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 29th December 2018

Lior open Shabbat
Picnic Lunch at Lior's base
Back l-r: Vered R, Doreen, Lotem S, Mikhal S
Front l-r: Aviv R, Lior R, Maayan S, Zoe S, Eitan
Granddaughter Lior Ron remained at her base during this weekend, but family were allowed to visit in the area next to the base. So parents Vered and Aviv, the Segolis and Doreen and I drove to her base and enjoyed a picnic brunch. Having left home in uninterrupted  rain we delighted in the relatively warm weather down south.
Happy Anniversary this week to: Jennifer and Paul Taylor (31st)

22nd December 2018

Lottie Reijzer
Lottie Reijzer

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing in Amsterdam this week of our dear friend Lottie Reijzer. Our condolences go out to husband Hans, daughter Jose and David, son Ezra and Rivka, and grandchildren; and to her two sisters.
We have been close friends of the Reijzers since meeting them while learning Hebrew at Ulpan Ben Yehuda in 1965. Our friendship extended to the next generation - our children are also close friends.
The physical distance between the Netherlands and Israel  did not prevent us from meeting regularly and taking part in our simhas (celebrations). We enjoyed visiting and seeing them, going on holidays with them, playing bridge with them and even eating in Hans's restaurant choices.
Here are some of the many links on this sit to the Reijzers
Aups holiday and pictureour bicycle tour of Holland;  some pictures 2008, 2012, 2018;  barmitzvahfamily meal 2017quick A'Dam visit2017


15th December 2018
Winnie Levy
Winnie Levy  10/2/1922 - 09/12/2018
My dear Aunt Winnie passed away at the beginning of the week, aged 96. Winnie was the daughter of Sasha and Sophie Edelstein, and she married Eric Levy, my father's brother in 1922.
Aunt Winnie was always part of my life. When I was about 6 or 7 years old  Winnie and Eric came to live in Durban, in an apartment a 2 minutes walk from our house. There their eldest, my cousin Sharon was born and I remember helping rock her to sleep in her pram. They later moved to Pietermaritzburg, about 75 kms away, and we saw them regularly. They then went to Upington, in the Kalahari in the northern Cape and I spent some months with them in the late 1950's with the intention of studying law and being articled to Uncle Eric, before I changed direction and decided law wasn't for me.
Doreen and I saw and spent time with Winnie on our trips to South Africa, and we and our children were always grateful for the warmth and love she always showed us.
When we dedicated a Science Laboratory to honour my sister Fern's memory,  it was only natural that Wnnie was present (see picture) and Winnie's visit to Israel in 2010 was an opportunity for one of our family reunions (see picture).
We'll all miss you very much, darling Aunt Winnie!
Our heartfelt condolences go to her three children Sharon, Charles and Cecile, to their spouses Joe, Sheenagh and Raymond, to the Leibowitz, Levy and Cotton grandchildren and to her 7 great grandchild ren.
A few more pictures and links here.
  • Our thoughts are with ex-Durbanite and friend Ilana Dubb (nee Rubinstein) and her famly, and wish for the speedy recovery of her granddaughter Shira Ish-Ran and husband Amichai.  21-year old Shira and her husband were shot by a terrorist in a passing car while waiting  at a bus station near Ofra in the West Bank.  Shira was 7 months pregnant, but efforts to save the baby were in vain.
  • We have received a family picture from Melodie Nathan from her daughter Gabi's batmitzvah two weeks ago (see archives). Click here for a picture of the happy family.
  • Ex-Durbanite friends John and Ethne Nussbaum (nee Miller) are visiting Israel from Canada and we were delighted to see them again. We were joined for dinner at home by Naomi (nee Hertz) and Eli Vinocour, and Maureen (nee Konigsfest) Fain. It was lovely talking about our youth and our memories and our shared past. Picture here.
  • We were delighted to read that Shuki Koriski, best friend of our son-in-law Aviv Ron, was part of a team of astronomers who identified the ghost of  the disrupted Tadpole Galaxy.  When we had dinner at the Rons' house a few months ago Shuki and his companion were there. We joked that Shuki was constantly looking at his phone to see if the telescope was correctly foscused on a galaxy 300 million light years away.
  • There are some new pictures on the pages of our granddaughters Zoe and Lotem and  soldier Lior.



1st December 2018
Gabriella about 6 years old
Gabriella Nathan - aged about 6

Congratulations to Gabi Nathan and  her parents Melodie nee Melamed (see Nochimovitz/Nickel family tree) and Mark Nathan on her batmitzvah this coming Saturday. Mazel Tov to you all and to grandmother Lucille (nee Nickel)  Melamed..
Click here for a picture of Gabi aged a few days, and an announcement of her birth; and here for new Mom Melodie coping with two jobs.

