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30th December 2017
Me; Doreen; Lotem and Mikhal Segoli; Itamar Levy; Maayan amd Moran Segoli
Doreen and I are fans of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas. When we saw the Encore Theatre Group were staging The Mikado (in English) with Israeli performers, we decided to take some of the family to see the performance and get a taste of  this genre. There were surtitles in English and Hebrew which made it easier to follow the complicated story.We all, including the children, thoroughly enjoyed the show which was slick and well performed with some surprisingly good voices.

  • Happy New Year to all our friends and relatives. May 2018 bring you all personal happiness and bring us all - if possible - closer to peace.
  • We spent the weekend in Eilat with the Eilat Levy's. Spent time with the grandchildren, helped Amit with her school "Roots" project and enjoyed delicious hamburgers at a restaurant, and even more delicious barbecue the next day (see picture) .
  • Daughter Vered Ron sent us some pictures of a hike today with husband Aviv and Mikhal and Moran Segoli in Nahal Dolev in the Bet Shemesh area.
  • On Wednesdays, when possible, we have brunch with granddaughter Lior who is volunteering for National Service work in an institute near us for disturbed and problematic youth. (see previous post). This Wednesday her mom  Vered  also came along. Lior spends one day a week as a Scouts' leader in Ofek Jail, the only youth facillity in Israel. (A few weeks ago we posted a newspaper article on her work). We were impressed when Lior expanded on her experiences.
  • Happy Birthday this week to Sheryl Levy (Dec.31st), Lucian Goldblatt (Dec.31st),  Giorgio Tarazza (Jan. 1st), Katherine Galp (Jan. 1st), Solly Gordon (Jan. 1st), Elaine Bacher (Jan. 2nd), Ayala Poupko (Jan. 2nd), Daniella Collins (Jan. 3rd), Tanya Wood (Jan. 4th)Candis Herr (Jan. 5th), Natalie Smith (Jan. 5th), Yaniv Arad (Jan. 5th), Raphael Cotton (Jan. 5th)

23rd December 2017
191 Musgrave Rd
My childhood home is now St Clement'sRestaurant

The house where I lived  during my youth from a few years old till about aged 20 at 191 Musgrave Road, Durban, is now St Clement's Restaurant, with a Certificate of Excellence and rated 4 stars on Trip Advisor.
(When my late mother cooked it was 5 stars! )

There are two more pictures and some comments in the Miscellaneous pages.

(Many thanks to ex-Durbanite Maureen Fain (nee Konigsfest) who recenly visited Durban and was kind enough to visit the restaurant and send us the photos.)

  • We wish all our friends who celebrate Christmas a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season.
  • We had a most pleasant evening over dinner at our house this evening with some family - cousins Shirley and Nathan Kansky (Hershovitz and Matz family trees) and Joel and Beryl Klotnick (Matz family tree); and Louise Braverman (Doreen's sister). It's been some time since the Kansky's and the Klotnicks met so the evening was especially enjoyable. Click to see picture.
  • Belinda Levy, who was married to my first cousin the late David Levy ז"ל  (see Hershovitz and Matz family trees) is visiting Israel and she met our son Aviv at Coral World Marine Park where he is the curator. We will be seeing Belinda and her companion next week. See picture here.
  • Happy Birthday this week to  Saul Gordon (24th),  Jonathan Levy (25th), Chloe Glogauer (25th),  Maayan Segoli (26th), Jonathan Bortz (26th), Jared Marcus (26th), Nicole Marcus (26th), Tamara Marcus (26),  Kevin Lampert (28th), Laura Katovsky (28th). Irving Kagan (28th), Beth Jeffrey (28th),  Claire Neiman (29th)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Maureen and Alan Blotnick (27th)

 16th December 2017
dor-Ant wedding
l-r: My father Hayman, my step-mother Rae, Me and Doreen, Doreen's mother Gertie and Doreen's father Maurice

As it's our 53rd edding anniversary today, I decided to put our wedding photo as This Week's Picture. How young and slim we were!


 9th December 2017
at Yaffa and Andy
l-r: Doreen, Lotem Segoli, Andy Loew, Yaffa Loew, Yaakov Bortenstein, Moran Segoli, Eitan
front: Mikhal Segoli, Maayan Segoli, (Zoe Segoli hiding under a chair)

Andy Loew was not feeling well and we visited him and Yaffa (see Schank family tree) this afternoon together with the Segolis. Yaffa's brother Yaakov Bortenstein joined us and we spent a very pleasant afternoon solving the world's problems but also talking about family history. We don't see this branch of the family often enough.

  • As part of  her volunteering with the National Service and in conjunction with her activities in the Scouts movement, granddaughterr Lior Ron spends one day a week at a juvenile prison as part of the inmates rehabilitation process. Maariv newspaper had a very positive article on this project this week. Click here to read and see the article on the internet or here to see a pdf copy of the article. Lior is the one between the two tall guys in the picture at the bottom left of the article.
  • Yael Galamadi, a friend from our first days in Israel and whom we don't see too often, came over for lunch. See picture and a story from those days.
  • Mazaltov to Yori (Yehoram) Leshem (see  Glezer/Glasser family tree) on his marriage to Michal Pellach. (see picture). Yori and our son Moran and daughter in law Mikhal  were colleagues and friends before they knew they were related. Read the story of our meeting in Davis, California.
  • Son Moran Segoli was feeling better and so was I so we enjoyed a lunch at home in Netanya with the Segolis, the Bravemans and Vered Ron (see pictures)
  • Happy Birthday this week to  Levi Cotton (9th), Gabriella Nathan (9th), Ann Saylor (McCrimmon) (9th), Maya Ben_Hemo (9th), Lior Bortenstein (9th), Amber Cimbring (10th), Mark Nathan (11th), Yael Amit  (12th), Jennifer Brod  (13th), Hillel Geffen (13th), Adam Emanuel (15th)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Lisa and David Neiman (9th), Cecile and Raymond Cotton (11th), Lynn and Kevin Weisz (12th), Vanessa and Giorgio Tarazza (12th), Lee and Nadav Levy (12th),  Pat and Stewart Shub (15th), Wendy and Neill Glasser (15th)

2nd December 2017

Eitan in hospital
I'm at home after a few days in hospital because of an undetected  ulcer that was bleeding due to medication I took against the pain of a strained neck muscle. Fortunately the bleeding has stopped and I am still feeling a little weak but much improved. In the coming weeks I'll need to avoid three of my favourites - coffee, chocolate, and chili peppers.
I was reasonably comfortable in the hospital  due to much appreciated help from son Aviv, Vered squeezing in visits before an important work trip overseas, and of course from wonderful wife Doreen.
Thanks to all my friends and family for their concern and good wishes.

