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20th January 2018
Andy Loew  ז"ל   (July 11th 1940 - January 19th 2018)
We were saddened to hear that Andy Loew passed away last night. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Yaffa, his daughter and son-in-law Vered and Yoav Shavit, and grandchildren.

Last month  we visited Andy and Yaffa at their home in Meishar and took this picture of them, the Segolis and Yaacov Bortenstein (Yaffa's brother).
Son Moran sent us a picture of happier times, taken in the late 1980's with Andy, Yaffa and their two children Vered and the late Guy  ז"ל  in the Timna area in southern Israel.
(See Schank family tree).


  13th January 2018
Dani arrives
Dani in front, with mom Vered, granny Doreen, friend Yuval, Saba me, sister Lior, dad Aviv

We haven't seen granddaughter Danielle Ron for a year so we were all delighted to welcome her in Israel on a visit. Towards the end of the month she will return to her work in California.


6th January 2018

Anita Hock family
Anita Hock and Family
Me, Eddie, Lynn, Anita, Joseph, Doreen, Jonathan Hock

On our trip to America in September 2016 we met Anita Hock for the first time. Anita was married to Doreen's 2nd cousin the late Morton Hock. (see Nochomovicz family tree). Last week Anita came to Israel with her son Jonathan and family. They came for lunch and we were looking forward to meeting newly-found relatives from New York. What we didn’t expect was meeting a delightful family, making all of us sorry that we hadn’t met before.
Jonathan is an award-winning documentary film maker, mainly on sport.  During the 2010 FIFA World Cup he made a fascinating documentary on the African musician Hugh Masekela. To quote Wikipedia: Masekela was featured, with his son Selema Masekela, in a series of videos on ESPN. The series, called Umlando – Through My Father's Eyes, was aired in 10 parts during ESPN's coverage of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The series focused on Hugh and Selema's travels through South Africa. Hugh brought his son to the places he grew up. It was Selema's first trip to his father's homeland .   We saw the film and were particularly moved by Masekela’s reception at a local school, which reminded us of our reception at Magqibagqiba in Zululand when we donated a science lab in the late Fern Levy’s name.

When one thinks of family trees one usually thinks of generations and generations going back in time. Our roots aren’t so deep but our family tree now resembles a family forest!