born: 28 January, 2007 in Eilat

daughter of Limor and Aviv Levy

granddaughter of Margalit and Raphael Sadeh ז"ל, and Doreen and Eitan Levy

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More pictures of Ilay can be seen on the pages of Itamar and Amit

February 2024 - Calling Ilay
 Good luck to granddaughter Ilay Levy who had her first call up registration for the army this sweek. On the way to Beer Sheva they visited the Segolis.


December 2023 - Peppers and friends
Ilay put to use the pepper skills she had learnt a couple of months ago and we tasted her excellent and hot pickles and pickled cucumbers at the 29th 1/3  family reunion.
Ilay had 3 friends visiting her at the same time as the reunion. In my younger days friends and I would talk - today in the smart phone era it's not quite the same .......

September 2023 - Ilay prepares hot pickled peppers.

Ilay had expressed an interest in preparing the hot pepper pickles - a favourite of the family - that I make. As she was with us during Rosh Hashanah we spent time together preparing a kilo or so for her and the Segolis to take home.

July 2023 Greece
Ilay, Amit and Itamar, fllew to Greece for a short stay, mainly to see a performance of the group Artic Monkeys. Picture.

April 2023 - with Amit in Tel Aviv
Ilay and Amit came up north to us for a couple of days and enjoyed Tel Aviv. They didn't enjoy the trip home - a  51/2   trip home to Eilat took over 9 hours due to the roads being flooded.

Ilai Amit TLV

September 2022
The Eilatis go on a  trip in a motorhome

October 2021 - 27th Family Reunion
The Castle, Kerem Maharal
27 reunion

More pictures: Archives, 27th Reunion page, and the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Amit, LotemZoe
August 2021 - a morning at the pool.

June 2021 Aviv's 53rd birthday

Both Ilay and Amit helped granny decorate the poached salmon for AvivL's birthday on Friday evening.  See picture.
The next day Doreen, AvivL, Amit and Ilay went to Ein Aviel, about 1/2 hour from us, where springs in the area flow into the Nahal Taninim making a lovely spot for a short hike and a picnic. Pictures here.

February 2021 - late celebration of Ilay's birthday
It's a little late (Ilay's birthday is 28 January) but lockdown prevented an in-time celebration, so we baked a cake and sang for Ilay's 14th birthday in February at a Friday evening family dinner.

ILai bday 2021

December 2020 - 26th Family Reunion - 56th Anniversary Granny and Saba Eitan

On 16/12 we celebrated the 56th Anniversary of Granny Doreen and Saba Eitan, together with the 26th Levy Family Reunion.  There are more pictures on the Events page, on This Weeks Picture Archives, and on the pages of Danielle, Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Amit, and Zoe.

We also went sand surfing on a high sand dune. Click on the picture below to see a short video.
Surfing the dunes

December 2020

Eilat has been declared a Covid-safe "island" and entry to the city is only permitted to people who have tested negative for the virus. So we queued up and did our tests within the required 72 hours and after receiving "negative" results drove to Eilat, and were of course delighted to be able to spend a weekend with the Eilat Levys. We had brought some fresh pecan nuts from Ruti and Dani Erez's trees and Ilay helped us crack open the shells and separate the nuts as we talked and enjoyed quality time.

October 2020 - The Aviv Levy family spends a weekend in the Galil.

Granddaughter Ilay found something useful to do during the Covid-19 lockdown. . She sand-papered the outside wood table and repainted it. We've got lots of work for you to do at our apartment, Ilay!

Purim 2020
Due to the coronavirus situation Purim celebrations and costumes were more subdued this year, but granddaughter Ilay Levy was happy to dress up in an Anime costume.

January 2020 - Ilay celebrates her 13th birthday
ilai bday 2020

July 2019 - A visit to Paris

More pictures in This Week's Picture, Miscellaneous Pictures  and sister Amit's page.

