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December 27, 2014
Four Generations in Cape Town
Baby Meira Carno, mother Jenna Carno, grandmother Cecile Cotton, great grandmother Winnie Levy

We received from Sheenagh Levy some delightful pictures of 4 generations of her family taken on a visit to Cape Town. Click here for two more pictures.
See Hershovitz/Levy and Matz family trees.

  • On Friday night, 26 December, Maayan celebrated his 11th birthday with his Levy cousins in Netanya. (See pictures). Today he and his Levy and Segoli cousins celebrated by spending the day at Superland Amusement Park. (see picture)
  • Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the disastrous tsunami that swept through Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. Our good friend Yona Wiseman was a passenger in the train in Sri Lanka that was swept away by the waters, resulting in over 800 deaths - the largest train disaster in history. Yona was one of the few survivors and she wrote an amazing account of the terrifying event. We published it then, 10 years ago, on this site, and a few months ago another survivor found  my site and wrote to Yona about the effect the tsunami had had on his life. I recommend reading Yona's riveting account as a testament to the power of nature and to the spirit of a person determined to survive.  For their accounts click here.
  • If you missed last week's account of our 50th wedding anniversary you can click here to read about it. (Also, some new pictures have been added.)
  • We wish all our relatives and friends a happy holiday season and a wonderful 2015!

December 20, 2014
Julius Nickel
Julius Nickel  ז"ל
6 June 1929 - 19 December 2014

Last night Julius, Uncle Yudel, died peacefully in his sleep. He was at home with his family who had been with him during his day.  Uncle  Yudel, the youngest of five Nickel children, is mourned not only by Laura his wife, their children and grandchildren but also by his nephews and nieces scattered across the globe. A most kind and generous man, a devoted husband, father and grandfather, he always helped others, even to his own detriment. He loved to entertain lavishly and here is pictured with a glass of wine at his 80th birthday celebration.
We mourn his passing and our last link to that amazing generation who left Europe almost a century ago and made a new life in South Africa, which was then a land of opportunity for new immigrants. His passing symbolizes the end of that era.
See Nocimovicz/Nickel family tree.

  • Last Tuesday, Doreen and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. On Monday we had a delicious dinner at a local restaurant and on Tuesday night both of us prepared a gourmet dinner with a special wine. Then on Thursday  we met with the family for our 20th Family Reunion to celebrate  both the anniversary and (belatedly)  Doreen's 70th birthday.  Doreen has written about the family reunion - click here to read about it.

December 13, 2014
meeting the Feinsteins
Eitan; Tuli the dog; Joel Feinstein; Louise Braverman; Doreen; Danielle, Lior and Vered Ron; Eloise Feinstein

Although our family tree does not go back very far, it keeps on expanding sideways. We were delighted to hear that the Feinsteins were coming to Israel and wanted to meet us. Eloise's grandmother (Dora Solomon Hock) was the first cousin of Doreen's mother Gertie Glazer. One hears of name changes when immigrants arrived at Ellis Island. The clerk who asked Elya Zalman Nochomovitz his name couldn't distinguish all the names, but Zalman sounded familiar and registered his surname as Solomon. His daughter Dora married Louis Hock and we met two of their descendants, Eloise and her son Joel, last night. See Nochimovicz family tree.
It was not only a chance to meet new relatives but also to congratulate Vered on passing her skipper's advanced radio course GMDSF and hear all the news about Dani's first weeks in the army.
  • We returned yesterday from our short trip to London (and a two day visit to Alicante on Bridge business).
  • Our trip to London was a "visit people trip" (see also last week) but we did manage to see the musical Matilda (fantastic production and good fun) and a new opera The Gospel According to the Other Mary (very well performed but not our musical taste), and Doreen managed a couple of exhibitions.
  • We spent a very pleasant Sunday with Marianna and Bill Pencharz. My first invitation to judge in an International bridge event was from Bill, when he was President of the European Bridge League. Doreen became very friendly with Marianna and we have kept up contact for many years. Doreen's trip to Mali was with Marianna.
  • We were fortunate that our London trip coincided with a business visit by cousin Charles Levy (see Matz and Hershovitz trees). On Monday we met for dinner and were joined for a short while by Tarryn Klotnick (Matz family tree), a delightful younger generation relative now living in London. Later in the week we met Charles again, and enjoyed a rack of ribs. (See pictures)
  • In London Doreen also met with Shirley Poluck, June Hirshmiller and Saul Issroff, and travelled to Manchester to meet Joe Woolwich (see Goldberg family tree.)

December 6, 2014
with Ella and Archie Ogden
Ella Ogden, Doreen, Eitan, Archie Ogden
Ella and Archie are friends from our first days in St Thomas. The last time we saw them was just after the September 11 terrorist attack when we flew to St Thomas, one of the few places we could visit then.  Although many years have passed the warmth and shared interests have not diminished and during their visit to Israel these past few weeks we had a wonderful few evenings together.
The Ogdens are mentioned in Doreen's cookbook. See her column for details.

