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    7th April 2018
Zaanse Schans
A visit to The Netherlands

We arrived back this afternoon from a five day visit to The Netherlands with granddaughters Amit Levy and Lotem Segoli. We all had a most enjoyable visit - see some pictures here and also on the pages of Amit and Lotem.

 31st March 2018
Pesach 2018
Family Seder 2018

We celebrated  Pesach (Passover) last night with a family seder at our home in  Netanya.  It was a little squashed but the food was outstanding and the atmoshere familial plus plus and the reading of the haggadah sufficient with some extras. It was a most enjoyable evening. .
More and pictures here.
  • We have had a full weekend with all the family staying with us and with the Rons - seder night, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and as usual the children get on so well together it's a pleasure - though hard work! - having them. We were helped in this by Joanie, our dog, who took the children for regular walks and who was rewarded with numerous hugs and pats.
  • Grandson Itamar's birthday is this week and we took the opportunuity of celebrating his birthday during today's lunch. See picture. What was left of his cake after Joanie the dog had eaten some of it was delicious.
  • On Monday Doreen and I are taking  granddaughters Lotem Segoli and Amit Levy to Amsterdam. This is out batmitzvah present to them and we are all looking forward to it.
  • Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv will also be overseas - they leave tomorrow for a skiing holiday in Switzerland for a few days.

  24th March 2018
pierre and Francoise Colaros
With Pierre and Françoise Collaros

I am in Lausanne Switzerland with good friends Françoise and Pierre Collaros. Yesterday I attended a meeting the European Bridge League Executive Committee and then spent the evening with the Collaros's talking about old times and future times and enjoying food and wine with them. Tomorrow I return to Israel.


24th March 2018
Lior cooking
Lior cooks a meal for her grandparents

Granddaughter Lior had a free weekend and as her parents were overseas we invited her for Friday night dinner, but she said she wanted to invite us, and reminded us that it would be a vegan dinner. Doreen brought soup and Lior prepared a delicious pasta dish with tofu "meat" balls which we all enjoyed. Another cook in the family! We're looking forward to a repeat performance.

Happy Anniversary this week to  18 Shelley and Jonathan Klotnick  18 - Yael and Noam Deul  19 - Jennifer and Bruce Brod   19 - Debra and Barak Hochstadter   20 - Lauren and Saul Berkowitz   21 - Susan and Alan Hock     22 - Rona and Richard Nickel

10th March 2018
Zoe and Joanie
Zoe and Joanie get to know each other
As we reported last week, we have a new dog - a delightful calm well-behaved Joanie. Granddaughter Zoe Segoli was delighted to meet her, feed her and take her for a walk. They were both on their best behaviour!


3rd March 2018
Aviv Limor
Aviv and Limor Levy dress up for Purim

This week we celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews. This took place in the ancient Persian Empire and the story is recorded in the biblical Book of Ester.
The celebration is a joyous one and the schools and streets are filled with people in fancy dress or costume, and parties are commonly held. In addition many places hold an Adloyada a kind of carnival procession. Midreshet Ben Gurion in Sde Boqer, where the Segolis live, have a very popolar adloyada every year.
Click to see more pictures of our family who dressed up for Purim.


24th February 2018
M&M Kenya
Moran and Mikhal in Kenya

Son Moran and Mikhal Segoli went to Kenya for about 10 days of hiking, climbing Mt Kenya and safari. They texted that they were having a fabulous time in beautiful surroundings and it certainly seems so from what we have heard from them. We look forward to more details and pictures when they get round to updating the Segoli site. In the meantime click here.


  17th February 2018
Ilai, Doreen and Aviv visit the Diaspora Museum
Grandaughter Ilai Levy and dad Aviv came up to Tel Aviv this week. Doreen took them to the Diaspora Museum before an extensive check up following her back operation about 6 months ago (see here). Since her operation she has been severely restricted in what physical activities she was allowed to do. We are delighted to report that the check up determined that the operation was 100% successful. As Ilai texted the family "I can jump again!"

