December 18th - Happy 94th birthday to Berenice Engleberg
December 2009: Eddie Neminoff's 80th
December 2009 - Hanukka
November 2009 - Entertaining the Kessels and Porters and Livia
October 31, 2009 - The 300th update of this site
October 2009 - In memory of Denis and Valda Knight
October 2009 - A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.
Sukkot 2009 - In the sukka with Maayan and Lotem.
September 2009 - Rosh Hashanah  תש"ע- Jewish New Year 2009/10
August 2009 - Rafael Dvir enjoys the beach - lying on it and eating it!
August 2009 - Doreen meets Nina Schafer on the way to Davis
The Rons holiday in Alanya, Turkey
August 2009 - Enjoying the Turkish cuisine
Archaeological reminders of the Second Temple
August 2009 - The Gate to Hell
August 2009 -Florence,  Il Porcellino
August 2009 - Florence, with Enzo and Hannah
July 2009 - Rose Nickel turns 90
July 2009 - Caryn Klaff  and Rhetick Sangupta  marry
Sometime in 1973 - in Rhodesia
July 2009 - Mike Glasser meets the family.
July 2009 - European Youth Bridge Team Championship
July 2009 - Doreen in Canada
July 2009 - 22nd European Youth Teams Bridge Championships.
July 2009 - End of kindergarten year for the Segolis
July 2009 - The Rons tour Jerusalem with Doreen.
June 2009 - Dance performances by Danielle and Lior
June 2009: some pictures of the Aviv Levys
June 2009: Vered's team wins the Mothers' Volleyball League.
June 6 - Julius Nickel's 80th birthday
June 2009 - Doreen meets relatives
June 2009 - Bernstein's Kadish at Yad Vashem
May 2009 - Juniors Bridge in Raanana - Poland vs Israel
May 2009 - Some family pictures taken at the party to welcome Rafael Braverman
May 2009 - Planning a trip to Zippori
May 2009 -Yonatan learns how to bake
May 1, 2009 A picnic/barbecue on the Bet Yannai beach
April 2009 - A party for Sue Edmunds
April 24, 2009: Mazaltov to Efrat Levy and Gal Shabtai
Vered's team wins at volleyball
The Aviv Levy family visit Mini-Israel
Pesach 2009 (special page)
Daniel, Donna and Erica Leibowitz visit South Africa
March 2009 - Tali and Cale Klaff
March 2009 - Pictures of Chloe Ruth Glogauer
March 2009 - Tamara Braverman visits
March 2009 - The festival of Purim
February 2009 - A visit to the Golan Heights
February 2009 - Entertaining guests from the Tel Aviv Bridge Festival
January 2009 - Doreen's trip to Mali and Timbuktu (special page)
January 2009 - Welcome to Raphael Braverman-Dvir
January 2009 - Moran's Ski trip to France
January 2009 - Aviv Levy goes diving with Big Brother #2
the late Mac McPherson RIP
the late Nissan Rand z"l
Pictures of Dotan Shavit, aged 3 months

December 2009: Eddie Neminoff celebrates his 80th

Eddie and Yael

On Friday 18/12/09 we attended the celebration of Edie Neminoff's 80th birthday in Kibbutz Kfar HaNassi. Eddie was the Habonim shaliach (youth movement emissary)  to Durban  when we were members of the Habonim youth movement. Doreen and I formed close friendships with Eddie and his wife Yael and on occasions babysat their children Amir and Dorit . (Orna was born later). When Doreen and I encountered opposition from her parents over our plans to get married Eddie was our go-between with Doreen's mother. We also found that that Edie and I shared a love for the game of bridge, and we met regularly in Israel at various bridge competitions.

The SA "Olim"

After Durban, Eddie was also a shaliach in Johannesburg. At the party we had a chance of meeting many old friends from our Habonim days we had not seen for some time, like the  ex-Durbanites (see This Week's Picture)  and others from Johannesburg, including Ron Lapid (Lipshitz) and wife Riwa (nee Durbach), Steve Helman, Les Oshry, and Errol Sapir (Saposhnik). In the picture are of  some of us who were Habonim members at the time Eddie was shaliach and who were directly or indirectly influenced by Eddie to come to Israel. (Thanks to Ron for the pictures).