Happy Anniversary this week to:  Suzan and Mark Glasser (4th)

24th November 2018
Lior and Avivi - chenna
Aviv and Limor at the chinna party before their wedding 20 years ago

Congratulations to son Aviv and Lior on their 20th wedding anniverary this week. And congratulatons to Itamar, Amit and Ilai on having such lovely caring parents!

The picture was taken at the traditional (North African) chinna ceremony before the wedding, when traditional dress is worn and a paste made from the leaves of the henna tree is applied to the palms of the couple and their guests.

(see some more pictures of Aviv and Limor on a previous family page)
Happy Anniversaries this week to:   Limor and Aviv Levy (26th), Richard and Talia Klotnick (28th)

17th November 2018
off to the army!
Le'chaim - I'm off to the army!
Granddaughter Lior starts her compulsory army service on Wednesday. She's looking forward to it though not without a certain amount of trepidation. After a period of basic training she will get her permanent assigment which she hopes will be the one she wants. We plan to be at her induction ceremony on Wednesday.
After a period of basic training she will get her permanent assigment which she hopes will be the one she wants.

Lior had delayed her army service for a year when she voluntered for a year of national service  in a closed facility for very delinquent boys; and helping rehabilitation in a juvenile prison. 

This afternoon Doreen prepared a delicious (as usual!) lunch as a farewell for Lior, and we were joined by Doreen's sister Louise and good friend Caroline.
Click here for the family and Lior after lunch.
Happy Anniversaries this week to:   Eric and Avigail Cotton (17th), Eloise and Lawrence Feinstein (22nd), Shulamit (Lama) and Alan Klotnick (23rd)

10th November 2018
Naama and Mor
With Naama (Gilad) Kadosh

This week we celebrated  the marriage of Naama Gilad and Mor Kadosh. Mazel Tov! Congratulations too to the parents of the bride, Racheli (nee Olkienitski) Gilad (see Goldberg family tree) and Avi Gilad; and special congratulations to grandmother Sara Olkienitski  (my late mother's cousin.)


3rd November 2018
Paul and Maureen POrteus
Doreen and I with Paul and Maureen Porteus

This week we were happy to entertain more good friends from overseas, Paul and Maureen Porteus from Dublin, Ireland. Paul is a colleague on the European Bridge League (EBL) Executive Committee (see here) and we are very good friends with him and his wife Maureen. On our cruise to Iceland last August we made a stop in Dublin and Paul and Maureen took us on a lovely tour of Dublin's highlights. Like Jafet and Hildur from Iceland (see last week)  they are in Israel to attend the EBL Champions' Cup in Eilat next week. Doreen is taking them around to see some of Israel's highlights.


27th October 2018
Jafet Hildur
Doreen and I with Jafet and Hildur

We were happy to meet up with Jafet and Hildur Olafsson who are visiting Israel. Jafet is also a member of the European Bridge League (EBL) Executive Committee and we see each other 2 or 3 times every year at meetings. On our trip to Iceland Jafet entertained us and showed us the area around Akureyri . In the beginning of November the European Champions' Cup in Bridge will be held in Eilat and there will be a meeting of the EBL. We spent a lovely day with them showing them around Tel Aviv (see picture.)
  • Son Aviv Levy and Limor are touring in Italy and having a grand time. They have sent us pictures and we particularly like the pictures of the trulli around Alberobello, a place we have never visited but will certainly do so in the future. See picture.
  • Granddaughter Lotem Segoli came to Tel Aviv to attend a preparation for a project she may be interested in and as it was the day before her birthday we took the opportunity of celebrating it at an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. (See picture).
  • Lotem's brother Maayan branched out from his usual cooking and prepared a delicious berry pie for her birthday. See picture.
  • Many thanks to Sydney Lossin for some updates to the Matz family tree.
  • Happy Birthday this week to:   Shelley de Millon (28th), Adelaide Bloede (28th), Naftali Oppenheimer (28th),  Adam Bacher (29th), Andrew Glick (29th), Rachel Karlsblad (30th), Yaffa Loew (30th), Jacob Freundlich. (31st); Ryon Ezra (Nov. 1st), Benjamin Glogauer (Nov. 1st), Bernard Spector (Nov. 2nd),

20th October 2018

Patisa and fam
Dinner at Doreen's
l-r: Caroline Livne; Vered and Aviv Ron; Patisa,Jens and Sophia Rasmussen; Danielle and Lior Ron; Doreen.

Patisa, Jens and Sophia are going back home to Denmark tomorrow after about 10 days in Israel. (See last week). Doreen took them on a tour of Jerusalem, and we had a typical and excellent Middle-East dinner in Netanya, and a Friday night dinner at our house. Patisa has a remarkable memory, and reminded us of many happenings in St Thomas that we had forgotten about.

