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31st December 2022
New York 301222
New York -waiting for 2023
We are in New York for the New Year Celebrations. Daughter Vered and the Rons are here too In a few hours we'll be heading to Times Square (with on million others) to see the apple drop and 2023 ushered in. We are fortunate that Vered's friend Meghan has access to an appartment overlooking Times Square and we will have a bird's eye view of the celebrations.
There's no opportunity to include the New Year festivities on today's site update. Next week we'll heve pictures and a description.

  • We wish all our friends a Happy New Year and a successful and healthy 2023.
  • Last night we went with the Rons and Meghan and her family to enjoy a Chinese dim sum meal - see picture here.
  • There's no opportunity to include the New Year festivities on today's site update. Next week we'll heve pictures and a description.

24th December 2022
Jonty barmitzvah

Jonathan Levy's Barmitzvah 1967
(Back) - Tony Edelstein, Joe Levy, Malia Levy, Abe Levy, Doreen with Vered Levy, Eitan Levy
(Middle) - Ethel (Solomon) Levy, Eric Levy, Sheila Edelstein, Hayman Levy with Dunne Edelstein
(Front) - Michael Thal, Jonathan Levy, David Edelstein, Susan Edelstein.

My cousin Jonathan Levy is the only relative (as far as I know) born on Christmas Day so I always remember his birthday. Jonty was born in South Africa but a few years later  his parents Abe and Malia Levy with Jonty moved to Israel. Family from South Africa came to Israel to celebrate his barmitzvah. Doreen and I (and 1 1/2 year old Vered) were their only relatives living in Israel at the time. The picture was taken in Abe and Malia's yard in  their house in Neveh Magen in Ramat Hasharon.
See Levy and Matz family trees.
  • We wish all our friends celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas and a successful and healthy 2023
  • We celebrated Chanuka with candle lighting with daughter Vered Ron and family, son Moran Segoli and family, and, as has been our tradition for many years, with our Haberman relatives. See some pictures here.)
  • Grandson Maayan Segoli just missed out being a Chrismas baby - he was born the day after Christmas. In former British Empire countries December 26 is called Boxing Day (" it originated as a holiday to give gifts to the poor, today Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday" Wikipedia) and St Steven's Day in many European Countries. We anticipated Boxing Day and gave Maayan his gift a few days early.
  • On Thursday we fly to New York for 9 days and will be there for New Year. We are invited to an apartment on Times Square to see "the ball drop" on New Year's Eve.  This site is updated every Saturday, but next Saturday is New Year's Eve - so I expect the update may be a little late.

17th December 2022 2022
Dani Galapagos
Danielle in the Galapagos

Last night we celebrated granddaugher Dani Ron's graduation from Reichman University with a BA in Sustainability and Government. We are very proud of her - she worked hard and it was not easy going back to study after a long break. The pictures above are from the period she spent in the Galapagos Islands as a Foreign Exchange Student.
(click here for a another picture)

  • Last night was also our 58th wedding anniversary and we were delighted to celebrate together with Dani and the Rons at a local Sushi Restaurant. (see picture)

10th December 2022 2022
16th December 1964

This week on Friday Doreen and I will celebrate out 58th wedding anniversary. We've had up and downs but over the years our love and friendship have only grown. Life has been anything but boring and we are blessed with wonderful children and their spouses and our 8 grandchildren. Undoubtedly the best decision I have made in my life was to marry my wonderful wife and amazing mother and grandmother. Our family reunions are a testimony to the deep bonds in our family.
Happy Anniversary!

photo colorized by My Heritage

  • This week we saw an excellent Madam Butterfly production and enjoyed some of the FIFA matches but otherwise it's been a quiet week.
  • We now have a new bridge champion in the family - Doreen has become an Israel bridge Assistant Silver Master.

3rd December 2022 2022
Lotem explaining to Israel's President Isaac (Buzi) Herzog,

Granddaughter Lotem Segoli is in charge of her school's robotics team. The team has had many successes and is considered one of the top robotics teams in their category in Israel. This week Israel's President Isaac Herzog visited Lotem's school in Ramat Hanegev, and had an explanation and demonstration by Lotem and team member Eitan Peretz of the team's work.

Some pictures of the robotics team and their robot can be seen on Lotem's page (here and here) and in the Miscellaneous page.

  • This week we had a most enjoyable visit to Kibbutz Yizreel and met up with friends from our Habonim days in South Africa.
  • Doreen and Caroline Livneh met with old Eilat friend Sheila Meltzer whom they had not seen for some time. See picture.
  • Congratulations to granddaughter Zoe Segoli on the birth of twin chinchillas. Like the last chinchilla birth, Zoe prepared an imaginative 'gender reveal party'.
  • I had a very interesting meeting with the head of the Archives of Wissotsky Tea Company who was very interested in the postcards written in 1915-1917 from my great grandfather Zelig Goldberg in Eastern Europe to my grandfather Chaim Yitzchak Shapiro in South Africa. This is ongoing amd more on it at a later date.
  • Doreen prepared lasagne leaves stuffed with vegan ricotta cheese which was a big hit with our vegan granddaughters. See her recipe here.

26th November 2022
Aviv Limor Henna
Aviv and Limor's Wedding - Henna Celebration

Racheli Gilad, Sarah Olkienitski, Fern Levy, Avigail Collins, Caroline Livne, Aviv Levy, Tova Ron, Moran Levy, Vered Ron, Rael Braverman, Denise Braverman
Eitan Levy, Limor Sadeh Levy with Danielle Ron, Louise Braverman, Doreen Levy

Today is the wedding anniversary of son Aviv and Limor. Congratulations! We always remember the fantastic traditional henna celebration the night before the wedding. All the guests dressed in traditional clothes and Limor the bride changed her outfit 7 times during the night.
On this night henna, a paste made from plant leaves, is applied to the palms of the attendees as a good luck omen. The use of henna is traditional in Morocco and many countries when celebrating a life event. (For example see grandson's barmitzvah celebration.)
Click for another picture of the bride and  groom in traditional dress at the ceremony.


19th November 2022
Amiot BD at Ginger
Celebrating Amit Levy's Birthday
The Eilati Levys celebrated Amit's birthday at her choice, the Ginger Restaurant in Eilat. Happily we and son Moran and granddaughter Lotem could also be there. As always a family get together, even a partial one, is great fun and we all enjoyed the occasion.
I was in Eilat for a bridge festival and Doreen and the Segolis on their way to dive in Sinai.

12th November 2022
Klotnick dinner
Dinner at the Klotnicks
clockwise: Beryl Klotnick; Doreen and I; Danya, Shelley, Jaiden and Jonathan Klotnick; Viki and Jack Gilbert; Joel Klotnick; Mark (Klotnick) Or

A few days after our trip to Cyprus with them, Joel and Beryl invited us for dinner to meet his cousin Viki and nephew Jonathan and family.
Viki and Jack are holidaying in Israel. We met them in 2008 when they stayed with us in Hofit, and we also visted them in Manchester. It was nice meeting Jack and the effervescent Viki again after so many years. We had met Jonathan, a doctor, in South Africa many years ago when he prescribed Malaria pills for us, so it was nice meeting him again with his delightful family.
It was a very pleasant evening enhanced by reminiscences. A couple more pictures here.
See Matz family tree.

  • Son Aviv welcomed US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides to Coral World Eilat, and showed him around.
  •  Earlier this year I wrote "This past winter with the unusual cold, winds and hail was disasterous for our garden and in particular for our papaya trees which were destroyed." Well, almost!
  • Someone posted a picture of  madrichim at a Habonim camp in South Africa from about 1961. I hadn't seen this photo before although I remember the camp very well.

