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13th April 2019

family reunion Italy
24th Family Reunion in Italy, at Pisa

Doreen and I are celebrating our 55 years of marriage (a little early) at the 24th Family Reunion in Italy. We have rented a refurbished farmhouse in Tuscany, Villa Prato al Sole,  in the village of San Pancrazio near Monte San Savino. So far the 15 family members (Lior is in the army and couldn't join us) are having a great time. More next week.


Happy Anniversary this week to : Vered and Aviv Ron (14), Katherine and Dorran Galp (18)

6th April 2019

Hayman Rose Anthony
My father, me, Aunt Rose

from my old photo collection:
That's me on the beach somewhere (Port Elizabeth?) in the early 1940's with my father Hayman and Aunt Rose (my mother's sister and Viv Klaff's mother)

Happy Anniversary this week to : Roslyn and Claude Hakim (11)

30th March 2019

My parents Hayman and Queenie with my sister Fern

from my old photo collection:
To the best of my recollection this picture of  my parents and Fern as a flower girl was taken at the wedding of my father's cousin Louis Hurwitz to Avie Woolfson in Durban in 1948. (see Matz family tree).

Happy Anniversary this week to : 31/3 - Alana and Saville Stern   1/4 - Ruth and Joel Geffen     4/4 -  Shira and Ali Bacher,  Haley and Adam Bacher,

23th March 2019 

EBL EC Meeting
A short break in the EBL Executive meeting
Peter (Slovakia), Philippe (France), Sevinc (Turkey), Gilad (Israel), Japhet (Iceland), Marc (Belgium), Eric (Netherlands),
Catherine (Secretary), me (Israel), Jan (Sweden), Paul (Ireland), Igor (Poland), Kari-Ann (Norway). Missing - Josef (Germany)

This last week we were in Lausanne, Switzerland for six days.  I attended a two-day meeting of the European Bridge League Executive Committee. We stayed with our wonderful friends Pierre and Francois Collaros who entertained and fed us royally, and also lent us their car.

Happy Anniversary this week to : 24 - Tamar and Ari Taback   27 - Buna and Mula Friedman  28 - Racheli and Avi Gilad    29 - Shirley and Nathan Kansky

16th March 2019 2019

Lior and Granny Doreen sewing on Lior's stripes

Granddaughter Lior Ron has finished her basic and special training in the army (see last week) and she has two stripes to show for it.  Corporal Lior enlisted Granny Doreen to help sew her  insignia on her uniform.


9th March 2019 

Itamar Robotics
Itamar with the Robot built at his school

Grandson Itamar  took part in the FRC Robotic Championship held this past week in Haifa. Participating schools are given a task to be performed by a robot, and the students have 70 days to plan and build a suitable robot. This year the task was to build a robot that could pick up a ball, move to the "goal" area and shoot the ball into a tunnel whose rear end had been previously blocked by the robot to prevent the ball coming out of the tunnel. In addition, there were 3 robots on the field, and a robot could block another robot from scoring. After scoring the robot had to climb on a dias or platform (different heights of the dias earned different points).
92 schools took part, and Itamar's robotic class were placed 10th and reached the quarter finals.
Itamar reports that this was a fantastic experience. The combination of planning and building the robot, then taking part, and meeting other people who all had a common interest and a passion for robots and success was amazing- as he puts it "we were all on an extended high the whole time."
We're very proud of you, Itamar. This was a terrific achievement and we congratulate you on the result and on the experience.
(Another picture on Itamar's page)


2nd March 2019 2019

Lior swearing in
Lior after the Swearing-in Ceremony
Granddaughter Lior Ron has finished her Basic Training and is now a regular soldier in the Israel army, assigned to a unit. Her parents Aviv and Vered and sister Danielle attended the Swearing-In Ceremony and were very moved. We congratulate Lior on getting through the hard basic and specialised courses .


23rd February 2019

at the western point

Lotem, Maayan and Doreen at Boca do Roca

We're in Lisbon - see This Week's News below. Doreen took the grandchildren to Boca do Roca, the westernmost point of Europe. It was fun  thinking there was nothing between them and the Americas except the Atlantic Ocean.