December 18th - Happy 94th birthday to Berenice Engleberg
A special happy birthday to Berenice Engleberg who celebrates her 94th birthday today. Berenice is a cousin of my late father. (see Matz family tree).
Granddaughter Rebecca sent us this lovely picture, taken a month ago, of Berenice with granddaughter Rachel and great-granddaughters Tamar (2 years) and Naomi (3 1/2 months.) .

Berenice Engleberg

December 2009: The Segolis celebrate Hanuka in Davis.

It appears that there was no shortage of  hanukiot to celebrate Hanuka in Davis, both at friends' houses and at Lotem's kindergarten Gan Haverim.
Hanukka in DavisHanukka in Davis

November 2009 - Entertaining the Kessels and Porters and Livia
Kessels and Porters etc
Carol Kessel, Doreen, Terry Kessel, Livia Passwel, Me, Noga and Basil Porter
It's always good to see old friends again, especially friends from way back from our South African past. We may not see them for years but when we meet there's that chemistry that makes us feel as if we meet every day. We see Terry and Carol Kessel regularly but only very occasionally (unfortunately!) Basil and Noga Porter. So it was a special pleasure to have them, the Kessels and  Livia Passwell over for dinner this week.
October 31, 2009 - The 300th update of this site
The first This week's Picture
January 18, 2004 - The first "This Week's Picture"
From left to right: Vered, Doreen, Aviv and Moran. The picture was taken somewhere in the mountains of Eilat about 1976.

October 31, 2009 saw the 300th issue (weekly update) of this family site. The first issue appeared nearly 6 years ago, on January 18th 2004. I only started archiving the "news"  three years after that in 2007 so I have no idea of what was written then and whether I foresaw that the site would last so long. The first "This Week's Picture"  is shown above. All the early pictures can be seen in the archives of This Week's Picture 2004-2008.  For a walk down memory lane you can access the Miscellaneous events and pictures of  2004

October 2009 - In memory of Denis and Valda Knight
We received the sad news this week of the passing in Auckland, New Zealand, of Denis Knight, husband of the late Valda who passed away just over two years ago.
When we were in the Bahamas we met Lindy and Richard Davis. Richard was working at the local hospital and we formed a close friendship with them. We first met Lindy's parents, Denis and Valda Knight, in the Bahamas when they came to visit. Over the years we kept up contact with the Knights and the Davises, and are the godparents of the Davis's younger son, Ari. On our trip to New Zealand  in 2001 we celebrated the barmitzvah of their grandson Jordan.
Dennis and Valda KnightDenis and Valda with "barmitzvah boy" Jordan.

On our trip, the Knights not only graciously hosted us in their home, but went out of their way to entertain and generally "spoil" us.  On our trip we toured much of New Zealand, a lot of the time with Denis and Valda.
Here are some pictures in memory of the wonderful times we spent together

visiting wineries
Dennis and Valda Knight

hiking the 4 day Routeburn trail

Dennis and Valda Knight

sharing beach cottages and breakfast

Dennis and Valda Knight

and even visiting a volcano!

Dennis and Valda KnightDennis and Valda Knight

More pictures, and Doreen's account of our New Zealand visit, and of the time spent with the Knight and Davis families, can be found on the New Zealand pages of our Round the World Trip.

October 2009 - A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.

We had a wonderful day in San Francisco visiting Fishermen's Wharf and Pier 39. There is so much to do there, and we only had one day, so we had to be content with visits to the Bay Aquarium, to Ripley's Believe It or Not,  to the seals next to Pier 39, and of course to the famous Fishermen's Wharf,  where we all tried the local seafood delicacies.
A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.San Francisco

A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.

A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.A visit to San Francisco with the Segolis.