July 2019 - Ilay relaxing on a visit to Coral World


June 2019 - A school trip to Jerusalem
at the WallAt the Western Wall

Family Reunion in Italy at the Villa Prato al Sole - April 2019
Prato al SolePrato al SolePrato al Sole

For more pictures of the reunion see: 

March 2019

Ilay enjoyed taking part in the national Junior Cyber contest. Unfortunately spectators were not allowed, so we have to make do with this impressive picture of the participants.
cyber contest

March 2019
Ilay and 3 other pupils at her school receive certificates of distinction in recognition for representing their school at the 2019 Israel Cyber Championships

ilai cyberIlai cyber

March 2019 - Ilay is excited to receive a a letter informing her that she has been accepted into the high school she wanted .

high school

February2019 - Ilay visits the Golan and takes a picture.
After her birthday celebration  the family went on a short trip to the Golan where Ilay took this picture.

Ilay's 12 birthday
We celebrated Ilay's 12th birthday together with Moran's 47 th birthday. The whole family (except for AvivR and Danielle who are overseas) came for Friday night dinner, which was followed by the birthday cakes - a large one with 13 candles for Ilay, and a small one with only one candle for Moran. See also here.
12th birthday

June 2018: Ilay receives her certificate at the end of the school year for outstanding achievements
Ilai teduah

May 2018 - The Eilat levys went up to Midreshet Ben Gurion to spend the weekend with the Segolis. (see another picture here)
levys visit segolisIlay cooks vegetarian corn pie for sister Amit

January 2018 - 23rd Levy Family Reunion
There are pictures of Ilay and all the family here.

July 2017 - Home after the operation

Ilay is progressing well after her surgery (see last week's Archives and below ) and is at home. She will need to stay at home for several weeks as her arm and back movements are restricted.

 Leaving Assuta Hospital                                                           A welcome party at home in Eilat
Ilai leaves hospitalIlai is home

July 2017 - Ilay undergoes back surgery
  Ilay underwent a successful back operation and she is recovering well. She is walking well, though of course slowly, and is improving daily. She has been in hospital for a week and should be allowed to go home in a few days time. In the meantime she is a couple of centimetres taller because her back was straightened. See also Archives.
ilai opIlai op

April 2017 - The grandchildren go horseriding

See more pictures on the miscellaneous page, and on the pages of  Itamar, Zoe, Lotem and Maayan

March 2017 - The Festival of Purim
Click here for pictures of  costume/fancy dress for the Festival of Purim.

February 2017 - End of term school report cards
Ilay and sister Amit got excellent report cards with high grades and excellent remarks about behaviour and cooperation.
Ilay also got a Certificate of Excellence for her achievements and attitude towards learning and school.
report card
Mom Limor, who two weeks before the prize giving ceremony knew that both her daughters were to get Certificates of Achievement, told each one in strictest confidence and secrecy that her sister was to get a certificate. Imagine their surprise and delight to find out they too received one.

January 2017 - Ilay's 10th birthday

At a restaurant in Eilat with the visiting Segolis.
bday 10bday 10
and on a camel
Ilai on a camel

January 2017 - Maayan's barmitzvah

For more pictures see the Events page and also the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Zoe, and Lior

Maayan barmitzvah sand dunes

December 2016 - Chanuka
Click here for some Chanuka pictures.
Click here for some pictures in the snow at Mt Hermon.

December 2016 - A class visit
Ilay's class went on a school trip to Coral World  and Ilay proudly showed her classmates a baby crocodile.

August 2016 - A visit to the National Museum of Science in Haifas, with Granny
National Museum of Science

June 2016 - Ilay enjoys Chinese food
Ilay came up to Tel Aviv with Dad Aviv for a doctor check-up and enjoyed a meal (with chopsticks!) with Granny Doreen.
ilai eating with chopsticks

November 2015 - Getting to  know Twitter

with twitter
See some more pictures here, and here, and on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Lior and Zoe, and a video here.

Rosh Hashanah 2015
arm wrestling
For some pictures of the grandchildren on Rosh Hashanah see the pages of  Lior, Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem and Zoe

August 2015 - A vacation in Crete.
Click for pictures

August 2015 - some activities with Granny and Saba Eitan
horse riding
More pictures on the Miscellaneous pages and on the pages of Itamar, Amit, Maayan, Lotem, Zoe and Lior.

June 2015 - Decorating birthday cakes for Aunt Vered and Uncle Aviv

decorating birthday cakes
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem, and Zoe; and the activities page.

