December 2018 - Lunch with cousin Yaffa Loew
Jaffa lunch

Braving stormy weather Caroline Livneh, Yaffa Loew, Ruthie Erez and Doreen
met at Shtsupak Restaurant in Tel Aviv for a delicious fish lunch.

December 2018 - The Sergeants' Forest

One of the many advantages of living in Kiryat Hasharon, a suburb of Netanya, is the proximity of the "Sergeants' Forest." Despite its infamous role in the years leading up to Israel's independence, the forest - really a large park - a few hundred metres from where we live, is a wonderful place to go for a stroll or to take the dog for a walk, and hope for a glimpse of one of the foxes that have made it it's home. In Summer it's dry but shady, in spring alive with a kaleidescope of colourful flowers including some very rare ones, in winter beautifully green like Switzerland, and in winter, following the winter rains, it hosts an ephemeral pond with its seasonal small wildlife.
green forestfoxlake forest
The purple iris is a rare and endangered flower endemic to the area

December 2018 - The Nussbaums visit

Ex-Durbanite friends John and Ethne Nussbaum (nee Miller) visited Israel from Canada and we were delighted to see them again. We were joined for dinner at home by Naomi (nee Hertz) and Eli Vinocour, and Maureen (nee Konigsfest) Fain. It was lovely talking about our youth and our memories and our shared past.
Nussbaums et al John and Ethne Nussbaum, Maureen Fain, Naomi and Eli Vinocour, Doreen and Eitan

Winnie Levy 2022 - 2018
My dear Aunt Winnie passed away at the beginning December, aged 96. Aunt Winnie was very much part of my life. See  Archives of This Week's Picture,
I have often written about Aunt Winnie on this site. Here are just some of the links:
2005, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016(1), 2016(2)
Some pictures below -
Top pictures: With children Cecile, Sharon and Charles; colourful Winnie
Middle:  At the Laboratory Dedication to Fern;  aged 35 with husband Eric; with us on holiday in Durban
Bottom: Winnie and Eric's Wedding Invitation
winniewinniewinniewinniewinnie age 35winnie

wedding invite

December 2018 - The Nathans celebrate Gabriella's batmitzvah
Gabi Nathan and fam
Mark, Gabi and Melodie Nathan, grandmother Lucille (nee Nickel) Melamed
(see Nochimovitz/Nickel family tree)
See also Archives of This Week's Picture.

December 2018 - Channukah
We celebrated Channukah by lighting candles and singing the Channukah songs, at home and also at the home of daughter Vered. It was lovely having 5 of our grandchildren with us: Lior Ron, Lotem Segoli, and Itamat, Amit and Ilai Levy.

chanuka at Rons

During the Channukah holidays  Itamar, Amit, Ilai and Lotem stayed with us for a few days, and we visited the Yad Le'Yeled Museum at Kibbuz Lohamei Ha'Getaot. We found the museum  which included a special exhibit on Janus Korchak very interesting, were fascinated by a play about a child who was hidden in a monastery during the Holocaust (an amazing actress played all the parts), and while those interested prepared artwork in the form of stained glass windows on the Channukah theme, others joined a tour of the Warsaw Ghetto Museum.

.Yad Le YeledYad Le Yeled

And no Channukah is complete without taking part in the celebration at the home of Eitan and Shuli Haberman
Channukah - HabermansChannukah - Habermans

December 2018 - Aviv and Limor Levy at a demonstration protesting Violence against Women
demo violence women

November 2018 - While in Eilat for a bridge meeting and event we spent some time with the Segolis and the Eilat Levys. We enjoyed an excellent shabbat dinner at the King Solomon Hotel.
family dinner

On the left, front to back:
Itamar L, Maayan S, Amit L, Limor L, Aviv L

On the right, front to back:
Granny Doreen, Moran S, Mikhal S, Zoe S (not quite visible), Lotem S, Ilai L

In front: Saba Eitan

November 2018 - Aviv and Limor visit the trulli in Italy.
Son Aviv Levy and Limor are touring in Italy and having a grand time. They have sent us pictures and we particularly like this picture of the trulli ("gnome" houses) around Alberobello, a place we have never visited but will certainly do so in the future.
Trulli in Italy

November 2018 - Jafet and Hildur visit Tel Aviv
guiding Jafet and Hildur

We were happy to meet up with Jafet and Hildur Olafsson who are visiting Israel. Jafet is also a member
 of the European Bridge League (EBL) Executive Committee and we see each other 2 or 3 times every
year at meetings.

On our trip to Iceland Jafet entertained us and showed us the area around Akureyri .

