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Limor in Georgia June 2022
Limor in Georgia

Limor, son Aviv's wife, has joined the Egged bus company family and
enjoyed an Egged employees' holiday in Georgia, which was most interesting.

Madeira June 2022 - part 3

Apart from vising new places one of the big advantages of my term on the European Bridge Executive is meeting old friends. We have wonderful relationships with so many people, participants, officials and fellow executive members.

Dinner with Peter and Ingrid from Slovakia, tobagganing down a mountain with Carine from Belgium, enjoying an outing with Paul and Maureen from Ireland, Carine from Belgium, and Giannarigo President of the World Bridge Federation and his wife Cippi from Italy.

It is impossible to have a dull evening with the effervescent Mark from England. He took us to an an Indian Restaurant "close by" - a 40 minute walk, where we were joined by Herman and Carine from Belgium aznd Jan from The Nethertlands. The food was delicious but that's a side issue compared to the company.
See a picture of Doreen in full scuba gear after a dive.

Madeira June 2022 - part 2 - Madeira and Doreen's birthday
On Doreen's birthday we were surprised by the hotel sending her a bottle of 'champagne' nicely cooled in an ice bucket. They probably got the date from her passport and it was a lovely surprise. We enjoyed sipping the wine on the balcony of our room.
birthday champagne

Madeira - June 2022 - part 1

We visited the island of Madeira where I was involved with the European Bridge Championships for about 2 weeks. Here is the view from the rooftop of the Casino Park Hotedl in Funchal where we stayed.

Casino view

June 2022 - Vered at a conference in Seatle, USA.

Daughter Vered Ron travelled to Seattle for a work conference. While waiting on the plane to USA she spoke to the pilot who invited her to sit in the cockpit of the 787 Dream Liner. Fortunately she didn't have to pilot the plane.
Vered Seatle

Vered, one of the speakers at the conference, spoke on Retailing from the Outside-In.

Vered SeatleVered Seatle

Shavuot - With family at the house of the Habermans
See also here for another picture and for the names.

Denise "d'niece" Braverman (Glazer family tree) is in Girona in Catalonia Spain at a triathlon summer camp.
Denise GironaDEnise triathlon

May 2022 - Screening of documentary of Reginald Morris
Doreen went to a screening of Dr. Morris' Camera, a documentary about the late Reginald Morris, one of the earliest and best known  residents of Eilat. Reginald was the first Director of the Eilat Hospital and later practiced medicine in Eilat. We were very friendly with Reginald and his wife Fay, who was also the Consul for the UK in Eilat. Our daughter Vered and her husband Aviv are very friendly with their son Andrew and Orli.  Doreen was happy to meet Fay (left) and old Eilat friend Sheila Meltzer (right) at the screening.
Fay MorrisSheila Meltzer

May 2022 - Vered in Brazil
On a business trip to Brazil, daughter Vered Ron grabbed a moment of relaxation.
Vered BrazilVered Brazil

May 2022 - Frankie Klaff and David Rothschild in San Antonio.


May 2022 - Meeting the Levitans

Helene and Selwyn Levitan are visiting Israel and they stayed a night with us, together with long-time friend Maureen Fain. The next day we went to the Zichron Yaakov Pedetrian Mall where we enjoyed a good Chinese meal.
Doreen, Helene and Maureen were at school together in Durban and Selwyn and I were briefly at University together.  The Levitans live in South Africa and we haven't seen them for years so it very nice getting together again and chatting about old times and old friends. Maureen lives in Jerusalem and fortunately it is easy to regularly meet with her.

Levitan Selwyn
Doreen, me, Maureen Fain, Helene and Selwyn Levitan

May 22 - finally - dive insurance
Recently Doreen set herself two short term goals:  (1) Take tennis lessons and play tennis with grandson Maayan Segoli, and (2) obtain diving insurance which normally is not valid after age 75. This  involves undergoing many medical tests. This week she succeeded in both. Well done, Doreen - your husband is proud of you!

dive insurance

May 2022 - Shirley Poluck in Israel
Doreen met with our friend, Shirley Poluck. We met Shirley and her late husband Gordon in 1965 when we all were learning Hebrew at an ulpan. We have been fiends ever since, and although Shirley now lives in England we see each other regularly either in London or as below in Israel.
Shirley Poluk

May 2022 - Doreen and Limor looking at/for the flyover
While in Eilat Doreen and daughter-in-law Limor went to a vantage point to watch (not very successfully) the air force fly-over.
Limor looking for the fly-over while Doreen photos her, both looking for the fly-over!