No Anniversaries this week

13th October 2018

Dani returns
Big Surprise of the Week - Granddaughter Danielle Ron returned to Israel after her long stay overseas.
After spending nearly two years working in California and then touring South America, Dani returned to Israel, perhaps for a short visit, perhaps for a long stay. We were not told she was coming back now - Dani wanted to surprise us - and she succeeded. We went for dinner at the Rons to meet long-time friends Partisa, Jens and Sofia Rasmussen who are visiting from Denmark. Then there was knock at the door and, Surprise! Dani entered!
Some more pictures on  the pages of Dani and her sister Lior.

6th October 2018
visit to Acre

My cousin Sharon and Joe Leibovitz are in Israel and will be visiting for about 10 days. We enjoyed a tour with them of Acco (Acre) expertly guided of course by Doreen.


29th September 2018

Relatives Yaakov Bortenstein and Yaffa Loew were in the Baltics and visited the Drui family in Estonia and the Schanks in Sweden. We have not seen Nessie Schank for over 50 years since she visited and stayed with us in Netanya. We are delighted that Yaakov and Yaffa have renewed contact with their cousin Nessie and her husband Eliezer.
see Schank family tree.
No Anniversaries this week

22nd September 2018
Hock family
l-r: Lynne, Anita, Joseph, Jonathan, Doreen, Alan, Douglas, Winkie, Eitan

We broke the Yom Kippur fast at the home of Lynne and Jonathan Hock. Delicious food - but most important an opportunity to meet more of the wonderful Hock family.
On our last visit to USA we met Anita, widow of the late Morton Hock (Doreen's second cousin) and she and her son Jonathan and family visited us in Israel. Now  we were delighted to have the opportunity  to meet  more of the family.

Click here for the  Nochimovitz/Nickel family tree
Happy Anniversary this week to:  Nancy and Witney Burrows (23), Tessa and Jason Capra (28)

15th September 2018
Sth America
The Ron Family Meet in South America

Daughter Vered and Aviv and Lior flew to Argentina to meet up with Daniele on her South American trip. They will continue touring before returning to Israel. Enjoy yourselves while you can. Aviv and Vered will be coming back to work, Lior to start her compulsory Army service, and Danielle to study? work?
More pictures here, and also on Danielle's page.

8th September 2018
biogradska gora
At Lake Biogradska Yazera, Montenegro

We've just returned from a short but interesting trip to Montenegro - see some pictures and read Doreen's account here.

1st September 2018

Hofit party
  Hofit - old-timers gathering
 As  former long-time residents of Hofit, a liberal and secular village north of Netanya, we were invited to a gathering of "old-timers". We thoroughly enjoyed meeting up again with so many of our old friends  and sharing memories.  Yoram T'Harlev, one of Israel's top song-writers, wittily entertained us with his memories and  rhymes, accompanied by selections of his wonderful songs.

  • The wandering Levy family is still wandering - but only partly now. The Segoli branch has returned from Madagascar (see a previous picture), and Aviv of the Eilat branch is back after his sailing trip (see previous pictures). Vered and Aviv of the Ron branch are still sailing (see new pictures) and return in a few days time. And tomorrow Doreen and I fly to Montenegro for a 5 day tour.
  • We return in time to prepare for Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year - which we will celebrate at home with Doreen's Glazer branch.
  • Then we're off again - but more on that next week!
  • Granddaughter Lotem sadly said goodbye to her braids and hello to her loose hair. See pictures.
  • We paid a visit to Sara Olkienitski whom we have not seen since her 95th birthday earlier this year. Click for a picture.  (see Goldberg Family Tree).

25th August 2018
tree climbing
Climbing a palm tree in Madagascar.
This simple picture sent by son Moran on his family trip in Madagascar brought back a flood of memories!

In the "good old days", when we lived in Eilat, we often went camping in Sinai. At our favourite spot there was a palm tree recalling the one in the picture above. The children took turns climbing the tree and then jumping down into the sand. Each child had his/her way of doing it, often accompanied by elaborate bowing and theatrical gestures. This was an amazingly popular activity! One one occasion I took a movie, and on its first showing  I reversed the movie projector and instead of jumping off the tree, the children jumped up onto the tree. (Click on the above picture to see what I mean). This became so popular that most family meetings included a screening of the off/on tree climbing, as well as an in/out jump into/from a garden pool by cousin Rael.
(I will try and convert my old movie to a computer compatible clip sometime soon and post it on this site.)
Doreen: And somewhere I have a photo of myself, aged about 12, with my arm in a plaster cast climbing another palm tree in Mombasa.

18th August 2018
at the circus
Enjoying ourselves at the Roma Circus
Our 3 Eilati grandchildren, Itamar, Amit and Ilai stayed with us in Netanya this week. We enjoyed having them and we hope hope they enjoyed being with us. Click for two more pictures.