June 2015 - A visit to the Tzippori National Park
There are more pictures on the pages of the children Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem and Zoe and also on the Miscellaneous Activities page.

June 2015 - Picking vegetables in Saba Eitan's garden.
Picking vegetables
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Amit, Lotem, and Zoe, and also on the Miscellaneous and  Archives pages.)
May 2015 - Shavuot holiday - a long weekend in Eilat

Shavuot in Eilat Extreme
At the Extreme Sports

Shavuot in EilatIlay and cousin Zoe enjoy a 'ride' on a turtle
For more pictures of the Shavuot weekend in Eilat see also the year's Activities page and the pages of Itamar, Maayan, Lotem, Amit, and Zoe.

May 2015 - Flying all by herself

We are proud of our granddaughter Ilay, 8 years old. Here she is arriving at Tel Aviv airport after flying by herself from Eilat. She enjoyed it and told us that she wasn't at all scared.Ilai flight

January 2015 - Ilay's 8th birthday
Ilai 8

November 2014 - Amit's 9th birthday
Amit 9th birthday
Granddaughter celebrated her 9th birthday with a yacht cruise in the Eilat Bay. She and her friends had a lovely day sailing, steering, eating and playing on a yacht in the Eilat Bay.
More pictures on her page, and on the page of brother Itamar, and on the Archives page.

Rosh Hashanah - September 2014
Rosh Hashanah 2014
Enjoying a swim with sister Amit and Granny Doreen

July 2014 At the Eretz Yisrael Museum

flying a kite
Our grandchildren Itamar, Amit and Ilay enjoyed making their own kites at the Eretz Yisrael Museum, and then flying them. See a picture here and also on Amit's page.

April 2014 - Passover in Eilat

pesach in Eilat

Click for more pictures on the pages of  miscellaneous pictures, and of Danielle, and  Amit

March 2014 - Purim.
Click here to see purim pictures of  Ilay and the rest of the family.

February 2014 - Filling bottles with coloured sand at Timna Park.
at Timna Park
More pictures here, and on the pages of Itamar and Amit .

January 2014 - 7th birthday party

We were visiting Berlin, so we missed Ilay's 7th birthday party and unfortunately could only see a picture of the fabulous cake, but not taste it..
Ilai's birthday cake

December 2013 - A visit to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Doreen and I  spent a most enjoyable day at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo with the family. Aviv Levy and Itamar, Amit and Ilay came up from Eilat and joined Moran and Mikhal Segoli and Maayan , Lotem and Zoe. Mikhal's mother, Yael Segoli, also joined us with three cousins from the Segoli side, Rotem, Ido and Amit (children of Mikhal's sister Naama and Moshik Yaniv). All the children got on extremely well and had a wonderful time. Vered Ron, who was working in Jerusalem, joined us for a short time.  The zoo is large, well-organized and has many interesting animals.

Biblical ZooEnjoying feeding nectar to the parrots.

There are more pictures on the activities page, and on the pages of Amit and Zoe, and on the Archives page.

December 2013 - 19th Family Reunion

We celebrated the Segoli visit to Israel with a family reunion at the desert resort of Ein Gedi, and also welcomed Zoe to the family.
We climbed Massada, went on a tour of the Dead Sea Salt Works, hiked in Nahal David, and most important of all had a great time together.
Ilay (left) climbed Massada early in the morning in time to see the sunrise.

More pictures of our Ein Gedi weekend are on the pages of Dani, Lior, Itamar, Amit, Maayan, Lotem, Zoe, and the Miscelleaneous Activities page.
Click to see the family group picture

November 2013 - Chanuka
chanukaIlay enjoying the Chanuka candles.

September 2013 - The Eilat grandchildren visit Netanya

Eilat kids in Netanya

September 2013: relaxing on Yom Kippur
yom kippur
We spent a relaxing Yom Kippur with our son Aviv and family in Eilat at Coral World. Before going for a swim, Ilay asked Granny Doreen to put sun screen on her back.
There are more pictures on the pages of Itamar, Amit and archives of This Week's Picture.