  • We are in London and will be here for a week. During that time we will see a few old friends and as always enjoy London. During this week, I  will take a short visit to Alicante in Spain to make arrangements for a Bridge Referees Training course at the end of January.
  • We took the opportunity of visiting Susan Horsewood Lee, whom we had met on our trip to Mocambique last year. Click here for picture.
  • You can access the Segolis updated monthly update (the first since they returned to Israel)  in Hebrew and in English.

November 29, 2014
The Segolis go riding
The Segolis go riding

Zoe is an animal lover and adores the family dogs Flopsy and Tuli. She even reads stories to Flopsy. Best of all, she still talks about her first pony ride.  Here Zoe is on Shoko, Maayan on Winston and Lotem on Clara, the white horse that she dreamed about. They all thoroughly enjoyed their rides and even the trotting. The sand, covered with green bushes and wild flowers added to the enjoyment.

  • With son Moran in Australia and his wife Mikhal just starting her new job; daughter Vered in France and Germany and her husband Aviv also overseas, it all added up to a lot of babysitting for Doreen. During the week she was in Raanana and in Sde Boqer and for the weekend she brought the Segoli kids to Netanya, where they went horse riding (see pictutre above) and visited the Carmel Caves Prehistoric Man Site (click here for description and picture).
  • While at Sde Boqer Doreen took the opportunity to visit Avdat and introduce Flopsy, our dog, to desert ibexes. (see picture).
  • Son Moran is still in Australia and will return next week.
  • You can access the Segolis updated monthly update (the first since they returned to Israel)  in Hebrew and in English.

November 22, 2014

Amit 9th birthday
Amit Levy and friends celebrate her 9th birthday
Granddaughter Amit (in blue dress on left) celebrated her 9th birthday with a yacht cruise in the Eilat Bay. She and her friends had a lovely day sailing, steering, eating and playing on a yacht in the Eilat Bay.
More pictures on her page, and on the pages of brother Itamar and sister Ilai.

  • We're back in Israel after our trip to Milan (for the meeting of the European Bridge League Executive) and Switzerland (visiting Pierre and Francoise and beautiful views.) Descriptions and pictures in last 2 weeks pages. (here, and here)
  • Two days after returning I was off to Eilat for the 20th Red Sea Bridge Festival and Doreen off to Raanana and Sde Boqer for babysitting!
  • Travelling family: Daughter Vered and Aviv are on a short break in Paris; and son Moran is in Australia for his work.
  • You can access the Segolis updated monthly update (the first since they returned to Israel)  in Hebrew and in English.

November 15, 2014
train car ferry
On the train to Goppenstein
We have travelled in many different ways, but this was the first time we had travelled in a car on a train. From Interlaken to Lausanne we saved nearly 100 Kms of winding roads by taking the train "ferry" . We drove onto the train at Kandersteg, stayed in the car, and 15 minutes later, after passing in the tunnel through the mountains, arrived at Goppenstein.


November 8, 2014
Peak to peak on Glacier 3000
Peak to Peak suspension bridge at Glacier 3000
A couple of weeks ago I looked up something about bridge (the game) on the internet, and on the screen appeared an item about a different bridge: the world's first suspension bridge joining two mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps, at an attraction called Glacier 3000. I had to be in Milan for a bridge meeting and Doreen and I decided to go a week early, rent a car, and tour a little including a visit to good friends Pierre and Francoise Collaros in Lausanne. When we realised that Glacier 3000 was close to Lausanne we decided to visit.
Yesterday we phoned the site and were told that bad weather was forecast and the site would be closed. But we woke up this morning to bright sunshine and a cloudless sky and off we went on the winding mountain roads to the site.
After two cable car rides we arrived at the bridge.It was well worth the visit despite the biting cold.. It was breathtaking walking on the bridge suspended between two peaks, with wonderful views of the snow capped mountains all around.
Two more pictures can be seen by clicking here.
To visit the site of the bridge and the Glacier 3000 attraction click here.
  • We're touring in North Italy and Switzerland. Tomorrow we will visit good friends Pierre and Francoise Collaros in Lausanne before heading to Milan where I have a bridge meeting. Click for some pictures of our trip.
  • Granddaughter Danielle Ron is due to start her compulsory army service next week. The Rons had a family party today in honour of Danielle.
  • This week the online newspaper ynet published a long article about the rehabilitation of a turtle that had a 7cm fish hook embedded deep in its throat and was unable to eat. Our son Aviv Levy, scientific director of Coral World, was intrically involved in the whole operation and is featured in the article. The article (in Hebrew) can be accessed here, and one of the pictures from the article is reproduced here.
  • Click here for a picture "at the wheel" of our newest family driver.

November 1, 2014

Gertie Glazer
Gertie Glazer 1/11/1914 - 31/5/1983
Today  is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Gertie Glazer (nee Nickel) - Doreen's late mother. Gertie was born in Slonim on 1st November 1914 exactly 100 years ago, and died in Tel Aviv on 31st May 1983.
Click here for the engagement photo of Gertie and Morris.
Click here for the Nochimovicz/Nickel family tree.