 10th February 2018
Doreen and Oryah
Doreen and Oryah in the snow in Cyprus
We are in Cyprus where I am organizing a 4 day European Bridge League (EBL) Tournament Directors' Workshop.  The visit added another country to Doreen's long list of countries visited. She took the opportunity to do some sightseeing with Oryah Meir (the GM of the Israel Bridge Federation who is assisting in the organization) and Yves Aubry, the President of the EBL. Driving through the Troodos Mountains Doreen and Oryah just had to stop for a photo in the snow. With Paris blanketed in snow, Yves was less enthusiastic. Click for some pictures here.


3rd February 2018
Belfast seminar
9th EBL Officers' Seminar
This seminar of the European Bridge League is taking place in Belfast Northern Ireland. I presented two topics, one at a workshop on the structure of the various European Championships (picture above) and one a lecture to the plenum on the the latest laws of Bridge.

This is my third visit to Belfast in the last 7 months, so the lack of time and opportunity to visit the city didn't matter too much. But Doreen was able to utilise the visit for some non-bridge activities. (see pictures)

27th January 2018
23rd Levy Family Reunion
back rows: me, Doreen, Lotem, AvivR, Zoe, Lior, Amit, Maayan, Limor, Vered, Itamar, Mikhal, Ilai, AvivL
front row: Danielle, Moran

Granddaughter Danielle's visit to Israel was an opportunity to organise a Family Reunion. The "Welcome Danielle" T-shirts were a lovely surprise for her. As always, a get-together of the family is great fun and the beautiful family spirit is really wonderful. We also celebrated Ilai's and Moran's birthdays.
The reunion was at the Dead Sea and we stayed at the Ganim Hotel. The weather was not good - cold with flood warnings, so long hikes were cancelled, but that didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. We are all looking forward to the next reunion!
Click here for pictures of the reunion.

20th January 2018
Andy Loew  ז"ל   (July 11th 1940 - January 19th 2018)
We were saddened to hear that Andy Loew passed away last night. Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Yaffa, his daughter and son-in-law Vered and Yoav Shavit, and grandchildren.

Last month  we visited Andy and Yaffa at their home in Meishar and took this picture of them, the Segolis and Yaacov Bortenstein, Yaffa's brother.
Son Moran sent us a picture of happier times, taken in the late 1980's with Andy, Yaffa and their two children Vered and the late Guy  ז"ל  in the Timna area in southern Israel.
(See Schank family tree).
Click for Birthdays and Anniversaries for January
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    • January Anniversaries: Melissa and Shaun Glogauer (9th), Jacqueline and Kevin Lampert (12th), Loren and Robin Hodes (15th),  Donna and Daniel Leibowitz  (22nd) , Glenda and Ivan Gordon (24th),  Karen and Craig Cleaver (30th)

      13th January 2018
    Dani arrives
    Dani in front, with mom Vered, granny Doreen, friend Yuval, Saba me, sister Lior, dad Aviv

    We haven't seen granddaughter Danielle Ron for a year so we were all delighted to welcome her in Israel on a visit. Towards the end of the month she will return to her work in California.


    6th January 2018

    Anita Hock family
    Anita Hock and Family
    Me, Eddie, Lynn, Anita, Joseph, Doreen, Jonathan Hock

    On our trip to America in September 2016 we met Anita Hock for the first time. Anita was married to Doreen's 2nd cousin the late Morton Hock. (see Nochomovicz family tree). Last week Anita came to Israel with her son Jonathan and family. They came for lunch and we were looking forward to meeting newly-found relatives from New York. What we didn’t expect was meeting a delightful family, making all of us sorry that we hadn’t met before.
    Jonathan is an award-winning documentary film maker, mainly on sport.  During the 2010 FIFA World Cup he made a fascinating documentary on the African musician Hugh Masekela. To quote Wikipedia: Masekela was featured, with his son Selema Masekela, in a series of videos on ESPN. The series, called Umlando – Through My Father's Eyes, was aired in 10 parts during ESPN's coverage of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The series focused on Hugh and Selema's travels through South Africa. Hugh brought his son to the places he grew up. It was Selema's first trip to his father's homeland .   We saw the film and were particularly moved by Masekela’s reception at a local school, which reminded us of our reception at Magqibagqiba in Zululand when we donated a science lab in the late Fern Levy’s name.

    When one thinks of family trees one usually thinks of generations and generations going back in time. Our roots aren’t so deep but our family tree now resembles a family forest!