born: 26 October 2005 in Beer Sheva

Lives with father Moran, Mother Michal, brother Maayan and sister Zoe in Midreshet Ben-Gurion, Sde Boqer.

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These are the flowers of the two species of the lotem, or rock rose, found in Israel.

More pictures of Lotem can be seen on the pages of brother Maayan and sister Zoe.

March 2024 - Lotem has her driver's licence.

November 2023 - Volunteering

Many of the Thai agricultural workers were killed or captured or have returned to Thailand.  Lotem helped to pick farm produce.
Lotem picking

October 2023
Happy 18th birthday, Lotem!

August 2023 - A vacation in Bulgaria

See and read more here and in the the pages of Maayan and Zoe.
Segoli bulgariaSegoli bulgaria

Lighting the torch - 75th Yom Ha-atzmaut
Yom Ha-atzmaut is celebrated by torch lighting ceremonies. Apart from the central ceremony there are also local ceremonies. We were very proud that granddaughter Lotem Segoli was invited to light a torch together with two team-mates of her victorious Robotics team.
torch lightingtorch lighting

April 2023 - deciding the alliance.

After finishing 3rd in the qualifying stage of the World Robotics Championshipsor Lotem's team had to choose an "alliance", of 2 non-qualifying teams, to be their partners for the next stage. It's not easy deciding whom to choose and the team, under Lotem's direction, studied the perfomances and form of the possible partners.
deciding alliance
Lotem's team lost in the sectional finals and ranked 8th in the World Rankings.
For further pictures and details, see here.

February 2023 - 28th Family Reunion
Click for pictures of the grandchildren Itamar, Maayan, Zoe, Amit, Lior, Dani at the ceramic session.
More pictures on the 28th Reunion page.

February 2023 - Israel Champions!
Congratulations to  Lotem  on leading her school team to 1st place in the  FIRST Israel Robotics Championships. Lotem and her team will go to Houstion, Texas in April  to compete in the FIRST International Robotics Championships.

See more on this week's miscellaneous page and on This Week's Archives.


June 2022 - Lotem and her teams at the Robotic Championships in USA
Unfortunately, just before the competition was due to start some of the team caught Covid and in order not to affect other participants they had to withdraw from the competition. Lotem and others are in quarantine and will be returned later to Israel. We are sad that they couldn't compete but happy that they did the right thing by withdrawing.

The Team
Robotic team

And the most important team mamber - The Robot

May 2022 - Off Season Robotics competition

Lotem and her robotics team Fata Morgana continue to excel. They have just won another competition, the Off Season Competition, in Sderot.

lotem off season
The winning teams

The Fata Morgana team  will be taking part in the prestigious Maryland Tech Institute Invitational Robotics Competition in Laurel, Maryland USA next month. Click on this link for a list of the 40 teams taking part.

robotic team

March 2022 - Finals, first Israel robotics Championships
Granddaughter Lotem Segoli and her team took part in the final rounds of the First Israel Robotics Championship. Congratulation to Lotem and Fata Morgana on reaching the finals and placing second. A great achievement  - well done!
fata morganafata morgana

February 2022
Lotem and the preparations for the next robotic contest.
See picture below, and other pictures here and here.

February 2022
Lotem's team win robotics qualifyer.
Pictures here and here.

October 2021 - 27th Family Reunion
The Castle, Kerem Maharal
27 reunion

More pictures: Archives, 27th Reunion page, and the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Ilai, Zoe
August 2021 - a morning at the pool.

August 2021 - Glass blowing

The Segolis spent a weekend with us and the highlight was a glass blowing workshop.
glass blowing

More pictures of the glass blowing on the pages of Maayan and Zoe and Miscellaneous.

June 2021 - Switzerland vacation
The Segolis enjoyed a short vacation in Switzerland. Mikhal, Zoe and especially Lotem love to draw and show much talent. So apart from relaxation, enjoyment and "getting away from it all" the purpose of the trip was to give them the opportunity to experience and depict new sights.
More pictures of their vacation are in the Week's Picture Archives, on the Miscellaneous page, and on Zoe's page.

Segolis in SwitzerlandSegolis in Switzerland

June 2021 - Israel Robotics Competition

Lotem Robotics

Lotem was part of the team that won their district Robotics Competition and qualified for the FIRST Israel Robotics Competition, part of the international robotics competitions organised by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). The team performed excellently and were top of their group in the first stage of the competition qualifying for the final stage consisting of 4 teams. Unfortunately they didn't suceed in the final stage but their ability and excellence were recognised when they were awarded the top Award of the Competition, the Inspire Award.

This judged award is given to the team that best embodies the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST Tech Challenge program. The team that receives this award is a strong ambassador for FIRST programs and a role model FIRST team. This team is a top contender for many other judged awards and is a gracious competitor. The Inspire Award winner is an inspiration to other teams, acting with Gracious Professionalism both on and off the playing field. This team shares their experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge with other team, sponsors, their community, and the judges. Working as a unit, this team will have showed success in performing the task of designing and building a robot.  (quote from the FIRST  internet site)

Lotem Robotics

Congratulations to Lotem and her school mates on this excellent performance.