  • Doreen and I had a highly satisfying meeting with Gilad Shai (Avraham). Gilad, who was Moran's friend, stayed with us in Eilat for nearly a year. Unfortunately we  lost contact over the years. We were happy to renew contact with him - a charming and positive adult. See picture.
  • Son Moran Segoli has been unwell apparently from a virus, but  seems to be improving at last.
  • While Aviv was making my hospital life bearable, his car was broken into and apart from the damage his ID, cards, and other papers were stolen. He really didn't deserve this!
  • We're still looking for a dog!
  • Happy Birthday this week to Philip Bacher (2nd),Pearl Helbein (2nd), Jonathan Klotnick (3rd), Alma Or (Klotnick)(4th), Rachelle Kirsch (4th), Tirza Myers (5th),  Vicki Gilbert (5th),  Frankie Klaff (7th), George Taylor (7th), Andrew Levy (7th), Talia Levy (7th), Michael Gordon (7th), Talia Kay (7th), Judith Albertson (7th)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Suzan and Mark Glasser (4th)

 25 November 2017
spider webs Soreq
The Segolis visit the Spider web tapestries of Nahal Soreq
The Soreq Creek near Jerusalem contains nutrient rich water (from treated sewage) that attracts millions of  tiny non-biting midges that are an abundant food for long-jawed spiders. The spiders proliferate and their webs cover the trees and forest in large "tapestries". The Segolis visted there at the end of last week and reported that this creates a beautiful sight.
Read more about this rare phenomenon in the Haaretz newspaper (which identifies the insects as mosquitos not midges).
There are more pictures on the miscellaneous page and on the pages of Lotem and Maayan.
  • Last we I reported on Amit Levy's 12th birthday party (See pictures here). Afterwards Dad Aviv, Mom Limor and siblings Itamar and Ilai took her for a weekend to Tiberias - see picture here.
  • After their visit to Nahal Soreq (see above) the Segolis visited the Huleh Nature Reserve and area and saw the migrating cranes. The Nature Reserve has "birding hideouts" from where the birds can be viewed without disturbing them. See picture here.
  • Doreen spent a pleasant morning sailing with daughter Skipper Vered and friends. See picture.
  • Doreen and I have decided we want a dog. This week we chose a dog from the SPCA and although he was cute, years on the street had made him too aggresive in behaviour and we had to reluctantly return him. So we are on the lookout for a dog!
  • Happy Birthday this week to Daphne-Lynne Galgut (Nov 25th), Marsha Krengel (25th), Anthony Glogauer (27th), Natalie Hock (28th), Beverley Taylor (28th),  Eliyahu Skoczylas (29), Jesse Weisz (Nov 30th); Ryon Ezra (Dec 1st), Benjamin Glogauer (Dec1st)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to Limor and Aviv Levy (26th), Richard and Talia Klotnick (28th)

18 November 2017
Heini and Tiina Drui
Me, Doreen, Heini Drui, Tiina Drui (with Nora)
After attending the Bridge Champions' Cup in Riga Latvia (see here) we continued to Tallinn in Estonia to visit Doreen's Drui relatives. In 2009 we received an email from Heini that he was excited to have found his father's name on my family tree on this site.  He was looking forward to renewing contact and meeting his Israeli family with whom contact had been lost for over 20 years. (see 2009 Archives).
In 2014 he came to Israel and we met him and his charming wife Tiina. (see 2014 Archives) We promised that one day we would visit them in Estonia and this past week we did and they went out of their way to make our stay memorable!
Click here for some pictures of our visit to Estonia.

11 November 2017

The Peitav Synagogue in Old Riga is the only synagogue that was not destroyed by the Nazis when they invaded Riga in July 1941. After the war and during the Russian period it was largely neglected and no repairs were made. Only in 2008, some 10 years after Latvia gained independence, the building was  fully and lovingly restored.

See also Doreen's column.

  • We're in Riga, Latvia and fly to Tallinn, Estonia late tonight. There we will spend a few days and visit Doreen's relativers Heini and Tiina Drui.
  • We are in Riga for the European Bridge Champions' Cup. We made a very short visit to Riga last July and Doreen took the opportunity to explore the beatiful Old City again See pictures.
  • Doreen's visit this time was a painful one, for she has now determined that the synagogue where her grandmother was burnt to death during the Holocaust was in Riga. Read Doreen's Thoughts on a Visit to Riga..
  • We return to Israel in a few days time, and on the same day I will fly to Eilat for the Red Sea Bridge Festival.
  • Happy Birthdays this week to Shira Bacher (11th), Michael Bacher (11th), Tzafrir Poupko (11th), Miriam Ferber (11th), Damon Galgut (12th),  Diana Smith (13th), Chana Bolel (14th), Tristan Galp (14th), Freda Gordon (14th), Philip Shapiro (14th), Isidore Spector (15th), Aharon Bolel (15th), Keren Levin (16th), Amit Levy (17th), Jennifer Taylor (17th), William Kirsh (17th);   and Happy Anniversary to  Eric and Avigail Cotton (17th)

 4 November 2017
Himba kids and buttons
Himba children in Namibia discover buttons

When we bought granddaughter Lotem a sewing machine (see last week's news)  that can do almost everything "except sew buttons, " I was reminded of a visit to a Himba village in Namibia in 2001. Doreen was wearing a loose shirt over her clothes  and the little boys who ran out to see us on our way to the village were fascinated by the buttons on the shirt. The Himba don't wear Western clothes - or hardly any clothes at all -  and they had never seen buttons but one quickly learned how they worked. They were prepared to spend the whole day opening and closing them, but we left them to go to the village to see the way of life of the Himba people who, according to the London Daily Mail , are "an isolated tribe that wants nothing to do with modern society".

(And while on the subject of sewing here's a picture in the "Old Photos" section of me sewing in our motorhome on a 1995 trip)
from our 'old photos' collection
  • We were delighted this week to meet up again with old friend Judy Pirkey, who was on a cruise with her husband. Doreen prepared a delicious lunch and we were joined by friend Morris Kahn and daughter Vered. We had not seen Judy for about 25 years and we enjoyed talking about the "old times" and sharing memories. See picture.
  • Next week we are off to Riga, Latvia for the European Bridge Champions' Cup with a short visit to Doreen's Drue relatives in Tallinn Estonia.
  • We will be away for a week, and on the day we return we go for 4 days to Eilat for the Red Sea Bridge Festival.
  • Starting this week, in addition to listing this month's birthdays, I will in addition mention the birthdays in the coming week. So this week happy birthdays to Kim Siegel (4th), Aaron Schwartz (6th), Hazel Gurland (6th),  Erica Leibowitz (6th), Tiina Drue (7th), Larry Neiman (8th),   Sharlene Klotnick (8th), Tarryn Klotnick (10th), Romy Klotnick (10th), Saville Stern (10th)

28 October 2017
Lotem batmitzvah
Lotem at her batmitzvah party

Granddaughter Lotem Segoli turned 12 this week and the Segoli and Levy families celebrated with her at her batmitzvah event. Friday evening we celebrated at the Caravanserai (Khan Shayarot) tent village not far from  her home in Midreshet Ben Gurion, and on Saturday we all lunched at her home.
See details and pictures here
  • This website was unavailable for most of last week but hopefully you will be reading this now. My (and my server's) apologies. You can see last week's home page by clicking here.
  • While we were at the caravanserai for Lotem's party (see above) Doreen used the opportunity to enlist the family in picking olives for her to pickle. See picture.
  • Granddaughter Lotem is very creative and sews and prepares many articles from material. Together with daughter Vered and the Ron family we gave her a sewing machine for her batmitzvah. Read what Doreen wrote to Lotem about the importance of sewing machines for her family.

 21 October 2017
Carnival USVI
Feelin' Hot Hot Hot - Carnival in the USVI in the 1980's

The two recent Force 5 hurricanes, Irma and then Maria, caused tremendous destruction on many Caribbean Islands. We were particularly distressed by the damage to the US Virgin Islands, where we lived for a number of years. The Hebrew Congregation of St Thomas is working to help repair the damage and to bring aid to those in need, both of the Congregation and of the general public.We send them best wishes for a speedy recovery.
The picture above of Doreen with a moko jumbie (stilt walker) is of happier times when we lived in the Virgin Islands.

  • We were happy to celebrate the bar mitzvah of Almog, grandson of best friend Caroline Collins, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. See picture
  • Doreen is guiding a short three day day tour this week.
  • I will be going to Larnaca, Cyprus for a couple of days in connection with the Tornament Director Bridge Workshop that I am organising next February.
  • At the end of the week we will celebrate the batmitzvah of our granddaughter Lotem Segoli. You can read about Lotem, and see pictures, on her page.