In the beginning of November the European Champions' Cup in Bridge will be held in Eilat and there will
be a meeting of the EBL. We spent a lovely day with them with Doreen showing them around Tel Aviv.

October 2018 - Visit to Tel Aviv Natural History Museum
The Segolis Moran, Mikhal, Lotem and Zoe and Doreen visited the new Tel Aviv University Natural History Museum. They found it fascinating and strongly recommend visiting.
at Natural history museum

October 2018 - Tarryn (Klotnick) Marcus and family

I enjoyed a lunch at the home of Beryl and Joel Klotnick where I met Tarryn (nee Klotnick) and Stephen Marcus with baby Joseph (see Matz family tree) who are visiting from London. We met Tarryn 4 years ago while in London with cousin Charles Levy.
Tarryn Stephen Joseph

October 2018 - Cousins

We took advantage the visit of cousin Sharon and Joe to Israel (see Levy/Hershovitz and Matz family trees) to have a cousin mini-reunion.

The sons and daughters of the four Levy  brothers:
Shirley Kansky (Joe Levy), Jonathan Levy (Abe Levy), Eitan/Anthony Levy (Hayman Levy), Sharon Leibovitz (Eric Levy)
Extended cousins:
Eitan, Shirley, Jonathan, Joe Leibowitz, Sharon, Beryl and Joel Klotnick (2nd cousins), Doreen, Louise Braverman (Doreen's sister)

October 2018 - Patisa and family visit

Visiting Israel are Patisa and Jens Rasmussen and daughter Sophia. Patisa and daughter Vered went to school together when we lived in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands about 35 years ago. They were best friends and Patisa spent lots of time at our house - she was virtually a second daughter. Vered and Patisa have closely maintained their friendship and see each other fairly often. Patissa married Jens and they live in Denmark with their lovely daughter Sofia. Doreen and I last saw them when we visited Denmark  about 6 years ago.
We were happy to see them again when we met them at dinner at Vered's house. Also happy to meet them was Joanie who was absolutely spoilt by Sophia.
Patissa-JensPatissa Jens

Aviv with a fish

Two different views of Aviv with a fish: On the left imitating a fish skull, and on the right diving and finding wonderfully camouflaged stone fish waiting patiently for prey. If you look closely you can clearly see a fish on the left of the picture.
fish headstone fish

September 2018 - Some old friends
Our visit to Orlando for the bridge meeting gave us an opportunity to renew acquaintances with some old friends:

Rui and ConnieRui Marques and Connie Goldberg who had hosted us in Portugal.

Nina Schafer, a dear friend from our days in St Thomas and after,  flew from Philadelphia to be with us for a few days. We have visited each other on many occasions (for example, see here) and it is always wonderful to see her again.
Doreen and Nina visited the Morse Museum in Winterpark which displays many Tiffany lampshades and other even more impressive glass creations .
Tiffany lampshades
Of course they left time for shopping and talking about poetry - Nina's passion. (See The Unexpected Poetry Project)

Judy Perkey

Doreen undertook the long drive to Sarasota to visit Judy Pirkey, another long time friend who had recently undergone major surgery. Here she is showing Doreen her studio where she produces dramatic ceramics and ceramic installations.

Last year while on a Mediterranean cruise she and her husband Fernando visited us.

September 2018 - welcome to Galya  Leshem
Congratulations to Yori and Michal Leshem (see Gordon/Glasser family tree) on the birth earlier this month of their first child, daughter Galya. Note the Magen David (Star of David) necklace.
Galya Leshem

About a year ago I received an email from Glenda Cleaver (nee Galgut), a relative of Doreen's on the  Gordon/Glasser side, who possessed a Magen David necklace that had belonged to her grandmother Hinde Glasser. She wanted to pass on the  necklace to a descendant of Hinde and asked whether I had the address of her cousin Leon Glasser.

 I didn't have any contact details for him but suggested she might instead get in touch with Yori Leshem, (son of Yaakov (Julian) Leshem, Leon's brother) who had just been married. She was happy with this and I gave her address to Yori who contacted her.

The result of this is that this family heirloom is now in the possession of Hinde's great great granddaughter, Galya Leshem.

September 2018 - A short visit to New York


We  were rather disappointed to realize that we had arranged our New York visit over Yom Kippur. It turned out to be serendipitous.
Cousin Florence Levine had time to meet us for lunch at Eataly in Manhattan.
 We were thrilled to be present at the screening of 14 Back near the World Trade Memorial, always a moving site to visit. 
After the Grand Slam Tennis tournaments were over and the cycling events were finished Doreen became fascinated by snooker and the incredible skill of the players. So we were delighted to see The Nap, a play concerning snooker and one of the few non-musical plays on Broadway.