We're proud of you all.

See a picture of the team with its award.

Lotem is following in the footsteps of her cousin (and our grandson) Itamar Levy who also qualified for the Israel Robotics Competition two years ago.

May 2021 - with the chinchillas
Granddaughters Zoe and Lotem now have two Chinchillas to pet - the blind albino George and Arafel. They join the rabbits Ash and Blueberry and guinea pigs Ketem amd Cookie.

February 2021 - Lotem vs cousin Danielle at chess.
On a trip to "test" our new car we spent a warm sunny day with the Segolis and 3/4 of the Rons at Midreshet Ben Gurion. Lotem and Danielle enjoyed a game of chess.

December 2020 - 26th Family Reunion - 56th Anniversary Granny and Saba Eitan

On 16/12 we celebrated the 56th Anniversary of Granny Doreen and Saba Eitan, together with the 26th Levy Family Reunion.  There are more pictures on the Events page, on This Weeks Picture Archives, and on the pages of Danielle, Lior, Itamar, Maayan,  Amit, Ilai and Zoe.

We also went sand surfing on a high sand dune. Click on the picture below to see a short video.

Surfing the dunes

Lotem holding the portrait she painted of Saba Eitan and Granny Doreen, a present for their 56th Anniversary. It's a really wonderful and precious gift, that also shows Lotem's artistic talent..

Lotem's portrait

Lotem's 15th birthday

We made a quick return drive to Midreshet Sde Boqer to celebrate granddaughter Lotem's 15th birthday. We ate Maayan's delicious red velvet birthday cake covered with icing sugar with Doreen's help, had a lovely meal and drove home again. Pictures here.
We took Joanie with us  and she was rather too much interested in the Segolis guinea pig (Moses), hamster (Peaches) and rabbit (Ash). Evidently it was also Ash's  birthday.
Lotem bday 15

See more pictures on the pages of Maayan, and Zoe, and miscellaneous events.

October 2020 - Outings and picnics during lockdown.

In this era of lockdowns and restricted movement living in Midreshet Sde Boqer in the Negev Desert has its perks. While us city dwellers are confined to our built up areas, the Segolis and some friends can go to the nearby wide-open spaces without any fear of contracting or spreading the Corona virus. Moran sent us some pictures of their extended desert picnics and outings.

Segoli in open spacesSegoli in open spaces

Lotem and Zoe painting with colours made from flowers and bushes in the desert. There are more pictures of the Segoli picnics on the Miscellaneous page and on the pages of Maayan, and Zoe.

August 2020 - Lotem repairs Granny's favourite apron.
Lotem sewsLotem sews
Doreen has taken sewing repairs activities away from me, and given them to granddaugher Lotem, who, I admit, is doing a much better job.
See also here

March 2020 - A visit to artist Maureen Fain

We, especially Doreen who has an artistic eye, feel that granddaughter Lotem has much talent. Doreen took Lotem to visit good friend and reknowned artist Maureen Fain in her studio. Maureen has exhibited around the world and also teaches art at the Israel Museum. She praised Lotem's work and Lotem was delighted with the visit.
Lotem and Maureen

Lotem working on dad Moran's head.
Purim make-upPurim make-up

For some more examples of her work see here and  here .

February 2002 - Lotem's School Report Card

This is part of Lotem's amazing school report card for the first semester 2019-2020. Even if you can't read Hebrew I'm sure you can read the 100's. All we can say is "WOW".
Click to see the full card.

Lotem's card 1-2020

January 2020 - The Segolis ski and glide

The Segolis enjoyed their skiing holiday in Romania. While there Lotem enjoyed the skiing and also loved the hang gliding.
Pictures on the pages of of  Zoe, and Maayan (and also here).

Segoli ski Romaniagliding

October 2019

We're very proud of Lotem Segoli had her long tresses cut and the hair donated for wigs for women needing cancer treatment and who can't afford the expensive wigs. See picture here.

August 2019
Granddaughter Lotem Segoli was not too happy with the colour of her room so she decided to repaint it, with the help of younger sister Zoe. It looks like they did a good job!

August 2019 - Lotem at her sewing machine
Lotem sewing
Lotem using her sewing machine. (See previous picture and story.)

July-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and Moscow
See more pictures of the trip to Mongolia on the Miscellaneous page, and on the pages of Maayan, and Zoe.

July-August 2019 - Segoli family trip to Mongolia and Moscow

July 2019
Lotem diving with a large jelly-fish, and examining a sea horse.
jelly fishsea horse
See another picture of Lotem diving.

July 2019 - Lotem does a diving course

Lotem dive

Lotem at a diving course. See also here  and  here for a picture of Itamar..