11th August 2018
ring-tailed lemur
The visitors receive a visitor

The Segolis are having a great time on their visit to Madagascar. Maayan went diving, Zoe ate chocolate and Lotem went swimming. As can be seen by clicking here, life there is not easy especially for Moran.

In the picture above, the family was visited by one of the indigenous inhabitants of Madagascar, a ring-tailed lemur, endemic to the Island.

  • Also continuing her holiday is granddaughter Danielle Ron, who is now in the Galapagos Islands.
  • I have returned from a very successful trip to Antalya, Turkey to make further arrangements for a Bridge TD Course I am organizing there next February.
  • Doreen and I are very much opposed to the new "Nation State" law passed by the Knesset, and last Saturday evening we attended a mass demonstration against the law. There is another demonstration this evening and again we intend taking part.

4th August 2018
Dani at equator
Danielle on the equator in Quito Ecuador

Granddaughter Danielle Ron continues her trip to South America. Mexico, Guatamala, Ecuador. From reports she is having a great time and she sent us this picture of her standing in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. In September the Levy Rons will fly to Argentina and meet up with her there.

  • The Segolis are continuing their trip to Madagascar and seem to be having a fabulous time. It looks like a perfect place for the nature-loving Segolis. See picture here and on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.
  • Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv have finally moved into their new large and spacious house in Herzliya. The renovations have finished - well nearly - and most things are in their designated place. Good luck in your new home!
  • Although we have much in common we don't often see old friends Steve and Binny Blass so we were delighted when they came for lunch and we could get together with them and Frankie Klaff ( see Goldberg family tree) and David Rothschild (who are on a visit to Israel).  See picture here.
  • Later this week I will fly to Antalya, Turkey to make firther arrangements for a Bridge TD Course I am organizing there next February.
  • Happy Birthday this week to: Rebecca Engleberg Garbawy (4), Warren Nickel (5), Audrey Bloede (5), Liam Macmillan (5), Seth Macmillan (5),  Lynn  Weisz (6), Jordan Klotnick (7), Lori Hock (7), Danielle Glasser (7), Mason Tel (8), Paul Taylor (8), Carmen  Kay (8), David Bacher (9), Devora Klotnick (9), Anita Hock (10), Yitzhak Ruimy (10)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Jennifer and Paul MacMillan (4), Adele and Bruce Cleaver (5), Amalia and Oren Klaff, (9), Anat and William Kirsh (9)

28th July 2018
Clockwise: Zoe S, Mikhal S, Aviv R, Maayan S, Moran S, Vered R, Lotem S, Doreen
The Segoli family left yesterday for a month-long trip to Madagascar. נסיעה טובה bon voyage. We expect to receive lots of pictures in the next month. On the way to the airport they "dropped in" for supper and we were joined by daughter Vered Ron and Aviv who are staying with us while the house they bought is being renovated. As usual Doreen prepared a delicious meal at the last minute.
  • This week we have been happy to host Frankie Klaff (see Goldberg family tree) and Dave Rothschild who are on a short visit to Israel. It's always nice to see them; we enjoyed being with them again.
  • We have mentioned on this site that Doreen is a volunteer for the "Road to Recovery" organisation that helps transport people needing specialised medical treatment from the territories to Israel hospitals  (for example, click here) . This week Haaretz  newspaper published an article about some of the volunteers' experiences while "on the job". Click to read the article  (in English, without the pictures, downloaded from Haaretz.). 
  • Happy Birthday this week to:   Leora Cigler (28),  Limor Sadeh Levy (29), Dvir Kasorla (29), Leora Perlman (29), Melanie Bold (31)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Vered and Yoav Shavit (Aug 2)

21st July 2018
Rome Colloseum
Doreen and I with our 3 children, Moran Segoli, Vered Ron, Aviv Levy visit the Colosseum

After our trip to Croatia for Bridge, Doreen and I flew to Rome where we were joined by our three children to celebrate son Aviv's 50th birthday. As mentioned last week, Aviv knew he was being taken overseas but had no idea of where. He only found out at the airport before boarding the flight.

We returned to Israel this afternoon after a wonderful 3-4 days spent together but haven't had time to prepare a full report on the trip but there are some pictures posted here. Next week we (mainly Doreen!) will add the decriptions.

  • Our trip to Croatia for the European Junior Bridge Championships was very successful both from a professional point of view as well as from a personal aspect. The trip had some spice added to it as we could watch the FIFA final between France and Croatia in Croatia in a theatre with youth from all over Europe including France and Croatia.

