machine. The move The Imitation Game was based on this.
It was a fascinating and worthwhile visit.
Bletchley ParkIn front of a full-size model of the Bombe

We had dinner with Marianna and Bill Pencharz in a Polish Restaurant they used to frequent many years ago, and we all enjoyed the traditional Polish-style food.
Bill was President of the European Bridge Leauge when Eitan restarted his bridge career some 20 years ago. Doreen and Marianna became very friendly and traveled to Timbuktu together. We have remained good friends for a long time.

with the Pencharzes

Frankie was one of Doreen's best friends before any of us were married, and when Frankie married Eitan's cousin, Vivian Klaff, that only cemented the friendship. (see Vivian's memorial page.). We were also friendly with Dave Rothschild before any of us were married , and when Dave and Frankie married a few years ago the close friendship between the four of us just came naturally.
frankie and Vered

December 2018 - January 2019: Moran's trek in Ethiopia
Son Maayan Segoli returned this morning from a six day trek with 2 friends, Eran and Kagan, in the Simian Mountains of Ethiopia. He reports a wonderful experience, including seeing the unique Gelada monkey ("bleeding heart monkey")  found only in Ethiopia.

In 2004 Doreen went on a 4 day trek in the Simien Mountains - you can read her report and pictures here.