June 2019 - Picking Cherries on shavuot
For another Shavuot picture, see here.

Family Reunion in Italy at the Villa Prato al Sole - April 2019
Prato al SolePrato al SolePrato al SolePrato al Sole

For more pictures of the reunion see: 

March 2019 - Lotem and Zoe dance the Friends dance.

February 2019 - still in Lisbon

Lotem chose Za Varunca restaurant because it advertised that it served an almond dessert in a potty. She seems unfazed by how it looks.

For more pictures of the Lisbon visit see below, the miscellaneous pictures, the pages of Maayan , and the Archive pictures here .

February 2019 - A visit to Lisbon

Fortunately getting absolutely wrong directions we walked up a steep hill where we enjoyed the statue honring the oldest coffee shop in Lisbon and later coming across the oldest bookshop in the world. Lotem bought a book on Portugese cooking there.
at the coffee shop

See more pictures on Maayan's page and Miscellaneous page

January 2019
Lotem's school report card.

December 2018
Channukah and Christmas season. Lotem and Zoe remember the time they lived overseas.
christmas baking

October 2018
We celebrated Lotem's 13th birthday at an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. (see picture of Maayan's berry pie for her birthday)
birthday 2018birthday 2018

August 2018 - Gooodbye braids and hello loose hair.

She doesn't look too happy about the change, but things seem to be improving!
Lotem hairLotem hair
(See her braids in the picture below.)

August 2018: Helping at the Reniala Lemur Rescue Center.
On their trip to Madagascar, the Segolis voluntered to help at the Lemur Rescue Center. Read Moran's brief description.
See pictures of the children working at the center on the pages of Maayan and Zoe.

lemur helpLotem feeding a lemur

August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar
The Segolis are continuing their trip to Madagascar and seem to having a fabulous time. It looks like a perfect place for the nature-loving Segolis. See picture here and on the pages of Maayan, and Zoe.
Lotem in Madagascar

July 2018: see the amazing birthday "card" Lotem prepared for her parents' wedding anniversary/

July 2018 End of year school certificate

June 2018 - see the Segoli pyramid

May 2018 - Shavuot at the Midreshet Ben Gurion School

There is a modern tradition at the school attended by gradchildren Maayan and Lotem Segoli. Each grade prepares a typical dance of a different decade. It is good fun and the children enjoy it very much.
See pictures here.

May 2018
The success of Israel's Netta winning the the Eurovision Song Contest was big news in Israel and she gave a special open air performance in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv attended by thousands including  Lotem and Zoe. .
netta - toy

April 2018 - A visit to Amsterdam with Saba Eitan and Granny Doreen
Netherlands 2018Netherlands 2018Netherlands 2018
Netherlands 2018POFFERTJES

More pictures here and on Amit's page

March 2018 - Purim
Click here for a picture in fancy dress costume.

February 2018- At a pre-Purim party
Lotem went to a party and probably influenced by the near festival of Purim  (when everyone dresses in fancy dress) dressed like this!

In regular light                                  and under UV light

January 2018 - 23rd Levy Family Reunion
There are pictures of  Lotem and all the family here.

January 2018 - Lotem's first sewing project
sewing a fish
Click to see a picture of Lotem's sewing machine lesson

November 2017 - Lotem  visits the spider webs of Nachal Soreq

The Soreq Creek near Jerusalem contains nutrient rich water (from treated sewage) that attracts millions of  tiny non-biting midges that are an abundant food for long-jawed spiders that spin large tapestry-like webs.
Read more about this rare phenomenon in the Haaretz newspaper, and see more pictures in  the Archives and on Maayan's page.
webs in Soreq

November 2017 - Getting acquainted with the sewing machine.

It seems that it was not sufficient to give Lotem a sewing machine (see below); she also had to learn how to use it. She quickly learnt the intricate steps of using the machine and looks forward to learning how to sew using the machine,  After such an intensive morning appetites were high and Lotem enjoys a huge felafel in a baguette in downtown Tel Aviv.
sewing machineLotem

October 2017 - Lotem's batmitzvah party
See pictures of Lotem's batmitzvah party at the Caravanserai in the archives of This Week's Picture and on the 2017 events page.
Lotem is very creative and sews and prepares many articles from material. Together with daughter Vered and the Ron family we gave her a sewing machine for her batmitzvah. Read what Doreen wrote to Lotem about the importance of sewing machines for her family.

October 2017 - Lotem prepares for a hike
Lotem Segoli found a good solution to reducing the size of her luggage for a school trip. Put the item in a plastic bag, take a straw and suck the air out.
lotem vacuumimg

August 2017 - The Segolis trek the Dolomites

More pictures here, and on the pages of Maayan and Zoe, and in the Week's Picture archives.
Segolis - Dolomites

June 2017 - Lotem's end of year school report .