And especially, we got to break the fast with the Hock Family. (see This Week's Home Page) and renew our aquaintance with Anita Hock, a lovely lady, always impeccabily dressed, consistently positive who does not let her age faze her.

Premiere of 14 Back

Jonathan Hock is an award-winning documentary film maker, mainly on sport.  During the 2010 FIFA World Cup he made a fascinating documentary on the African musician Hugh Masekela. To quote Wikipedia: Masekela was featured, with his son Selema Masekela, in a series of videos on ESPN. The series, called Umlando – Through My Father's Eyes, was aired in 10 parts during ESPN's coverage of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

On the 40th Anniversary of the  legendary 1978 baseball season, Sports Illustrated commissioned Jonathan to produce a full length documentary, 14 Back . Fortunately we were in New York and together with hundreds of other invitees saw the premiere screening of the excellent and interesting documentary.
After the screening, there was a panel discussion including two players who featured in the final game. Jonathan (2nd from right), is answering a question.  Two days later we saw that the latest edition of Sports Illustrated depicted the documentary on the front cover.

14 back stageSI cover

Doreen joined a walking tour of the Upper West Side and enjoyed views of Central Park. Broadway Avenue cuts diagonally through Manhattan. One lane has been closed off and the sidewalk enlarged to make Broadways a broad way cutting a swathe through the city, with benches, greenery and stalls all along the way; also statues.

Doreen talks to policemen after a blaze with dozens of fire engines and rescue vehicles closed off 7th Avenue.

NY walkNY walkhorses

Starbucks are like the bus stops in New York - one on every second street. This picture on Broadway is for our granddaughters who love Starbucks.
For our grandson Itamar we tried the ghost pepper hot sauce with our wings, much to his admiration. It was very hot.

Starbuckshot wingshot wings

September 2018 - The Rons in South America

Vered and family continue their adventures through South America through primeval Patagonia right down to Terra del Fuego. What an amazing journey.

At the Spagazzini Glacier


They also visited the Base Del Cerro Tronado park, only one of their many snowy adventures on their way to Patagonia and Terra del Fuego, and pose by a river where they saw wild salmon swimming upstream.
on the wayPatagoniaI

September 2018 - The Rons join Danielle in Argentina

Daughter Vered and Aviv and Lior flew to Argentina to meet up with Daniele on her South American trip. Looks like a very very happy reunion! They will continue touring with strenuous hikes before returning to Israel.
Rons South AmericaDAni -Sth America

September 2018 - Rosh Hashanah

1st night celebration with the Bravermans: Mellie, Yahel, Rafael, Doni, Denise, Louise and Helen a friend of Louise.  Denise presented Louise with a fabulous cake in the shape of 80 to celebrate her recent birthday
DAni -Sth AmericaDAni -Sth America

2nd night celebration with the Segolis: Moran, Mikhal, Maayan, Doreen, me. Zoe is not in the picture - she's probably petting our dog Joanie somewhere.
Rosh Hashanah

September 2018 - A short trip to Montenegro

Go to separate page.

August 2018 - A visit to my mother's cousin Sara Olkienitski

August 2018 - Skipper Vered sails the seas

Daughter Vered and Aviv Ron went sailing off the coast of Croatia, with Vered skippering the yacht. They enjoyed the sailing and also the shore visits.
Vered sailingVered sailingaviv and Vered

August 2018 - Aviv Levy sailing off the coast of Spain with friends.
Aviv yachtAviv yacht
August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar part IV
colourful chameleon
Michal and Lotem admire a chameleon. Vered and her husband Aviv who stopped in Vienna on their way to sailing remarked that the colours reminded them of the multi-coloured tiled cathedral roof there, which is quite true.

Click here, here, and here for previous pictures.

August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar III

The Segolis voluntered for 2 days at the Reniala Lemur Rescue Center.
  Moran writes:lemur

Injured lemurs and lemurs that are confiscated from private people/smugglers are brought to the Center..
The rehabilitation stages include: healing them, getting them used to lemur company,  getting them used to natural food, releasing them in a semi-natural environment, releasing them to a large enclosure without humans and only then back into nature. The procces is similar to what is done at the Hai-Bar Center near Eilat..

Our job included mostly cleaning their cages, preparing and collecting food.

Some of the lemurs are still too tame (and might not be able to be released into nature), while others are quite aggresive (probably were abused by people).