14 October 2017
Sukkot at the home of Dina and Jonty Levy
For the last few years the Levy family tradition of celebrating the festival sukkot together lapsed. This was a great pity for we had many lovely evenings at the home of Wendy Kansky, the daughter of cousin Shirley Kansky (for example see here) . This year Wendy, daughter Vered and cousin "in-law" Dina Levy decided to renew the tradition and the Levys with the addition of some of Dina's family, enjoyed good company and delicious food at the home of Jonty and Dina.
More pictures here.
  • The extended holiday period of Rosh Hashanah to Sukkot has ended and it's back to "normal" again.
  • Doreen returned today from her 11 day tour guiding a group from South Africa.

  7 October 2017
Doreen - guide
Doreen - tourist guide
Doreen semi-retired some time ago and cut down on her guiding, but recently she has been almost as busy as in her active years -  four tours in the space of about 2 months. I found the above photo from long ago of Doreen the tour guide and as Doreen is at the moment guiding an 11 day tour thought it appropriate as This Week's Picture.
  • At the beginning of the week I retured from a short visit to Belfast for bridge matters.
  • As noted recently we celebrated Rosh Hashanah in Eilat with family. The Rons couldn't join us and we didn't have our traditional shofar blowing contest. (see for example here when Lior won yet again and here when Itamar snatched the title from her.). This week the Rons invited the Braverman family for a festive sukkot meal and we took the opportunity of conducting the contest there. Multiple winner Lior was the hot favourite and easily beat the opposition for yet another win. You can see and hear her effort on her page.
  • Granddaughter Lotem Segoli found a good solution to reducing the size of her luggage for a school trip.

30 September 2017
ebl meeting
Taking a lunch break in Belfast
left, f-b: Josef Harsanyi , Yves and Claude  Aubry
right: f-b: Paul Porteous, me, Maureen Porteous

I spent a few days in Belfast, Northern Ireland, helping to plan the European Bridge League Officers' Seminar to be held there at the beginning of February. Taking part were Yves Aubry (President), Josef Harsanyi (Treasurer), Paul Porteous (Secretary) and me (Rules and Regulations Chairman). The meeting was very successful - the facilities were inspected and interesting programme and topics chosed and planned.

  • Vered has returned from her overseas trips. She particularly enjoyed meeting up with her daughter Daniel in the USA and by all accounts they had a marvelous time together. See picture here.
  • As part of her voluntary National Service (see here) granddaughter Lior has to spend one day a week helping at a prison for youths aged 13-17. This week 8 of these youths celebrated their bar mitzvah and Lior was part of the team that helped arrange the event. There was a newpaper report and Lior can be seen in the pictures. (click for link to the article (in Hebrew). We are all very proud of Lior.
  • For those receiving this before Yom Kippur - have an easy fast; for those receivivng it afterwards - hope you had an easy fast. And for all of you - גמר חתימה טובה.

23 September 2017

rosh hashanah 2017
Rosh Hashanah  5778 - 2017 - תשע"ח

We celebrated the Jewish New Year this year in Eilat at the home of son Aviv and Limor Levy, together with the Segolis and some of Limor's family and friends.  All in all, there were 40 people who enjoyed the fantastic meal prepared by Limor, her mother and sisters.
  • We stayed 5 days in Eilat during the Rosh Hashanah long weekend and apart from eating most of the time we also had time for some other things. Click for some pictures here.
  • As reported last week, daughter Vered and the Ron family all made it to Boston (despite some fears about Hurricanr Jose interfering with their plans)  and the four of them were happy to again be together again. See picture.
  • Later this week I am flying to Belfast for a few days  in connection with the European Bridge League officers' seminar which will be held there in February. The next home page update will be from there.
  • We wish all our fanily and friends a Happy New Year - שנה טובה .  May the new year bring you all happiness and success, and peace to our troubled area.

16 September 2017

18th Bday Lior
Lior Ron is 18!
I celebrated Granddaughter Lior Ron's 18th birthday with a vegan breakfast  (for her!). As noted before Lior is doing a year's voluntary National Service and she later celebrated with her communa.

  • I think that Daughter Vered's Family Ron has set a new record for "dispersion". From tomorrow Vered will be Germany, husband Aviv in Chicgo USA, daughter Danielle  in Sacramento California and younger daughter Lior in Israel. A few days later  things will change, as all 4 travel to Boston USA to be together for a few days, before returning (except Danielle)  to Israel next week .
  • Doreen is guiding a small group from Australia and will be back in a couple of days.
  • Towards the end of this week we will celebrate Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year - in Eilat with family. It's always a most pleasant event and we are looking forward to it.
  • We wish all our fanily and friends a Happy New Year - שנה טובה .  May the new year bring you all happiness and success, and peace to our troubled area.

09 September 2017

No, this isn't a picture of me out of sight - read on.........

A slight change this week in "This Week's Picture." You'll see the picture later.
Background: Son Moran Segoli lives and works in the Negev Desert. Yesterday, on the way to his workplace, he stopped at a petrol (gas) station to fill up. While he was there, three local Bedouin rode up to the station. Two of them went into the adjacent cafe, ordered three espressos to go, came out, drank the coffee and continued their trip. Moran managed to take this picture which you can see by clicking on the blank square above.

  • Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv are back after their sailing trip to the Greek Islands. From all accounts they had a great time and Vered's skippering was excellent. Last week we posted some pictures .
  • Doreen is guiding a small group from Australia and will be away until next week.
  • We were very concerned this week watching Hurricane Irma makes its devastating way across the Caribbean. We lived in that area for about 7 years (and experienced a hurricane) and have many friends and acquaintances there. We wish them all safe weathering of this enormous storm.
  • Doreen has written an account and impressions (with pictures) of our cruise through Ireland, Scotland, Faroe and Iceland. Click here to see it.
  • If you haven't yet seen the Segoli site with the wonderful pictures of their trip in the Italian Dolomites I highly recommend that you do!. You can access the  Hebrew  or  English versions.

02 September 2017
Aviv and Limor
Aviv and Limor Levy
This is a lovely picture of son Aviv and Limor at the Harmony Restaurant in Eilat. It was photographed by Limor's sister Ofira and is not posed!

  • We're back in Israel after our cruise and London visit.
  • Doreen has written an account and impressions (with pictures) of our cruise through Ireland, Scotland, Faroe and Iceland. Click here to see it.
  • We spent a few days in London after the cruise and took the opportunity of a visit to Oxford which we enjoyed very much - especially the visit to the Ashmolean Museum. Pictures here.
  • In London we also saw old friends Shirley Poluck and Marianna and Bill Pencharz, and I spent a pleasant morning chatting with bridge friend Peter Hassenson.
  • Daughter Vered and Aviv Ron are due back from their sailing trip later today, and Vered has sent us some pictures.
  • If you haven't yet seen the Segoli site with the wonderful pictures of their trip in the Italian Dolomites I highly recommend that you do!. You can access the  Hebrew  or  English versions.

  26 August 2017
Mikhal in China
Mikhal Segoli in China
Daughter in law Mikhal returned from the family hike in the Dolomites and almost immediately flew to China to attend a professional conference there.