June 2017: Does Lotem have a split personality??
See short video

June 2017 - A pet snake

Our grandchildren's attiitude towards animals always amazes me, both for their "likes" and "dislikes". There was another example this week: son  Moran found a small snake and brought it home. As you can see from the pictures, grandaughter Lotem is enjoying entertaining the little snake.
lotem and snake

June 2017 - 97 for Hebrew project!
We were delighted to hear  that granddaughter Lotem Segoli received 97 for a project in Hebrew in the framework of an official test of the Department of Education. Considering that a few years she could only speak and write in English this is a great achievement. Congratulations, Lotem.

April 2017 - The grandchildren go horseriding
horse riding
See more pictures on the miscellaneous page, and on the pages of Ilai, Itamar, Zoe, and Maayan

April 2017 : A visit to Paris with Saba Avraham and Savta Yael

On the Paris metro

Go to Maayan's page and the miscellaneous page for more pictures.

 April 2017: Lotem bakes a challah and collects eggs from a farm for Pesach.

In preparation for the enormous number of eggs we consume over Pesach, Lotem is seen collecting the freshest of eggs from a chicken run where the eggs are laid on a conveyor belt and come out ready to be packed. While the grandchildren were with us for the school holidays Doreen  gave them a challah baking lesson. They prepared and mixed the dough, weighed and divided the dough into three, then divided each portion into three and braided the bread. Shabbat dinner was enhanced with the addition of 3 delicious challot.
See another picture here.
preparing breadeggs

March 2017 -  Teaching Special Effects Makeup

Lotem is very keen on theatre make-up and she makes very realistic renditions of wounds. In preparation for Purim, Lotem explains and demonstrates her techniques.
Lotem Explaining

For some examples of her work see here and  here .

March 2017 - The Festival of Purim
Click here for pictures of  costume/fancy dress for the Festival of Purim.

February 2017 - Broken arm again!
lotem break her arm part 3
Oh dear! Granddaughter Lotem has broken her arm - again.

A ball hit her arm while she was goalkeeper (and scored a goal!).

This is the third time she has broken an arm. The first time was just before our family South African trip and the second time was on a trampoline.

February 2017 - End of term school report cards
Lotem and brother Maayan got excellent report cards with high grades and excellent remarks about behaviour and cooperation.
Lotem also received a Certificate of Excellence for Achievement in Mathematics,  and a Certificate of Excellence for Special Considerate Behaviour . Click here.

January 2017 - Maayan's barmitzvah

For more pictures see the Events page and also the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Zoe, Ilai and Lior

lotem dancing

December 2016 - Chanuka
Click here for some Chanuka pictures.
Click here for some pictures in the snow at Mt Hermon.

October 2016 - Lotem is 11.

We celebrated Lotem's 11th birthday in Sde Boqer. Granny Doreen baked a cake which Zoe decorated. Zoe felt that this gave her the right to help blow out the candles that Lotem had lit (see Picture of Week archives) but Lotem didn't quite agree and managed very well on her own.
don't blow!blowing the candles

October 2016 - Rosh Hashanah at Midreshet Sde Boqer
The Shofar blowing contest has by tradition become part of our festivities. Here Lotem is trying, unsuccessfully,  to get the traditional tekiya sound, as Ilai, Amit and Maayan look on. As usual cousin Lior was the clear winner.
(See also picture of Itamar trying to compete)

shofatr blowing

Lotem also showed her cousins what she had learned about theatre make-up.
see Lotem's "face wound"

September 2016 -

July 2016 - A visit to the Galapagos Islands.

Lotem enjoying the beach  as an oyster catcher walks calmly by.
The Levys at Aya Napa Cyprus
There are more pictures of the Segolis in the Galapogos on the pages of Zoe and Maayan, and on the 2016 Events page, and in the 2016 archives

June 2016 - Lotem breaks her arm

Lotem crashed into a wall while trampolining and broke her arm, again! The first time was just before our South African trip. See also the remarks when Zoe broke her arm.
We hope it's not too painful, Lotem, and wish you as speedy recovery.
Lotem breaks her arm

May 2016 - Lotem's painting

Granddaughter Zoe Segoli fell and broke her arm (see picture). Get better quickly Zoe!
We were reminded that her big sister Lotem broke her arm just before she was due to fly to South Africa with us a few years ago. But there's no problem with her arm now as you can see from the beautiful painting she made.
Lotem's picture

April 2016 - Lotem does a summersault.
Granddaughter Lotem Segoli sent us this short video of her doing a somersault. I tried countless time when I was young, and never managed. Well done, Lotem!


December 2015 - Maayan's birthday present

This was Lotem's wonderful original birthday present to brother Maayan:
Mazayan birthday 2015

"Happy Birthday. I hope you’ll get lots of lovely presents and not things that you don’t want, like SNICKERS  or shirts.

You might get a book, maybe one that tells how Mars Orbits the sun. I hope you won’t get that, cause you MUST already know that.

From Lotem to Maayan, the one whose parents’ names start with M & M. "

December 2015 - two butterflies

Facepainting: Lotem and Zoe at cousin Rotem's birthday party.