14th July 2018
Leibovitz 50 anniv
Joe and Sharon Leibowitz
Congratulations to cousin Sharon and Joe Leibowiz in Melbourne Australia on their 50th wedding anniversary. We think you are a fitting king and queen! Click for another picture of the family celebrating.
We look forward to personally wishing you mazel tov on your quick visit to Israel in October.
See Matz and Hershovitz/Levy family trees.
  • We are delighted to report that tests this week have confirmed that Itamar is rapidly recovering from myocarditis. (see Archives). He will still need to take it easy for a number of months.
  • Son and daughter-in-law Moran and Mikhal Segoli celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary this week. Their daugher prepared a beautiful card for them. See pictures here.
  • We are in Opatija, Croatia, for the European Bridge Youth Championships and a meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Bridge League. We have been to Opatija a number of times and each time we are impressed with the city and its beautiful situation. Some pictures here.
  • In a few days time we will fly to xxxxxx,  and our children Vered, Aviv and Moran will join us for a few days to celebrate Aviv's 50th birthdasy. (Aviv still doesn't know where we are going to, hence the xxxxxx).
  • Happy Birthday this week to:   Eileen Glogauer (14), Petronille Bloede (14), Tamara Klein (15), Glenda Cleaver (15), Isaac (Issy) Kirsh (16), Rhona Neiman (16), Shira Forman (17), Dion Levin (19), Keren Stern (19),  Daniel Klotnick (20), Rossie Geffen (20), Suzanne Lazarus (20)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Mushe and Issie Kirsh (14), Moriah and Gil Pashas (14), Viki and Jack Gilbert (16), Joanne and Shaun Zagnoev (18)

7th July 2018
itamar leaves hospital
Itamar leaves hospital
We're happy to report that grandson Itamar was released yesterday from Schneider Hosital.
Last Saturday Itamar was admitted to hospital in Eilat after severe chest pains. He was diagnosed with pericarditis - inflammation of the heart membrane - and transferred by ambulance to Schneider Children's Hospital near Tel Aviv. There it was determined that he had myocarditis - inflammation of the heart muscle - probably caused by an unknown virus.  He was treated there during the week and his condition improved sufficiently for him to be released yesterday. He will have to "take it easy" for a few months but fortunately there will be no permanent negative effects.


30th June 2018
Vered 52 bday
Vered is 52!
Congratulations to daughter Vered on her 52nd birthday. We celebrated with her and husband Aviv and daughter Lior at their favourite Vietnamese restaurant. See pictures of the 3 generations and the tributes from the siblings.

23th June 2018
Aviv 50Bday
Aviv is 50!
Congratulations to son Aviv Levy on reaching 50! His place of work, Coral World Eilat, gave him a suprise party - quite an amazing event - see some pictures of the celebration here.
(Doreen and I and his two siblings Vered and Moran have another surprise waiting for him, but that will wait till another time).


16th June 2018
Tea party
Doreen's Birthday Tea Party
Anna, Carol, Hulda, Maureen, Doreen, Claude, Sevinc, Cippi, Mariana
While in Ostend for the European Bridge Championships Doreen celebrated her birthday with a tea party. Invited were her friends, wives of officials, whom we regularly meet at bridge events. After the tensions of the elections it was both happy and healing.

9th June 2018
EBL EC Committee 2018
Executive Committee - European Bridge League 2018
I am in Ostend, Belgium, officiating at the European Bridge Teams Championships. In addition to the Championships, elections were held for the Executive Committee which will serve for 4 years until 2022. I have been on the Committee for 4 years since 2014 and was re-elected for another 4 year term. There were 20 candidates for the 12 seats, and I got the third highest number of votes. A fellow Israeli, Gilad Ofir, topped the poll. Eleven countries are represented on the Committee (Israel was the only country with more than one representative).
A new President was also chosen, Jan Kamras of Sweden .

2nd June 2018
new Yaris
Our new car!
We sold our 7 year old Toyota Prius Hybrid and downsized a bit by buying a ToyotaYaris Hybrid. We've been thinking some time of buying a new car and wanted a Toyota for reliabilty and service. So when there was a "special' on the Yaris we went for it. We haven't driven it much yet, but so far we are very satisfied. The Yaris joins our 22 year old Toyota Starlet - an amazing car.

26th May 2018
sara 95
Happy 95th Birthday, Sara!
Tonight we celebrated the 95th birthday of Sara Olkienitski at the home of daughter Shuli and Eitan Haberman. Lots of family, lots of delicious food, lots of stories - a lovely evening.
Sara is my mother's cousin - my first cousin once removed. She is a holocaust survivor who arrived in Israel on the famous ship Altalena. We retain close contact with her and her children, the Haberman, Heiman and Gilad families.
see Goldberg Family Tree.