  • We're in London after our most enjoyable cruise. During the second half of the cruise we visited the Faroe Islands, the Scottish Orkney Islands and Dublin, where we spent an delightful day with my colleague Paul Porteus and his wife Maureen, before disembarking in Southampton.  Doreen is preparing an account with pictures and more details of the cruise*, but in the meantime there are some pictures of some of the highlights here.
  • We'll be 6 days in London before returning to our home in Netanya.
  • Vered and Aviv Ron have gone sailing with a few friends in the Mediterranean. Vered is the sole skipper and we wish her good winds and fine sailing.
  • Son Moran has updated the Segoli site wioth some wonderful pictures of their trip in the Italian Dolomites. Highly recommended! You can read and see the updates  in Hebrew  and in English.
*later: Click for Doreen's account and impressions

19 August 2017
icelandic food
Jafet Olafsson and the Icelandic meal he prepared
During our cruise aboard the Oriana we made a stop at Akureyri, a town in the north of Iceland. My colleague on the EBL Executive Committee, Jafet Olafsson, lives in Reykjavik and has a summer home in Husavik, an hours drive from Akureyri. Jafet met us at the ship and took us on a tour of the beautiful area. Then we went to his summer home where he had prepared a lunch consisting of tasty Icelandic traditional foods - smoked lamb, smoked trout. gravlax, jellied sheeps head, lyfrapylsa (a sausage made with sheeps innards and resembling Scottish haggis) and dried fish.
Jafet went out of his way to show us around, driving hundreds of miles and going to a lot of trouble.
(Doreen will prepare an account with pictures and more details when the cruise has finished*. In the meantime there are some pictures of some of the highlights here.)

  • We're about halfway through our cruise on board the Oriana. We've sailed from Southampton, to Belfast, the New Hebrides and Iceland and are on our way to the Faroe Islands. Doreen will prepare an account with pictures and more details when the cruise has finished, but in the meantime there are some pictures of some of the highlights here.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron has started her national service and first reports are positive.

12 August 2017
Aviv on TV
Love and Sex in the Sea
Tu B'Av (the 16th of the Hebrew month Av) is the Israel equivalent of Valentine's Day and of course the media (and shops!) are full of love-related topics and themes. Channel 10 TV in Israel was no exception and they even devoted some of their morning show to Sex in the Sea, and interviewed our son Aviv (on the right above). He was fantastic and spoke well and interestingly. The hosts and guests on the show were fascinated. Well done, Aviv. This is not the first time he has been on TV (for example click here for Aviv talking on whale sharks two months ago) - we are proud of you Aviv!
Click here or on the above picture for a very short extract from the show.
Also, the Epson Photokina Fair in 2010 prepared a Youtube presentation of breeding sea horses and returning them to the sea, featuring Aviv. Click here for the clip (especially from minute 3.18 onwards).

  • We're on board the Oriana on a 14 day cruise including Iceland. We left Southampton yesterday afternoon and tomorrow we will visit Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Our cabin was a pleasant surprise - it's larger than we thought and there is a large window looking out to the deck and sea. (see picture)
  • he Segolis are continuing their amazing hike in the Dolomites, in the Italian Alps. See last week's Picture of the week. Moran has sent us some fantastic pictures, and we'll wait to see them on his Page when they return.

5 August 2017
Segolis - Dolomites
The Segolis hike the Dolomite high paths
The Segolis - Moran, Mikhal, Maayan, Lotem and Zoe - are in north-eastern Italy trekking in the Dolomites. They will be there for about 2 weeks, carrying all their clothes and supplies with them, and spending the nights in the rifugi - the huts along the trekking paths. The Dolomites have a reputation for being awe-inspiring and beautiful, a well-deserved reputation judging by the pictures sent by them. More pictures here, and on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.

  • Ilai is progressing well after her surgery (see last week's Archives) and is recuperating at home. She will need to stay there for several weeks as her arm and back movements are restricted. See her page.
  • Not only the Segolis (Italy) and granddaughter Danielle (California) are overseas.  Three generations - Doreen, daughter Vered and granddaughter Lior - are in Paris for a 5 day visit. For Lior this is extra special, for she was born in Paris. See some pictures here. and on Lior's page.
  • And I am "home alone"! Don't feel too sorry for me - later this week Doreen and I are going on a cruise to Iceland. Not for bridge matters, simply a holiday! More next week

29 July 2017
Ilai after op
We are delighted ro report that granddaughter Ilai Levy underwent a successful back operation, correcting severe scoliosis, and that she is recovering well. She is walking well, though of course slowly, and is getting better every day. She has been in hospital for a week and should be allowed to go home in a few days time.
There are some pictures of her on her page.
  • While Ilai was in hospital (see above) the Levy family organised a Friday night dinner for her and mom Limor's birthday at the hospital. All 14 family members came (except for Danielle who is in America and Amit who is in Eilat now after helping Ilai during the hardest first days) and it was a really lovely occasion. Pictures here.
  • Then on Saturday another party - this time celebrating granddaughter Lior Ron's graduation from high school. (see pictures). Lior will be having a short break with mom Vered and granny Doreen in Paris for a few days and will then start a year as a volunteer in the National Service with prolematic and disturbed children.
  • We, especially Doreen, have had a hard and busy week, frequently visiting and helping with Ilai in hospital, preparin g food, and taking care of the grandchildren from Eilat and Sde Boqer who stayed with us in varying numbers from 2 to 7. And of course, there was the joint cooking with the grandchildren, for example, see this picture.

22 July 2017
Fern - Eilat mountains
Fern in the Eilat mountains

This week is the anniversary of the death of my sister, Fern. It is nine years since her tragic death. Fern's great love was rock and mountain climbing and the above picture captures her joy when hiking in the Eilat mountains with her family.
Pictures, tributes and a short biography are on her memorial page.
  • Granddaughter Ilai Levy will be undergoing a back operation this week and will be in hospital for about a week. We wish her a successful operation and recovery.
  • We extend our condolences to Basil Sandler and his children Ran, Orna, Ami and Varda, on the sad loss of wife and mother Riva. Basil and Riva were married for 69 years.  Basil is a long time good friend, colleague and former bridge partner and we shared many experiences with him and Riva.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron is enjoying her post-high school time with a trip with friends to Berlin. See pictures.

15 July 2017
medal award
Silver Medal Under 16 - Israel

The European Junior Bridge Championships finished today. The Silver Medal for the under 16 category went to the Israel team and I was pleased to be able to award them the medals.  The ceremony took place in the luxurious cinema of the hotel.
The bridge results of  the Israel teams were very good: The Under 16 team took the silver medal (16 countries) - an excellent acievement. The Under 21 team started slowly but in an exciting nail-biting finish where the lead changed repeatedly also finished second (by 0.21 points!) out of 17 countries. Both the U16 and U21 teams qualified to be among the Europe representatives in their categories at the next World Youth Championship to be held in China in 2018.  The Under 26 team finished  a creditable 7th (28 countries) just missing out on qualifying for the World Championships.  There was no Israel team in the Women category.

  • We're in Slovakia for the European Youth Bridge Competition in Samorin, a town near Bratislava. Tomorrow we return to Israel where we have a three week break until our next trip!
  • The conditions and facilities for these championships at the X-Bionic Sphere Complex are exceptionally good - among the best I have ever been to in my long bridge career. Some details and pictures here.
  • Grandson Itamar Levy has just completed the third and final stage for acceptance to the Odysseus Programme for Future Scientists and Inventors. The course was at the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva and we await the final results.
  • Amit and Ilai Levy spent the weekend with Aunt Vered, and met the Sde Boqer Segolis at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. (see pictures)

  8 July 2017
enjoying the pool
Cooling off
l-r: Granddaughters Ilai Levy, Amit Levy, Zoe Segoli, Lotem Segoli

A nice cool pool is the best place to be in the very hot summer during the school holidays. And if it's with cousins who usually live far away it's even better.