5th November 2022
Aphrodite Rock
Cyprus - Aphrodite's Rock

Doreen and I took a short break (very welcome after her bad fall and our car accident) and were happy that 2nd cousin Joel and Beryl Klotnick could join us. We stayed at the conveniently situated Sun Hall Hotel where we had  stayed earlier this year.
Our visits included Paphos, Lefkara and Troodos, and also Nicosia both Greek and Turkish sides.
See report and pictures here.
See Matz family tree.
  • The Israel elections results are deeply disturbing to us, not so much that my prefered bloc lost but that the probable make up of the government will include far right extremists who have disdain for democracy and the rule of law. We voted before leaving for our Cyprus break. Grandson Maayan Segoli voted in his first election.
  • We invited the Belmans (in Israel for a Habonim event) and friend Maureen Fain to an enjoyable dinner this week reminiscing about 'old times'.
  • This month was Breast Cancer Awareness month. Daughter in law Mikhal Segoli was on a panel answering questions about the disease.
  • Granddaughter Zoe Segoli made cupcakes with Doreen, and then decorated them for Halloween.
  • The Segolis went hiking in Nahal Kaziv and Ein Tamir. The water and beautiful scenery is not an everyday experience in Israel.
  • By chance, a day or two later, granddaughter Dani and her friend Oz also went hiking in Nahal Kaziv

29th October 2022
Ron Tal and Sharon Pitan - 28 October 2022

Congratulations to Sheryl Tal on the marriage of her 3rd son, Ron. Congratulations too to grandmother Shirley (Levy) Kansky, who is my first cousin. It was lovely wedding with the chuppa held outside. We were delighted to see the Kansky family again, Shirley and daughters Wendy, Cheryl and Ruth (visiting from overseas), son Braham and Zavit, and grandchildren Adam and Meital, Ben and Lee, and (now) Ron and Sharon, and her great grandchildren. Some pictures from the wedding.
Earlier in the week we had a most pleasant lunch with Shirley.
See Matz and Levy family trees.
  • Unfortunately we had a car accident on Thursday evening when a car crashed into us from behind. There is quite a lot of damage to the car, but fortunately Doreen and I are unharmed.
  • We had dinner with the Segoli grandchildren to celebrate Lotem's birthday and Maayan moving in to his university dorm.
  • After nearly 60 years university colleague Ian Robertson and I met up again at a school reunion. It brought back many memories of Ian and of my time and political activities at Natal University.
  • It's a desert but the Negev can experience large flash floods occasionally. The sight of the rushing waters in a desert is always fascinating. Son Moran was held up on the way home after such a flash flood this week.
  • We were happy to see Durban friends Mike and Lorna Belman again . They are in Israel for a Habonim event. Unfortunately we couldn't attend the main event but we went to one of the evenings prior to the main event and met them there. We hope to see them again tomorrow evening for dinner.
  •  We were delighted to meet ex-Durbanite Akiva (Keith) Greenberg and his wife Stella at the Habonim evening and even more delighted to meet them again today at a performance of the Montreal Jazz Ballet of Leonard Cohen songs, which was outstanding - if it comes your way don't miss it.
  • Last night we were expecting son Moran Segoli and daughters Lotem and Zoe to come for dinner, but at the last minute the Rons decided to join us and bring their prepared meal to join our meal. Later we were joined by Ruth Kansky (see This Week's Picture). It was a lovely Shabbat evening.
  • In a few days time we together with relatives Beryl and Joel Klotnick (Matz family tree) will spend 4 days in Cypru.  After Doreen's fall and our car accident this short vacation comes at a most opportune time.

22nd October 2022
Hagar Gefen
Hagar Gefen in Hospital

The incident as reported in yesterday's press, from Haaretz Newspaper 21 Oct 2022

Israeli Settlers Beat 70-year-old Activist, Threaten to Kill Her

Hagar Gefen and another activist were helping Palestinians with an olive harvest south of Bethlehem when they were attacked by settlers

A 70-year-old Israeli woman and another activist were attacked by Jewish settlers armed with stones and clubs in the Bethlehem area on Wednesday while helping Palestinians harvest olives in Kisan, a village south of Bethlehem, according to testimony from the volunteers.

Hagar Gefen, 70, said that although this was not the first time she was attacked for helping Palestinians harvest their crops, she did not imagine that such severe violence would be directed toward her. Gefen was moderately injured in the attack, and was hospitalized at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem with a broken hand and ribs, a punctured lung and stitches in her head.

Hagar is our friend of many years from Hofit. Her whole life is devoted to helping people less fortunate than herself, be they the elderly or sick in Hofit, teaching people with disabilities or helping Palestinians. She regularly accompanies Palestinian shepherds in the Jordan valley, peacefully helping them ensure access to water and grazing grounds for their flocks.
Now it is the time for the olive harvest. When a group of  Jews from Israel and volunteers from Italy reached the grove south of Bethlehem, the olives had already been taken by settlers. They saw the masked Jewish terrorists appproach and although Hagar tried to shield herself from the mob, they found her and brutally attacked her with clubs while screaming she had no place in Israel.
This attack is terribly unsettling, not only because Hagar is a personal friend, but especially as the army and police did nothing to try and apprehend the Jewish terrorists who mercilessly beat an elderly woman. Where is the most moral army in the world now?
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Regular visitors to this page will notice that it has now been streamlined. The homepage should be the initial page of a site containing links to detailed information on other pages of the site. My previous homepage included all this extra detail and the page was crowded and difficult to navigate. Some of the links did not work and some linked to the wrong page. I have now corrected this and the homepage is as it should be with general information and current updates. Details and previous events can be found by using the links on this homepage.
(There may still be some mistakes in the links - please let me know of any problems.)

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  • Best wishes to grandson Maayan Segoli who tomorrow begins his studies at Ben Gurion University. Maayan will be living away from home in the University dorms. See This Week's News from two  weeks ago.
  • As always Doreen was happy to have lunch with Shirley Poluck, a long-time friend from our ulpan days 57 years ago. Shirley is visiting her daughter and family in Israel. We see her fairly regularly in Israel (for example earlier this year) and occasionally in London.
  • We met with the lovely Segoli family and their friends at  Avram Segoli's home to remember his wife Yael who passed away 2 years ago. (see Yael's memorial page.)

15th October 2022

Segolis Hyde park
  The Segoli Children in Hyde Park, London

The Segolis, son Moran, Mikhal, Maayan, Lotem and Zoe are enjoying themselves on a short visit to London. They seem to be having a great time which included watching "Hamilton".
Of course, they ate at at KFC to add another picture to my KFC collection - I hope they also liked the chicken - and tried the 10 loop roller coaster Colossus. See pictures here.

Regular visitors to this page will notice that it has now been streamlined. The homepage should be the initial page of a site containing links to detailed information on other pages of the site. My previous homepage included all this extra detail and the page was crowded and difficult to navigate. Some of the links did not work and some linked to the wrong page. I have now corrected this and the homepage is as it should be with general information and current updates. Details and previous events can be found by using the links on this homepage.
(There may still be some mistakes in the links - please let me know of any problems.)


  • Israel TV Channel 12 showed an excellent  report Diving with Sharks featuring son Aviv Levy, the technical director of the Underwater Observatory, who among other topics, spoke about the problem of man's extermination of sharks. As usual, Aviv gave an excellent and professional performance. Click here for the  report on Channel 12 and here for a shot taken from the TV.
  • Yaffa Loew (see Schank family tree) has not been well and has been in hospital for over 3 weeks.  We visited her yesterday and she is making very good progress. We all wish her a speedy and full recovery.
  • Doreen is still in pain after her fall last week. She's had an X-ray and a CT scan and fortunately there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage.
  • We are in the middle of the week-long sukkot holiday. Among other traditions Jews enjoy eating in a sukka, a booth or temporary structure from where the stars can be seen. The tradition  is a reminder of the Israelites who needed temporary shelter when in the desert.  We enjoyed two meals in a sukka, one with Joel and Beryl Klotnick (see Matz family tree) and one at the Rons with cousin Jonathan Levy (see Levy and Matz family trees and his family.
  • Last week I wrote about some of our RV trips. By chance, when going through some old papers, Doreen found a detailed, informative and fascinating account she had written of an RV trip  on the West coast of USA, where daughter Vered and Aviv had joined us for a few days. Read Doreen's account here.

8th October 2022

Ayustralia caravan
  Touring in a Motorhome (Caravan or RV) - South Australia 2002

The Eilat Levys thoroughly enjoyed their Europe motor home trip last month. They can't wait to go caravanning again. They have caught the "RV bug". See some pictures here and here.

Doreen and I caught the bug many many years ago. Our first trip was to Norway in 1975 with our 3 children  -we still tell stories of our 'adventures' on this trip. Then we toured America on many occasions, sometimes with some family like daughter Vered and Aviv  or son Aviv or granddaughters Danielle and Lior.