Doreen vs Maayan Tennis Match
Recently Doreen set herself two short term goals:  (1) Take tennis lessons and play tennis with grandson Maayan Segoli, and (2) obtain diving insurance which normally is not valid after age 75. This  involves undergoing many medical tests. This week she succeeded in both. Well done, Doreen - your husband is proud of you!

Doreen sharing some tips with grandson Maayan.
More pictures on Maayan's page.

April 2022 - Moran and the Exodus
Moran exodus
Moran writes:

I did an activity with Zoe's class today <29/4/22> about Passover (we were supposed to do it before the holiday).

I came into the class as Moses and we escaped slavery (school), while the Egyptians (other parents) ran after us, I hit the rock for water (parents sprayed water from behind the bushes), we prayed for food (Bamba bags were thrown from behind a hill), etc.

While walking from one part to the other, we were chanting what we want from god: Get us to the promised land, give us water, food, etc. At some point they asked for ice-cream and then started chanting for KFC - click on the picture..

April 2022 - The Kessels Colin and Louise Kessel, who had been on the  1990 Sinai trip with us, came to view the clip. We were happy that Terry and Carol also joined us.

breakfast with kessels

April 2022 - The Segolis in Florida
The Segolis are in USA for a vacation and visiting Mikhal's sister and brother-in-law.  Pictures taken while boating in the Everglades

Segolis FloridaSegolis FloridaSegolis Florida

April 2022 - Aviv in St Eustacius
Aviv Levy went on a diving trip with our friend, Morris Kahn in the Caribbeam. St Eustacius is a small island near the Virgin Islands, where we lived and worked for some years. It is part of the Netherlands.
Aviv Eustatious

April 2022 - A visit with Shlomo and Claire Recht
We spent a very pleasant afternoon at the beautiful home of Shlomo and Claire Recht in Jaffa viewing our newly discovered video of our trip to Sinai in 1990. We then enjoyed a fish meal  at a local restaurant. .
Shlomo and claire Recht

April 2022 - My Vegetable Garden

This past winter with the unusual cold, winds and hail was disasterous for our garden and in particular for our papaya trees which were destroyed.  Fortunately spring  is here  and our vegetable garden  is blooming. Also the avocado, mango and lychee trees seem to have recovered and are flowering.



Our lemon tree continues to deliver a steady supply, including an enormous 16cm (6 inches) lemon, seen below with a normal large lemon.


Who Knows One? 2022
We had a lovely Passover seder at the home of Vered and Aviv Ron. Great atmosphere, not too long haggadah reading and of course plenty (too much!) delicious  food. And of course the singing, culminating in the family production of 'Who Knows One?'  Click on the picture below.

April 2022 - Amit and Ilai spend a week with us

Amit, Ilai and Sofia enjoying green felafel at the Carmel market; and bowling with cousin Lior.

April 2022 - The Segolis visit Epcot.

The Segolis are in USA for a vacation and visiting Mikhal's sister and brother-in-law who are now working in Florida. Unfortunately Disney World was fully booked, but there is plenty to do in Orlando.
Here they are enjoying a visit to Epcot.
Segoli epcot

April 2022 - Ice cream at Golda's

After the Asian meal (see here) we all went  ice cream in Eilat at the family's favourite glideria, Golda.
Doreen who usually has ice cream at every opportunity forwent this time and took the picture.


Aviv grill

The next night Aviv and Limor prepared a fantastic dinner for all 10 of us us
with delicious salads made by Limor and a variety of meat grilled by Aviv.

Lunch in Netanya with old friends.
We invited some old friends to lunch today at our house in Netanya this afternoon. We have so many events and memories in common from our days when we were young in South Africa that it is always a special pleasure to meet again. Colin and Geoff were at school together, as were Louise and Binny, Steve and I were at university together and we were all members of the Habonim youth movement.

Later Maureen Fain (front, picture below), also a Habonim member who was at school with Doreen joined us.
A special surprise was a drop-in visit on their way home by son Moran Segoli with Mikhal and Zoe below left).

Lunch with friends
The meal, home smoked chicken and baked sea bass, was supplemented by the dips and sauces prepared by granddaughter Lior Ron. See This Week's News archives.
Lunch with friends
See another picture in the Picture of the Week Archives.

April 2022 - A visit to the Small Dairy
We read in the Haaretz newspaper about a small dairy (aptly called The Small dairy המחלבה הקטנה ) on a kibbutz near us where two young persons who studied cheese making in Italy prepare cheeses . We visited, were impressed, and of course bought some cheeses.
small dairy

March 2022 - The Rons go skiing

Ron's skiingRon's skiingRon's skiing
See picture of granddaughter Lior and friend Gal

March 2022 - Aviv Ron celebrates his birthday.