  • After a week in Israel we're off again. This time Slovakia for the European Youth Bridge Competition in Samorin, a town near Bratislava, with a two day visit to Vienna on the way.
  • We enjoyed our two day too-short Vienna visit. Doreen has written about it with some pictures.
  • Between our return from Italy and our trip to Slovakia I managed to get some time in at the Tel Aviv Bridge Festival. Doreen took some of our guests from overseas for tours - the President of the World Bridge Federation Gianarrigo Rona (with Cippi his wife and Carlotta their daughter), Ton Kooijman, Chairman iof the World Bridge Laws Committee and Irving and Jackie Gordon from Scotland. Some pictures here.
  • We also had time to attend an event of the Breaking the Silence movement (see Doreen's Column from last year)
  • Granddaughter Lior had great fun preparing for her school prom. See a picture of her with some classmates.
  • Granddaughter Dani is still working in USA and enjoyed a 4th of July dinner with some friends.
  • Daughter Vered's week was not her usual intense and high-powered week - she went to the Scouts camp that Lior was attending and helped with the cooking, and later she and Aviv enjoyed a weekend camping at  a beach

1 July 2017
Eitan's heritage
My Heritage according to DNA

Through "My Heritage" a Roots/Family Tree computer application, I sent a sample for DNA analysis. The results can be seen above.

  • We're back in Israel after out trip to Italy. But not for long - in a few days we fly to Slovakia for the European Youth Bridge Competition in Samorin, a town near Bratislava. Beteewn these trip I'll be busy in Israel at the Tel Aviv Bridge Festival.
  • June is family birthday month. Doreen on the 11th, son Aviv on the 21st, and this week we celebrated daughter Vered's birthday. See pictures
  • Our grandchildren's attiitude towards animals always amazes me, both for their "likes" and "dislikes". There was another example this week: son  Moran found a small snake and brought it home. As you can see from the pictures, both grandaughters Lotem and Zoe were thrilled to entertain the little snake.
  • It's the end of the school year and both Lotem and Maayan have received their school report cards.
  • Apart from getting excellent grades, grandson Maayan keeps himself busy by cooking. See his latest effort at preparing stuffed delicacies.
  • Granddaughter Lotem make an amusing clip about a "split" or double Lotem. Click to view part of it.

24 June 2017
bridge gala
At the Gala Dinner of the European Bridge League

  • After nearly 3 weeks. tomorrow we leave Montecatini Terme and the bridge championships. We were happy that the Israel team won the gold medal in the Senior Teams event, and I had the opportunity to present them with the medals, but other Israel results were not so good.
  • We have some busy days ahead. On Friday the Festival of the Israeli Bridge Federation starts and on the Wednesday after that we travel to Slovakia for the Youth Championships.
  • We enjoyed ourselves in Montecatini. It's a charming town, conveniently situated and with many excellent restaurants. Doreen took advantage of  the excellent train system to visit Pistoia, Cinque Terre, Lucca and Florence. Click for some pictures.

17 June 2017
EBL Executive
The Executive of the European Bridge League
Marc de Pauw (Belgium), Radoslaw Kielbasinsk (Poland), Eitan Levy (Israel), Jafet Olafsson (Iceland), Sevinc Atay (Turkey), David Harris (England),
Yves Aubry (France- President), Josef  Harsanyi (Germany), Jan Kamras (Sweden), Eric Laurant (Netherlands), Paul Porteous (Ireland), Jurica Caric  (Croatia).
 Missing: Fillipo Palma (Italy)
This morning we had the 7th and last meeting of the Executive of the European Bridge League here in Montecatini Terme in Italy. I doubt that we solved all the problems of the bridge world, but we definitely made progress!.

  • Doreen and I will be staying  in Montecatini for another week as I have specific durties connected with the European Open Championships being held here.
  • Doreen has been her usual active self while I have been attanding meetings. She has climbed the hill to Montecatini Alto, and visited the fairly close Tuscany towns of Pisa and Luca. We meet in the evenings for dinner and so far have only found very good and excellent restaurants. The bridge meetings are also an occasion for meeting old friends, some of whom we also visit outside of the bridge events. See pictures.
  • We were delighted to receive a message that granddaughter Lotem Segoli receive 97 for a project in Hebrew. Considering that a few years she could only speak and write in English this is a great achievement. See picture.

10 June 2017
Lior graduation
Aviv, Lior and Vered Ron
At last - no more high school! Granddaughter Lior Ron celebrated her last day at school with a party (see picture). Here, with her parents, she proudly displays her certificates at the ceremony marking her last day of school.
  • We are in Montecatini Terme, in Tuscany Italy. The European Open Bridge Championships are being held here and we'll be here for just over two weeks. I've been busy the last  few days so pictures and comments will wait till next week.
  • Doreen celebrates her birthday on Sunday. We'll find a nice seafood restaurant and celebrate it there, but in the meantime make do with a pleasant breakfast outdoors at our hotel in Montecatini. Pictures here.

3 June 2017
Reijzers for dinner
Entertaining the Reijzers
Around the table clockwise: Lior, Vered and Aviv Ron; Ezra, Lottie and Hans Reijzer; Naftali and Gideon Keyson; Louise Braverman; Doreen
Our longtime friends, Hans and Lottie Reijzer (whom we visited a month ago in Amsterdam) are on a short vist to Israel. Their son Ezra and grandson Naftali accompanied them.  They came for Friday night dinner, and were joined by another grandson living in Israel, Gideon. Our daughter Vered and family and Doreen's sister Louise also joined us and we all had a delicious dinner. It was a lovely evening, described by Hans as "festive."

  • We spent a couple of days in Rome (see pictures) after my meeting in Lucignano and returned home a few days ago tired and happy.
  • We have a very busy few days before we're off again to Italy, this time to Montecatini (also in Tuscany) for the European Open Bridge Championships.
  • Son Aviv Levy was again interviewed on TV, this time about a very big whale shark that "visited" Eilat. Click for a short extract from his interview.

27 May 2017
walk for ALS
Vered Levy-Ron and Denise Braverman

Daughter Vered and niece Denise took part in a 4Km walk to raise awareness and money for Prize4Life, a not-for-profit organization aimed at accelerating the discovery of treatment and cure for ALS. The organization was founded by a friend of Vered, Shai Rishoni, who years ago was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig disease).  See more details in This Week's Picture archives.

  • We are in Lucignano in Tuscany, Italy. I am attending a meeting of the European Bridge League Council which is taking place at the beautiful villa of Fillipo Palma, a fellow committee member.  We were here last year as well - click here for a picture of the view from Fillipo's villa. We did a little touring on the way here, and will do more on the way back to Rome where we will spend a few days. We will bring back a few bottles of Fillipo's Palma Wine  and you are invited to share a bottle with us. 
  •  We return to Israel on Thursday and have a very busy few days before we're off again to Italy, this time to Montecatini (also in Tuscany) for the European Open Bridge Championships.
  • Grandson Maayan is continuing his efforts in preparing various dishes from different countries, and we understand that his latest effort was delicious!

20 May 2017
Eilat sand storm
Sand storm in Eilat

We lived in Eilat for many years and sand storms were fairly common but the sand storm that hit Eilat this week was exceptional. Thanks to son Aviv for sending this picture.

  • We have returned from 4 days in Prague, where I organised a successful seminar to introduce the new laws of bridge to international bridge TDs (judges).
  • I didn't see much of Prague but Doreen did some sightseeing, including a bicycle tour. See picture
  • We're off again in a few days. This time to Tuscany, Italy to attend a meeting of the Council of the European Bridge Executive. After the meeting we'll spend 2 days in Rome.

13 May 2017
sailing with habermans
After the sail
Patrick and Cushla (crew), Vered Levy-Ron, Shuly and Michael Haberman, me, Doreen
(photo taken by Eitan Haberman)

Old Photo: Looking through old photos I found this one taken after a morning sail many years ago on a friend's yacht. Joining Doreen and I and daughter Vered were the Habermans, Eitan, Shuly and Michael. It's appropriate to post it now as Shuly (see Goldberg family tree) was the production manager for the highly successful Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition (see below) - and it's also her birthday this coming Tuesday.