See pictures of the children working at the center on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.

August 2018 - The Eilat Levys spend a week with us

Our 3 Eilati grandchildren, Itamar, Amit and Ilai stayed with us in Netanya for a week . We enjoyed having them and we hope they enjoyed being with us.
humus at abu ghoshEnjoying Humous in Abu Ghosh
It was an opportunity to visit Vered and Aviv Ron's new house in Raanana - renovations not yet finished but the children stayed over one night and were very impressed with the house.
at Vered
For another picture, at the Circus, click here.

August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar II

The Segolis are having a great time on their visit to Madagascar. Maayan went diving, Zoe ate chocolate and Lotem went swimming. As can be seen here, life there is not easy especially for Moran.
working hardhotelroomThe Segoli's hotel room
See previous pictures

August 2018 - Demonstration against "Nation State" Law.

Doreen and I are very much opposed to the new "Nation State" law passed by the Knesset.

Together with about 100,000 others we attended a mass demonstration organised by the Druze minority in Rabin Square against this law.
The following week we attended another large demonstration agaist the law, organised by the Arab population.
Doreen and I with daughter Vered, Cousin Jonathan and friend from South African days, Geoff.
The signs read (in Hebrew and Arabic): "Repeal the Nation State Law" and "Justice"

August 2018 - Old friends visit
Although we have much in common we don't often see old friends Steve and Binny Blass (from Kibbutz Yizrael)  so we were delighted when they came for lunch and we could get together with them and Frankie Klaff ( see Goldberg family tree) and David Rothschild (who are on a visit to Israel).
Blass Klaff
me, Dave, Doreen, Frankie, Binny, Steve

August 2018 - The Segolis visit Madagascar
The Segolis are continuing their trip to Madagascar and seem to having a fabulous time. It looks like a perfect place for the nature-loving (and coconut sipping) Segolis. See picture here and on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.
Segolis in Madagascar

July 2018 - Sharon and Joe Leibowitz celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary
leibowitz 50 annivThe Leibowitz clan in Australia celebrate Sharon and Joe's 50th Anniversary
See the Matz and Hershovitz/Levy family trees.

July 2018 - Opatija bridge visit
We spent a week in Opatija at the Executive Meeting of the European Bridge League. I had a double job as I was in charge of the Junior Championships which consisted of Championships for Under 21, Under 16, Under 13 and Under 21 Women.
Left:: The Executive Committee (members from Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, France, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Slovakia and Israel (2).
Centre: Doreen and I enjoy a walk along the coast\Right: At the presentation of the prizes for the Mixed Pairs Championships (winners - Norway)

Two views from our room

July 2018 - Segoli Wedding Anniversary

Moran and Mikhal celebrate their Wedding Anniversary. Their daughter Lotem prepared this amazing birthday "card" for her parents!
Segoli annivSegoli anniv Lotem card

July 2018 - Doreen's Cooking Class

cooking class

During some of the time that grandson Itamar was  in hospital our grandchildren Maayan and Lotem Segoli,  and Amit and Ilai Levy stayed with us in Netanya. 

Doreen took the opportunity of showing them how to cook. They each made something different, and as Doreen says " It was 
a challenge having three children doing different things in our tiny kitchen. But all the food was delicious."

cooking class A perfect stack of pancakes prepared by Lotem

gravlax salmon in a beetroot cure (Lotem) , spatchcock chicken, (Ilai), chicken marbella (see recipe)
cooking classcooking class

June 2018 - Vered's 52nd birthday

We celebrated with Daughter Vered her and husband Aviv and daughter Lior at their favourite Vietnamese restaurant. (see This Week's Picture)

The three generations of beautiful women - granddaughter Lior, daughter Vered, and grannie Doreen
vered bday 52

The brothers sent greetings in their own way

vered bday 52vered bday 52
Aviv on the left, in his sea territory, displays signs with Mazal Tov and a rose, a land symbol (Vered in Hebrew means rose).  Moran (on the right) got his revenge by using a sea symbol in his land territory, in front of  bed of roses.
Aviv's reaction was expected: "Copy cat!"

June 20198 - Friends at the Tel Aviv Bridge Festival

We invited three friends who are in Israel for the Tel Aviv Bridge Festival, Yves Aubry (outgoing President of the European Bridge League) and his wife Claude, and Ton Kooijman (Chairman of the World Bridge Federation Laws Committee). The Rons joined us.