  • Good luck to our daughter Vered Ron on her new job: VP Business Development at Landa Digital Printing. Benny Landa has just been  named the Ernst and Young Israel Entrepeneur of the Year, and you can read about him here.
  • And congratulations to Vered and Aviv's daughter, our granddaughter Danielle, on getting her drivers's licence.
  • We enjoyed a visit from Rebecca (Engleberg) Garbawy (Matz family tree) and met her new daughter, Sarah. See picture.
  • While going through old pictures we came across this article about our son Aviv that was published in the online newspaper Ynet a few years ago. It's a terrific article, and if you  can read Hebrew it's worth reading. Click to read.

October 25, 2014
Lotem's 9th birthday
Lotem's 9th birthday
Today we celebrated our granddaughter Lotem's 9th birthday. She invited her new friends to celebrate with her. The theme was "Animals" and the girls had a wonderful (and noisy!) time. There are more pictures on Lotem's page and also on Danielle's page
  • We had the pleasure this week of entertaining Ella and Archie Ogden, old friends from our St Thomas days. We had a lovely time talking about the "good old days" and catching up on family news. They will be spending about 2 months in Israel and we hope to see more of them.

October 18, 2014
Hayman Levy
Hayman Levy  17/9/1904 - 21/10/1977
This week is the yahrtzeit  (anniverary) of the death of my father, Hayman Levy, who died in Durban South Africa after a operation to repair an aortic aneurysm.
He was a successful lawyer and very active in communiry affairs. His biggest achievement was the idea, organization and establishment of the Circle Country Club, with an 18-hole golf course, to accomodate Jewish golfers who were denied entry to existing Country Clubs. Read the item in "Hasholom", the monthly newsletter of the Durban Jewish community.
View more pictures and an obituary  in the Old Photos pages of this site.


October 11, 2014
motorhoming in Slovenia
Danielle and Lior Ron with their RV in Slovenia
The Ron family - daughter Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior are touring Slovenia and Croatia in an RV (recreational vehicle, motorhome). From reports so far  they are having a fantastic time. There are some more pictures of the family here and on the pages of Danielle and Lior.
Travelling by RV is a fantastic way to see and get to know a country. Doreen and I have done it many times, including a 4 month Australia tour, and we definitely recommend it. In fact, seeing this picture, has brought back my desire to do another trip soon. How about it, Doreen?

  • While the Rons are touring Slovenia and Croatia, little Zoe Segoli is looking after their dog Tuli.  It's apparently a love affair between the two.
  • I drove down to Eilat this week with Tuli (who had been with us for a few days) and Lopsy, and dropped Tuli off at Sde Boqer to be looked after by Zoe. In return I got the other two Segoli kids, Maayan and Lotem,  and we drove down to Eilat to visit  the Eilati Levys, Itamar, Amit and Ilai. The cousins are having a terrific time, and when it was time for me to return they wanted to stay. So they are still in Eilat and dad Moran will pick them up later today or tomorrow.
  • Doreen is away guiding a 10 day tour.

October 4, 2014
Mikhal Segoli

Congratulations to daughter-in-law Mikhal Segoli on her appointment as Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Dryland and Energy Research at the Sde Boqer campus of  Ben Gurion University. She started work this week and we wish her every success in this new and important step in her academic life.

  • Congratulations to Max and Aviva Melamed (See Nocimovich family tree) on the birth of their fourth child, daughter Sara Malka in London on 21st May 2014. Mazltov too to grandparents Graham and Lucille Melamed, and thanks to Graham for the update.
  • The Rons - Aviv, Vered, Danielle and Lior - have rented a motor home and will be touring Croatia and Slovenia for the next 3 weeks. In the meantime we are dogsitting their dog, Tuli, but next week Zoe and the Segolis will have the job.
  • Shirley Poluck, a friend from our ulpan days in 1965 in Netanya, is visiting Israel and stayed with us for a night. We see her fairly often in Israel or in England and it's always a pleasure. See picture.
  • Moran has updated the Segoli Monthly page - it's the last update from Australia. Click for update in Hebrew and in English.

September 27, 2014
Rosh Hashana

We celebrated the first night of Rosh Hashanah 5775 (Jewish New Year) in Eilat with Aviv and Limor at their home. Limor's family were there and also Vered and the Rons. It was a very enjoyable evening, and the food - taste, varity and quantity - amazing. The best of typical Ashkenazi and Moroccan festival cuisine.

Click here for more pictures


September 20, 2014
Happy New Year
The Jewish New Year 5775 begins on Wednesday evening. Doreen and I wish all our relatives and friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous year.
We hope that the coming year will see some movement by both Israel and her neighbors towards understanding and eventually peace.