  • We attended a few sessions of the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition and were amazed at the fantastic abilities and talent of the pianists and the truly excellent organisation. We are proud that second cousin Shuly Haberman, the Production Manager, (see Goldberg family tree) contributed so much to its success. We enjoyed the performances and it was difficult for us to judge who was the best. Our choice of winner did not coincide with that of the judges, who chose a Polish contestant, Szymon Nehring, (our second choice) as winner. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are already looking forward to the next competition in 3 years time!
  • Next Monday we fly to Prague for 4 days. I am organizing a seminar for certified international bridge judges. The Laws of Bridge have just been revised and the seminar will be devoted to discussing the implications and implementation of these new laws.

 6 May 2017
Cousins Amit Levy, Michael and Jonatan Gabintor and Ilai Levy  at a Justin Bieber concert

Granddaughters Amit and Ilai Levy went with Limor their mother and cousins Michael and Jonatan Gabitor to the Justin Bieber concert in Tel Aviv. It looks like they, together with thousands of others, had a great time.

  • During their final day with us at the end of last week, the grandchildren went horse-riding, visited a turtle rescue programme and played Frisbe with Doreen in the adjacent park. Pictures here.
  • Congratulations to Tanya and Stephen Wood of London, England on the birth of their first child this week, Tallulah May. (Picture of the beautiful one-day old baby here). Congratulations too to grandmother Susan Nathan (nee Levy) on her third grandchild. (see Levy/Hershovitz family tree.)
  • The Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition is taking place in Tel Aviv and Shuli Haberman (see Goldberg family tree), the Production Manager,  is very busy overseeing the successful organisation of the competition.  Doreen is due to take the judges on a day tour of Jerusalem later today.
  • Best of luck to granddaughter Lior who is busy with her final bagrut exams. She found time to entertain cousin Zoe while the kindergarden helpers were striking. Lior will spend the next year on a voluntary Public Service programme before beginning her compulsory army training.

29 April 2017:
NOTE: The original page was inadvertently deleted, and this is a rough reconstruction
Son Aviv Levy successfully participated in a course and is recognised as a paramedic of the 1221 Emergency Medical help organization.

We returned from a short trip to Amsterdam to visit friends Hans and Lottie Reijzer. See last week's note and some pictures here.
Grandson Maayan prepared  prepared a meal for the Apriljoin birthdays of IOtamasr Levy, Zoe Segoli and me. Maayan, aged 13, cooked the delicious meal. The theme was Indian cuisine and he prepared samosas, butter chicken curry and naan bread.
For pictures click here  and from there there are links to more pages.
We also had the pleasure of various grandchildren, at various times during the week, staying over with us.

22 April 2017
egg cups
Egg Cups carved by Leibe Nochomovicz in early 1900's
Grandson Maayan Segoli needed to do a small project on an item that has been passed down in the family. He chose to write about some egg cups, carved by his great great grandfather in the early 1900's

The cups were carved by his great great Grandfather Leibe. They were passed down to great grandmother Gertie Glazer, and then to Granny Doreen Levy. They will be passed down  to Doreen’s children, including father  Moran and from him to Leiba’s great great grandchild, Maayan, and from him ..........

The cups have “lived” in Byelorussia, South Africa the Caribbean and in Israel.

Read more, and see a picture of a wooden candlestick carved by Leibe.

  • Children, grandchildren - all back from their overseas visits and back to their routines. As expected, they all had a wonderful time.
  • Now it's our chance:| Doreen and I will be flying to Amsterdam this week. It's only a four day visit, to see long-time friends Hans and Lottie Reijzer. Lottie is not well and we hope our visit will cheer them up a little. We have been close friends with the Reijzers since learning Hebrew with them on an ulpan in 1965. We see each other often, in Israel or Holland, and have a couple of times been together with them on a holiday, for example in Aups about 7 years ago.
  • Sad news. Adam, the son of Melly Braverman our ex-brother-in-law, was found dead in a pool in Singapore where he was touring together with other fans of the Rugby 7 International Tournament there.  We extend heartfelt condolences to Mellie, to mother Fenella Bishop, to sister Tamara  and to half-sisters Denise and Yael Braverman. Click for pictures of Adam and Melly on a visit to Petra, and of Adam with sisters Tamara and Denise in Eilat. (see Glasser family tree).
  • Cousin Shirley Kansky and Nathan, and friends Dani and Ruti Erez, came for lunch and Doreen experimented successfully with a new (for her) chicken recipe - spatchcock chicken. Read her instructions for preparing this delicious and easy recipe on the family recipe page.

15 April 2017
Pesach seder
Passover Seder with the Levys from Eilat
We had a very enjoyable seder with the family from Eilat and good friend Caroline Livneh. The seder was fairly traditional (but with lots of "passing over" ) with singing, excellent food and some Pesach related clips from the internet. All the grandchildren helped cook, preparing gefilte fish, vegetarian and real chopped liver and traditional Pesach cakes.
This was the smallest seder we have had in years: the Rons were in California and the Segolis with Mikhal's family in Mevasseret Zion.
More pictures here.
  • After the seder the Eilatis said goodbye and returned to Eilat and Mikhal and Moran and Zoe Segoli said hello. Mikhal and Moran went on a three day hike (see pictures) while we looked after granddaughter Zoe.
  • This is the first time Zoe has not been in the company of her parents or siblings and we were surprised that she only rarely showed signs of "homesickness." Probably a visit to the local Luna Park (see picture) and a play about a lonely dog helped, but almost unlimited TV played a large role! At one stage she complained of a sore throat. Doreen offered her various remedies which were refused. Doreen asked what  she thought would help her sore throat. "Watching television" was the reply.
  • Grandchildren Maayan and Lotem Segoli are in Paris enjoying a visit with the Segoli grandparents, Yael and Avraham. From the pictures we have received they are having a great time.
  • The Rons Vered, Aviv and Lior were excited at seeing daughter/sister Danielle in Sacramento and enjoyed the seder with her and friends.  They then went on a short skiing holiday and by all accounts had a wonderful time. (pictures here)
  8 April 2017
grsndkids with challot
Itamar, Lotem, Maayan, Zoe, Amit and Doreen with the challot.
While the grandchildren were with us (see below) Doreen gave them a challah baking lesson. They prepared and mixed the dough (see Lotem's picture), weighed and divided the dough into three, then divided each portion into three and braided the bread. As can be seen in the picture the braiding was excellent. Shabbat dinner was enhanced with the addition of the 3 delicious challot.

  • It's pre-Passover school holidays and five of our grandchildren are staying with us. Son Moran is also here for a few days to help. Doreen and Moran took them to the Holon Children's Museum where the older children experienced Dialogue in the Dark and Zoe the Enchanted Forest.. They played football in the local park, visited Caesaria and will go to a movie tomorrow. See pictures.
  • What about the other 3 grandchildren who are not in Netanya? Ilai Levy is at a Scout's camp and will join us next week, with parents Aviv and Limor, for a few days when we celebrate the Pesach seder. Lior Ron is on her way (with Dad Aviv) to  California to visit sister Danielle who is working there.
  • Daughter Vered Ron has just spent a week in Germany and France on business trips and by the time you read this she will also be in California with husband Aviv and daughters Danielle and Lior.
  • Grandchildren Itamar Levy and Maayan Segoli also went on school hikes earlier this week. Click on the names for pictures.
  • I spent a couple of days in Larnaca Cyprus checking a possible venue for a 2018 Bridge Workshop.