Sukkot 2009 - In the sukka with Maayan and Lotem.
While in Davis I went with the Segolis to the local Jewish Center to celebrate the sukkot (Tabernacles) holiday. We had a light meal in the sukka and then went to the synagogue for the Shabbat/Sukkot service (Conservative style), which, I admit, I quite enjoyed. 
in the sukka

Rosh Hashanah  תש"ע- Jewish New Year 2009/10
More pictures:  Amit, This Week's Picture, Lior.
Rosh Hashanah 2009 תש"עRosh Hashanah 2009 תש"ע10Rosh Hashanah 2009 תש"ע

Rosh Hashanah 2009 תש"עRosh Hashanah 2009 תש"עRosh Hashanah 2009 תש"ע

Rafael Dvir enjoys the beach - lying on it and eating it!
Rafael on the beach

August 2009 - Doreen meets Nina Schafer on the way to Davis.

a flat tire
Maayan, Moran and Lotem Segoli, Doreen, Mikhal Segoli, Nina Schafer, Shirley Berman (Nina's sister-in-law.)
 On the way from Israel to Davis to be with the Segolis, Doreen spent a couple of days with Nina Schafer who was visiting her brother and sister-in-law in San Francisco. A puncture on the way to meet the Segolis half-way to Davis delayed the meeting, but fortunately Maayan and Lotem  were on hand to change the flat tire.
Maayan changing a flat tire
Lotem changing a flat tire.

The Rons holiday in Alanya, Turkey
The Rons in In AlanyaThe Rons in Alanya

August 2009 - Enjoying the Turkish cuisine

Left, front to back: Geronimi Duccio (computer director), Pierre Colaros, Rahmi Iyilikci, Eitan.
Right, front to back: Dimitris Bassas, Manolo Eminenti (scoring director), Doreen

Every night after a long day at the bridge championsips the directors would go out for supper and lots of raki, sometimes accompanied by other staff members.  On this occasion we had another good meal, this time at a restaurant under the Galata Bridge.  We are a multinational  group - here there are two Italians, a Greek, a Swiss, a Turk and us two Israelis.

Archaeological reminders of the Second Temple
titus arch

Our unusual combination of visiting Rome and then Istanbul enabled seeing two archaeological reminders of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. On the inside of  Titus' Arch in Rome (erected by his brother Dormitian) is a depiction of the Menorah and trumpets, spoils displayed in a victory march celebrating the putting down of a 4-year revolt in Judea, including the destruction of the Second Temple. For us as Jews, it is the last depiction of the seven branched menorah that stood in the Temple and a reminder of a series of revolts that ended in the dispersion of the Jews from the land of Israel.

temple stone

The Second Temple in Jerusalem as rebuilt by King Herod was supposed to be one of the great wonders of the ancient world. Besides it being a place of sacrifice and pilgrimage for the Jews, pagans came as well. It was an anomaly in the Roman world - a huge temple without even one statue of their Jewish God inside. At some point there was a stone fence and on it was a warning to non-Jews, in Latin and Greek, not to proceed further. This stone, the only one extant, is displayed in the archaeological museum of Istanbul.

August 2009 - The Gate to Hell

Fernando Botero's fresco La porta dell'Inferno and detail of card player
Botero frescoThe Gate to Hell
In Pietrasanta Italy, a delightful town, many statues of famous sculptors, contempory and classic are displayed outdoors. In addition in the Misericordia church there is a fresco La porta dell'Inferno by Fernando Botero. Having just been elected President of the Israel Bridge Federation and on our way to a bridge championship, we were amused to see that Botero considers card players as deserving of hell. (see detail of fresco above right.) More understandable is a portrait of Hitler in  the flames of hell.

August 2009 -Florence,  Il Porcellino

Il Porcellino
Doreen: After reading in HaAretz that rabbis and kabbalists flew over Israel to pray for protection against swine flu, when we came across this famous brass statue of Il Porcellino in Florence, I felt I had to do my bit and placed a coin in the swine's mouth against bad luck. There is a spray of water from his mouth (slobbering?) and if the coin disappears with the water into the grate below  your wishes are granted.

August 2009 - Florence, with Enzo and Hannah

with Channah and Enzo
One of the delights of travel is meeting new people.When overnighting in Siena at the Liberty Hotel we met Hannah Hirenberg and Enzo Boddi, who were attending a jazz festival in Siena. Hannah is from Israel and Enzo from Florence, where they live. By the time we visited Florence they were back home and we were delighted when Enzo chose a  restaurant with typical  Florentine food. Here we enjoy fellowship, good local food and the local limoncello.

July 2009 - Rose Nickel turns 90

Rose Nickel and daughters Marsha and Eileen
Our Aunt Rose recently celebrated her 90th birthday in Johannesburg. How wonderful it is that she is still well and lively. Her daughter Eileen in Canada sent us this delightful picture of Aunt Rose with her two daughters Marsha Krengel and Eileen Glougauer at the birthday party.