Yves Claude Ton
Ton Kooijman, Eitan Levy, Yves Aubry, Vered Ron, Doreen, Aviv Ron, Claude Aubry. (not in picture: Lior Ron)

Old friends
Old boys1010girls
                         Colin Gorfil, Errol Hackner, me, Colin Kessel                                     Hadas Gorfil, Jewel Hackner, Tamara Rabinowitz, Louise Kessel, Doreen
We had dinner at Colin and Louise Kessel to say hi to Errol Hackner, a schoolmate from kindergarten to matriculation, who is visiting from USA. We see Errol and his wife Jewel very occasionally and it's always good to reminisce about the old days. Wives Doreen, Louise and Hadas and Tamara Rabinowitz rounded out the nostalgic and extremely pleasant evening.

Aviv Levy's 50th birthday
Congratulations to son Aviv Levy on reaching 50! His place of work, Coral World Eilat, gave him a suprise party which was quite an amazing event -  food, burning letter ceremony, lanterns etc etc.
Aviv 50Aviv 50Aviv 50

June 2018 - Denise: Iron Woman
Denise ironmanDenise Iron womanDenise Iron woman
Our niece Denise continues to surprise. (see previous "surprise" here!). She looks as fit as ever, and this time took part in an Ironman Contest in Luxembourg: 1.9Km swim - 90Km cycle - 21Km run, all in 6 hrs 43 mins. She wore a T-shirt in memory of her brother Rael. All the family is proud of you, well done!

June 2018 - Ostend Belgium (2)

Doreen and Eitan
At the Gala Dinner the night before the elections - still time to canvas more votes - helped by my lovely wife.

Enjoying my favourite snack - Herring

Ostend with YvesJan and Eitan
The old and the new: Doreen and I, Paul (also re-elected) and Maureen Porteus (Ireland) with outgoing president Yves Aubrey (France) and his wife Claude (in red);
and the new president, Jan Kamras (Sweden) and I in deep discussion (gossiping?!).

visit to BruggeHans and Lootie Reijzer
Doreen is recovering well from her operation. She took the opportunity while we were in Ostend to travel a little, visiting nearby Brugge and taking a train to Amsterdam where she overnighted with long-time friends Hans and Lottie Reizer.Sightseeing is one of the perks for the wives of the bridge officials; here Maureen with her sister Norma, Hulda and Doreen pose before they plunge into chocolate shops and Belgium waffles.
Doreen: The long train trip to Amsterdam was well worth it to see Hans and Lottie Reijzer. They are close friends from our first days in Israel at Hebrew Ulpan in Netanya, over 50 years ago. Lottie who has for decades battled serious illnesses was my role model to be healthy and optimistic and active after an operation.

June 2018 - Ostend, Belgium
We are in Ostend, Belgium, at the European Bridge Teams Championships.

musselsDoreen enjoying a large bowl of delicious mussels
and the street art of Ostend. She was reminded of street art and graffiti in London, and the murals we had seen in Tasmania at Springfield  and Sheffield.
street art

June 2018 - A post-operation meal
On the Saturday morning after Doreen's operation, our good friend Morris Kahn visited and later the Segolis from Sde Boqer, Aviv from Eilat and Vered and Aviv from Raanana came over.
The Segolis brought lunch, delicious sushi prepared by grandson Maayan with help from granddaughter Lotem. This is only part of what they prepared!

June 2018 - Raanana Bowling Club Ladies Singles Champion - Louise Braverman

A huge "WELL DONE" to Doreen's sister, Louise Braverman, who yesterday won her match in the final and is now Raanana Bowling Club Ladies Singles Champion. We're proud of you, Louise!
ladies singles champ

May 2018 - The Levys in Midreshet Ben Gurion
The Eilat levys went up to Midreshet Ben Gurion to spend the weekend with the Segolis.
Aviv repaired the trampolione and the cousins went swimming
levys visit segolislevys visit segolis

See another picture (of Ilai levy) here.

May 2018 - Shavuot at the Midreshet Ben Gurion School

There is a modern tradition at the school attended by gradchildren Maayan and Lotem Segoli. Each grade prepares a typical dance of a different decade. It is good fun and the children enjoy it very much.

Segolis danceSegolis dance

May 2018 - Yael Segoli's 70th birthday
Yael Segoli bdayThe Segolis celebrated Yaael Segoli's 70th birthday and sent us this picture.

May 2018 - Italian Giro
The big news in Israel in the beginning of May - apart from the usual political shenanigans - was the opening 3 stages of the Giro d'Italia, the famous Italian Bicycle road race. We watched the 2nd stage as it passed us. We thoroughly enjoyed watching, especially as it brought back memories of the Tour de France race which we saw in Corsica.