1 April 2017
Elma Hotel and Arts Center
Doreen and I and Louise in the gardens of the Elma Hotel
Yesterday we attended an opera "The Judgement of Paris" and today an organ recital at the impressive Elma Arts Complex and Hotel in Zichron Yaakov.  The hotel has galleries and its corridors feature works of art. There is also a concert hall (with excellent acoustics) where regular performances are held. Louise joined us today for an organ concert. In addition to a clear view of the the organ and organist, a view of the organist's hands - and feet - was projected onto a large screen. This made for a fascinating experience. Although we have been to organ concerts before this was the first time we could appreciate the impressive talents of an organist. 

  • Congratulations to grandson Itamar Levy on being selected to the second stage toward acceptance to the special Odysseus Programme for Future Scientists and Inventors. This is a special programme of the Education Department  and the Universities to promote and develop gifted youth through parallel learning in school and university.
  • We're back from our most enjoyable visit to Lausanne. On our last day there Pierre and Francoise took us to a cafe in Morges where we bought some special chocolate - Doreen describes it in her column.
  • Next week I will spend two days in Cyprus investigating a venue for the 2018 Bridge Workshop while our grandchildren come to spend time with us in preparation for Pesach..
  • It's the beginning of spring and our garden and community allotment show it. See pictures of sample pickings.
  • Ros and Claude Hakim ( see Nochimovicz/Nickel family tree) of Australia sent us a lovely picture of themselves enjoying the view on their holiday in Cape Town South Africa.

25 March 2017
dhsved by charlie
Shave and Haircut
I have always been a great fan of Charlie Chaplin who in my opinion is one of the greatest movie artists.  On a visit to Lausanne this week I was delighted to visit the wonderful Chaplin's World in Vevey next to Lausanne. There were constant film clips of all his movies with studio recreations of some of his iconic scenes. One of my favourite scenes from his movies is the barber scene acted to Lizt's music, from "The Great Dictator", so an opportunity to be shaved by this great artist was not to be missed!
Click here for a picture of Doreen in the ramshackle hut in "The Gold Rush."
Don't miss a visit to Chaplin World if you're ever in the vicinity of Geneva or Lausanne.

  • I attended a meeting of the European Bridge League Executive yesterday in Lausanne Switzerland and Doreen and I took the opportunity to spend a few days there as the guests of good friends Pierre and Francoise Collaros who are wonderful hosts and spoilt us!
  • We visited  Chaplin's World,  Vevey and the vineyards, Bern, Gruyere,  and the Museum de l'Art Brut. With Pierre and Francoise we visited the amazing Rolex Learning Centre and took a boat trip from Nyon across Lake Leman to the French medieval village of Yvoire. See pictures here.
  • Meanwhile back in Israel, grandson Maayan Segoli was perfecting his culinary skills and produced a clam chowder which we undersatand was delicioius. Daughter Vered, in Doreen's footsteps, baked challah for Shabbat meal.
  • Granddaughter Amit Levy joined the "Levy diving club" and went on a successful dive with dad Aviv.

  18 March 2017
Moran in Peter Pan
Moran performs in "Peter Pan"

The Theatre Group of Midreshet Ben Gurion put on a special performance of Peter Pan for the Purim holiday. Among the actors was son Moran Segoli (left in picture above).
For a picture of Moran in a previous performance of the group), click here.

  • We were saddened this week by the death of good friend Dalia Lamdani after a long illness. Dalia was a world-reknowned food historian and a former editor of the Food section  of "La Isha", Israel's leading women's magazine. We have been friends for a long time and shared many experiences. We have written about her on this site, see for example Doreen's Column, or this 2015 event or our This Week's Picture of  the Stuffed Camel meal. There are further links from the above links.
  • The festival of Purim was celebrated at the beginning of the week.Traditionally, the children walk around the whole day in costume, while the adults enjoy the costume parties at night. See some pictures here.
  • As part of the Purim festivities at her school, Lotem gave a demonstration of special effects makeup..

11 March 2017
Sadly, our dog Flopsy had to be put to sleep this week. Aged about 17, his health had deteriorated markedly during the last two months.
Click to see pictures and read what Doreen has written about him, and the other dogs we have had.

  • Doreen is still guiding an American Christian group that she has guided several times before and is looking forward to renewing friendships and travelling around the country. She had a free day today and daughter Vered, Aviv and Lior  and I joined her for lunch and a walk along the Southern Walls of Jerusalem. See picture
  • Granddaughter Danielle took a day off from work in Sacramento to visit nearby San Francisco. See picture.
  • Itamar and Aviv took part in the re-enactment of Operation Uvda in the War of Independence. Pictures here.
  • It's Purim, the festival where children ,and many adults, go around in costume. Please send pictures for next week's update.

4 March 2017
Jimmy Rabinowiz
Jimmy Rabinowitz ז"ל
We were shocked and deeply upset to hear the news a few days ago that old friend Jimmy Rabinowitz had died in a work accident in Togo, West Africa. My friendship with Jimmy, and his wife Tamara goes back to our activities in South Africa in the Habonim Youth Movement. Tamara (nee Gordon) is also a second cousin of Doreen (see Gordon/Glasser family tree). Jimmy was one of those "extra energy" people (Tamara too)  busy and active and always willing to help others.  After their son Idor died in an army accident they joined the joint Jewish-Palestinian Bereaved Parents Forum. In addition Jimmy was a volunteer to Road to Recovery. We extend our deepest condolences to Tamara and their two daughters Nina and Maya, and grandchildren.
See picture taken a few months ago.

  • Doreen left today on a 10 day tour guiding an American Christian group that she has guided several times before and is looking forward to renewing friendships and travelling around the country..
  • Grandson Maayan received a school certificate for Behaviour, Attitude and Helping others.  click here.
  • Our vegetable patch at the Municpal allotment is showing improvement - broccoli, lettuces, cauliflower. Our strawberry yield has doubled in the last month - see picture.
    Click for  March birthdays and anniversaries.

25 February 2017
Raz Rishoni
Raz Rishoni with his book "Daddy Lost His Strength"
This week we pay tribute to Shai Rishonim who has inspired us with his incredible bravery and determination. Shai was a commercial pilot who had trekked the Himalayas, been an Ironman Triathlete who had competed in marathons and other endurance and strength events.  Five years ago he was diagnosed with ALS ("Lou Gehrig disease) and his degeneration of muscle use was rapid. Today he is almost totally paralysed (except for eye movement) and ventilated, yet he is the driving force behind, and functions as the CEO, of Prize4Life, a not-for-profit organization aimed at accelerating the discovery of treatment and cure for ALS. Every year he organizes a fund-raising event for the organization. This year it was a concert featuring a popular Israel band, and there we bought a book written by his son  who gives a moving account of adapting to an ALS impeded father. We are proud that our daughter, Vered, is on the board of this organization.
On Friday the annual Samsung Tel Aviv marathon took place. Among the 40,000 participants was Shai who decided that he would "run" the marathon with the help of volunteers who would take turns pushing him. It couldn't have been easy for him being pushed and jolted for something like 5 hours without a break, but his determination and courage ensured that he was successful. See a picture of Shai in the marathon here.

  • We renewed acquaintance with relative Susan Nathan a few months ago (see picture) and today we drove to the village of Tamra to visit her. (see picture) .  See also Levy/Hershovitz family tree.
  • In looking for ways to utilize the large amount of lemons from our lemon tree, Doreen prepared a delicious lemon mousse which has been, and is being, enjoyed by our various guests. Read her recipe here. 
  • This week Doreen enjoyed taking a small group of business people to Jerusalem, the Old City and Machaneh Yehuda market. She was accompanied by our daughter Vered. See picture here.
  • Doreen is participating in a free online course sponsored by FutureLearn about the Holocaust lead by outstanding lecturers from Tel Aviv University and Yad Vashem. . She says that it is one of the best courses she has taken and whole heartedly recommends their courses on a large variety of subjects. Read about them here.