Decenmber 2015 - Theatre make-up workshop
After the initial shock on receiving this picture, we calmed down when we read that Lotem had taken part in a film and theatre make-up workshop.
scarface - theatre make-up

November 2015 - Getting to  know Twitter
with twitter
See some more pictures here and here, and on the pages of Itamar, Ilai, Maayan, Lior and Zoe, and a video here.

October 2015 - Lotem's 10th birthday
Moran writes:
Here are some pics from Lotem's birthday. She had a birthday party with her friends from class. They painted pillow cases, played inside a balloon tent, ate a rainbow cake, made bourekas  and had a lot of fun. Lotem really enjoyed it. She said it was exactly what she wanted – "a fun party".
Lotem 10 birthdayLotem 10 birthdayLotem 10 birthday
Lotem 10 birthdayLotem 10 birthday

October 2015 - baking bourekas
The Segoli grandchildren continue with their cooking and baking - Lotem prepared vegetarian pastry bourekas, which not only look delicious but we understand, also were.

preparing bourekaseating boureka

Rosh Hashanah 2015
arm wrestling

For some pictures of the grandchildren on Rosh Hashanah see the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Ilai and Zoe

August 2015 - At the haidresser.
Doreen gave Lotem a special treat by taking her to the haidresser where she had her hair cut and styled.
zat the hairdresser
(Granddaughter Zoe needed a haircut (her first) but was too afraid. Zoe later had her hair cut at a barbershop.)

August 2015 - A visit to Technoda
Our Segoli grandchildren enjoy a visit to the Technoda Science museum and Planetarium. Click for pictures of Maayan and Zoe at the museum. Lotem enjoyed aligning part of her face with part of Maayan's face at a mirror/glass exhibit.


August 2015 - some activities with Granny and Saba Eitan
Solar Gardengrouip shower
More pictures on the Miscellaneous pages and on the pages of Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Zoe and Lior.

June 2015 - Around a Campfire
A lovely work by Lotem sculpted using plasticine, marbles and cotton wool.
Lotem's sculpture

June 2015 - Decorating birthday cakes for Aunt Vered and Uncle Aviv

decorating birthday cakes
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Ilai and Zoe; and the activities page.

June 2015 - A visit to the Tzippori National Park
There are more pictures on the pages of the children Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Ilai and Zoe and also on the Miscellaneous Activities page.

June 2015 - Picking vegetables in Saba Eitan's garden.
Picking vegetablesPicking vegetables
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Ilai and Zoe, and also on the Miscellaneous and  Archives pages.)

May 2015 - Shavuot holiday - a long weekend in Eilat

Shavuot in Eilat ExtremeShavuot in Eilat Extreme
At the Extreme Sports

Shavuot in Eilat
For more pictures of the Shavuot weekend in Eilat see also the year's Activities page and the pages of Itamar, MaayanAmit, Ilai and Zoe.

March 2015 - Good Deeds Day

The Segoli grandchildren's school organized a fair to raise money for Holocaust victims, as part of their observance of "Good Deeds Day". Lotem sold drawings she had done (see above) , amd Maayan sold coffee and bread he had baked (click here). The children were very excited about the project and started preparing days in advance.

February 2015
Doreen and I spent an enjoyable morning at granddaughter Lotem Segoli's school, visiting the Book Project exhibition. All third graders were asked to chose a hero from a book they had read and prepare a display on the book and its hero.  Lotem chose the book Thea Stilton's The Legend of the Fire Flowers because "my favourite books are Roald Dahl books but I don't have any at home, so I chose my 2nd favourite books, the books on the Thea Sisters."
Click here for another picture in the archives of "This Week's Picture".
Lotem's book project

Lotem made the model of one of the sisters from items at home,
including an empty detergent bottle and a tennis ball.

Lotem's book projectLotem explains her exhibit to Granny Doreen and Ima Mikhal.

October 2014 - celebrating Lotem's 9th birthday

We celebrated our granddaughter Lotem's 9th birthday at her home in Midreahet Ben Gurion. She invited her new friends to celebrate with her. The theme was "Animals" and the girls had a wonderful (and noisy!) time. There are more pictures on This Week's Picture and also on Danielle's page
Lotem's 9th birthdayLotem's 9th birthday10Lotem's 9th birthday
Lotem's 9th birthdayLotem's 9th birthday

September 2014 - There's nothing like a warm snuggle in the morning!

A visit to the Billabong Animal Reserve in Townsville


See also the pages of  Maayan and Zoe.

April 2014 - The Red Centre - continued

Enjoying pancakes at the campground, and holding a thorny devil by the side of the road.
Lotem with pancakeLotem and horny devil

Lotem painted a lovely picture in the Aboriginal style.
Lotem and art

For more pictures click here, and also see the pages of  Maayan and Zoe.