September 13, 2014

Klaff family
The Klaff Family
Back: Rhetick Sengupta, Vera Simm, Dave Rothschild, Alex Klaff, Tali Klaff
Front: Amalia Klaff, Oren Klaff with Asher, Caryn Sengupta, Frankie Klaff-Rothschild, Cale Klaff, Tamir Klaff

Thanks to Dave Rothschilld for sending us this lovely picture of the Klaff clan, taken at Tali's batmitzvah party. Click here for a picture of Tali.
As part of her batmitzvah preparation, Tali, with parents and brother, visited Israel a few months ago. Click for a picture taken then.
See  Goldberg family tree.
  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery from a back operation to Joe Leibowiz in Melbourne Australia. (see Hershovitz/Levy and Matz family trees.)
  • Congratulations to Dave Rothschild (see picture above) on the engagement of his daughter Louise to Sean Barron.
  • Daughter Vered and granddaughter Dani have returned from a short but terrific holiday in New York.
  • Guess who doesn't have teeth braces!
  • We spent a few days at Midreshet Ben Gurion (Sde Boqer) accompanying Flopsy who baby sat for the children. See the morning snuggle and the teeth brushing. The area is full of olive trees, and Doreen and Zoe picked olives which Doreen will pickle. Hopefully I'll get a recipe out of this for my nearly defunct Family Recipe page.

September 6, 2014
Ben Tal wedding
Ben Tal and Lee Agiev are married

Congratulations to mom Cheryl, brothers Adam and Ron, and grandparents Shirley and Nathan Kansky on the marriage of Ben to Lee, on Sunday 31 August. (see Hershovitz/Levy and Matz family trees.)
As Ben and Lee are haredi orthodox the wedding was a traditional haredi wedding with male and female guests separated for the celebrations. It was an interesting change from the usual weddings we go to.
Click here for a picture of "my girls" at the wedding.


August 30, 2014
Zelig Goldberg
Zelig Goldberg
Zelig Goldberg is my great grandfather on my mother's side. During World War I Zelig and some of his family temporarily moved from Lithuania to the Ukraine. I recently visited Sarah Olkienitski (Zelig's granddaughter) and she gave me some postcards (see This Week's Picture Archives) written by Zelig to my grandfather and grandmother (Isaac and Roddeh Shapiro) in Kimberley South Africa.These postcards had been given to Sarah by my mother's sister, Dora. They shed some light on the hardships faced by our ancestors in Eastern Europe. Last week I posted a translation of one of the postcards - click here to read it.
By Jewish tradition, now unfortunately largely disregarded, children are named in memory of ancestors, and the name Zelig was given to my late cousin, Vivian Zelig Klaff, and recently to his grandson, Asher Zelig Klaff. (click for links and pictures of both Zeligs).
See Goldberg family tree.


August 23, 2014
3 nickels
Descendants of Leiba Nickel: Gali Nickel, Danielle Ron, Rachel Hodes

As noted a couple of weeks ago, we were delighted to meet a new relative.  Rachel Hodes, granddaughter of Doreen and Louise's cousin Marsha Krengel, who was in Israel studying, contacted us. We met her at the apartment of Julius and Laura Nickel. Present were 4 generations of Leiba Nickel's descendants: Julius, Louise Braverman, Louis Nickel and children Gali and Amit, Rona Nickel and children Matar and Leshem, and Doreen (and I) with granddaughter Danielle. The three older girls, above, were surprised to find out that they were all born in September 1995. Rachel is a delightful young lady and we were all happy to meet our new relative. See Nickel/Nochimovicz family tree.
While we enjoyed Laura's snacks Julius spoke to us about his father Leiba who was a wood carver in Slonim, Belarus. (See examples of his carvings here)

August 16, 2014
Segolis at the airport
The Segolis come home
Welcome - Moran, Mikhal, Maayan, Lotem and Zoe
After 5 years overseas (Davis, USA and Townsville, Australia) our youngest son Moran and family have returned to Israel. They will be returning to their house in Sde Boker where Mikhal will be a lecturer at Ben Gurion University. The Levy and Segoli families (as well as Tuli and Flopsy) were at the airport to meet them - see picture here.

Moran sent us a picture from Australia showing how although they had 15 suitcases they still considered that they were packing "light".


  • In the weeks before leaving Australia, the Segolis toured the southern part of Australia. In Melbourne they visited Doreen's cousin Mark Glasser and family. See picture.    (see Glezer family tree)
  • Doreen is a volunteer with the "Road to Recovery" organization that transports sick Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to Israel hospitals for advanced medical treatment. Their activity continued during these troubled times, as is evident from the TV report which can be viewed on  "You Tube". Doreen has previously written in her column about her voluntary work for this organization.
  • This week we had the pleasure of meeting a "new" relative from South Africa. Rachel Hodes is studying in Israel and we and the Israel Nickels got to know her at a brunch at the home of Julius and Laura Nickel. More and pictures next week.
  • While in Eilat, granddaughter Lior went wall climbing. Click for pictures of her and of cousins Itamar, Amit and Ilai.
  • Back to gardening. I finally pulled out all the old tomatoes, lettuces, bok choy, chard etc in my garden and planted new crops. In the meantime we had a bumber crop of delicious mangoes this year (see picture),  and lot of avocadoes are ripening and await us, and the lemon tree is as usual keeping us well supplied. Unfortunately. for some reason we had no (=zero) pomegranates this year.