Click on the picture below
The riders will finish the Israel stages of the race in Eilat and then head for Italy for the last 18 stages before finishing the 23 day race in Rome.

Not to be outdone and getting into the swing of things, Coral World, where our son Aviv is the curator, had their own underwater "giro". The sign reads "Giro d'Italia - Welcome to Eilat"

aquarium welcome

May 2018 - Swim in aid of Tzalul
Tzalul is a non-profit organization dedicated to the clean-up of Israel's water - seas and lakes. It was started by Benjamin Kahn the owner of Coral world and a friend of ours for many years. This week they organized a 6km sea swim in aid of a clear and clean sea, and our son Aviv was one of the swimmers.
Aviv swim for ZalulAviv swim for Zalul

April 2018 - The desert wadis fill with water.
The heavy rains and resulting flash floods (see an example here) which tragically drowned 10 teenagers at the end of April  filled up the usually dry wadi river beds and provided an opportunity for the Segolis, after the danger had passed, to visit rare water pools in the desert.
post-flood swimpost flood swim

April 2018 - Welcome Yaara Shavit
Congratulations to Vered (nee Loew) and Yoav Shavit on the birth of Yaara on 1st April. Congratulations too to brothers Dotan and Eyal and sister Maayan. And a special mazal tov to grandmother Yaffa Loew (Schank Family Tree).

On the left, Grandmother Yaffa with 2 day old Yaara; on the right Yaara with a her delighted big sister Maayan.

Yaara with YaffaYaara with Maayan

April 2018 - double celebration

I celebrated my birthday together with granddaughter Zoe's birthday birthweek birthfortnight in Netanya. See below and also  click for more pictures of Zoe's fortnight.
zoe helping saba EitanZoe helping Granny Doreen

April 2018 - Yom Ha-azmaut (Independence Day)

The Segolis visited their Segoli cousins in Mevasseret Zion where 4 days early Zoe celebrated her birthday birthweek,
zoe birthweek

and then drove to Eilat to enjoy some time with the Levy cousins.

Froday night dinner

April 2018 - The Rons go skiing

The Rons, daughter Vered, Aviv and Lior went skiing in St Anton in Austria. Vered prepared a great video of their trip but here is a picture of the three of them.

April 2018 - With granddaughters Lotem and Amit in The Netherlands

We spent 5 enjoyable days in and near Amsterdam with granddaughters Lotem Segoli and Amit Levy. We came, we saw and we ate!

We stayed at a very comfortable apartment, The Guestroom, in a lovely neighborhood with good tram connections to the centre and other places of interest. We ate breakfast out one morning but enjoyed the croissants and cheeses available at the nearby supermarket.

On our first day we got to know Amsterdam by taking a boat ride on the canals. The girls loved the picturesque houses. It was very interesting and amazing to see how many bicycles (without motors!) there were. There was even a multi-level parking garage and a floating parking garage for bicycles next to the Central Station.

Canal Trip
Canal TripCanal Tripcanal trip

We went on a walking tour of the old Jewish Quarter and heard how the Jews fared during the period of the 2nd World War. There are plaques in the pavements and on the canal banks commemorating the Jews who lived in the houses opposite and who were murdered in the German Concentration Camps. We also visited Anne Frank House and saw where she and her family and others were hidden and where she wrote her famous diary.
walking tourAnne frank house

We were told that because of the cold weather there would not be many tulips at the Keukenhof  Botanical Park but we decided to go anyway, a journey that entailed a tram, ferry and bus. Wow! The colours and variety of flowers, especially tulips,but also crocuses and daffodils was amazing and it was a wonderful experience. We were very very glad we went. The girls couldn't stop taking photos of each and every different tulip.


After the visit to Keukenhof we visited the Amsterdam LookOut Tower with a lovely view of Amsterdam. Lotem decided to try the special attraction - the swings which swung out from the top of the tower, over the edge of the building about 100 metres above the town below. Doreen, brave Granny, was forced to accompany her granddaughter. Lotem was exhilarated while Doreen was thankful she didn't fall out to the ground far below.
Click on the picture for a short video of the experience
On our way back, walking through the Central Station, the girls spied a Starbucks and excitedly made a beeline straight to the counter. They enjoyed their favourite Amsterdam drink - hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream, and even bought Starbucks cups to take back home.