19th May 2018
Nile waterfall
Doreen in Ethiopia
From our Old Pictures Collection: Doreen has twice visited Ethiopia. On this occasion, in 2004 she saw the Blue Nile Waterfall. The Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia and is the the main tributary of the Nile River, supplying it with 60% or more of its water.
  • Tomorrow is Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the ancient Israel agrarian customs of celebrating the harvest and the first fruits,  as well as the giving of the Torah. In modern Israel it  is customary to eat milk products on ther eve and day of the holiday, and religious Jews also spend the time studying the Torah.
  • The "milk products" part of the holiday is problem for our vegan granddaughter Lior and at her suggestion we decided to have a vegan  dinner. She prepared some dishes and Doreen even prepared a "cheese" cake that didn't contain any cheese. Surprisingly for me the food was very tasty and a good time was had by all.
  • There is a modern tradition at the school attended by grandchildren Maayan and Lotem Segoli. Each grade prepares a typical dance of a different decade. It is good fun and the children enjoy it very much. Pictures here.  They also invite holocaust survivors to the event and have various stalls. Last year they bought computers for some of the survivors from the the money from these stalls
  • The success of Israel's Netta winning the the Eurovision Song Contest was big news in Israel and she gave a special open air performance in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv attended by thousands including granddaughters Loem and Zoe Segoli. See pictures of Lotem and Zoe.

12th May 2018

Friday night
Friday night dinner in Eilat
We had a full week including 2 concerts and one opera and decided visit our sons and families in the weekend. We spent Friday in Eilat with Aviv, Limor and the children (enjoying a delicious dinner cooked by Limor) and then Saturday afternoon we visited Moran, Mikhal and the children
  • The Eilat Levys have a new cat so we decided to leave our dog Joanie in Sde Boqer with the Segolis, especially with Zoe. Zoe and Joanie adore each other and Zoe took her dog-sitting duties seriously. See picture.

5th May 2018

Reunion 5 ca 1997
Were was this picture taken?
The picture was taken on the occasion of the 5th Family Reunion (see the T shirts). Danielle can be seen next to Aviv - she was born in September 1995 so the picture was probably taken in the summer of 1997 (perhaps 1996?). But where?

  • The big news in Israel this week - apart from the usual political shenanigans - was the opening 3 stages of the Giro d'Italia, the famous Italian Bicycle road race. We watched the 2nd stage as it passed Netanya. The riders will finish the Israel stages of the race in Eilat and then head for Italy for the last 18 stages before finishing the 23 day race in Rome.
  • Not to be outdone and getting into the swing of things, Coral World, where our son Aviv is the curator, had their own underwater "giro"
  • Congratulations to Vered (nee Loew) and Yoav Shavit on the birth of Yaara on 1st April. Congratulations too to brothers Dotan and Eyal and sister Maayan. And a special mazal tov to grandmother Yaffa Loew (Schank Family Tree). See two pictures here.
  • Last week I reported on the heavy rains and resulting flash floods which tragically drowned 10 teenagers. These rains filled up the usually dry wadi river beds and provided an opportunity for the Segolis, after the danger had passed, to visit rare water pools in the desert. Click for pictures.
  • The Segolis celebrated Yael Segoli's 70th birthday today and sent us this picture.
  • Aviv took part in a 6 km swim organized by Tzalul, a non-profit dedicated to the clean-up of Israel's water resources.
  • Doreen writes: The excitement for this week was also water related. A burst water pipe caused our apartment to flood. Eitan, running to switch off the main, slipped and crashed his head on the floor but somehow still managed to get up, and although bloodied and wet and suffering from concussion (he didn't know it), continued to close the water pipe. I only knew this by the blood on the door by the water pipe. After he called me, I got him to take off the wet clothes and while he tried to staunch the bleeding I squeegeed the lounge down, trying to make it dry enough to place towels on the floor in order to safely escort him  to the car.  After a long morning at the hospital that included a CT and three metal stitches and a very serious looking head bandage we went home.  He is now feeling better. The bandage has been replaced by a kippa. Well he did say he literally saw stars when he fell, but I don't think he had a vision of God. Rather the kippa is just the right size to cover the stitches. 

  28th April 2018
Denise wins triathlon
1st Place!
Congratulations to niece Denise Braverman - first place in her age category in the Emek Hayarden triathlon.

We're very proud of her, but not really surprised as this is just the latest of her many achievements, for example
Transalpine Run (also here)          triathlon           skydiving            full marathon             climbing Mount Kachkar      
  • Yesterday was my birthday and granddaughter Zoe also celebrated her birthday birthweek birthfortnight with us in Netanya. See pictures here.
  • We were saddened to hear today of the death of Suzanne Edmunds (nee Price). Sue was a friend from our school days in Durban. As CEO of Projecy Build in Natal, South Africa she was instrumental in the establishment of 4 science laboratories in memory of my sister Fern. See picture here.
  • The whole country is in shock at the unnecessary loss of lives of  ten young people (and three others)  hiking in ravines and washed to their deaths in flash floods in the Negev. A normally dry river bed "wadi" in the desert can suddenly, within minutes, become a raging river after heavy rainfall - see an example here. The Aquarium in Eilat where son Aviv works, some distance away from a wadi, was also flooded. See short video.