August 9, 2014

Bridge at Louise
Louise and Doreen playing against Bess Hoffman and Fay Pokroy

Yesterday Doreen's sister Louise Braverman invited some friends for bridge and lunch to celebrate her birthday. There were 12 players so I organised a 3 table pairs competition with duplicated boards. Everyone enjoyed the bridge and the delicious lunch.


  • Daughter Vered Ron started a new job this week. She is VP Business Development at Landa Labs. Landa Labs was set up by printing guru Benny Landa mainly for research connected with nano-technology and its application in industry. About 80 scientists plus support staff are employed at the Labs. Vered's job will entail setting direction and priorities for the technologies with a focus on commercialising them. Congratulations Vered, and good luck!
  • We are looking forward to Friday morning when the Segolis, Moran, Mikhal, Maayan, Lotem and Zoe, return home to Israel after 5 years in the USA and Australia. We will be helping them move into their house in Sde Boqer. Mikhal will be starting her new job as a lecturer at Ben Gurion University and Moran is investigating some job opportunities. We wish them good luck in their new/old location.
  • Granddaughter Lior Ron is in Eilat helping uncle Aviv at the Underwater Observatory. Sister Danielle will join her later this week.

August 2, 2014
Vered - skipper
Skipper Vered, with husband Aviv looking on
As we noted a month ago, our daughter Vered Ron has received her skipper license. (Click here for a picture.). This week she invited us and a few friends to go sailing with her. We enjoyed the sail, and were very impressed with her sailing skills.


July 26 2014
postcard dec 17 1915
Postcard from Zelig Goldberg in Lithuania, addressed to his son-in-law Isaac Schapiro in Kimberley South Africa 17 December 1915

This week we visited Sarah Olkienitski, my late mother's cousin, who lives in Tel Aviv. (Click here for the Goldberg Family Tree).  Our grandson Itamar was with us and he was thrilled to meet a bit of history - someone who is a Holocaust survivor, and came to Israel on the ship "Altelena". Even more amazing to him was that someone so old (at 91,she is the oldest person he has ever met), could quote the formula for solving a quadratic equation! (See picture of Sara and Itamar)

Sarah showed me a letter that her sister Shulamith in Lithuania  had written to my aunt Dora (my mother's sister) in 1939 just before the outbreak of  World War II. The letter is reproduced here.

Sarah also gave me 11 postcards written by my great grandfather, Zelig Goldberg, to his family in South Africa. (see the address side of one of them above). The postcards were written (in Russian) between 1915 and 1917 when Lithuania was part of the Russian Empire. I  am having them translated  and hopefully they may shed some light  on family history or at least on  the conditions of the Lithuanian family at that time.
(Written later: see all the postcards, translations and notes)

  • This was a week of Eilat grandchildren. Itamar finished English summer school (a huge success) and his two sisters Amit and Ilai spent the week with us and with daughter Vered and family. Yesterday Vered and Aviv drove to Eilat with daughters Dani and Lior, and with the three Eilat Levys. We didn't envy that trip, but Vered reports that it was very pleasant. See picture here.
  • Mikey Glasser from Australia is spending a few days with us. He was due to leave for home earlier but because of the security situation his original flight, plus another later one, have been cancelled.  see Glezer family tree

July 19 2014

in the shelter
In a bomb shelter in Tel Aviv

The rocket attacks are still going on. Doreen, Vered, Itamar and Lior were visiting the Titanic Exhibition (see picture) at the Tel Aviv Fairhgrounds when a siren sounded, and they took shelter in the reinforced parking lot.

  • I'm back from my visit to the bridge tournament in Berghausen, Germany.
  • Our grandson Itamar is still staying with us (see picture) and enjoying his "English" summer camp. This weekend he was joined by sisters Amit and Ilai. Doreen took them to the Eretz Yisrael Museuem where they enjoyed an exhibition on kites, and made their own. Click for picture.
  • Our good friend Dalia Lamdani has just published a book, in which we get a mention. See Doreen's column.
  • The Segolis are continuing their trip in south Australia (see picture). Read Moran's update in Hebrew or in English.