July 2009 - Caryn and Rhetick marry
Bengali Wedding of Caryn and Rhetick
At the Hindu wedding ceremony of Caryn and Rhetick
Caryn Klaff (see Goldberg family tree) and Rhetick Sangupta married on July 11  in Pemberton, Canada. There were two wedding ceremonies reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the couple. Above is a picture of the couple at the Bengali Ceremony. For a picture at the Jewish Ceremony see This Week's Picture archives.
 Click here and here for more about Caryn, and here for a picture of the couple.
Caryn is the daughter of my late cousin, Vivian. (see memorial page)

Sometime in 1973 - in Rhodesia
In honour of Mike's visit to Israel, Vered searched her photo albums and found this (faded) picture of a trip our family made to a game reserve in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) with Mike' father, Mark  and Mark's sister, Vanessa.
1973 in rhodesia

July 2009 - Mike Glasser meets the family.

glazer_schank families
The Glazer/Schank families
(see below for names)
Mike Glassser, the son of Mark and Sue Glasser  from Melbourne Australia, is spending a few days with us after participating in the 18th Maccabiah Games in Junior Basketball. Today we invited for lunch all his relatives (on the Glazer and Schank sides)  living in Israel  to meet him. See also This Week's Picture.
Mark and Doreen's grandfather, Mottel Glazer, married Nessie Schank and everyone in the picture is a descendant (direct or by marriage) of  either Mottel and Nessie, or Nessie's sister, Mary.
(see Glasser family tree) and Schank family tree)

outline with numbers
1-17: Doreen Levy, Laura Nickel, Kai Aroyo, Shai Aroyo, Andy Loew, Mike Glasser, Eitan Levy, Donni Dvir, Yahel Braverman, Yoav Shavit, Yaakov and Ziva Bortenstein, Denise Braverman holding Rafael, Zvike and Zahava Karlsblad, Roni and Rachel Karlsblad
18-23: Julius Nickel, Moran and Maayan Segoli, Louise Braverman, Vered and Aviv Ron
24-36: Yaffa Loew, Danielle Ron, Mikhal and Lotem Segoli, Amit Levy, Gabi Dvir, Avigail Dvir, Ilai Levy, Itamar Levy, Vered Shavit with Dotan, Aviv Levy, Lior Ron, Nico Aroyo
Descendants of Mottel Glezer and Nessie Schank

Descendants of  Mary Schank and Moshe Drue

Mike Glasser in Jerusalem
Mike also spent a shabbat with us during the Games (see News July 18) and on Friday Doreen took him and our grand daughter Dani to the Kotel (Western Wall) to experience the shabbat there.

July 2009 - European Youth Bridge Team Championship - Poiana, Brasov, Romania

I was the Chief  Tournament Director/judge at this Championship. See This Week's Picture archives and another picture.   Israel did extremely well, with silver medals in both the under 21 and under 26 events. In each round a maximum of 25 points is available.
The Under 21 team was neck and neck with the Poland team in 1st and 2nd place right from the beginning, and with one round to go lead Poland by one point. Unfortunately they only got 21 in the last round and Poland got the maximum, so they finished with the silver medal 3 points behind the winners (and 67 points ahead of third place!).
 The under 26 team started badly but recovered after a few matches and for the second half of the Championships hovered between 3rd and 5th, before finally ending with a burst of maximum and near maximum scores to slip into second place 9 points behind the winners, France. Congratulations to both teams, who will now also represent Europe in the World Championsips next year.

Some members of both teams with me.
Brasov 2009

Under 26: Dror Padon, Gilad Ofir (captain), Alon Birman, Eliran Argelazi, Bar Tarnovski, Eran Assaraf, Ron Schwartz
Under 21: Zohar Berg (captain), Alon Lazar, Moshe Meyuchas, Gal Gerstner, Hila Levy, Lotan Fisher, Adi Asulin

Brasov 2009
Brasov 2009
In addition to the official tems scores, there is an official ranking of pairs, and Adi and Hila were in first place!

July 2009 - Doreen in Canada
Doreen with Jackie and Audrey
While Doreen was in Canada for the wedding of Caryn Klaff and Rhetick Sangupta she took time off for an outing with old friends Jackie and Audrey Sobel (Caryn's aunt)

July 2009 - 22nd European Youth Teams Bridge Championships.