Our big trip was in Australia in 2002 where we spent 4 months in the  RV pictured above enjoying this spectacular country. This is what Doreen wrote soon after the beginning of our trip in South Australia:

"Our caravan is compact (Oh my goodness. Look how small it is!) - after the spaciousness of our hosts' homes in New Zealand it is quite an experience to have cutlery and crockery for four, and a tiny cubicle with a shower and a toilet in it - you can sit on the loo and shower at the same time. We have one seating area that is our work table, eating area and storage space. Our bed is over the steering wheel so climbing down the ladder at night is quite an ordeal. Last night Eitan woke me up when he went to the toilet, meaning I also had to go. By the time I climbed back to bed he was lying down. Somehow I managed to dive from the ladder over his feet to my side of the bed. He called me his Ninja wife. "

I am still amazed at some of the things we did on this trip. We also had a portable computer and regularly posted updates and pictures of the trip on the internet. You can see and read them all by clicking here. Doreen wrote nearly all the accounts and we posted them on the then popular "geocities" platform. This wasn't easy in those days. There was no wi-fi and connections to the internet were 'dial up' using telephones, a long and relatively expensive process (which explains why the photos on the site are so small.). We couldn't download the pictures from the camera cards to the computer and needed to download them to CDs which we also couldn't do. Fortunately we found photo shops in nearly every place we visited who could do this. (A side note: As part of our trip we visited Israel, and I went to a photo shop in Herzlia Pituach to download some pictures and found out that this shop did not have the equipment to do this because, as the owner said, "I am not going to waste money on a fad (digital photos) which will soon disappear").

Here are some random pictures of some of our RV trips.

We still hope for another RV trip sometime -not sure whether that will happen -  perhaps we can join the Eilatis on their next trip.
  • Doreen had a bad fall at the beginning of the week and has bruised her ribs.  Nothing permanent but super painful.
  • We continued our tradition of  spending Yom Kippur  in Eilat with Aviv and Limor and children. As usual, nice and relaxing.
  • Grandson Maayan enlisted in the Army this week. He's on a special programme where his active service is delayed for 3 years while he studies Physics at Ben Gurion University. During this time he will need to spend some time in basic training.
  • Next week the Segolis are taking advantage of the sukkot holidays and are going for a short trip to London.

1st October 2022
Tel Aviv WaterGen ATP 250 Tennis

For the first time in many years there was an official tennis tournament in Israel. A number of international stars played, including 3 top ranked 20 players Novak Djokovic, Diego Schwatzman and Marin Cilic and another 10 players ranked in the top 50. When we tried to get tickets the quarter, semi and finals were sold out but we we were fortunate to get good seats for the round of 8, where we saw 21 grand slam winner Novak Djokovic play scintillating tennis, including an exciting marathon 11-deuce game against Pablo Andujar which Djokovic later called the 'longest game I have ever played."
Doreen and I have seen 3 Grand Slam events, the USA Open twice and the Australian Open but this was special as the relatively small court  meant we were very close to the play  and could appreciate the amazing speed at which the ball is hit. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and hope that it will take place every year.
For more pictures and more on our tennis spectator experiences click here.
  • We got back from Warsaw last week after a hectic summer, and the activity didn't let up very much this week.
  • We celebrated the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, with daughter Vered and Aviv Ron at their home.
  • Last night we were delighted that Shuli and Eitan Haberman (see Goldberg Family Tree) could join us and Vered and Aviv for Doreen's delicious seafood paella.
  • We rounded out the week with friends at an enjoyable brunch at the home of Louise and Colin Kessel.
  • Granddaughters Danielle Ron (Greece) and Lior Ron (Sinai) are enjoying themselves touring.
  • Granddaughter Zoe Segoli has also joined the family cooks.

24th September 2022
shana tova
Shana Tova - Happy New Year

We wish all our relatives and friends Shana Tova - a happy, healthful and fulfilling year.
We hope for peace in this troubled world, especially in Ukraine and in our part of the world.
We hope that the anti-democratic  forces
in Europe, America and in Israel will not prevail and that the racism in our society will not raise its ugly head.
Shana Tova!

We will celebrate the New Year at the home of the Rons with the Segolis. As usual, apart from the surfeit of food, we have our shofar blowing contest. We need to practice to finally beat granddaughter Lior who has always won since she was 7 years old!
The Eilatis will celebrate with Limor's family. Granddaughter Amit will be preparing the vegan chopped liver with help from Doreen's recipe book.

17th September 2022
levys caravan
The Levys on holiday in their motorhome
Son Aviv with Limor, Itamar, Amit and Ilai are visiting Europe  in a motorhome. It looks like they are having a great time. They will return this week, and next week we'll have some more pictures.

  • No time for a full account of all our travel and family news - we are still in Warsaw, and I am very busy finishing the bridge tournament directors' course I am in charge of.
  • Doreen came with me to Warsaw, but took the opportunity for 3 day visit to Berlin - more and pictures next week.
  • Granddaughter Danielle Ron was also in Berlin and Doreen enjoyed seeing her and her friend there.

10th September 2022

Brown widow spider
Brown Widow Spider
(photo credit: FLICKR)
A first - an invetrebrate is "This Week's Picture." How come a brown widow spider is beingso  honored? Click here for the answer.

  • Daughter in law Mikhal is not the only family member to feature in a newspaper article. Haaretz has a full page spread about a documentary on the 1972 Munich Games produced by Jonathan Hock the well-known producer of documentaries and winner of ten Emmy awards.  Click here. Jonathan is Doreen's second cousin on her mother's side (see Nochomovitz family tree.). Click here for our visit in New York where we attended the premier of Jonathan's documentary about baseball, and here for a "breaking the fast" visit with Jonathan, his mother Anita  and family a few years ago. We are going to New York at the end of the year and hope to see them again.
  • Well, we are back in Israel, but not for long. In a few days we fly to Warsaw where I will be in charge of a bridge Tournament Director's Course. Doreen will spend part of her time in Berlin, where she will meet granddaughter Dani Ron who will also be visiting there.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron is overseas. She will be in Paphos, Cyprus with her friend Gal.
  • I go to a dermatologist for a check up every 6 months and am careful to make an appointment just before lunch time at a dermatologist near the town of Zichron Yaakov. The visit is followed by a visit to Chiang Mai a very good Chinese Restaurant in Zichron Yaakov. The last time we visited there with friends we all got Covid after a few days. As none of the restaurant staff got covid we probably got it from the crowded ice-cream shop we visited after the meal.
  • At the end of last week's visit to Wroclaw we went for lunch at a local KFC. KFC is my favourite fast food restaurant, and the family looks for KFC's in the various countries they visit and send me photos. See some previous family KFC visits in Beersheva Israel Wuhan China, Brasov Romania, Moscow Russia, Shenzhen China, Mongolia and Istanbul, Berlin Germany, Belfast N.Ireland, Prague Czechia.

3rd September 2022

Vered Aviv Greek Isles
Vered and Aviv Ron sail the Greek Isles

Daughter Vered (the skipper) and Aviv Ron are on a sailing trip to the Greek Isles. They are having a wonderful time and enjoying the sailing and the beautiful views. There are more pictures here.

  • We are still in Wroclaw in Poland and fly back home in a few days. We had a delicious meal at the Konspira Restaurant but the food was nothing compared to the experience at this restaurant which was a center of  Polish Underground Resistance against communism. The restaurant's role in the struggle is outlined on their site.  See some pictures of our visit here.
  •  Maureen Fain, the artist, our friend since our youth days in South Africa has an exhibition at the Jerusalem Theatre. The Jerusalem Post had a raving review of her work - see it here. and here.
  • We received some beautiful pictures from cousin Sheenagh Levy who is hiking in Tasmania with daughter Katherine.
  • In Wroclaw Doreen visited the Old Jewish Cemetery.

27th August 2022
gold medal wbf
World Bridge Federation (WBF) Gold Medal

We are in Wroclaw Poland for the World Bridge Series. There were elections for the WBF Executive Committee and a new WBF President was chosen to replace Gianarrigo Rona from Italy who is retiring after many years as President. Previous to his WBF post he had been President of the European Bridge League (EBL) and I worked closely with during both his presidencies, first as Chief Tournament Director of Youth events and then as a member of the executive of both the EBL and WBF.
There was a dinner honouring Gianarrigo and welcoming the new President, Jan Kamras from Sweden. As his last act as president Gianarrigo presented WBF Gold Medals to persons who had significantly contributed to world bridge. I was most surprised and delighted when Gianarrigo spoke about me and called me to receive the WBF Gold Medal. It will join the EBL Gold Medal I received earlier this year from the EBL.