July 12, 2014
The Salzach River between Ach and Burghausen.
The 12th European Junior Bridge Championships are taking place in Burghausen, Germany, and I am in Burghausen as the chief Tournament director (judge.) Actually I'm not sure it's accurate to say that I am in Burghausen, for, although the Championships are taking place there (in the grayish building on the right of vthe above picture, I am staying at an Hotel in Ach, Austria (the building on the left on the river.) In the morning I walk along the river, cross the bridge over the river and pass from Austria to Germany; and later cross back again after the day's play. It's a pleasant 7 minute walk.
Click here for some more pictures

  • As Israel is pounded by rockets fired from Gaza, Doreen has written her thoughts on Operation Protective Edge, and peace in our area. She clearly expresses what many of us believe is the hope for the future. Click here to read her column.
  • As noted last week, our grandson Itamar is in Netanya staying at our house under the watchful eye of Grannie Doreen. Itamar is very keen to improve his English and will spend 3 weeks attending an English Summer School programme. See pictures here.
  • The Segolis are continuing their trip in south Australia. Read Moran's update in Hebrew or in English.

July 5, 2014
EBL Executive
The Executive Board of the European Bridge League (EBL)
I have just spent 10 days in Opatija, Croatia, at the European Bridge Championships. It was a very successful championship but especially so for me and for Israel. I was elected for a 4 year term to the Executive Board by the 45 member General Assembly (with the most votes); and Israel, for the first time in history, won the gold medal in the Open Teams Competition, a fantastic achievement in one of the most prestigious events in the bridge world. (see details here).

Doreen "whatsapped" the above picture (taken immediately after the results of the election) to the family and she received a message from grandson Maayan; "Tell Saba I'll buy him a tie as a present."

  • Doreen and I are back in Israel after our successful trip to Croatia (see above). Later this week I travel to Germany as Chief Director of the European Youth Pairs Bridge Championships.
  • Our grandson Itamar wil lbe arriving from Eilat this evening. He will stay with us and spend 3 weeks attending an English Summer School programme. Itamar is very keen to improve his English.
  • Mikey Glasser, son of Mark and Sue from Australia, is visiting Israel and was with us last evening. (see Glezer family tree). We spent a delightful evening picnicking on the Mandarin beach in Tel Aviv with the Rons and friends. (see picture.).
  • We wish Mark Glasser a speedy recovery after the treatments he is currently undergoing.
  • The Segolis are touring Australia for a last look before they return to Israel in August. Moran sent us this charming picture of Zoe.
  • As noted last week, our daughter Vered Ron received her skipper certification. Click here for a picture.

June 28, 2014
With the Women's team (plus) in Pula
Drora Friedrich, Ruth Levitt-Porat, Michal Nozataki, Doreen, Orit Moran, Nurit Greitzer, me, Yona Kalisch,
Natalie Saada, Lilo Poplilov, Matilda Poplilov, Michael Barel.
There was a free day at the European Bridge Competition (see below) and Doreen and I and three guests joined the Israeli women's team and their captain on an excursion to the Istrian Peninsula. Even though we had been to the places visited on a previous trip to Croatia we enjoyed ourselves and were happy to see the beautiful and interesting sites again.

June 21, 2014
The Tamir Klaffs
Tamir Klaff and family at Hezekiah's Tunnel in the City of David in Jrerusalem
Tali, Tamir, Doreen, Cale and Alex
Tamir and Alex Klaff (see Goldberg family tree) are visiting Israel with their children Tali and Cale. They stayed with us for a few days, and Doreen took them on a tour of Jerusaslem. They live in the USA and we don't get to see them very much,so it was a pleasure to have them stay with us.

Tamir is the son of the late Vivian Klaff, my sole cousin on my mother's side, and also my close friend. (see Viv's Memorial Page.)

  • We arrived back in Israel after our enjoyable London vacastion, After a hectic few days this morning I flew to Opatija in Croatia for the European Bridge Championships. I will be leading the Israel delegation (teams in the Open, Ladies and Seniors events.) I will also be a candidate for the Executive Committee of the European Bridge League with an outside chance of being elected. Doreen will join me next week.
  • A special Happy Birthday today to our son Aviv. עד 120!

June 14, 2014
with Pia
With Pia Zain at Ballycotton just outside Cork.
We took a break from our London vacation to visit a new-found relative, Pia Zain. (see Hershovitz/Levy family tree.) Pia lives in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and spends part of her time in Cork, Ireland, and we were fortunate that our visit to London coincided with her stay in Cork.
We spent two days with here, updating and discussing family information. Pia is a graduate of the famous Ballymaloe Cooking School, and she took us there and showed us around. She spoilt us by treating us to our stay at the lovely Ballymaloe Guest House.(see picture).
We enjoyed our visit with Pia and we were fascinated  with hearing the details of this "new"(for us) branch of the family.


June 7, 2014
Belgo London
With Charles and Sheenagh at Belgo Restaurant in London
One of the pleasures of our trip to London (see This Week's News below) was meeting with my South African cousins Charles and Sheenagh Levy. Charles will be in London for a few months for work and Sheenagh has joined him. We always enjoy being with them, and enjoyed the meal with them at our favourite underground noisy restaurant.

May 31, 2014
Moran_Australian Academy
Moran at the Australian Academy of Science Awards Function
Yes, the guy in the tuxedo is our son Moran! He's at the annual meeting of the Australian Academy of Science, where new Fellows of the Academy are presented and various prizes and awards are distributed.
Moran was an awardee in the Early and Mid-career Researcher category, and received the Academy Travel Award. Congratulations, Moran, we're proud of you.