Discussing with Marc
Discussing a difficult ruling with Marc van Bijsterveldt of the Netherlands. See also This Week's Picture.

July 2009 - End of kindergarten year for the Segolis
The end of year celebrations at the kindergartens in Sde Boqer were special for the Segolis,as next year they will be in the USA.


July 2009 - The Rons tour Jerusalem with Doreen.
in the "Tunnel"

Doreen took the Rons on a tour of underground Jerusalem (See "This Week's Picture"), which included a walk through Minharot Hakotel, a tunnel excavated through arches, ancient cisterns, and a Hasmonean water tunnel underneath the houses of  the Moslem Quarter of the Old City.

Lior is pointing to the largest of the ancient stones in the tunnel, 560 tons, from the time of  Herod's renovation of the Second Temple in 18 BCE.

June 2009 - Dance performances by Danielle and Lior
dance performance
dance performancedance performance5
Danielle and Lior Ron learn dance at the Michal Lasri School of Dance. To the delight of our granddaughters, for the first time, we were able to attend, and thoroughly enjoy, their end-of- year performances.

June 2009 - some pictures of the Aviv Levys
ilai levyItamar LevyAviv and Limor Levy
Ilai and Itamar at the beach; Aviv and Limor not at the beach!
See This Week's Picture for a picture of Amit at the end of year ceremony at her kindergarten.

June 2009: Vered's team wins the Mothers' Volleyball League.

The winning team with kids, husbands and assorted family                     Vered with her two biggest fans - Dani and Lior
The players with family and friendsThe best fans
Raanana has a "Mothers' Volleyball (kadureshet)  League" of 17 teams consisting of the mothers of pupils of the schools of Raanana. The 17 teams were split into two sections, and the wining team was determined by a playoff of the winners of each section.  Our daughter Vered was in the Yachdav School team and they topped their section without losing a game (the only undefeated team in both sections). The final was closely fought and the winning point was slammed by Vered! (see This Week's Picture).   Consideriing how ill Vered has been and that she is not yet fully recovered we are delighted not only by her performance, but also by the fact that she can perform at all!
See previous pictures here.

June 6 - Julius Nickel's 80th birthday
Julius Nickel, Doreen's uncle, turned 80 today. (See Nochomovicz/Nickel Family Tree). Doreen, Louise Braverman and I joined his family for a celebration lunch. Mazaltov and L'Chaim, Julius, עד מאה ועשרים!
Julius celebrates his 80th birthday

The Julius and Laura Nickel clan - a lot of Nickels!
The Julius and Laura Nickel clan
from left to right: Amit, Louis with Assaf, Gali, Etti, Laura, Julius, Itai, Warren, Rona, Richard with Leshem, Nevo, Yael

June 2009 - Doreen meets relatives
Doreen was in the area of  Nes Ziona/Rehovot this week and took the opportunity of contacting and visiting Dafna Poupko, a relative on the Glazer/Gordon side. (See This Week's Picture archives). Our first contact with Dafna was about two months ago when she contacted me by email. Since then we have been in contact and have exchanged family tree details. Doreen was delighted to meet her and her father, Sam Gordon, and hear stories of the family. Sam Gordon lived in Uitenhage before aliyah, and was well acquainted with my uncles Joe and Abe and their families.
Dafna Poupko, Doreen, Sam Gordon

June 2009 - Bernstein's Kadish at Yad Vashem
at Bernstein Kadish concert

Maureen Fain invited us to join her for a special performance of Leonard Bernstein's Kaddish, performed at the Holocaust Museum Yad VaShem. Bernstein's original text was replaced by the text written and narrated by Holocaust survivor and US diplomat Dr Samuel Pisar,  which has been so successful in many performances. The balance between the text and the music, and the powerful intensely personal words made for a most moving experience that will remain for a long time.

May 2009 - Juniors Bridge in Raanana - Poland vs Israel
Poland VS Israel Youth
During the last week of May, two teams of junior (under 26) bridge players from Poland came to Israel to play against two junior Israel teams in Raanana. On the one level it was a friendly contest between the Polish and Israeli juniors (won by a very narrow margin by Poland), but it formed part of the trials to pick the Israel Junior team. Trials for the Under 22 Israel team were held concurrently. The two teams will represent Israel in the European Championships in Romania in July. I'll be the Chief Tournament Director in Romania, so directing and judging the Raanana match was an opportunity to get to know some of the players I'll meet in Romania.