  21st April 2018
pool in Eilat
The Segolis and Levys enjoy the pool

Moran and the Segoli children spent some of the Yom Ha-azmaut (Independence Day) long weekend in Eilat with the Levys. The pool as usual was a popular attraction.

  • Yom Ha-azmaut (Independence Day) long weekend is just about over. Doreen spent most of it guiding some USA tourists, I enjoyed the food and company at the traditional barbecue at the home of Terry and Carol Kessel.
  • The Segolis also "toured" - first in Mevasseret Zion with the Segoli cousins where 4 days early Zoe celebrated her birthday birthweek, then with the Levy cousins in Eilat where she also enjoyed a piggyback ride courtesy of cousin Itamar.
  • After a six month break granddaughter Amit went diving again.

14th April 2018
Vered and Aviv 1994
Vered and Aviv (in 1994)

Today is the 27th Wedding Anniversary of daughter Vered and Aviv Ron. Many happy returns and lots of love from Mom and Dad - may you celebrate many more. As we 53-ers can testify, it only gets better!
The picture was taken in Virgin Gorda in the US Virgin Islands on our 3rd Family Reunion. Click here for a group picture taken then, and here for another picture on a boat that I think was also taken then.

  • It's been a sort of quiet week since returning from the trip with the granddaughters, very full especially with doctors' visits but not partcularly active.
  • Doreen is guiding a tour for 7 days, and I will again celebrate Independence Day - this year without her - at the home of Carol and Terry Kessel.

7th April 2018
Zaanse Schans
A visit to The Netherlands

We arrived back this afternoon from a five day visit to The Netherlands with granddaughters Amit Levy and Lotem Segoli. We all had a most enjoyable visit - see some pictures here and also on the pages of Amit and Lotem.

 31st March 2018
Pesach 2018
Family Seder 2018

We celebrated  Pesach (Passover) last night with a family seder at our home in  Netanya.  It was a little squashed but the food was outstanding and the atmoshere familial plus plus and the reading of the haggadah sufficient with some extras. It was a most enjoyable evening. .
More and pictures here.
  • We have had a full weekend with all the family staying with us and with the Rons - seder night, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and as usual the children get on so well together it's a pleasure - though hard work! - having them. We were helped in this by Joanie, our dog, who took the children for regular walks and who was rewarded with numerous hugs and pats.
  • Grandson Itamar's birthday is this week and we took the opportunuity of celebrating his birthday during today's lunch. See picture. What was left of his cake after Joanie the dog had eaten some of it was delicious.
  • On Monday Doreen and I are taking  granddaughters Lotem Segoli and Amit Levy to Amsterdam. This is out batmitzvah present to them and we are all looking forward to it.
  • Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv will also be overseas - they leave tomorrow for a skiing holiday in Switzerland for a few days.

  24th March 2018
pierre and Francoise Colaros
With Pierre and Françoise Collaros

I am in Lausanne Switzerland with good friends Françoise and Pierre Collaros. Yesterday I attended a meeting the European Bridge League Executive Committee and then spent the evening with the Collaros's talking about old times and future times and enjoying food and wine with them. Tomorrow I return to Israel.


24th March 2018
Lior cooking
Lior cooks a meal for her grandparents

Granddaughter Lior had a free weekend and as her parents were overseas we invited her for Friday night dinner, but she said she wanted to invite us, and reminded us that it would be a vegan dinner. Doreen brought soup and Lior prepared a delicious pasta dish with tofu "meat" balls which we all enjoyed. Another cook in the family! We're looking forward to a repeat performance.

Happy Anniversary this week to  18 Shelley and Jonathan Klotnick  18 - Yael and Noam Deul  19 - Jennifer and Bruce Brod   19 - Debra and Barak Hochstadter   20 - Lauren and Saul Berkowitz   21 - Susan and Alan Hock     22 - Rona and Richard Nickel

10th March 2018
Zoe and Joanie
Zoe and Joanie get to know each other
As we reported last week, we have a new dog - a delightful calm well-behaved Joanie. Granddaughter Zoe Segoli was delighted to meet her, feed her and take her for a walk. They were both on their best behaviour!


3rd March 2018
Aviv Limor
Aviv and Limor Levy dress up for Purim

This week we celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews. This took place in the ancient Persian Empire and the story is recorded in the biblical Book of Ester.
The celebration is a joyous one and the schools and streets are filled with people in fancy dress or costume, and parties are commonly held. In addition many places hold an Adloyada a kind of carnival procession. Midreshet Ben Gurion in Sde Boqer, where the Segolis live, have a very popolar adloyada every year.
Click to see more pictures of our family who dressed up for Purim.