April 2014 The Red Centre of Australia with Saba Eitan and Granny Doreen
April 2014 The Red Centre of Australia with Saba Eitan and Granny Doreen

For more pictures click here, and also see the pages of Maayan and Zoe.

March 2014 - Purim.
Click here to see purim pictures of  Lotem and the rest of the family.
- and here for a picture of  Maayan, Lotem and Zoe in a foam bath together.

March 2014 - preparing Muffins with Granny Doreen
Lotem and muffins
See also the pages of Maayan and Zoe.

March 2014 - Purim.
Click here to see purim pictures of  Lotem and the rest of the family.
- and here for a picture of  Maayan, Lotem and Zoe in a foam bath together.

February 2014 - Snorkeling of the coast near Cairns
Lotem and jelly fishMichal and wrasse

Daughter in law Mikhal Segoli has finished her research in Cairns and Moran and the children drove up to Cairns to join her for her last weekend there. The highlight of the visit to Cairns was the snorkeling and especially for Moran - a reminder of his snorkelling days in Eilat - meeting a large Napoleon wrasse.
On the left - Lotem snorkels next to a jelly fish (medusa). Maayan was stung on his ankle by a jelly fish but fortunately it was not serious.
On the right - Mikhal swims with a large Napoleon wrasse. This wrasse is similar to the wrasses in the Red Sea, and Moran was reminded of diving in the Red sea and feeding these large wrasses hard boiled eggs.

January 2014 - visit to Thailand

On the way back from Israel to Australia the Segolis stopped over in Thailand and had a wonderful time. You can read a little about it and see some fantastic pictures on the Segoli site update  in Hebrew or in English.

December 2013 - 19th Family Reunion

We celebrated the Segoli visit to Israel with a family reunion at the desert resort of Ein Gedi, and also welcomed Zoe to the family.
We climbed Massada, went on a tour of the Dead Sea Salt Works, hiked in Nahal David, and most important of all had a great time together.

on Massada
Lotem climbed Massada with baby sister Zoe and her cousins early in the morning to see the sunrise.

LotemLotem at Ein Gedi

More pictures of our Ein Gedi weekend are on the pages of Dani, Lior, Itamar, Amit, Ilai, MaayanZoe, and the Miscelleaneous Activities page.
Click to see the family group picture

November 2013 - Lotem's power point presentation on Marine Reptiles

Moran tells us that Lotem was learning at school how to use Power Point. She was very excited and asked if she couild do a Power Point on Mikhal’s computer.
After a few weeks using Mikhal’s computer Moran asked to see what she was doing, and was amazed (as were Doreen and I) by what she did.
She got the information from Google and some books. She evidently gave up on the Sea Snakes, but Moran reports that she is now doing one on Foxes.

Click here to see Lotem's power point presentation.

(Clicking the above link will open the power point programme. When prompted, choose to open the file. Scroll up and down to see the full presentation)

September 2013 - Walking in the Blue mountains.
We received this message from Lotem:
"We were in the forest and we saw Fern all most all the time! (see the picture and you'll see it's a joke)."
Lotem with fern
I'm glad Lotem still remembered my sister Fern and that she  thought of her when you saw the ferns in the forest.

June 2013 - A trip to Lamington National Park and Fraser Island

No, it's not a snake. It's an enormous earthworm!
Lotem and earthworm
More pictures here and on the pages of Maayan and  Zoe

Granny Doreen wrote to Lotem about her trip. This is Lotem's reply:

"You had a wonderful time but ours is not finished and we are having a amazing time and it properly is going to stay like this. So we went to Fraser Island and we sew like 6 Dingos! When we came back, we went to this Hotel in a forest, it was made out of wood and someone there gave us 6 muffins, some rolls and a delicious cake. Before we went I couldn't wait! Yael gave us lots of kinders for us and I wish it will never end but it has to and it will. But I will have more holidays in the future!  I'm sure the ones in the future will be as good and fun as this one. Yael wanted to tell the family that Zoe never cries but she cries a lot. But she still is cute and she'll always be the cutest thing that ever lived and ever will live. Love Lotem "

February 2013 - Looking after joey and possum
possum eating lotem's hairKANGAROO
Lotem helping babysit a possum, and feeding a kangaroo joey that Dad found at work. Details here.

More pictures on the pages of Maayan and Zoe.

January 2013 - Lotem sings a birthday song for her daddy.
Pay attention also to to Mikhal and Zoe in the background. Click on the link below (it may take a minute or so to load)
Lotem's birthday song for her dad.

December 2012 - Lotem's room
Lotem has prepared a plan of the room she would like. Click here to see it.

November 2012
7 year old Lotem is writing a book for babies. In the meantime she has written a book on and for her baby sister Zoe. Click here to read her book.