May 2009 - Some family pictures taken at the party to welcome Rafael Braverman.  See also This week's Picture.

Yaakov and Ziva Bortenstein;  Moshe and Rochelle Kirshner
at Rafael's welcomeat Rafael's welcome

Vered, Yoav and Dotan Shavit;     Andy and Yaffa Loew
at Rafael's welcomeat Rafael's welcome

Richard, Rona and Leshem Nickel;     Shai Aroyo and Denise Braverman
at Rafael's welcomeat Rafael's welcome

The Rons - Lior, Vered, Danielle and Aviv   The Segolis - Lotem, Moran, Mikhal and Maayan
at Rafael's welcomeat Rafael's welcome

Planning a trip to Zippori
Doreen wanted to freshen up on the latest developments at the Zippori Archeological site, and took three friends to practice on. I hope the trip was as much fun as the planning.
planning the trip to Zippori
Caroline Livneh, Louise Braverman, Doreen, Yael Paperna

Yonatan learns how to bake
It looks like Doreen is making a habit of teaching grandchildren how to bake - even when the grandchild is not her own!  Here is she imparting her baking wisdom to Yonatan, while grandmother Ruthie Erez looks on.
   Yonatan and Ruthie

May 1, 2009 A picnic/barbecue on the Bet Yannai beach

Doreen and I had planned on celebrating Israel's Independence Day by having a picnic and barbecue on the beach - something we used to do often but haven't done for years and years. However, Doreen had to replace another guide at the last minute for 3 days. So we had to postpone our picnic a few days, and asked Alec and Rachel Ron to join us. It was  fabulous! We have definitely decided not to wait years for the next time.
with Alec and RachelRon

April 2009 - A party for Sue Edmunds.
We were delighted to have the opportunity of seeing our Durban friend from our days of youth,  and having some of the ex-Durban "girls" over. See This Week's Picture. Unfortunately Eitan had to work that evening. After a quick hello and hug he was off .
Sue Edmonds visits Hofit

April 24, 2009: Mazaltov to Efrat Levy and Gal Shabtai on their marriage. See also This Week's Picture. (See Levy/Hershovitz and Matz family trees.)

                 under the hupa                                                                                                     reading the ketuba
Wedding of Efrat and GalWedding of Efrat and Gal

Mazaltov to grandmother Malia Levy, and Malia's sister Sheila Edelstein who is visiting from South Africa; and to father Jonathan, Dina and Yarden.
Wedding of Efrat and GalWedding of Efrat and Gal

Cousin Shirley Kansky with husband Nathan, daughter Wendy, and grandson Ben and Meital; Doreen and I with Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior Ron
Wedding of Efrat and GalWedding of Efrat and Gal

April 2009 - Vered's team wins at volleyball
Vered, with ball, playing volleyball may not seem to be something noteworthy, but after two years of severe, even dangerous illness, it is a cause for celebration. Vered's team plays  in  a local league and Lior and Doreen went to cheer.
Vered volleyballVered volleyball

Aviv Levy and family visit Mini-Israel
Aviv Levy would always say that the Levy family is happiest when eating, or when walking in the direction of food. Here Aviv, Limor and children Amit, Itamar and Ilai are happily enjoying a break while visitng Mini Israel during Pesach.

at Mini-Israelat Mini-Israel

Daniel, Donna and Erica Leibowitz visit South Africa

Daniel and Donna Leibowitz of Port Douglas, Australia, visited South Africa with 5 month-old Erica, and Daniel sent us some pictures of their visit. It was a rare opportunity for them to get together with their South African family, and I'm sure all were delighted.

It must have been a very special occasion for Winnie Levy who met her great-granddaughter Erica for the first time.

Daniel Leibowitz in SADaniel Leibowitz in SA

Daniel, Donna and Erica with Charles and Sheenagh Levy and cousins Andrew and Katherine
Daniel Leibowitz in SA
and with Cecile and Raymond and cousins Raphael and Jenna
Daniel Leibowitz in SA
See Hershovitz/Levy and Matz family trees.

