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Our Round the World Trip 2001 - 2002

Special Events and Trips

October 2023 - Visit to Estonia
October 2023 - Re-visiting Riga (Doreen's column)
August 2023 - Visit to Morocco
May 2023 - Italy with Aviv and Limor
December 2022/January 2023 - New  Year in Times Squasre
September 2022 - Doreen's trip to Berlin
July 2022 - Safari to Tanzania.
June 2022 - visit to Madeira
August 2020 - Croatia on the Antares
November 2019 - A visit to Romania
August 2019 - Sail on the Antares III
July 2019 - A visit to Paris with Amit and Ilai
April 2019 - Family Reunion in Tuscany
September 2018 - hort Trip to Montenegro
July 2018 - Rome, Aviv's 50th birthday
November 2017 - Thoughts on a visit to Riga (Doreen's Column)
August 2017 - A cruise to Iceland
July 2017 - A visit to Vienna
December 2016 - A trip to Portugal
July 2016 - A visit to Moscow
a April 2016 - Itamar' barmitzvah
February 2016 - A Visit to London with our Grandsons
January 2016 -Doreen's visit to Rome - Jerusalem in Rome
July 2015 - A Visit to the North Norway Islands
April 2015 - A Visit to Prague (Doreen's Column)
December 2014 - 50th Annmiversary and 20th Family Reunion
April 2014 - visit to Vietnam
April 2014 - Visit to the Red Centre of Australia with the Segolis
February 2014 - Visit to Berlin
October/November 2013 - Trip to South Africa
July/August 2013 - Mediterranean Cruise
July 2013 - Doreen's visit to Poland with Yad VaShem
July 2013 - a yachting trip to Corsica and Elba
May 2013 - our visit to Devon, England.
March/April 2013 - our visits to Melbourne,Tasmania and Myanmar
December 2012 - Our trip to Spain - exploring the roots of Sepharad. (separate pages)
August 2012 -17th Levy Family Reunion (Eilat)
July 2012 - Trip to Barcelona
2010 Family trip to South Africa
2010 - Dedication of Science Laboratory in Fern's name
June 2010 - With the Reijzers in Aups June 2010
January 2009 - Mali, the Dogons and Timbuktu January 2009
May 2007 - Doreen's trek in Zagoria, Greece
August 2006 - A Trek in Romania -
August 2006 - Granny Climbs a Mountain (Romania)
April 2006 - Our trip to Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey
Charles and Sheenagh Levy's trip to Peru   (link to pictures)
7-12 August 2005 - A holiday at Lausanne and LakeLeman
European Youth Bridge Championships, Riccione, Italy
Lopsy - the "family dog"
May 2005 - The launching of the Antares
Yona Wiseman's account of her survival in the tsunami train disaster.
Nov. 2004 - Upper Galilee (Agamon and Gush Halav) with the Kessels
2004 - Rosh Hashanah September
RV Trip to Washington and Pennsylvania
European Bridge Championships in Malmo
Doreen's 60th birthday
23-30 May 2004 - Doreen's hike on the Lycian Trail in Turkey
April 1-7 2004 - Trip to Italy
Feb-Mar 2004 - Doreen's trip to Ethiopia
March 2004 - Purim
February 2004 - 12th family reunion in Eilat )
February 19-21 - Hofit party to meet grandchildren
January 22 2004 - Maayan's brit mila
July 10, 2003 - Moran and Mikhal's wedding
1980's - Sailing on the Mystique
1993 - RV Trip to USA West Coast (partly with Vered and Aviv Ron)

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