Below are some old pictures taken of a sailing trip we took in the 1980's on friend Morris' yacht Mystique. The captain, Ted, had to take the yacht from St Thomas to St Lucia to pick up Morris and some friends and he needed a crew, and we volunteered.

Doreen, Aviv and Vered sailed and helped all the way from St Thomas, where we were living at the time, to St Lucia. If I remember correctly the trip took about 3-4 days.
Apart from actual help on the boat, Vered also acted as barber and Aviv fished for something to eat (See Picture Archives for his big catch).

barber on Mystiquehelp on Mystiquefishing on Mystique

meal on Mystique

We stopped on the way in St Martin and anchored off-shore. Moran and I were flying back to St Thomas from there. This meant we had to have our passports checked first so Ted took our passports and headed for the Immigration Office by wind surfing while we wondered what would happen if he fell off with our passports in his back-pack. We all spent a few hours on St Martin, both on the Dutch side and the French side, and Moran and I  flew back to St Thomas and Doreen, Vered and Aviv continued to St Lucia..
Ted MystiqueSt Matin border

from my Old Pictures collection

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