We had Rijsttafel dinner with old friends Hans and Lottie Reijzer and their son Esra and wife Rivka. On Friday night we had a shabbat meal with them and their daughter Jose and David and Nadav and Naftali.  Jose put on a magnificent spread. We found that touring with girls is very different to touring with boys. The Albert Cuyp open-air market was fun despite the extremely cold weather. Shopping and window shopping was an important part of the trip. Doreen and the girls made a quick visit to the van Gogh Museum and enjoyed the large Museum Plein square .

We hired a car on our last day and visted Zaanse Schans village. We saw the windmills there and visited some of the attractions which show traditional Dutch artisan activities, such as weaving and making wood clogs.
Zaanse SchansZaanse SchansZaanse Schans
  We ended the day with a visit to the fishing village of Vollendam where we saw how the dykes keep the sea from flooding the low-lying country and of course enjoyed a final taste of poffetjes and stroopwafels (and herring for Saba).  The girls decided that they would buy Doreen a poffertjie pan for her birthday.
The girls got along wonderfully and were appreciative of most of the things we had arranged. We thoroughly enjoyed being with them. We all had a wonderful time.
There are some more pictures on the pages of Amit and Lotem.

March 2018 - Pesach seder
We celebrated  Pesach (Passover) with a family seder at our home in  Netanya. 

Doreen prepared the traditional passover foods supplemented by a delicious turkey, and the children played their part by helping.The children helped
Pesach 2018Pesach 2018Pesach 2018

Our seder  was more or less traditional. We prepared the seder plate and foods and read the haggadah (though we "passed over" some parts), and sang some of the traditional songs. Zoe's rendereing of ma nishtanah was outstanding and the food was plenty and delicious. We usually add something to our seders and this year we watched clips of some entertaining animations of the Egypt exodus and saw some cartoons depicting the exodus with modern touches.
Pesach 2018Pesach 2018Pesach 2018

March 2018 - The Eilat Levys enjoy a bonfire and picnic

Spring is around the corner and the warmer weather activities are starting. The Eilat Levys went up in the mountains to enjoy a bonfire and a Friday evening picnic.
Eilat fire-picnic

March 2018 - Moran skiing holiday

Moran and his friend Ran Kagan enjoyed the end of winter with a short skiing break in Val d'Isere in France.

Moran Val d'isere

March 2018 - 3rd time lucky?

Perhaps we finally have a dog? After two disappointments we hope that two year old Joanie and we will get on together. We got this nameless dog from Pets for Life. She likes sleeping but is also a great walker and we enjoyed our first walk with her.  We wanted to name her  Johnny Walker but  because of her gender so we decided on Joanie Walker - Joanie for short.
We took advantage of Joanie's love of walking to visit the ephemeral lake in the Eucalyptus forest next to our building.


March 2018 - Purim
  We celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews. This took place in the ancient Persian Empire and the story is recorded in the biblical Book of Ester.
The celebration is a joyous one and the schools and streets are filled with people in fancy dress or costume, and parties are commonly held.

See also  the Archives for a stunning picture of son and daughter-in-law Aviv and Limor Levy.

Granddaughters Zoe, Lotem and Amit

Purim 2018Purim 2018Purim 2018

Granddaughter Lior with her fellow volunteers at the institute for disturbed and problematic youth.
Purim 2018

In addition many places hold an Adloyada, a kind of carnival procession. Midreshet Ben Gurion in Sde Boqer, where the Segolis live, organise a very popolar adloyada every year.

Lotem, Zoe (in group picture in front with rabbit ears, and son Moran strikingly made up by the talented Lotem.
(see another example of Lotem's make-up artistry)
Purim 2018Purim 2018Purim 2018

February - Maayan and Doreen prepare Makluba

One of the highlights of the babysitting the Segoli grandchildren was the middle eastern dish Makluba  (that is cooked and flipped over) that Maayan prepared under the direction of Doreen. It came out perfectly and was delicious. Click on the picture below to see the successful "flipping over"

The makluba, about to be flipped. Click on the picture to see the successful  "flipping"
Click here to read Doreen's makluba recipes (with variations for meat eaters or for vegans)

February 2018 - Moran and Mikhal Segoli visit Kenya

They did a four day trek (and an additional day traveling in each direction) up to the second highest peak of Mt Kenya (Lenena peak 4985 m). They went with a guide and helpers. For most of the hike they saw beautiful and interesting flora but not many animals.
They took the less-travelled path so their group was mostly alone. After the hike/climb they went on a safari.
They are due to go for a boat ride on the highest lake in the rift valley -Lake Naivasa. (Last month they visited the lowest rift valley lake.)