18 February 2017
Club Daintree
Club Daintree, Cape Kimberley, Queensland, Australia

Shirley Poluck, an old friend from our first days in Israel when we were both learning at the Hebrew ulpan, came for lunch. We meet fairly often both in England where she lives and in Tel Aviv where her daughter lives. (for example, see here with her late husband Gordon, and here.). At some stage she mentioned that she would like to visit Australia and I told her the story about out "hat-judging" experience, and here it is direct from Doreen's diary:

"..... Then a magical experience started, reminding us why travelling in a motorhome is so special. When we drew up to the river we saw that the ferry had just left. Since it was 6.00pm at a ferry crossing to nowhere, we thought we’d just missed the last ferry for the day. After a short walk about we saw there was a vehicle parked behind us. The driver said the ferry continued until midnight. We asked if we crossed now could we reach a place to stay before dark. He directed us to Cape Kimberley; it had no power but was very pretty, only 5 km along a dirt road that was steep, but do-able in first gear. With that we just managed to jump into our motorhome and drive onto the ferry and in a few seconds we were crossing the Daintree River. A few minutes later we were being urged to drive off the ramp and get going. 
We arrived at Club Daintree at Cape Kimberley, a low-key resort with tall palm trees, ginger plants, grass, wooden huts and a glimpse of the sea through the trees. They even had powered sites although the generator switched off at midnight. They were having a hat party that night and we were invited. We parked on the grass and in the last light of the day we walked along the beach, which was lined with coconut palms. No swimming: stingers in the water and in the curve of the bay there were mangroves with crocodiles lurking. Although Annie had assured us that a crocodile hadn’t been seen for years, we’d seen the crocodile sign by the river as we drove up. Locals brushed aside our worries saying the mosquitoes had already eaten the crocodiles. 
We dressed up in clean clothes, put on our hats and went to the bar. There were about 10 people, all from the area and they greeted us happily, inviting us to join them. Some of them were obviously already quite potted. A few hours and a lot of drinks down the line, Eitan and I were appointed judges for the Best Hat Competition. Both Eitan and I groaned, as we didn’t want to have to decide between them. Well, we first asked for a parade of hats and with explanations how they came about their hats and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Then they each had to sing for us. And finally they had to tell a joke. Things were pretty uproarious by then and everyone, including us, was having a great time. Finally the time of judgement arrived. The only way out of the dilemma was to exercise a little diplomacy and give everybody a prize – the best hat, the best joke, the crudest joke, the best performance etc. They didn’t mind the silly titles and were delighted that everybody was mentioned.
Then there was music and we danced and talked some more. I spoke to Wayne who lived next door who told me about a 6 foot monitor lizard in his garden, an amethystine python whose head he had cut off as it was making his way through a wire fence, wild pigs, huge crocodiles and other delights of living in the wild. We learnt that a tourist at the Daintree Village campsite, where we had decided not to stay, was foolish enough to swim in the river despite warnings. He was never seen again! Horror stories........"
  • Oh dear! Granddaughter Lotem has broken her arm - again. A ball hit her arm while she was goalkeeper (and scored a goal!). This is the third time she has broken an arm! See her page.
  • In looking for ways to utilize the large amount of lemons from our lemon tree, Doreen prepared a delicious lemon mousse which has been, and is being, enjoyed by our various guests. Read her recipe here.

11 February 2017
Mikhal and Iris
Mikhal Segoli admires an iris in the desert
Moran and Mikhal went on the 18 Km "Hatzav Droch" desert hike starting early morning from the gravel in Wadi Droch and ending in late afternoon at Wadi Zinn near Midreshet Ben Gurion where they live. On the way they saw impressive views and this beautiful iris flower blooming in the harsh desert.

  • We are back from our trip to Athens. Click to see some pictures from there.
  • We were very proud to see the end of term school report cards of our grandchildren. In addition to the excellent grades and remarks they also received Certificates of Excellence. See the pages of Ilai, Amit, Maayan and Lotem.

04 February 2017
Athens: Doreen poses with a soldier
We are in Athens. I am organising a workshop for bridge Tournament Directors (judges) and Doreen is seeing some of Athens she missed on our last trip.
Some pictures here.

 28 January 2017
The family at the beach
from my Old Photos collection:
My father Hayman, Moran, Doreen, Aviv, Vered, Doreen's mother Gertie enjoying the sun at the beach (Caesarea?) about 1974

  • Doreen and I will fly to Athens this week for 6 days. I am organising a workshop for bridge Tournament Directors (judges) there.
  • There a quite of lot of family birthdays within a few days, including a granddaughter, nephew and son. Click for some pictures of granddaughter Ilai's birthday today.

21 January 2017
Dani and Moran in Sacramento
Danielle and Moran in Sacramento
Son Moran Segoli took the opportunuty while on a skiing holiday in USA to pay a short visit to granddaughter Danielle Ron who has just started a job in Sacramento near Davis, where Moran had studied at the University there. (See  picture on Dani's page.
  • We had a pleasant lunch with Doreen's aunt Laura Nickel and sister Louise. The food was good and we caught up on family matters. Picture here.
  • Son Moran Segoli has returned from his short ski vacation in USA with long-time friend Ran Kagan. See pictures.
  • Yesterday we watched the inauguration of President Trump. To put it mildly we're not exactly fans and we worry about the effect he will have on the USA and the world, and of course on the Middle East.

14 January 2017
Levy Segoli
The Levy and Segoli Families at Maayan's Barmitzvah
After Maayan's barmitzvah ceremony (see last weeks "This Week's Picture") the Segoli and Levy families enjoyed themselves at the Sand Dunes activity opposite Shifta in the Negev Desert..

  • We all wish good luck to granddaughter Danielle who has just arrived in Sacramento USA to begin working there. Danielle is a US citizen and wants to try her luck there before making a final decision on what she wants to do. Good luck, Dani!
  • Son Moran Segoli is also in the USA enjoying a skiing holiday with friend Ran Kagan.
  • I am back from a short trip to Italy checking arrangements for the European Bridge Championships which will take place in Montecatini in June.
  • While Moran and I were away, Doreen helped Mikhal Segoli with the grandchildren. Doreen arrived back home yesterday with even more points earned for the title Grandmother of the Year!
  • As promised last week, there are more pictures of  Maayan's barmitzvah . Also check out the links there to the grandchildren pages. (Special thanks to photographer Aviv Ron.)

7 January 2017
maayan barmitzvah
Maayan Segoli Barmitzvah
Today we celebrated the barmitzvah of our grandson, Maayan Segoli. It was a family affair - dinner on Friday night, synagogue and breakfast on Saturday morning, and a special sand dune desert experience with lunch on Saturday afternoon.
The focus of course was on Maayan's traditional singingof his part of the weekly torah reading in synagogue, which he did impecably. Correctly reading Hebrew text directly from a torah scroll is not easy even for a native Hebrew speaker and Maayan's performance was outstanding. It was hard to believe that only two years ago he could hardly read simple vocalized Hebrew on his retutn  from 6 years in USA and Australia. A truly commendable achievement. Well done, Maayan.
There are some pictures here, more will be posted next week when I receive them from the various photographers.

  • We all wish good luck to granddaughter Danielle who is off to the USA later this week to begin working there. Danielle is a US citizen and wants to try her luck there before making a final decision on what she wants to do. She will start work in Sacramento as a sales representative. Good luck, Dani!
  • Straight after Maayan's barmitzvah his Dad Moran will fly to USA for a short skiing holiday. He will also visit Davis University where he and Mikhal did post-docs some years ago.
  • While Moran is away we'll stay on to help  in Sde Boqer with the Segolis  - Doreen till the end of the week, me until Tuesdasy when I fly to Italy for a short visit for a meeting concerning the forthcoming European Bridge Championships.