Moran is doing research with CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Resaearch Agency), Australia's national science agency. 
For more about Moran's work and research go to the CSIRO site

Click here for another picture of Moran at the black-tie dinner at the meeting..


May 24, 2014
Aviv and the girls
Aviv and the girls - Ilai and Amit
We are in Eilat, having spent the last few days with Aviv, Limor, Itamar, Amit and Ilai. Today Doreen went with Aviv, Itamar, Amit and Ilai on a boat ride and swim in the Red Sea.


May 17, 2014
new shark tank
Aviv Levy with shark tank tunnel
The Coral World Marine Park in Eilat is installing a walk-through shark tunnel. Our son, Aviv, who is the Technical Director of Coral World is therefore very busy. Unfortunately he had an accident when a ladder he was on collapsed, and he injured his arm badly. Get well quickly, Aviv.

  • Our daughter Vered Ron and her husband Aviv are spending a few days in Madrid, Spain and by all accounts having a wonderful time. See pictures.
  • A few months ago our grandaughter Lior started a What's App group for our immediate family. The volume and variety of postings is amazing. This morning the family sent pictures of what they prepared for Friday night dinner last night. See pictures here.
  • The Segolis have updated their site. For the latest update (April) go to the site  in Hebrew or in English.

May 10, 2014

Doreen at New York culinary school
Doreen at the New York School for Culinary arts

When we were in Vietnam a few weeks ago, we participated in a cooking class and learnt to cook some Vietnamese specialities. (Read about it here). This was the first time I have formally learnt how to cook and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I remembered that it was not Doreen's first cooking course. Back in the 80's when I was working in the Caribbean, Doreen took a fortnight's break and successfully took part in a baking course at the New York School for Culinary Arts. She afterwards worked in a bakery and helped "design" new and interesting breads. I have been enjoying her baking, and of course cooking, ever since.
Last night we put our new skills to use. Doreen prepared a Vietnamese meal (with a little of my help of course) which was enjoyable and tasty.


May 3, 2014
Aviv and Eugenie Clark
Aviv Levy with the famed "Shark Lady" Dr Eugenie Clark
This week our son Aviv met and spent some time with Dr Eugenie Clark, the famous icthyologist and shark expert known as the Shark Lady. (see Wikipedia article). Although she is now 92 years old, she is still active and even went for a short dive in the Red Sea! I got to know "Genie" during my time as Director of Coral World in Eilat, for she visited many times for research purposes and for material for National Geographic articles. She worked closely with my late friend and colleague David Fridman, who was the leading fish expert in Eilat. I remember how we were amazed then at how active she was at the ripe old old of 60! 

April 26, 2014
Kissing Chickens in Halong
On a boat in Halong Bay, passing the "|Kissing Chickens" Island

One of the attractions of Halong Bay in Vietnam is the two islands side by side that when viewed from a certain angle seem to depict two chickens kissing. In the photo above the couple kissing in front of the rocks is Doreen and I, not the chickens.
You can read about Halong Bay in Doreen's description of our Vietnam trip.

April 19, 2014
End of Red Centre  trip
Doreen and I on our last walk in Australia
On the way to the airport, returning to Townsville after our visit to the Red Centre of Australia, Moran took us for a short but beautiful walk along the creek in Simpson's Gap, just outside Alice Springs.

April 12, 2014
Lior dance

For granddaughter Lior Ron's end of year project, she had to choreograph an original dance in which she participated together with other dancers whom she chose.  Shee also had to prepare a spoken part explaining the dance; her theme was against violence and was very moving. We were in Australia and missed the performance but we understand it was a big success. Well done, Lior! There's another picture on Lior's page.


April 5, 2014
Moran and Michal Larapinta
Moran and Mikhal Segoli on the Larapinta Trail
Moran and Mikhal left earlier this week and will spend nearly a week walking part of the great Australian 223Km Larapinta Trail in the West MacDonnell National Park. In their absence Doreen and I have been looking after Maayan, Lotem and Zoe whose generally very good behaviour has made it easier (not easy!) for us. (Click for a picture of Maayan at a Karate class, and for a picture of Zoe with the neighbours' dogs.)
In 2 days the children and we fly to Alice Springs, where we will meet up with Moran and Mikhal and spend a week together touring the Red Centre of Australia.


March 29, 2014
Townsville orchestra
The Townsville Duo
Maayan and Lotem had been practising for our arrival in Australia and greeted us with a concert.


March 22, 2014
Klotnick Klan
The Klotnick Klan on the occasion of Joel's 70th birthday
l-r back row: Ian, Talya and Ephraim; Jemma, Jonathan and Melanie; Mark, Alma,Yoav and Sarina.
l-r front row: Raphael, Aron, Joel and Zac, Beryl, Devorah , Yalli

Last month Joel Klotnick (see Matz family tree) celebrated his 70th birthday, and his three children and spouses and nine grandchildren joined him and wife Beryl in celebration.
Mazel tov, Joel, עד 120!