Tali and Cale Klaff

Thanks to Alex Klaff ( see Goldberg family tree) for sending some updated pictures of her children, Tali and Cale. There is another picture of the kids in Purim fancy dress.
(There are more pictures on Facebook).

With grandma Frankie                                                 and parents Tamir and Alex.
           Klaff March 09Klaff March 09

Tali at her first gymnastic competition                         and green-belted Cale at Tae Kwan Do
Klaff March 09Klaff March 09

Pictures of Chloe Ruth Glogauer
Some beautiful, and unusual, pictures of 10 day old Chloe Ruth Glogauer (see Nickel/Glogauer family tree) who was born on December 25, 208 in Toronto, Canada. A lovely picture of Mark and Jordana, too!
See This Week's Picture.
Link to photographer Rivka Keinan's site.
Chloe Ruth GlogauerChloe Ruth Glogauer

March 2009 - Tamara Braverman visits Israel and her nephew.
Last week Tamara Braverman, Melly's daughter, visited Israel and met her new nephew, Raphael, son of her half-sister Yahel.
Melly and TamaraTamara and Raphael
Last year Tamara's younger brother, Adam, visited Israel and is pictured here with father Melly at Petra.
Adam and Melly

March 2009 - The Festival of Purim
What a variety of costumes !

Gabi Nathan (in Florida USA!) as a bumble bee, Ilai Levy as Little Red Riding Hood (without the hood!), Amit Levy as Queen Esther
Purim 2009Purim 2009Purim 2009

The twins Jonathan and Michael Sadeh as the Superman twins, Lotem Segoli as a princess , Maayan Segoli as Mordecai
Purim 2009Purim 2009Purim 2009

Itamar Levy as Itamar, Lior (and friend) as Mickey Mouse, Nico Aroyo as the current celebrity Gal Gadot
Purim 2009Purim 2009Purim 2009

Kai Aroyo as a Rastafarian, Dani (and friend) as babies , Yael Nickel as an Hawaian dancer
Purim 2009Purim 2009Purim 2009

Moran and Mikhal Segoli in costumes, Warren Nickel as Dracula, Aviv Levy as Superdiver
Purim 2009Purim 2009Purim 2009

Avigail and Gabi Dvir all dressed up for Purim celebrations
Avigail dvirgabi dvir

All the way: ... from the US - Tali and Cale Klaff with aunt Caryn    ...and from Canada - Chloe Glogauer
Tali and Cale KlaffChloe Glogauer
And the groups:
The divers and aquarium staff at Coral World as Pirates (who capture the GM) and Superdivers (who save the GM)
and Doreens tour group as Haman, Mordecai, Queen Vashti and miscellaneous
Purim 2009Purim 2009

February 2009 - A visit to the Golan Heights
Doreen writes:
I needed to prepare for an upcoming tour, so Louise, Caroline Livneh, Yael Paperna and I went on a day trip to the Golan Heights area.
Caroline and YaelCaroline checking the compass
Louise, Caroline and Yael shiver at Mitzpe Gadot. A mini sharav (heatwave) was forecast. Eitan told us he was walking the dog in short sleeves on the coastal plain, but on the Golan Heights the weather was bitterly cold - an easterly wind not from the hot desert but presumably straight from Siberia.

Caroline points to the compass as we try and understand the workings of Paleomagnetism

See also This Week's Picture 

February 2009 - Entertaining guests from the Tel Aviv Bridge Festival

festivalFestival 2009
Tali Koren-Leibowitz, Zvi Ben Tovim, Annelie Kooijman, Gadi Leibowitz, Ziva Ben Tovim, Ilan Shezifi, Anda Enciu, Jacky Dagan, Doreen, Ton Kooijman, Chana Shezifi
The Annual Israel Bridge Festival was held in February, and as usual it was an opportunity to meet many people from the bridge world that I haven't seen since the last Festival. It was also an opportunity to renew our friendship with Ton and Annelie Kooijman, from the Netherlands. Ton was here as Chief Tournament  Director and it is always a pleasure working with him and under him both in Israel and internationally. Ton is the Chairman of the World Bridge Federation Laws Committee and a Chief Tournament Director of the European Bridge League. We entertained Ton and Annelie and some of our bridge friends at our house, where Doreen prepared a delicious meal.