October 2012 - dressed in Annandale State School school uniform in Townsville. Note the hats, a compulsory part of the uniform to guard against the strong sun and the "ozone hole" inn the area. Click here for Maayan's page and another picture
Lotem in school uniform

August 2012 - 17th Family Reunion - Eilat
17th Levy Family ReunionThis is so much fun!
For more pictures of the Levy Family Reunion see the pages of : Daniel, Lior, Itamar, Amit, Ilai, Maayan, Zoe, 17th Family reunion, Picture of  Week archives

May 2012 - Lotem is one of the three pigs in the school's "The Three Pigs Opera"

Lotem in 3 pigsLotem as the pig in the brick (red) house

Doreen visits Davis - May 2012 (More pics on the pages of Zoe and  Maayan)

Doreen in DavisDoreen in Davis

April 2012: Lotem's birthday card to Saba Eitan
Lotem's birthday card

December 2011 - In Eilat for a family reunion. With cousin Amit
Lotem Segoli

October 2011

Lotem SegoliLotem SegoliLotems 6th birthday - the victory of the superheroes over the wicked Wolfman

Lotem SegoliA visit to San Francisco Zoo
Lotem SegoliLotem's presentation to her class on her visit to Costa Rica

October 2010
Lotem SegoliCelebrating Lotem's 5th birthday.
Lotem SegoliLotem SegoliHalloween is 31st October so October is pumpkin month.

Lotem SegoliLotem shows Granny doreen how to handle Licky the pet boa constrictor

September 2010 - Eitan's visit to Davis
Pictures etc are on the Events page for 2010.

August 2010 - Starting kindergarten.
Moran writes: Maayan is showing Lotem the 'ropes' in her first day of Kindergarten. Since she is in the same classroom and with the same teacher, Lotem suggested that Maayan  show her everything about Kindergarten. She also suggested that he help her with the homework.
Hopefully, he will pick up the glove and save us from doing it (I am not sure we did a good job with him).
lotem school

See  2010 pictures page and This Week's Picture for more pictures.

June 2010 - end of year nursery school graduation and party
Lotem kindergarten 2010Lotem kindergarten 2010

February 2010 - Purim at Lotem's nursery school

Purim 2010

January 2010: Lotem with the pet boa constrictor.
Some have dogs, some have cats, or fish or rabbits or hamsters or .... boa constictors. see "This Week's Picture" for another picture, and click here for a picture of the Segolis other pet, a tarantula.
Lotem and her pet boaLotem with Licky, her pet boa constrictor

October 2009 - A visit to the Davis Farmers' Market
at the Davis Farmers' Market

More pictures:

Maayan rock climbing


August 2009 - Changing a flat tire on a California road.
fixing a flat

August 2009 - at the airport on the way to USA

The excitement was a liitle too much for Lotem so she had a little nap. (see This Week's Picture 29 August 2009.)
at the airport on the way to usa

27 December 2008 - Maayan's 5th birthday party
Maayan 5th birthday
Lotem celebrates Maayan's 5th birthday.
For more pictures see the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Dani, and Amit

December 2008 - A visit to Pini Amitai

Lotem loves insects .............                                 ........... but not too near!
Lotem at Pini AmitaiLotem at Pini AmitaiLotem at Pini AmitaiHappiness is a furry spider
Lotem at Pini Amitai ... or a funny-tailed lizard

December 2008 - Enjoying a bubble bath with Granny
bubble bath
When the 3M Segolis - Moran, Mikhal and Maayan - were sick, Lotem came to spend the weekend with us so she could also attend Denise's party. A visit to Hofit is never complete with a bubble bath, and of course without helping Granny prepare something in the kitchen - this time chocolate covered strawberries, which we ate at Denise's party.

October 2008 - Happy 3rd birthday to Lotem

Celebrating with ima Mikhal at the gan                                                                  A happy birthday girl
Lotem celbrating her birthday at kindergartenthe birthday girl
September 2008 - A family trip to Makhtesh Ramon - the Ramon Crater
A visit to Makhtesh RamonA visit to Makhtesh RamonA visit to Makhtesh Ramon

August 2008 - Welcome to the Yaniv twins
Lotem welcomes one of the twins
Lotem holds and admires of  Aunt Naama's new-born twins.

See also: This Week's Picture (23 August 2008), Maayan's page, Welcome to the Yaniv Twins
April 2008 - a week in Hofit

After the seder, Moran and Mikhal went back to Sde Boqer, and we offered to look after Maayan and Lotem for the week. We had a most enjoyable (and tiring!) time with them. Considering their ages (4 and 2) and that they were away from their parents, they behaved wonderfully with a minimum of crying and moaning. They were  kept busy "helping" Doreen cook (they made special passover muffins, see Recipe of the Month), going to a children's musical, helping in the garden (picking ripe loquats), picking mulberries from some wild trees in the area, playing games, watching TV, and listening and singing to children's passover songs over and over again. They enjoyed the petting and playing with Flopsy, and kept their distance from Lopsy, who is too old to have any patience for kids (and who was being "dogsat" while the Rons were overseas.). See also This Week's Picture and the page of Maayan..