  • We are still in Wroclaw and will remain here for another week. I have been fairly busy with bridge matters and Doreen has seen much of Wroclaw, especially the Old City.Click for some pictures. 
  • Grandson Maayan loves to cook and prepare special meals for the family. So we are delighted to hear that he has a summer job working in a restaurant. He has found that cooking at home and in a restaurant are entirely different experiences. He is learning a lot and finding the experience satisfying. See here and here for some examples of his cooking.

20th August 2022
At the Old Town Hall, Market Square, Wroclaw Poland

Doreen and I are in Wroclaw (formerly Breslau), Poland. We will be here for nearly 3 weeks.
I have been to Wroclaw twice before but this is Doreen's first visit. In 2008 and 2003 I was Chief Tournament Director of the European National Youth Pairs Championships.This time I am here as a member of the Championship Committee at the World Bridge Series.

13th August


While we were overseas we heard about the passing of Eli Vinocour, husband of long-time friend Naomi (Hertz), and we extend our condolences to her and her family. Naomi was the only girl in my kindergarten class at Sharona in Durban. (see picture). She and my late sister Fern were best friends and she was a frequent visitor to our home. Her mother and Doreen's mother were also good friends. She left on aliya to Israel in 1963 a year before Doreen and I;  in Israel we kept in touch with her and Eli.
On our return from overseas we visited Naomi and talked about old times and old friends. Then Naomi showed us a gold ring and bracelet. On the bracelet was written "Naomi". "Turn it over" said Naomi and to my great surprise I saw written there: Tony-Fern, 30.3.63 . This was a parting gift my sister Fern and I gave Naomi when she left South Africa for Israel. Naomi had kept the bracelet and ring for nearly 60 years! Both Doreen and I were very touched.
(see picture of the other side of the bracelet.)

  • We are in Eilat visiting the Levys and enjoying ourselves. The highlight was Doreen's dive with Aviv. Since getting her insurance she has been waiting for this opportunity. See pictures here.
  • Son Moran and grandchildren Lotem and Maayan Segoli went diving in Dahab, Sinai with granddaughters Danielle and Lior Ron. By all accounts they had a great time. Pictures here.
  • Doreen met with  friends of old  from our Hofit days at the home of Ruhama Plotnikov.
  • Just for fun I made a jigsaw puzzle from our family's last reunion. Clich here to 'solve' it.
  • Later this week we fly to Wroclaw in Poland where I will be officiating in the World Bridge Series. We return in 3 weeks and a few days after that it's off to Poland again, this time to Warsaw, for a tournament directors course I am organizing. During July, August and September I will have been overseas for 39 days for bridge competitions. All this is after I retired!

6th August

Sara Olkienetski

4 March 1924 - 23 July 2022

Sarah Goldberg Olkienitsky, my mother's cousin, the last of her generation in my family, passed away this week. We were very fond of Sarah and saw her regularly either at her home or at the homes of her family. Sarah was a link to my  maternal family and I learned a lot about her and them and the situation in Lithuania before World War II. Sarah and her older sister Shulamit were imprisioned in the Stutthoff Concentration Camp, survived the infamous Death March, and were returned to Stuttoff. In 1945 the Russian army liberated the camp. Both Sarah and her sister were very ill and her sister was in a hospital. They were moved in cattle trucks to the Moscow area where her sister died in a hospital.
About 3 years later Sarah sailed to Palestine on the ill-fated Altelena where she met Isaac her husband. The Altelena was fired on by Jewish forces off the coast of Israel and is still the subject of much controversy. A documentary on the affair included an interview with Sarah.
We offer condolences to, and share the grief of, her children Shuli and Eitan Haberman and Racheli and Avi Gilad, of her grandchildren Uri, Dani, Michael, Idit, Maayan, Yoav, Naama, Yael and Michal, and her many great-grandchildren.
  • We are back in Israel after our Netherlands visit and preparing for our next trip in a few weeks to Wroclaw Poland.
  • Daughter-in-law Mikhal Segoli was at a conference on Animal Behaviour Ecology in Sweden and has also returned. (see picture).
  • We had, and are having, a busy weekend. On Thursday daughter-in-law Mikhal and five grandchildren Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Ilai and Amit came to stay with us. On Friday morning Mikhal wasn't well and tested positive for Corona and went home. That evening we were joined by 2 more grandchildren, Daniel and Lior, and by daughter Vered and Aviv. (see picture). Then today son Moran and our 8th grandchild Zoe joined us for lunch. All in all a very busy but enjoyable weekend with 14 of our 16 immediate family. The children prepared a programme which included bowling.
  • Today we tested for Corona and all were negative (see picture).

30th July 2022

(Note: This Week's Picture was inadvertently deleted and lost - below is a reconstrucion of the main contents)
Nathan Kansky (14 March 1924 - 23 July 2022)

With sadness we heard of the death at age 98, of Nathan Kansky, husband of my cousin Shirley (Levy). We have had close contact with Nathan and Shirley over the years both in South Africa and in Israel (and once by chance in Norway!) A couple of months ago I digitalized a family movie I had which included Shirley and Nathan's wedding 63 years ago, and we were delighted to see it together.
Our sincere condolences go to his children Wendy, Sheryl, Ruth and Braham, grandchildren Adam and Meital, Ben and Lee, Ron and Dan, and his four great grandchildren.
See Matz and Hershovitz/Levy trees.



23rd July 2022
three bikaliers
The Three Bikeliers - Netherlands August 2001

Doreen and I are in the Netherlands, near Eindhoven, where I am officiating at the European National Youth Teams Championships.  We have visited the Netherlands a number of times and always enjoy the visit. One of our memorable visits was in 2001 just before our round-the-world trip.  Son Moran joined us and we went on a bicycle trip around the country. Ah, we were young then - 10 days on a bicycle carrying clothes, water and some food, and about 60 Kms each day with a different stop each night was not that difficult and very enjoyable.

  • Doreen has written a report with pictures of her trip to Tanzania with the Segolis.
  • We have just heard the sad news about the passing last month of Charlene Engleberg. (see Matz family tree). Condolences to husband David and children Rachel, Rebecca, Leah and Louis. Click for a picture of Charlene.
  • Vered has returned from her overseas trip. While in the USA she met with relative and friend Rachel Moskovich and good friend Gila Bessis. Pictures here.
  • Mazeltov to Dave Rothschild (Frankie Klaff's husband, see Goldberg tree) on his 80th birthday. Picture,

16th July 2022
segolis tanzania
Lotem, Mikhal, Doreen, Maayan,Moran and Zoe Segoli

Our son, Moran and the Segoli family are having a great time in Tanzania, staying at various camps and seeing lots of animals. They are due back tomorrow and I'm sure they will have many pictures to share with us.
In the meantime here are some pictures they sent by Whatsapp, especially a fantastic picture and short video clip of a wildebeest run. Click here.

  • While Doreen was in Tanzania I stayed in Israel, and spent some time at the Tel Aviv bridge festival.
  • Doreen returns early on Sunday and the next day on Monday we fly to Amsterdam, on our way to Eindhoven where I am in charge of the European National Youth Teams Championships.
  • A couple of weeks after getting back from the Netherlands we fly to Wroclaw in Poland for another bridge event. Joanie our dog is looked after by Nurit in her house, and I think Joanie is beginning to think her home is there and that she spends holidays with us.
  • Daughter Vered Ron is overseas again and due back at the beginning of the week.

9th July 2022
Segolis - We're telling you loud and clear - come to Tanzania!

Doreen and the Segolis left today on a 7 day trip/safari to Tanzania. We hope they see lots and lots of wildlife, and have a wonderful time.
In 2010 the whole family - the Aviv Levys, the Rons, the Segolis (except of course Zoe who wasn't yet born!) -  went to South Africa on a 'roots' trip, during which we visited the Kruger National Park and other parks with animals. The two pictures above were taken then. We have visited game reserves in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia so Tanzania will be a first for our family. Here is a picture of the family enjoying something - I don't remember what!
  • I am happy to report that our children and grandchilren have all recovered from their Covid infections.
  • In Madeira I did not stand for re-election to the European Bridge Executive Committee and resigned the two main posts I held. Since then I've been busier than ever at bridge. I am spending a lot of time in coaching and handing over my positions to my able successors. I still have two 'left-over' functions - in charge of the European Youth Championships in the Netherlands later this month, and arranging the Tounament Directors' Training Course in Warsaw in September. I remain a member of the World Bridge Fereration Rules and Regulations Committee and have been busy preparing for the World Bridge Series in Wroclaw Poland where I will be a member of the Championship Committee. To summarize: In my retirement year, in an official capacity, I have travelled or will travel to Cyprus (x2), Bucharest Romania, Warsaw Poland (x2), Funchal Madeira, Veldhoven Netherlands and Wroclaw Poland. This week I am the Reviewer at the Tel Aviv Festival. I should have stood for re-election to get a bit of free time!
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, the Israel Women's team received the bronze medal. In addition two Israelis were elected to the Executive Committee. There is an article in the Israel Bridge Bulletin about this in which I got an admirable mention. (in Hebrew, click here).