Aviv R bday

March 2022 - A vacation in Cyprus
We spent 5 days in  Cyprus at the Cyprus Bridge Festival (see picture) and touring.
We enjoyed playing in the festival (despite our so-so results). The hotel was good and we were warmly received by Phillipos Frangos and Frosso Tillyris (respectively President and Secretary of the Cyprus Bridge Federation), whom I know from previous visits to Cyprus. We enjoyed a fish dinner with them.

There was an Indian Restaurant near the hotel.  Both Doreen and I grew up in Durban, which has the  largest concentration of Indians outside India, and we love Indian food. So of course we decided to lunch there and discovered that it was Holi Festival time, and there was big Holi Celebration there. We enjoyed the dancing and facial and other decorations and even had delicious curry, so we went back a few days later and had another meal there.


The day after the bridge pairs competition we hired a car and drove to Paphos, enjoying a stop at Aphrodites rock.
Access to the beach adjacent to the rock is either to cross a road and then jump over accident railings, or through a narrow pedestrian tunnel running under the road. Doreen of course want to jump the railings but in the end we used the tunnel, which is interesting of itself.

Cyprus Aphrodite rockCyprus Aphrodite rock
In Paphos we spent some time walking through the Archeological Museum with the Mosaic houses and then had a delicious lunch at the aptly named Pelican Restaurant. I like calamari and the calamari at the restaurant was the best I have ever tasted. And no, there is no pelican on the menu - on the contrary Doreen fed the pelican.
Cyprus Paphos pelicanCyprus Paphos restaurant
We then drove to the Tombs of the Kings archeological site.

Cyprus Paphos Tombs

The next day we decided to drive to the Cyprus Mountains. We enjoyed a stop in the village of Omodos and were fascinated by the unusually shaped trees. After visiting the Timios Stavros Monastery there we continued up to the village of Troodos.

Cyprus OmadosCyprus OmadosCyprus Omados
On the way to Troodos we saw snow, first in the distance, then closer and then at the side of the road (see picture in the Archives). There were fallen rocks on the road so we had to drive carefully. On reaching Troodos it was snowing a little so we stopped for lunch. It started to snow heavily and as we both have lived in warm (or hot) places we were delighted with the snow even though we had to travel slowly.
Cyprus Troodos

We thorougly enjoyed our short stay in Cyprus and hope to visit there again.

March 2022 - Rafael Braverman Dvir with granddad Mellie Braverman

Thank you sister Louise for sending us a lovely picture of your grandchild Rafael Dvir with grandfather Mellie Braverman.

Purim 2022

Some pictures of family members in costume as befits traditional Purim activities.

Lotem giving away home-baked Oznei Haman (Homentashen)  -  Moran  -   Aviv

March 2022 - Lunch at shuk Machaneh Yehuda
mahneh yehuda

Adloyada 2022

Traditionally the Purim festival is celebrated by everyone dressing up in costume and a carnival-like adloyada with a parade of floats, accompanied by music, dancers and costumed participants. And shlah manot, exchange of gifts, of course.  The adloyada has gradually died out but some towns still have one.
The High School for Environmental Studies, in Sde Boqer, puts on a fantastic adloyada every year prepared entirely by the pupils. In addition to the parade there are stalls selling food, trinkets, jewelry, toys etc. The adloyada is very popular and a large crowd attends and a good time is had by all. We again joined the Segolis for this year's adloyada.
See Maayan's float on the Archives page  here.



March 2022 - A visit to cousin Shirley and Nathan Kansky

grandfather clock

I wonder how many of the younger readers, and even the oldar ones, know what a Grandfather clock is. And I guess that very few have ever seen one.
says that a traditional Grandfather clock is "a statement item of furniture that invokes a sense of history, nostalgia and substance." Certainly for me on seeing the Grandfather clock when visiting cousin Shirley Kansky invoked history and especially nostalgia.

The clock belonged to Shirley's grandparents Wolf and Rosie Solomon in their house in Port Elizabeth. When young I visited, holidayed and stayed with Bertie and Ruth Solomon and often visited their parents Rosie and Wolf  and the clock with its chimes every hour was always part of the visit.

Seeing the same clock - which still works and keeps time -  in Shirley and Nathan's apartment  brought back fond - very fond - memories.

If you're interested in how the clock works see here.

Grandfather clocks are coming back into fashion, and modern clocks in various designs, mainly as decorative furniture, sell for very high prices.