Flopsy (the brown one) looking after his three guests
Lotem in Hofit, with Flopsy and Lopsy
Picking mulberries is fun, but perhaps just a little messy?
Lotem in HofitLotem in HofitLotem in Hofit

March 2008 - Swinging on the dunes near Eilat,  with parents, Maayan and friends.
on the dunes

February 2008 - A hike in the Arava near Kibbutz Yahel
Arava bulbusimArava bulbusim
The Segolis - Moran, Mikhal, Maayan and Lotem - went on a two day hike in the Arava desert in the region of kibbutz Yahel. The highlight was the bulbusim (limestone nodules) that are found in the area. These round rocks, called bulbusim in Hebrew  after an Aramaic word for potato, consist of limestone containing unoxidized organic matter, and are dark in colour. When broken (which you are not allowed to do as they are protected) they give off the "rotten egg" smell associated with sulphur compounds. There are some more pictures on Maayan's  pages, and in the archives of This Week's Picture.

January 2008 - Playing in the snow in the desert
snow in Mitzpeh Ramon
An unusually cold winter spell in Iasrael at the end of January caused lots of damage to agriculture. The bright side was the rare snow that fell in many places. Many Israelis have never, or only very rarely, seen snow, and the white attraction drew many visitors. Jerusalem even had a Snowman competition.  The above picture of Lotem in the snow was taken in, of all places, the middle of the Negev Desert, in Mitzpeh Ramon.
See pictures of Maayan in the snow.

January 2008  A visit to a petting zoo with granny.
at the petting zoo.
While Mikhal was overseas at a conference in Hungary, Moran stayed over on his way up north with the kids. (see archives of  This week's Picture).Doreen took the opportunity of taking them to a petting zoo at kibbutz Givat Haim. There are also some pictures on Maayan's page.

January 2008 - Maayan's 4th birthday party
We celebrated Maayan's 4th birthday during a weekend in Sde Boqer. Friday night was Sushi night, with everyone trying their hand at rolling sushi; on Saturday we went for a hike in Nachal Zin and then had lunch together.
Maayan's 4th birthdayMaayan's 4th birthday
Click here for more details and lots of pictures., and here for This Week's Picture of 5 cousins bathing together.
There are also pictures on the pages of Danielle, Lior, Itamar, and  Maayan

December 2007 - Riding a camel.
On her way to Eilat, Doreen's tour bus passed Sde Boqer, and Moran and the kids came to say hello. Lotem and Maayan took the opportunity of a camel ride.

Maayan and Lotem riding a camel

December 2007 - Channukah

channukah 2007channukah 2007channukah 2007

November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer
November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde BoqerNovember 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer

April 2007 - A visit to Hofit and to the Golan with Granny.

April 2007 - A visit to Caesaria during Passover
Lotem April 2007
The Segolis stayed over on 2nd Passover eve and the next day we had a lovely time in Caesaria with the Segolis and Danielle and Lior. ( See also the pages of  Maayan, Lior and Danielle, and the picture of the week.). Lotem seemed fascinated by the sea, and we had to drag her away each time we came to a different view of the sea and waves.

October 2006 - Lotem's 1st birthday
Maayan helping Lotem blow out the candles, and Lotem thoroughly enjoying her birthday  cake.
Lotem's 1st birthdayLotem's 1st birthday

October 2006 - A visit to Ramat Hanadiv

During the Sukkot holidays, Lotem visited the Ramat Hanadiv National Park, together with Abba, Maayan, Granny and Saba Eitan. (see more pictures on Maayan's page.)

Ramat Hanadiv

September 2006 - Yom Kippur
Here are some pictures of Lotem from the long "Yom Kippur" weekend at the end of September. For more pictures  see the sites of  Amit, Maayan, and Itamar.

Lotem - Yom Kippur 2006Lotem - Yom Kippur 2006Lotem - Yom Kippur 2006Lotem - Yom Kippur 2006Lotem - Yom Kippur 2006

June 2006: Enjoying Maayan's chair and eating (sort of) rice
Lotem in chairLotem eating rice

April - May 2006
With Granny, with Rael, and just being happy
Lotem SegoliLotem SegoliLotem Segoli

and this delightful picture of cousins Amit (left) and Lotem (right)

Amit and Lotem about 6 months

While Mikhal was attending lectures at a zoological congress at the university at Rehovot , I was babysitting 2-month old Lotem. She behaved exemplarily and even posed for a picture while I was holding her with one hand and the camera with the other.

at Rehovot

Lotem with cousin Dani, at brother Maayan's 2nd birthday part.
lotem and dani

Aged 5 weeks - and a smile for Granny and Auntie Vered.
Lotem 5 weeksLotem with Grannie and Vered

Aged 3 weeks:
Lotem aged 3 weeks

So who does Lotem look like? Herewith evidence that she doesn't look like her paternal grandparents  -

 - and at least two people are bored by the whole question -

Some pictures of Lotem aged about 1 day

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