August 14, 2013 - Ilay's eye operation
Ilay underwent surgery early Wednesday morning on both her eyes to correct a problem. She was really brave about the whole situation and didn't even complain when she had to walk around for a day with her eyes closed. (Putting drops in her eyes was another story ...). The operation appears to be successful and by Friday she was able to accompany the family to their skydiving adventure and see Daddy Aviv and Mommy Limor jumping. (see Archives of 17/8/2013 for another picture of Ilay and here for the family's skydiving pictures.).

Ilai's eye opIlai's eye opIlai's eye op
Limor reading to a surprisingly calm Ilay before the operation; ready for the operation;  After the op - there must be easier ways to get an ice-cream.

July/August 2013 - On a family cruise in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean CruiseMediterranean CruiseMediterranean Cruise

For a short description of the cruise, with pictures, click here.

See also, This Week's Picture Archives

November 2012
Amit's 7th birthday
Ilay and Amit at Amit's 7th birthday party.
There are more pictures of Amit's party on her page and Itamar's page.

August 2012 - 17th Family Reunion - Eilat

17th Levy Family Reunionwith Uncle Moran and Auntie Vered - it's better than walking.

For more pictures of the Levy Family Reunion see the pages of : Daniel, Lior, Itamar, Amit, Maayan, Lotem, Zoe, 17th Family reunion, Picture of  Week archives

May 2012

November 2011 - with sister Amit

April 2011 - Enjoying celebrating Saba eitan's birthday

December 2010 - at the biblical Zoo

September 2010 - Rosh Hashanah
We celebrated Rosh Hashanah at home with the Rons and the Aviv Levys. As usual the food was delicious, the company great and  (despite overseas competition and efforts from Itamar, Danielle and Ilay,  Lior won the shofar blowing competition again.)
shofar Rosh Hashanah 2010

February 2010 - A visit to Gan Garoo Park.
A trip with Coral World to the north included a visit to the Australian flora and fauna farm, Gan Garoo.
at Gan Garoo park
See also some more pictures,  and also on  the pages of  Itamar,and  Amit .

February 2010 - In Hofit, with hairdresser, big cousin Lior.

Levys - Hofit Feb 2010

January 2010 - Ilay's 3rd Birthday party

Ilai 3rd BD

November 2009
It looks like Doreen has passed on her genes for cooking (or at least making salads), and loving icecream to granddaughter Ilay.
Ilai the cook  Enjoying ice-cream

Ilay enjoys time with her siblings and cousins

Ilai with some of her Eilati cousins
Ilay, Itamar and Amit with some of their Eilati cousins playing on a "cow" at Yotvata.
Itamar and Alon Sadeh at the back.
In front - Amit, Ilay and Shaked Sadeh.

Sukkot - October 2008
Enjoying a meal'In the sukka, out the sukka, as long as I get my food!"

May 2008
May 2008 in EilatMay 2008 in Eilat

March 2008
With cousin Maayan at Coral World in Eilat
the Segolis visit

February 2008
We took Danielle with us and spent a short but enjoyable weekend in Eilat with the Eilat Levys. 
See more pictures on the pages of Dani, Itamar, Amit, and also at This Week's Picture.

November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer
November 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde BoqerNovember 2007 - Segoli Housewarming party in Sde Boqer

July 2007 - in Palma de Mallorca
Palma de MallorcaPalma de Mallorca

May 2007 - 4 months old

See also This week's Picture of 26 May 2007, and Danielle's page.

February 21, 2007: Ilay's brita in Eilat .

We celebrated the brita (naming ceremony) of Ilay, at a lovely function at an hotel in Eilat. Ilay was named and blessed in a simple but meaningful ceremony by the same rabbi who had performed the circumcision on older brother Itamar..
brita ceremony

The event was most enjoyable and well organized, and the food was excellent as can be seen by the obvious enjoyment of some of Ilay's cousins.
Doreen and IlaiMichael

The grandmothers, Doreen and Margalit (it's her 12th grandchild!) talking about granddaughters ..............

Doreen and Margalit
............... and everyone had a good time ...............
Aviv and LimorccVered and girlsMellie and Louise

.....while the reason for the celebration slept peacefully

Here she is, aged a little less than two days.

Little 5 day old Ilay seems less happy with Saba Eitan
Saba Eitan and 007