March 2022 - Alma breaks a leg - again
First she broke her left leg (see here) and now she has broken her right leg. The betting is open: which back leg will be the next broken leg.
alma leg

March 2022: Friday night with the family
After too long a time, we were delighted to have most of the family over  for an 'Italian' dinner prepared by Doreen, Maayan and Vered, with Chianti brought by Aviv L. It was  moving to see how they were excited to see other and how they all got along so well.
fri nightfam fri nightfri night

February 2022: About a month ago I was honoured to receive the European Bridge League Gold Medal for service to bridge. (Click here and also here.). I was delighted  to receive this month's copy of the Israel Bridge Federation Bulletin. Apart from the cover there are some nice words in an article.

IBF Bulletin

February 2022: We went to kibbutz Tzora for an evening honouring Mike Levine after 30 years as one of the founders and the director and visionary of the Israel Stage Orchestra. We remember how how some years ago we enjoyed their production of their original Fantasy for Monkey and Orchestra. We have known Mike since our South African days and Doreen was his madricha in the Habonim youth movement. At the reception before the ceremony we were delighted to again meet many old friends from our Durban days.
On the right below, long time Knesset member and former Minister, Uzi Baram (on right) congratulates Mike.
Mike LevineMike Levine

February 2022 - Lotem and team build a robot.
We went  to see granddaughter Lotem with some of her Fata Morgana team preparing to build a new robot. As the winner of the regional Robotic Contest they will participate in the Israel Robotic Contest. If they win this they will be invited to USA to take part in a contest there. We were very impressed by their work - they work to a plan and each prepares a part and then they put everything together.
Lotem robotics prep

We spent the weekend at Midreshet Ben Gurion with the Segolis. Aviv and family were going to join us but had to cancel at the last minute. Grandson Maayan outdid himsel by smoking spare ribs which were delicious.

spare ribsspare ribs

February 2022 - Eight for dinner.

Fortunately we (=Doreen) didn't have to cook dinner on our return from Warsaw as daughter Vered Ron invited us to dinner with a full complement - daughters Danielle and Lior with their friends Oz and Gal.
all 8

February 2022 - The Monument to the Ghetto Heroes situated in the grounds of the Polin Museum on the site of the destroed Warsaw Ghetto.

Click here for another picture and more about the Polin Museum.
Polin Museum

February 2022 - Eating in Warsaw

On our visit to Warsaw (see above) Doreen and I found two interesting and completely different styled restaurants. (and didn't find the Michelin Restaurant where we had booked!)
The Kuznia Smaku  is a small restaurant with a great atmosphere serving food more-or-less based on traditional Polish and Jewish food. The duck we ate there was delicious. For a starter I couldn't resist ordering the Lithuanian 'perogi in broth'. My mother and her parents were from Lithuania and it brought back fond memories of one of mother's favourite dishes - meat perogen in soup. I wasn't disappointed - the dish (at least in my memory) was identical in look and taste to my mother's 'perogen' in soup.
kusnia Smakukusnia Smaku

Then next night we decided to eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant situated in the Old City
The taxi took us to an entrance to the Old City and informed us that public transport was not allowed there. All we had to do was enter, walk to the left and again to the left, and of course ignore the rain! So off we started in the rain, going left, returning, trying different lefts and asking directions but hardly any establishments were open or seemed to know where the restaurant was except for a pub-like restaurant where we got completely confusing directions. Still wet, we passed a restaurant that was open and decided that enough is enough and that we would eat there. It was a good choice! The Stolica Restaurant is an elegant Polish restaurant in an old style now more or less out of fashion. We were the only guests and well looked after by the sole waiter (who was probably the owner) and again we enjoyed a delicious meal.

February 2022 - A Retrospective - Yayoi Kusama
Just before leaving for Warsaw Doreen, friend Caroline and granddaughter Danielle and her friend Oz visited an exhibition by artist Yayoi Kusana.
Yayoi KusamaYoyoi KasamaYoyoi Kasama

February 2022 - The Segolis sky dive.

Maayan and Lotem have been planning to sky dive for some time but bad weather had repeatedly postponed the experience. This week the weather cleared enough for them to go to Sdei Taiman airfield just outside Beersheva and finally sky dive, together with many of their Segoli relatives.

Here are some pictures of grandchildren Maayan and Lotem having a great experience.