2nd July 2022
Vered and Aviv

June is birthday month in our family - Doreen, Vered and Aviv were all born in June. As no pictures (except for some group ones) of our two children's birthdays appeared in the June pages, I am rectifying this by this picture. Happy June birthday wishes!
  • Sad news about granddaughter's trip with her robotic team to the USA. Some of the team caught Covid and in order not to affect other participants they had to withdraw from the competition. Lotem and others are in quarantine and will be returned later to Israel. We are sad that they couldn't compete but happy that they did the right thing by withdrawing.
  • Doreen and I have written an account with pictures of our Madeira visit.
  • We celebrated daughter Vered's birthday at a Thai restaurant in Tel Aviv. See picture.

25th June 2022
TD Madeira
The Tournament Directors in Madeira
The 16 TDs (one absent) at the the European Bridge Teams Championships
from 11 countries: England, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland and Denmark

The important job of a bridge tournament director (TD) is acting as the judge but is also responsible, among other duties, for the orderly progress of the game, and usually for arranging and preparing a tournament.
As the judge the TD is responsible for maintaining order and for giving rulings following irregularities during play. Some of these rulings are simple but, especially at a Championship, they can be very difficult and necessitate discussions with other TDs and even other players. These rulings can affect the winners of the Competitions. Players are not always happy with TD rulings but they have an option to appeal.  In the European Bridge League (EBL) the appeal is heard by a 'reviewer' whose decision is final. I share the reviewer job with two other persons and for the European Championships which took place in Madeira I was the reviewer. Amazingly, there were no appeals - I cannot remember another Championship where there were no appeals. The main reason for this is the quality and high standard pf the TDs (pictured above) at this event.
The TDs are trained and chosen by a TD Committee of which I was Chairman. (At Madeira I decided to relinquish this post but remain in an advisory position).
My first international role as a TD was in 1980 but I took a 17 year break because of work duties. In 1997 I went on a training course and resumed my activities as an international TD. I worked my way through the ranks and eventually was appointed head of the TD training courses which are held every year. The 15 TDs above (+ 1 absent) are all graduates of these courses. Two of them were my mentors, and 2 trained with me. I trained another two and trained and certified ten of them. The next course will be in Warsaw in September and that will be my last as organizer although I will still be involved in the preparation of the course.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my years as a TD and as a trainer of TDs. Apart from bridge, the two F's (
friends and food ) have been amazing. We have visited many countries and there is a special relationship between TDs and the differences in country, culture, food  and religion are unimportant.  I have made friends from all over the world and we are always delighted to see each other again. I maintain contact and friendships with many of them even when we are not at competitions. 

  • We returned early this morning from the European Bridge Championships in Madeira. We still need to organize and choose the many pictures we took and next week we will write and add pictures about our visit there.
  • The Championships were well organized and the venue excellent. 30 countries participated in 4 categories: Open, Women, Seniors and Mixed. The Israel Women's team was the youngest team there and won the Bronze Medal for 3rd place.  The first 8 teams in each category qualify for the next World Championships in 2023 in Morocco. Only two countries qualified in all four categories, Poland (who won 2 gold medals) and Israel. A fine performance!
  • Limor Levy, Vered and Aviv Ron and we are all back in Israel following trips overseas. The family's overseas representative now is granddaughter Lotem Segoli is taking part in an international Robotics Competition in USA. The competition starts today and we all wish Lotem and her team good luck. Pictures here.
  • Skipper daughter Vered went sailing with daughter Danielle and her friend Oz. See pictures.

18th June 2022

Doreen diving
Diving in Madeira

We are still in Madeira at the European Bridge Championships and thoroughly enjoying our visit here.
There are some pictures here of our trip, but the highlight has been Doreen scuba diving. Doreen has not dived for many years and decided she wanted to dive again - especially with our grandchildren who scuba dive. Because of her age she could not get dive insurance automatically and needed to receive a clean bill of health from a recognized dive doctor. So for about a year Doreen was busy with doctors, cardiologists, x- rays, stress tests and what have you and a few weeks ago finally declared fit to dive.  Being in Madeira was a great opportunity to do a refresher dive with an instructor who said after the dive that she 'dived like a fish.' She is looking forward to her family dive soon in Eilat.

  • Grandson Maayan Segoli has finished high school and begins a new phase in his life. Pictures here.
  • A big event for granddaughter Zoe Segoli. Her pet chinchilla, Daisy, gave birth to little Misty. Everyone wanted to know the gender of the new addition, so Zoe had a 'sex revelation' party to reveal the sex.
  • Limor, son Aviv's wife, has joined the Egged bus company family and enjoyed an Egged employees' holiday in Georgia, which was most interesting.
  • Granddaughter update: Amit Levy will spend the school holiday working at a dress shop in Eilat; Lotem Segoli is flying to a robotics competition with her group while Lior Ron continues to expand her delicious vegan relishes.

11th June 2022

Doreen Rudi

Doreen with Rudy Garcia-Tolson

Happy birthday today to the wife that I love so much. Doreen has so many good qualities. Among these are empathy, curiousity, and a willingness to talk to anyone however awkward it may be.
These qualities were demonstrated yesterday as we were waiting for a connecting flight to Madeira and saw someone with protheses for both legs.

Most people would pretend not to notice and certainly not ask him about it. Doreen of course went up to him and spoke at length to him. Rudy's protheses start above his knees, and he was born with this disability. He has adapted very well to his condition and was on his way to Madeira to take part in the Para Swimming World Competition. He has also taken part in many international events and  won gold medals in the Para Olympic games, in Beijing and Athens.He took  part and finished an Ironman World Championships. You can read about his inspirational life here.

He was delighted that Doreen spoke to him and posed for this picture. Just another 'normal' day in Doreen's life.

  • We are in Funchal in Madeira where I am involved with the European Bridge Championships for about 2 weeks. Here is a picture taken from the rooftop pool at our Casino Park Hotel.
  • As noted above, today is Doreen's birthday. This evening we were surprised by the hotel sending Doreen a bottle of 'champagne' nicely cooled in an ice bucket. They probably got the date from her passport and it was a lovely surprise. We enjoyed sipping the wine on the balcony of our room.
  • Doreen donated a very large cake for a batmitzvah celebration for 6th grade girls participating in the Students Build a Community Project in Netanya. Read about her 'evening of delight' in her column.
  • Daughter Vered and her husband Aviv Ron are in the States. Vered is in Seattle for a conference.  She had an unusual experience in the plane from Tel Aviv to USA. See pictures here.

4th June 2022
Celebrating the Shavuot holiday at the Habermans

Eitan H, Shuli H, Michal G, Dani and Tali H (behind), Yoav G, Yael G, Mor & Naama K, Uri H, Deganit holding Geffen H, Alon H, Racheli G, Avi G, Michal S with Maayan S behind, Lotem S, Doreen L, Eitan L, Moran S.

Missing from picture : Nitzan H, Zoe S, Vered & Danielle R, Aviv R (took the picture)
(Zoe S, Vered R and Aviv R can be seen on another picture.)
H = Haberman, G = Gilad, K = Kadosh, S = Segoli, R = Ron, L = Levy

Shuli and Eitan Haberman invited their family and our family to a Shavuot celebration at their house. It was a splendid opportunity for the two families (Shuli's mother and my mother were 1st cousins , see Goldberg family tree) to get together and in some cases to meet for the first time. The event was a great success, from all aspects, culinary, social and family. Thank you Shuli and Eitan for a wonderful evening!

Link to This Year's Miscellaneous Events and Pictures

  •  I'm happy to report that daughter Vered Ron has fully recovered from Corona.
  • The Segolis spent the night with us after Shavuot  and the next morning granddaughter Zoe helped Doreen make a cheese cake, a traditional cake for Shavuot.
  • Denise "d'niece" Braverman (Glazer family tree) is in Girona in Catalonia Spain for a triathlon summer camp.
  • This coming weekend we are flying to Madeira where I will be involved with the European Bridge Championships for about 2 weeks. Next week's page will probably be a little late.