Moran Mikhal KenyaMoran Mikhal KenyaMoran Mikhal Kenya

lionson safari
For another picture see This Week's Picture archives

February 2018
We babysat the Segolis, Maayan, Lotem and Zoe, in Midreshet Ben Gurion (Sde Boqer) while parents Moran and Mikhal were climbing Mt Kenya. On the first weekend we took the 3 children to Eilat  to enjoy the weekend with their  Eilat cousins Itamar, Amit and Ilai.

The boys do their thing  ---   ---   The girls do theirs
Eilat Feb 2018Eilat Feb 2018
...... but we also do things together.
Eilat Feb 2018Aviv prepares luncxhEilat Feb 2018

February 2018 - TD Workshop in Larnaca, Cyprus

I organized a Tournament Directors' Workshop for the European Bridge League in Larnaca, Cyprus. There were 59 participants and the workshop was very successful.
Larnaca workshopLarnaca workshopLarnaca workshop
(l -r): A participant dealing with the situation in a simulation of a problem during play; the Israel participants; the five participants receiving their certificates for Grade A+ (I am on the left, Yves Aubry (EBL President) on the right.)

February 10, 2018 - A special happy 96th birthday to Aunt Winnie Levy, so excited to have her family around to help celebrate with her in Seapoint.
Winnie at 96

February 2017 - Cyprus
While in Cyprus Doreen hired a car together with Oryah Meir (the GM of the Israel Bridge Federation who was assisting in the organization, see picture) and Yves Aubry, the President of the EBL. They drove up torturously windy roads to the top of Mount Olympus and then down to Kykkos, an amazing Greek Orthodox Monastery. Every available surface is covered with either mosaics on a biblical motif or with wall paintings, all in wonderful condition. The most precious posssession of the Greek Orthodox monastery is an icon of Mother and Child, purported to have been painted by Saint Luke.


The following day Doreen also did the long drive to Paphos where, near the harbour, there is a UNESCO Heritage site recognizing important and beautiful mosaics from the Hellenistic and Roman era. In the mosaic on the left note what appears to be a Star of David, but it is a geometric design as the Magen David only became a Jewish symbol in Medieval times. Above it to the left there is a design that looks like a swastika, but the swastika arms turn the other way and it is far too early for its present day associations. Below is a mosaic of an Amazon. It is unusual as Amazons are usually depicted on horses. The other thing is that we see her bared right breast. Amazons, who are mythical figures, were said to cut off their right breasts the better to wield their spears. If you go to Zippori another breasted Amazon is depicted there in the Nile House.
 Tombs of Kings is further afield. Although the many tombs cut into the stone are varied and impressive they were rather of rich or important people and not kings. The green grass and wild flowers of spring make it an ideal place to spending a morning exploring the many tombs
paphospaphostomb of the kings

February 2018 - A short visit to London
On the way back from a stay in Belfast we spent a day and as half in |London - enough time for some shopping, a delicious Chinese lunch and an excellent fish dinner.
London fishworks

February 2018 - Joel Klotnik goes sky diving

Joel and Beryl Klotnik (see Matz family tree) are in South Africa and Joel took the opportunity of the holiday spirit to go sky diving! Hope you weren't too nervous, Joel.

February 2018 - Enjoying a visit to Belfast

Dinner with Maureen Porteus and 4 bottles of wine at dinner, and enjoying  fresh oysters at St George's Market. No record of her shopping, but our suitcases are now much heavier.
Doreen and Maureenoysters

January 2018 - Doreen at the Knesset
Last week, as part of the activities of the Women Make Peace organization, 150 women (Doreen among them) attended a special meeting of the Women's Lobby at the Knesset (the Israel Parliament.)
women at knessetDoreen (right) with fellow participants Wedad Zaid (left) and Ruth Erez middlet)

January 2018
Andy Loew passed away this month. See This Week's Archives. Our son Moran sent us this picture, taken in the late 1980's, of happier times, with Andy, Yaffa and their two children Vered and the late Guy  ז"ל  in the Timna area in southern Israel.
Andy and family

January 2018 - How to walk your dog in the rain
dog with umbrella

January 2018 - Midreshet Sde Boqer

It's always exciting to see the wild ibexes in the centre of the village.
It was a lot of hard work, but the paella prepared by Doreen and grandson Maayan was delicious. See a close-up of the paella on Maayan's page.

January 2018

Belinda Levy who was married to my late cousin David (see Hershovitz and Matz family trees) is visiting Israel with her companion Peter Mintz and we were happy to meet up with her again and to meet Peter. They met son Aviv when they were in Eilat (see picture) . They spent the day with us during which Doreen took them on a  tour of Caesarea, and then slept over.

Belinda Levy and Peter