Segoli shy diveSegoli shy diveSegoli shy diveSegoli shy dive

February 2022 - Tea tasting party
Those who know Doreen well know that she is a great lover of tea - the loose leaf kind. On our overseas trips she is always on the lookout for tea coming close to her favourite, Irish Breakfast Tea from Fortnum and Masons in London. Recently she has obtained some very good teas and today invited friends Caroline and Rutie to taste some of them.
tea party

February 2022 - Lotem's Robotics Team win first place.

Congratulations to granddaughter Lotem Segoli and her team for their accomplishment in winning the Israel robotics qualifier competition. They will take part in the Finals of the Israel National Robotics Championships next month. The team Fata Morgana is from the Ramat Hanegev High School situated in the Negev Desert. Lotem is the Coach, Mechanics leader and CAD (Computer aided Design) leader of the team. She and her team have spent months of hard work in all their spare time in preparation for this event and their victory is amazing and well deserved.

We are all very proud of you, Lotem. Now go and rest a little!

See also the Archives for another picture.
Lotem - DLlotem roboticslotem robotics
Granny Doreen visited to cheer for Lotem's team; Lotem discussing tactics with her team; and making some last-minute adjustments and repairs to the robot.

Tel Aviv Pop-UP Museum

Doreen and friend Maureen Fain went to a most unusual art exhibition in Tel Aviv. Two 4 floor joined buildings with 24 rooms have been condemned  to be demolished and replaced by a high rise building. More than 150 artists from different fields turned the building into a temporary museum and took it upon themselves to illustrate the walls of the buildings in graffiti or abstract designs. Each of the artists took one area of a room (eg the kitchen of Flat 11) and drew or painted on the walls.Some of the painted walls can be seen here.

For a  fuller decription and 12 more paintings click here.
pop-up museumpop-up museumpop-up museum

February 2022 - A day hike

Moran. Mikhal, and Lotem Segoli went on a day hike in the Ramon Crater with Vered and Aviv Ron

day hikeday hikeday hike

February 2022 - Meeting Denise Israel

We were happy to renew contact with Denise Israel. Denise's ex-husband Giora worked at Coral World in St Thomas and Nassau Bahamas during the period he and I both managed these attractions. Our paths crossed many times and it was lovely to meet Denise again after so many years and to discuss old times.
Denise Israel1-

January 2022 - Trash Art in Larnaca, Cyprus

On our visit to Larnaca Cyprus, Doreen was facinated by an outdoor exhibition of 'trash art' - sculptues made from trash by Abdul Gany Bande, a refugee from the Ivory Coast.
trash arttrash art

January 2022 - Gold medal for distinguished services to European Bridge

At the European Bridge League seminar in Cyprus I was presented with the Gold Medal for "distinguished services to European Bridge". I was very proud to receive this, especially as the last Gold Medal awarded was ten years ago.
(More pictures in a few days)

gold Medal 2  Gold medal
With the Israelis: Doreen, Jan Kamras (EBL President), Oriya Meir, me, Reuven Baswitz, Gilad Ofir;  and Doreen and I with Gianarrigo Rona, President of the
World Bridge Federation.

January 2022 - The wives
in Cyprus
Doreen with Ingrid Belcak and Maureen Porteous on a walk in Cyprus during a  short visit to Cyprus for the EBL seminar,
January 2022 - Snow in Israel

We have had very cold weather in Istrael during the last week or so, with lots of snow in parts of the country.  The Segolis took a trip to see the snow.

January 2022 - The Segolis hike to Gev Zarchan

The Segolis  (Moran, Mikhal, Lotem and Zoe)  took advantage of the temporary break in the rainy weather to go hiking to the Gev Zarchan area. Apart from the desert scenery there is a 'gev', a water hole,  in the rock base that fills with water in the rainy season.
Click for some pictures of Zoe 'exercising' on the rocks. See also Archives for picture of Moran and Mikhal at the waterhole Gev Darogh.
Segoli Gev ZarchanSegolis at Gev Zarchan

January 2022 - Vered in New York
Vered spent a few days in cold and snowy New York on a business trip.
Vered NYVered NY

Aviv on TV
Son Aviv Levy was interviewed on TV Channel 13 about the problem of plastic pollution in the sea, and showed seahorses entrapped in plastic waste. Aviv is a regular on television talking about various sea and fish subjects ((See for example here (skip the asdverts) and here). He speaks extremely well and confidently.

January 2022 - Bridge with the Cartoons
bridge game - Cartoons

We were happy to have Lennie and Selma Cartoon over for lunch, followed by an enjoyable game of bridge. Lennie is related to my cousin Jonathan Levy on his mother's (Malia nee Weinronk) side, and although we don't see them too often we are always happy to see them.. See Levy and Matz family trees.