28th May 2022
Fern on stepsAnt on steps
Fern and I on the steps in Musgrave Road - about 1946

Fern and I spent almost all our childhood in Durban South Africa, at 191 Musgrave Road. We often sat on the steps talking to friends also sitting on the steps. The steps were a deep dark red colour and were a continuation of the large 'stoop' (verandah) where we used to play especially when it was rainy. Our house was conveniently situated on a bus route and close to the Jewish centre where we went to kindergarten. Primary school for me was on the bus route and my high school was a 5 minute walk. (I can't remember how Fern got to her schools, but it was also probably by bus).
191 Musgrave Road was sold to the Church next door, and later became a restaurant. See picture here taken by friend Maureen,  and Trip Advisor here.

  • Daughter Vered Ron has corona. She is still in quarantine but today reported that she is feeling better than the last few days. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • Lotem and her robotics team Fata Morgana continue to excel. They have just won another competition, the Off Season Competition, in Sderot.(Picture).  They will be taking part in the prestigious Maryland Tech Institute Invitational Robotics Competition in Laurel, Maryland USA next month. Click on this link for a list of the 40 teams taking part.
  • Doreen went with Aviv Ront to a screening of  Dr. Morris' Camera, a documentary about the late Reginald Morris, at docaviv. Reginald was one of the earliest and best known  residents of Eilat, never known to be without a tie even on the hotest of Eilat days. Reginald was the first Director of the Eilat Hospital and later practiced medicine in Eilat. We were very friendly with Reginald and his wife Fay, who was also the Consul for the UK in Eilat; and our daughter Vered and her husband are still very friendly with their son Andrew and his wife Orli..  Doreen was happy to meet Fay and old friend Sheila Meltzer at the screening. Pictures here.

21st May 2022
Kansky family
With the Kansky's
Sheryl Tal, Doreen, Nathan, Shirley and Wendy Kansky

A month ago I reported that son Moran had digitized my old movie films. We are experiencing much pleasure seeing these old films. So far we have had "public showings" of parts of  the movies to the Kessels, the Rechts, the Segoli family and the Levy family.
Today we popped in to cousin Shirley and Nathan Kansky in Ahuzat Poleg to show pictures of their wedding (in 1959) and of cousin, the late David Levy's Barmitzvah in 1957. We enjoyed it very much and even managed to recognize people we last saw many many years ago. We were also happy to see Shirley and Nathans grandaughters Wendy and Sheryl.

  • Doreen and I have fully recovered from the Covid virus (Doreen's Column last week), although we are still feeling a little weak. We were very impressed by our health provider, Clalit, which accompanied us  throughout with support and even free home delivery of medications.
  • We spent a very pleasant  lunch and afternoon at the home of Lennie and Selma Cartoon at Ahuzat Poleg.  We were joined by friends Pam and Jeff Boner (ex Hofit neighbours) and new aquaintances Syd and Michelle Shapiro, also from Ahuzat Poleg. Ahuizat Poleg is by far the best retirement home I have ever been to, with separate cottages and beautiful private surrondings extremely well cared for. See here for a previous meeting with Lennie and Selma.
  • Daughter Vered Ron has returned from her business trip to Brazil. (picture)
  • Thanks to cousin Frankie Klaff for the picture of her and Dave taken in San Antonio.

14th May 2022
antigen positive
Uh oh - Positive Covid Antigen Tests

Last week I wrote about enjoying the company of Doreen's ex-schoolmates Maureen (Koningsfest) Fain and Helene (Goldberg) Levitan and husband Selwyn at the Zichron Yaakov pedestrian mall. On Sunday evening  at Maureen’s house in Jerusalem for dinner we were joined by another ex-schoolmate Ilana (Rubinstein) Dubb and husband Leo and enjoyed food, memories, friendship and conversation.

And then .....
(read Doreen's Column)
  • As can be guessed from the This Week's Picture above both Doreen and I are infected with the Corona virus. So of course we weren't too socially busy this week 😢. We're feeling very much better today and hope to be rid of it soon.
  • Daughter Vered Ron is on a business trip in Brazil and returns later in the week.

7th May 2022

Itamar navy
Itamar in Navy Uniform, with Family

This last week Israel celebrated her 74th Indepence Day. Doreen and I were with the Segolis on Independance eve in Midreshet Ben Gurion, and then went down to Eilat to see grandson Itamar Levy dressed in white navy uniform. The picture above is of the family with Itamar at the base. We missed the base but were happy to see Itamar in his uniform later. See here for a picture of us with Itamar.
  • While in Eilat Doreen and daughter-in-law Limor went to a vantage point to watch (not very successfully) the air force fly-over
  • Recently Doreen set herself two short term goals:  (1) Take tennis lessons and play tennis with grandson Maayan Segoli, and (2) obtain diving insurance which normally is not valid after age 75. This  involves undergoing many medical tests. This week she succeeded in both. Well done, Doreen - your husband is proud of you!
  • We met this week with some overseas friends - Shirley Poluck visiting from England, and Helene and Selwyn Levitan visiting from South Africa.
  • Doreen prepared delicious steamed fish (Chinese Style) from the locally farmed Red Tilapia. Read her recipe.

30th April
EL bday 82
My 82nd Birthday

Doreen and I celebrated my birthday at the M25 Restaurant in the Tel Aviv Carmel Market. At night, when the regular shops and stalls close, the market becomes a fascinating hive of eating places - restaurants, quick food, beer halls etc. The M25 restaurant is informal and "in" at the same time and  incorporates a butchery where the diners choose the meat they want cooked. We chose two large steaks (entrecote and sirloin) which we thoroughly enjoyed.
The next morning we went out for breakfast at the local Roladin branch.
At my age, the giving of presents etc is not needed - but doing something new and/or unusual is an appreciated gift.

  • Son Moran and Mikhal and Zoe Segoli have returned from their holiday in USA, and son Aviv Levy is also back in Israel after an enjoyable Caribbean trip.
  • Granddaughter Zoe was on the plane from USA to Israel but that didn't prevent a birthday cake.
  • Passover falls during the school holidays but Zoe's class enacted the exodus from Egypt on return to school.
  • We invited the Kessels Colin and Louise and Terry and Carol for tea to view the clip from our 1990 Sinai trip.
  • Doreen prepared delicious steamed fish (Chinese Style) from the locally farmed Red Tilapia. Read her recipe.

23rd April

Sinai trip 1990
Sinai Trip 1990
Back, l-r: Aviv Levy, Shlomo Recht, Galor Tamir, Dudi Goodman
Front, l-r: Claire Recht (supporting the exhausted guide Itzik), Doreen and Eitan Levy, Louise and Colin Kessel, Ziona and Dovvie Glassman, Ada Angel

Thanks to son Moran my old 16mm and 8mm films have been finally digitalised. I am slowly going through them and enjoying seeing pictures of my family when I was a child but also of my family in more recent times. At the moment I am viewing randomly and came across our trip to Sinai in 1990. I wrote about this trip some years ago on this site - see here.
During pesach we had re-established contact with Claire and Shlomo Recht after a break of many years and by sheer coincidence the next day I came across and viewed the trip on the newly digitalised video. We spent a very pleasant afternoon viewing the video at their beautiful home in Jaffa  and enjoying a fish meal at a local restaurant. (Click here a picture of the four of us).