 No Anniversaries: 

16th February 2019

Devra Hock bday
Devra Hock celebrates her birthday

We were delighted to hear some months ago from Devra Hock, a relative on the Nochomovitz side, who would be in Israel  to attend a meeting of a Museum Research Group as part of her studies for a Ph.D in paleontology.  We have never met her or her parents but have met quite a few other Hock relatives (for example, see here.) . Over the weekend we got to know her as friendly and articulate. Her visit culminated in a Friday night family dinner, before her flight back home to the States. As it turned out, the timimg was excellent, as we could also celebrate her birthday! Doreen baked a delicious chocolate cake (vegan of course for our granddaughters) seen in the picture above. You can see the recipe here.
Click for some pictures of the family dinner.


9th February 2019
td course 2019
Participants at the Course
We are on the way back from Antalya Turkey where I organized the 11th European Bridge League Tournament Directors' Course. In bridge, the Tournament Director's job, in addition to activities concerened with organizing competitions, is also the judge during the course of the competition. There were 64 participants  from 27 different countries, and 17 participants received accreditation as International Bridge Directors (=judges)

Click for a picture of the Tutors grading Entry test papers.
  • I was busy during the time in Antalya and only managed to see a little of the city during the last afternoon, but Doreen had time to get around and see some more of the area. Click for some pictures.
  • We received a lovely picture of our eldest granddaughter Dani in Hawai.
  • After last week's family supper the Eilat Levys went on a short visit up North to the Golan and granddaughter Ilai took some pictures. See one of them here.
  •  Happy Anniversary this week to:  9 - Sharlene and Steven Klotnick  11 - Rhona and Abraham Neimann  14 - Lori and David Hock, Neta and Lior Bortenstein 

2nd February 2019
A mini family reunion
Two days separate granddaughter Ilai's birthday (28 Jan) from son Moran's (30 Jan) and Doreen decided to invite the whole clan for Friday night dinner last night. 14 of the 16 (both AvivR and Dani are overseas) came from Herzliya, Sde Boqer and Eilat and enjoyed being togethert and a really exceptional 5 course dinner cooked over 3 days by Doreen.

Click for more pictures here and on Ilai's page.

26th January 2019
Vered in basoc training
Doreen and I with Vered on her enlistment many years ago

Now that granddaughter Lior Ron is doing her compulsory army service, (see for example her enlistment), I thought she might like to see her mother when she was in the army.

From my collection of  "Old Photos"

  19th January 2019
levy-Edestein family
The Levy and Edelstein families gather for the barmitzvah of Charles Levy February 1963

I recently received this picture from cousin Sharon Leibowitz. It was taken in Upington at the bar mitzvah of Charles, son of Eric Levy and Winnie (nee Edelstein).  Members of both families are present, but surprisingly Charles is apparenty not in the picture!

Back 2 rows: David L, Benny E,  Joe L, Hayman L,  Winnie  L,  Sasha E,  Abe L, Malia L,  Sheila  E, Ilana E, Irma E, Fanny E, Eric L
Front rows: Sophelia E, Lynette E, Cecile L, Sharon L, Jonathan L, Tony E, David E, Maurice E with Dunne E, Sheryl E, Hacky E 

From my collection of  "Old Photos" - thanks to cousin Sharon

12th January 2019
with GFrankie and Dave
A fish meal in London
Dave Rothschild and Frankie Klaff with Doreen and me

We are in London for a week's visit, and return to Israel on Tuesday. We shopped, visited, saw "Macbeth" and enjoyed spending some time with Frankie (see Goldberg Family tree) and Dave who were visiting from USA.

Click for a picture of Frankie and Doreen in ChinaTown just before a delicious roast duck lunch.


  5th January 2019

gelada selfie
Moran takes a selfie of himself with a gelada monkey.
(Moran is the one on the right with the sunglasses)

Son Maayan Segoli returned this morning from a six day trek with 2 friends in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia. He reports a wonderful experience, including seeing the unique Gelada monkey ("bleeding heart monkey")  found only in Ethiopia.
Click here for some more pictures.

In 2004 Doreen went on a 4 day trek in the Simien Mountains - you can read her report and pictures here.

We'll wait to see more pictures on his site in due time. In the meantime you can enjoy the amazing pictures of his familt trip to Madagascar ( in Hebrew or in English.)