March 15, 2014
two Zeligs
The Two Zeligs - 1942 and 2014
Frankie Klaff sent us this fantastic montage of  the late Vivian Zelig Klaff  as a baby and his grandson Asher Zelig Klaff named after him (son of Oren and Amalia)  born 4 months ago. The resemblance is remarkable.
My cousin Vivian died 8 years ago. Here is the link to his Memorial Page.
Asher and his proud parents were This Week's Picture in  November last year.
See Goldberg family tree.

March 8, 2014
The Drues from Estonia
Heini and Tiina Drui, Doreen, Rachel Karlsblad, Yaffa Loew, me
We were delighted this week to meet Doreen's Estonian relatives, Heini and Tiina. Heini and Doreen are 2nd cousins.. We first made contact with them about 4 years ago when they were searching for family in Israel and found my web site.  In This Week's Picture then, I expressed the hope that "one day we'll meet" and that day was last Tuesday. We spent some time in Jaffa with them and Yaffa and Rachel  (who are Heini's first cousins). Heini's father, Benjamin, remained in Estonia and his three sisters, Riva, Channa and Mussie, went to Israel. (see Schank family tree).
We enjoyed meeting and being with them, and this time I express the hope that one day we will see them in Estonia.


March 1, 2014
Abu Ghosh
Doreen in the grounds of the Church of the Ark of the Covenant in Abu Ghosh. 
There are regular classical concerts, including two annual festivals, in this church in the village of Abu Ghosh a few kilometres west of Jerusalem. We often go to concerts there, and today we ejoyed an "Italian Celebration", which included delightful works for the mandolin, by the Barrocade Ensemble. The Ensemble also played works by Salomone Rossi, a Jewish composeer from Mantua Italy in the 1600's as well as The Carnival Of Venice by Jean-Baptiste Arban which caused people to hum when they found they were listening to "My hat has got three corners".


February 22, 2014
Moran and moth
Moran Segoli (on the left) with a giant moth (on the right)
On the way to Cairns (see item below) the Segolis camped in Mission Bay (about 3 hours north of Townsville) and Moran took Zoe for a walk in her pram to get her to sleep. Suddenly this enormous moth landed on Moran's shoulder, giving him the opportunity for a fantastic selfie and my This Week's Picture.


February 15, 2014
Aviv at gas grill
Aviv Levy prepares supper on his new gas grill
Aviv has joined those abandoning barbecuing using coals and going over to gas. It also took me some time to make the change. Even though gas is so much more convenient and clean it still lacks something compared to lighting the coals, fanning them, re-arranging them and so on. But in our modern lives speed and convenience are trumps, and once gas is used there is no going back.

February 8, 2014
in Berlin
Ruth Erez, Doreen and Eitan at the Sans Soucci Palace in Potsdam, Germany
For pictures and a description of our visit to Berlin, click here.

February 1, 2014
Brandenburg Gate
Doreen with Ruth Erez at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
We are in Berlin (see News below) and while I was attending the European Bridge Leauge Seminar Doreen and friend Ruth Erez saw some of the sites and attractions of Berlin.


January 25, 2014
Vered with Patisa and Sofia Rasmussen
Our daughter Vered has been close friends with Patisa Rassmusen since our days in St Thomas, in the Virgin Islands. Patisa and Vered were in the same class at school and Patisa was a regular guest in our house, and we came to regard her as one of the family. Vered and Patisa keep up regular contact. Vered has just been to Germany, and after she had finished her business there Patisa and her daughter Sofia came over from Denmark to say hello.

Click for more pictures of Patisa on a visit to Israel in 2008,  (and a picture of granddaughter Lior with Sofia) and when we met with her, Jens and Sofia on a visit to Denmark 18 months ago.


January 18, 2014
Morris and Gertie glazer
Morris and Gertie Glazer
This week was the yahrzeit (anniversary) of the death of Doreen's father Morris, who died 40 years ago. There is no date on the above picture but it was probably taken more than 75 years ago.


January 11, 2014
Levy clan 1957
The Levys at David Levy's barmitzvah, October 1957
A great picture showing nearly all the Levy clan: The four Levy brothers with wives and children, and sister Ethel. Missing are 3 year old Jonathan, and Shirley (exams at University).

In clusters, left to right, back to front: Abe and Malia; Eric, Winnie, Charles, Sharon; Joe, Ethel, David, Miriam; Hayman and me, Queenie, Fern; Ethel
Click here for a photo of the four Levy brothers


January 4, 2014
The breakfast table
Another old photo. About 20 years ago, while they were still studying in New York at Columbia, daughter Vered and son-in-law Aviv joined Doreen and me for about a week on our RV trip in California and Oregon. Going through the pictures of the sites we visited and the fish we caught I was most impressed  by the variety of breakfast cereals needed to satisfy the different tastes of 4 people. Another picture here.