16th April

Pesach Seder at the Rons
Clockwise: Aviv Levy, Aviv Ron, Limor , Ilai , Amit and  Itamar Levy, Doreen, Me, Patisa Rasmussen, Sofia Rasmussen, Lior Ron, Danielle Ron, Vered Ron

We had a lovely Passover seder at the home of Vered and Aviv Ron. Great atmosphere, not too long haggadah reading and of course plenty (too much!) delicious  food. And of course the singing, culminating in the family production of 'Who Knows One?'
  • We wish all our family and friends a happy Passover, the holiday that celebrates freedom and the victory over tyranny. Doreen wrote to our friends:
    "As we celebrate Pesach, our festival of freedom, let us take a moment to remember those less fortunate than ourselves.Those unfortunate people standing against the aggression of stronger and larger forces, those who have no food security, no access to good medical care, no jobs and without the pleasure of a quiet and peaceful day.
    Not to mention the ravages of nature destroying our beloved planet!"
  • Chopped liver is traditionally (at least in our family) an important part of the Passover seder meal. To enable the vegans in our family to enjoy chopped liver Doreen prepares a vegan version, which even most of the meat eaters prefer to the real thing!
  • The Segolis are in USA for a vacation and visiting Mikhal's sister and brother-in-law who are now working in Florida. Unfortunately Disney World was fully booked, but there is plenty to do in Orlando, like visiting Epcot.
  • After our visit last week to Eilat, granddaughters Amit and Ilai Levy came up from Eilat and spent the week with us. They and we enjoyed the visit. They joined up with Sofia for a visit to the Carmel market and went bowling with granddaughter Lior Ron. (Pictures here)

9th April 2022
dinner with family and friends
Dinner in Eilat
Left, front to back: Doreen, Vered, Limor, Aviv, Amit
Right, front to back:  Me, Patisa, Sophia, Ilai, Itamar

This week we spent a few days in Eilat with the Levy family. We celebrated grandson Itamar's birthday and on Friday we enjoyed an Asian meal (at Giraffe) with the Levy family together with daughter Vered Ron who was also in Eilat with long-time friend Patisa Rasmussen (see News below) and daughter Sophia.
After dinner we enjoyed ice cream at the family's favourite ice cream parlor, Golda.
Then tonight Aviv and Limor prepared a fantastic dinner for all 10 of us us with delicious salads and a variety of meat grilled by Aviv.

  • Patisa Rasmussen was our daughter Vered's best friend when we lived in the Virgin Islands, and we consider her part of our family. Vered and Patisa have kept up contact during the years: Patisa came to Vered's wedding and they regularly see each other, in Denmark or in Israel. See also here when Patisa and her daughter Sophia visted Israel and here when we met them in Denmark.
  • I spent most of this week fixing up our garden, front and back. Seeds planted, water system re-installed and working, my back aching.
  • We have seen the opera The Marriage of Figaro, with its twists and turns, about 3 or 4 times. We saw it again this week and this time we more or less understood what was going on!
  • The Segolis are on vacation and spending time with Mikhal's sister Ofi in Miami, USA. 

2nd April 2022
Lunch with friends
Lunch in Netanya with friends
From left, clockwise: Colin Kessel, Louise Kessel, Geoff Bethlehem, Binny Blass, Steve Blass, Doreen, Pam Bethlehem (in front)

We invited some old friends to lunch today at our house in Netanya this afternoon. We have so many events and memories in common from our days when we were young in South Africa that it is always a special pleasure to meet again. Colin and Geoff were at school together, as were Louise and Binny, Steve and I were at university together and we were all members of the Habonim youth movement.
Later Maureen Fain, also a Habonim member who was at school with Doreen joined us.
A special surprise was a drop-in visit on their way home by son Moran Segoli with Mikhal and Zoe.
More pictures here.

  • We read in the Haaretz newspaper about a small dairy on a kibbutz near us where two young persons prepare cheeses in the traditional Italian styles. We visited, were impressed, and of course bought some cheeses. See picture here.
  • The Rons are back in Israel and I've added two more pictures of their skiing holiday.

26th March
Cyprus snow

Doreen in Troodos, Cyprus

This week we returned from Cyprus where we played in a bridge festival. (see last week's Picture of the Week). We took two days off from the Festival, hired a car and toured a  little in Cyprus. In the hills, at Troodos, we were delighted to not only see snow but also the experience of falling snow. Click here for more on our Cyprus vacation.

  • This week the Rons celebrated the birthday of Dad Aviv and even baked him a cake. See picture.
  • Daughter Vered Ron and family are skiing in Europe and having a good time. See picture
  • Click here for some pictures and an account of our trip to Cyprus.

19th March 2022

cyprus festival
Cyprus Bridge Festival - Limassol 2022
Playing against a pair from Poland
We are in Cyprus taking part in the Bridge Festival there. This time I am not involved in planning or organization - Doreen and I decided to take a short vacation and play bridge together. In the first round we didn't do very well, but improved considerably with a high score in the second round. Tomorrow we play the third and final round.

  • Thank you sister Louise for sending us a lovely picture of your grandchild Rafael Dvir with grandfather Melly Braverman.
  • Last week we had pictures of the Purim adloyada at Midreshet Ben Gurion. This week we have pictures of family members in costume as befits traditional Purim activities.
  • We went to Jerusalem to see granddaughter Lotem Segoli and her team taking part in the final rounds of the First Israel Robotics Championship. Congratulation to Lotem and Fata Morgana on reaching the finals and placing second. A great achievement  - well done! See pictures of Lotem and her team on Lotem's page.
  • Before going to see the robotics we visited Jerusalem's interesting market Shuk Machaneh Yehuda and enjoyed our shawarma in the freezing cold.
  • We wish a speedy recovery to grandson Itamar Levy who fell and fractured his arm. With a broken arm we not sure how much you'll enjoy your sick leave from the army.

12th March 2022
Adloyada 2022 at Midreshet Ben Gurion

Traditionally the Purim festival is celebrated by everyone dressing up in costume and  a carnival-like adloyada with a parade of floats, accompanied by music, dancers and costumed participants. And shlah manot, exchange of gifts, of course.  The adloyada has gradually died out but some towns still have one.
The High School for Environmental Studies, in Sde Boqer, puts on a fantastic adloyada every year prepared entirely by the pupils. Above is the float prepared by Maayan and his group.
See more pictures here.

  • We visited cousin Shirley Kansky (see Hershovitz/Levy tree) this week to wish happy 98th birthday to huband Nathan and  happy birthday to her this week on the Ides of March. We enjoyed the visit talking about family and old times. Shirley still has the Grandfather clock that belonged to her grandparents. Picture and more here.
  • Poor Alma the cute dog of daughter Vered and Aviv Ron. She once again broke a leg (and she's not an actor) - see here.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron is now selling her delicious vegan spreads and dips. These include beetroot, butternut squash and cashew, roasted peppers, red lentils, chickpea, split pea, carrot and garlic. Everything is fresh and 100% vegan. There is delivery to Herzlia, Raanana and Kfar Saba or pickup in Herzliya. You can order  through Whatsapp 0549107103 or follow on instagram @hamatbilim_shellior. There are pictures and decriptions here.

5th March
Glzers - young
The Glazer Family

 The picture above of parents Maurice and Gertie and children Louise and Doreen taken toward the end of 1944 and is proof that both Louise and Doreen were once young! It's also proof trhat Doreen can sulk, and take a look at her socks.

from Old Pictures Collection

  • Last night, after too long a time, we were delighted to have most of the family over  for an 'Italian' dinner prepared by Doreen, Maayan and Vered, with Chianti brought by Aviv L. It was  moving to see how they were excited to see other and how they all got along so well. (See picures)
  • Last Saturday night we went to kibbutz Tzora for an evening honouring Mike Levine after 30 years as one of the founders and the director and visionary of the Israel Stage Orchestra. We remember how how some years ago we enjoyed their production of their original Fantasy for Monkey and Orchestra. We have known Mike since our South African days and Doreen was his madricha in the Habonim youth movement. At the reception before the ceremony we were delighted to again meet many old friends from our Durban days. See some pictures here.
  •  About a month ago I was honoured to receive the European Bridge League Gold Medal for service to bridge. (Click here). It was wonderful to receive this month's copy of the Israel Bridge Federation Bulletin. Apart from the cover there are some nice words in an article. See the front cover.

26th February 2022


Goodbye, Starlet

28 years ago we bought a Toyota Starlet. It served us well and hardly needed any spare parts in all those years. What a car! The body had many bangs, dents and rust, but the engine showed no signs of age. Of late the clutch was starting to give a liitle trouble but we still used the car quite a lot. With a road test twice a year and the costs of registration and insurance it just wasn't worth keeping. But who would buy a battered 28 year old car with stick shift and no power steering?
So with a sad heart we sold the car for scrap metal and perhaps spare parts.
  • We spent the weekend in Midreshet Ben Gurion with the Segolis. Aviv and family were going to join us but had to cancel at the last minute. Grandson Maayan outdid himsel by smoking spare ribs which were delicious.(see pictures)
  • While there, we had a chance to see granddaughter Lotem Segoli with some of her Fata Morgana team preparing to build a new robot. As the winner of the regional Robot Contest they will participate in the Israel Robot Contest. If they win this, they will be invited to the USA to take part in a contest there. We were very impressed by their work - they work to a plan and each prepares a part and then they put everything together. See picture here.
  • We also saw granddaughter Zoe's new very fluffy rabbit, Laannie. See picture.
  • How Covid has changed so many things! We went to a concert performance of the opera Tosca, conductecd by an aging Zubin Mehta. The choir wore masks even when they were singing.