24th February 2018
M&M Kenya
Moran and Mikhal in Kenya

Son Moran and Mikhal Segoli went to Kenya for about 10 days of hiking, climbing Mt Kenya and safari. They texted that they were having a fabulous time in beautiful surroundings and it certainly seems so from what we have heard from them. We look forward to more details and pictures when they get round to updating the Segoli site. In the meantime click here.


  17th February 2018
Ilai, Doreen and Aviv visit the Diaspora Museum
Grandaughter Ilai Levy and dad Aviv came up to Tel Aviv this week. Doreen took them to the Diaspora Museum before an extensive check up following her back operation about 6 months ago (see here). Since her operation she has been severely restricted in what physical activities she was allowed to do. We are delighted to report that the check up determined that the operation was 100% successful. As Ilai texted the family "I can jump again!"

 10th February 2018
Doreen and Oryah
Doreen and Oryah in the snow in Cyprus
We are in Cyprus where I am organizing a 4 day European Bridge League (EBL) Tournament Directors' Workshop.  The visit added another country to Doreen's long list of countries visited. She took the opportunity to do some sightseeing with Oryah Meir (the GM of the Israel Bridge Federation who is assisting in the organization) and Yves Aubry, the President of the EBL. Driving through the Troodos Mountains Doreen and Oryah just had to stop for a photo in the snow. With Paris blanketed in snow, Yves was less enthusiastic. Click for some pictures here.


3rd February 2018
Belfast seminar
9th EBL Officers' Seminar
This seminar of the European Bridge League is taking place in Belfast Northern Ireland. I presented two topics, one at a workshop on the structure of the various European Championships (picture above) and one a lecture to the plenum on the the latest laws of Bridge.

This is my third visit to Belfast in the last 7 months, so the lack of time and opportunity to visit the city didn't matter too much. But Doreen was able to utilise the visit for some non-bridge activities. (see pictures)

27th January 2018
23rd Levy Family Reunion
back rows: me, Doreen, Lotem, AvivR, Zoe, Lior, Amit, Maayan, Limor, Vered, Itamar, Mikhal, Ilai, AvivL
front row: Danielle, Moran

Granddaughter Danielle's visit to Israel was an opportunity to organise a Family Reunion. The "Welcome Danielle" T-shirts were a lovely surprise for her. As always, a get-together of the family is great fun and the beautiful family spirit is really wonderful. We also celebrated Ilai's and Moran's birthdays.
The reunion was at the Dead Sea and we stayed at the Ganim Hotel. The weather was not good - cold with flood warnings, so long hikes were cancelled, but that didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. We are all looking forward to the next reunion!
Click here for pictures of the reunion.

20th January 2018
Andy Loew  ז"ל   (July 11th 1940 - January 19th 2018)
We were saddened to hear that Andy Loew passed away last night. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Yaffa, his daughter and son-in-law Vered and Yoav Shavit, and grandchildren.

Last month  we visited Andy and Yaffa at their home in Meishar and took this picture of them, the Segolis and Yaacov Bortenstein, Yaffa's brother.
Son Moran sent us a picture of happier times, taken in the late 1980's with Andy, Yaffa and their two children Vered and the late Guy  ז"ל  in the Timna area in southern Israel.
(See Schank family tree).
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      13th January 2018
    Dani arrives
    Dani in front, with mom Vered, granny Doreen, friend Yuval, Saba me, sister Lior, dad Aviv

    We haven't seen granddaughter Danielle Ron for a year so we were all delighted to welcome her in Israel on a visit. Towards the end of the month she will return to her work in California.


    6th January 2018

    Anita Hock family
    Anita Hock and Family
    Me, Eddie, Lynn, Anita, Joseph, Doreen, Jonathan Hock

    On our trip to America in September 2016 we met Anita Hock for the first time. Anita was married to Doreen's 2nd cousin the late Morton Hock. (see Nochomovicz family tree). Last week Anita came to Israel with her son Jonathan and family. They came for lunch and we were looking forward to meeting newly-found relatives from New York. What we didn’t expect was meeting a delightful family, making all of us sorry that we hadn’t met before.
    Jonathan is an award-winning documentary film maker, mainly on sport.  During the 2010 FIFA World Cup he made a fascinating documentary on the African musician Hugh Masekela. To quote Wikipedia: Masekela was featured, with his son Selema Masekela, in a series of videos on ESPN. The series, called Umlando – Through My Father's Eyes, was aired in 10 parts during ESPN's coverage of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The series focused on Hugh and Selema's travels through South Africa. Hugh brought his son to the places he grew up. It was Selema's first trip to his father's homeland .   We saw the film and were particularly moved by Masekela’s reception at a local school, which reminded us of our reception at Magqibagqiba in Zululand when we donated a science lab in the late Fern Levy’s name.

    When one thinks of family trees one usually thinks of generations and generations going back in time. Our roots aren’t so deep but our family tree now resembles a family forest!