See also pictures from the 2006 Festival: This week's Picture February11, 2006 and at our house.

Welcome to Yahel and Donni's baby - Raphael


Granny Louise proudly admires her first grandchild
Louise with the baby
Mazal Tov to Yahel Braverman and Donni Dvir on the birth on 29th January of Raphael, a healthy baby boy, and to grandparents Louise Braverman and Mellie Braverman on their first grandchild. Congratulations too to sisters, Gabi and Avigail Dvir, to Aunt Denise  Braverman, and to great-aunt and uncle Doreen and me!

For another picture see This Week's Picture.
Thanks to Shai Aroyo for the pictures. For more of Shai's pictures of the baby, click here.

See Glezer and Nocimovicz and Schank family trees.

Mommy Yahel with the baby; and the Dvir family meets the baby - sisters Avigail and Gabi,and daddy Donni.
Yahel and Donni's babyYahel and Donni's baby

A first nephew and a first grandchild: The Bravermans meet the baby -  Aunt Denise and grandfather Mellie
Yahel and Donni's babyMelly with the baby

January 2009 - Moran's Ski trip to France
Moran went a week's skiing trip to France with Ran Kagan and some other friends. See News and This Week's Picture.
The pictures are of Moran snowboarding,and with his friends, (l - r) Oren, Moran, Ran Kagan, Haim.
Moran snow-boardingMoran and friends

January 2009 - Aviv Levy goes diving with Big Brother #2
There was some news and internet coverage of Aviv Levy and "Big Brother" runner-up Yossi Boublil, who went diving together in Eilat
Aviv and BoublilAviv and "Big Brother" runner-up Yossi Boublil

John "Mac" McPherson

with Mac at US Open 2000
With sadness we report the death on December 27th of  Mac, a friend from America, whom we have known for many years. We first met Mac when his companion, Dalia Lamdani brought him to the wedding of Vered and Aviv. We have met many times since then in Tel Aviv,  New York and when Mac and Dalia visited us in St Thomas. Even though we come from such disparate backgrounds we always enjoyed each others company and shared many interests, mainly a love of baseball and opera. Mac was a TV sports addict - particularly golf. Near the beginning of our round the world trip in August 2001 we stayed with the Rons in New Jersey, and went with Mac to the US Tennis Open in New York, where this picture of the three of us was taken.
We extend condolences to Dalia Lamdani and Mac's family.

On January 26th, there was an article on Mac in the New York Times titled "A 91st Street Legend"

Nissan Rand

Nissan RandNissan Rand passed away last week.
We have known Nissan Rand and his wife Judy for many years. Although our connection was mainly through bridge, we often met socially at our homes and overseas while on bridge trips. Nissan was a top international bridge player who represented Israel many times, and had many impressive bridge titles. His greatest achievement was winning the World Senior Teams Championship on two occasions, in 1994 and 1998.

Nissan was one of the few top players who also played an active role in bridge administration. We got to know each other very well when we worked closely and harmoniously together when he was chairman of the Israel Bridge Federation and I was the Sports Captain. He held many top positions in the Israel bridge scene but it was in the international arena that he achieved his greatest success.  Nissan was almost solely responsible for the revival and  outstanding success of  bridge competitions for seniors on an international level. He was on the executive committee of the European Bridge League, and headed the Seniors Committee for many years. He was also the Chairman of the World Bridge Federation Seniors Committee at the time of  his death.

On a personal level I owe much to Nissan, who pushed and encouraged me and "the powers that be" at the beginning of my international Tournament Director career.

Professionally, he was a Doctor and world expert in the field of animal nutrition, having published more than 200 scientific papers on the subject. He served as Chairman of the European Council on Poultry Nutrition (1989-98) and was inducted to the International Poultry Hall of Fame in 2000.

We extend our condolences to his wife Judy and to his family.

Dotan Shavit, aged 3 months
Dotan Shavit aged 3 months and VeredDotan Shavit aged 3 months
             with mom Vered

We received these pictures of the lovely baby Dotan, son of Vered and Yoav Shavit, aged about 3 months. Thanks to grandma Yaffa Loew for sending the pictures. (see Schank family tree).  There are also pictures of Dotan aged 6 weeks.
See also This Week's Picture archives.