19th February 2022

Jan Karski
Doreen sits next to Jan Karski at the Polin Museum in Warsaw

We have just returned from a very short trip to Warsaw where I checked the conditions and possibilities of holding a bridge directors' course there later this year. On the morning of our flight home we visited the Polin Museum of the Hisory of the Jewish People in Poland. The Museum is located on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto destroyed by the Nazis. (See a picture of the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes in the grounds of the Museum.). The Museum is most interesting and extremely large. Although we spent 3 hours there, we only saw about 1/4 of the exhibits. I admit I had never heard of Jan Karski but Doreen knew all about him, and his story deserves to be better known. Doreen was happy to sit on the seat next to his statue in the grounds of the museum.

The following biography of Jan Karski is condensed from  Ushman Encyclopedia

Jan Karski was born Jan Kozielewski to a Roman Catholic family in Lodz in 1914. …..
World War II began in September 1939, interrupting Karski’s promising career in the diplomatic service.... At the start of the war, Karski joined the Polish army, but was taken prisoner by the Soviets at the end of September. …..In November, as part of a prisoner exchange between the Soviets and Germans, Karski landed in German custody. He was briefly held by the Germans in a POW camp in Radom, but managed to escape. From there, Karski made his way to Warsaw, where he joined the Polish underground resistance movement... Karski conveyed secret information between the resistance and the Polish government-in-exile headquartered in London. …..

In late 1942, Karski was smuggled in and out of the Warsaw ghetto and Izbica, a transit ghetto for Jews being sent to the Belzec killing center. In both places, he witnessed the horrific conditions imposed by the Germans that had caused tens of thousands of Jews to die of starvation and disease. In Izbica, disguised as a guard, he saw thousands of Jews being crammed into cattle cars. Karski learned that the train was taking them to be murdered......

Karski then managed to travel across German-occupied Europe to London, where he delivered a report to the Polish government-in-exile and to senior British authorities, including Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. He described what he had witnessed and reported the evidence that Nazi Germany was murdering Jews from all over Europe. In July 1943, Karski journeyed to Washington and met with American President Franklin D. Roosevelt to give him the same report. Karski pleaded for specific actions to rescue Jews. Allied leaders, however, insisted that Germany’s military defeat must be their first priority. 

In September 1943, Karski returned to London, …. In February 1944, he was sent back to the United States on a public relations mission. During that year, he gave lectures, wrote newspaper articles, and presented on the radio about the Nazi German occupation of Poland, the Polish underground, and the plight of Jews under the Nazis. 

After the war, Karski remained in the United States. He joined the faculty of Georgetown University in 1949 and earned his PhD from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 1952. He remained on the faculty of Georgetown University until he retired in 1984 with the rank of Full Professor.

Deeply influenced by his wartime experiences and memory of the Holocaust, Karski worked tirelessly for the rest of his life to promote Polish-Jewish understanding and to honor the memory of all victims of Nazism. In addition to receiving the highest Polish civic and military decorations, Karski was made an honorary citizen of Israel and was awarded the distinction “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem. 

Jan Karski died in Washington, DC, in July 2000.

Condensed from Ushman Encyclopedia
Author(s): United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

  • On our visit to Warsaw (see above) Doreen and I found two interesting and completely different styled restaurants (and didn't find the Michelin Restaurant where we had booked!). See here. 
  • Fortunately we (=Doreen) didn't have to cook dinner on our return from Warsaw as daughter Vered Ron invited us to dinner with a full complement - daughters Danielle and Lior with their friends Oz and Gal. See picture.
  • Just before leaving for Warsaw Doreen, friend Caroline and granddaughter Danielle with her friend Oz visited an exhibition in Tel Aviv by artist Yayoi Kusana. See picture.
  • Maayan and Lotem have been planning to sky dive for some time but bad weather had repeatedly postponed the experience. This week the weather cleared enough for them to go to Sdei Taiman airfield just outside Beersheva and finally sky dive, together with many of their Segoli relatives. Here are some pictures.,

12th February 2022
lotem robotics
Lotem's Fata Morgana team in 1st place in qualifyer

Congratulations to granddaughter Lotem Segoli and her team for their accomplishment in winning the Israel robotics qualifier competition. They will take part in the Finals of the Israel National Robotics Championships next month. The team Fata Morgana is from the Ramat Hanegev High School situated in the Negev Desert. Lotem is the Coach, Mechanics leader and CAD (Computer aided Design) leader of the team. She and her team have spent months of hard work in all their spare time in preparation for this event and their victory is amazing and well deserved.

We are all very proud of you, Lotem. Now go and rest a little!

There are some more pictures here.

5th February 2022

Dani and pics
 Danielle and some of her pictures
A big "welcome back" to granddaughter Danielle Ron. Dani spent 3 months in the Galapagos and Amazonas as part of her studies in Sustainability and Government at  Reichman University.  After her studies and projects she spent time in South America where she was joined by her friend Oz.
Dani entertained us for some hours talking about her trip and studies and showing us some of her hundreds of pictures. We hope she will send us some of her pictures for this site.

  • We were happy to renew contact with Denise Israel. Denise's ex-husband Giora worked at Coral World in St Thomas and Nassau Bahamas during the period he and I both managed these attractions. Our paths crossed many times and it was lovely to meet Denise again after so many years and to discuss old times.
  • Aviv and Vered Ron joined Moran, Mikhal and Lotem Segoli on a day hike in the Ramon Crater.
  • I will be visiting Bucharest, Romania this week for 2 days to check whether there is a suitable place to hold the next Tourament Director's Course.
  • On our visit to Larnaca, Cyprus last week Doreen was facinated by an outdoor exhibition of 'trash art' - sculptues made from trash by Abdul Gany Bande, a refugee from the Ivory Coast.

29th January 2022
gold medal
European Bridge League (EBL) Gold Medal

This weekend Doreen and I were in Larnaca Cyprus where I attended a seminar run by the EBL. At the dinner at the end of the seminar I was presented with the Gold Medal for "distinguished services to European Bridge". I was very proud to receive this, especially as the last EBL Gold Medal awarded was ten years ago.
Click here for 2 more pictures

22nd January 2022
Gev Daroch Mikhal
Mikhal at Gev Darogh

The Segolis  took advantage of the temporary break in the rainy weather to go on hikes - today to Gev Darogh (Moran and Mikhal) and yesterday to Gev Zarchan.  Apart from the desert scenery there are  water holes (Gev) in the rock base that fill with water in the rainy season.
Click for pictures from yesterday (Gev Zarchan), and some pictures of Zoe 'exercising' on the rocks.
  • Many thanks to Roslyn Hakim for sending pictures of her grandfather Barnet Nickel and of his three daughters Ray, Fay and Sarah (Roslyn's mother). Barnet is Doreen's great uncle. Click to see the pictures  on the old photos page. (See Nochimovitz/Nickel family tree.)
  • We had booked to visit New York in the New Year and meet daughter Vered and granddaughter Lior there. The trip was cancelled but Vered  rebooked and last week flew there for business meetings. She sent us pictures of the cold and snow there. Vered  returned last night and is in quarantine until she receives a negative PCR test.
  • Here's Doreen's recipe for cauliflower salad with real or vegan mayonnaise.
  • We travel to Cyprus later this week for a two-day Bridge Officers' seminar.

15th January 2022
Daughter Vered Levy-Ron interviewed on Channel 13 TV

Vered was interviewed about her job as CEO of Syte, the world's #1 discovery platform of ecommerce. She came over very well as she explained what the company does. You can see and hear the interview (in Hebrew) here.
Syte uses visual AI technology to cater to the specific needs of fashion, jewelry, and home decor brands. You can read more about this here.
We are very proud of our daughter and her success.

8th January 2022
smile - 4 grandkids
Smile for the camera!
Maayan, Lior, Itamar, Danelle
Our first 4 grandchildren pose for the camera - taken about 15 years ago.

from my Old Photos Collection

1st January 2022

Hello 2022

Doreen and I wish all our relatives and friends a happy New Year. We're not sorry to see the end of 2021 and hope that 2022 will be a better, successful and healthy year.