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Moran and Mikhal's Wedding

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Moran and Mikhal were married on July 10, 2003 (see pictures)

Moran took  Mikhal's family name, Segoli,  as his surname.

Here are some pictures of our new family..

Moran and Mikhal

We met Mihhal's parents, Avraham and Yael, for supper at Sde Boker in Moran and Mihhal's caravan on the campus.  We had a very pleasant evening and enjoyed meeting our new family.

In April 2004, Mikhal and Moran both presented papers at a symposium at the Institute for Desert Research. Moran's presentation was titled "Predation of the desert isopod as a control factor in the wadi"; Mikhal spoke on "What a male has to suffer - costs of mating in a widow spider."

In May 2004, Mikhal, Moran and Maayan finally moved to new student accommodation. As befits a Desert Research Institute, the apartments are airy and designed not to need cooling in summer or heating in winter. We were there on a hot Hamsin day, and can vouch for the coolness of the apartment in spite of the oppresive heat outside.

June 2004:  Both Moran and Mikhal will be continuing at Ben Gurion University, studying for their doctorates

Moran will be studying the biodiversity of plants and different animal groups as part of a large long term research project , spanning the length of the country (from the Negev to Har-Meron). More specifically he is going to study the mechanism through which plants (trees and shrubs) affect biodiversity of other groups. For example a shrub can provide: shade, moisture, nutrients etc. and each of these factors may influence the biodiversity of small plants and animals around it. Moran will try to isolate these factors and to determine which one has a higher importance.

Mikhal is going to study the behavior of a parasitic wasp. This wasp lay her eggs inside the egg of a moth. The young of the wasp develop inside the moth larva consuming it from inside until it dies. At this stage the adult wasps emerge from the moth's body. A female wasp can lay a few eggs inside the host in which case brothers and sisters from the same mother wasp (or young of different mothers) compete for resources inside the host. Mikhal is going to study the outcome of this competition.

Mikhal has been awarded a prestigious Kreitman Foundation Fellowship for her doctoral studies. As far as we know, Mikhal is the first student of the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies to be awarded this prize.

"All Kreitman Foundation Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis among candidates from throughout Israel and abroad. The program is  intended for candidates of proven achievement and exceptional promise. There is a close connection between the Kreitman Foundation Fellowships and the Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies. The Doctoral Fellowships are awarded only to those admitted to graduate study by the Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Study.
Kreitman Foundation Doctoral Fellows are provided with the means to devote their energies to study, research and professional development. It is expected that they will become part of the University community. They are also offered the opportunity to participate in the Society of Kreitman Fellows and are provided membership in the Kreitman Fellows Common Room."

(condensed from the Kreitman Foundation site).

July 2004
Moran and Mikhal spent their first wedding anniversary thousands of miles apart. Mikhal was in Finland attending the 10th International Behavioral Ecology Congress. She presented a poster titled Males Do Have Limits: Constraints On Mating In A Widow Spider.

September 2004
Moran went to England for 5 days to attend the annual meeting of the British Ecological Society. He presented a paper there on desert isopod predation.

September 2004
Well done, Mikhal . At a ceremony on Monday 13th September Mikhal was awarded one of the three prizes for outstanding students of the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies.
Mikhal award

January 2005
Celebrating Moran's 32nd birthday at Hofit.

A gathering of old school friends for Moran's 32nd birthday, in Hofit. The boys have been the closest of  friends since they were at high school together at Sde Boqer. Now, with wives and children, they don't pass up any opportunity to get together and have a good time.

February 2005
Moran is going to the USA  to take part in a workshop at NCEAS (National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis)  at University of California Santa Barbara, on  "Sustaining coastal- marine and terrestial systems using ecosystem-based management: New knowledge, tools and capacity." Mikhal and Maayan are also going to the USA, and at the beginning will be with friends in Berkeley. Afterwards they will do some touring together, probably in Death Valley.

November 2005
Moran and Mikhal's house in Sde Boqer is coming along well. This is how it looks today (mid-November 2005). (Three months it looked like this !).
Segoli house Nov 05

March 2007: Press articles on Mikhal's research on the black widow spider.

There is an interesting article (in Hebrew) about the black widow spider (the one who eats her mate)  in the on-line version of Yediot Achronot, Israel's most popular newspaper. The article is based on work done by Mikhal and references her name and work. Click here for the article. And in addition, the spring edition of the Ben Gurion University News also features an article (also in Hebrew) about the research on these spiders, and includes a picture of Mikhal. Click here for this article. (in PDF format)

December 2008
Moran  presented a paper and displayed a poster at the Drylands, Deserts and Desertification Conference at Ben Gurion University. UNESCO judged and presented the prizes for the posters, and Moran's poster won first prize.  (click here to see the poster). Congratulations, Moran! When Maayan heard that his father had won a prize he wasn't too impressed. As he pointed out, he also won a prize this week - a sticker for good behaviour from kindergarten.
Moran receiving poster prize

For another picture of Moran, and all his contact details, see the Ben Gurion University Students Union page  and of course there is lots of information and pictures on  his home page . Of special interest is his account of his Himalayan climb, where he was part of a group of  four who reached the summit of Mount Shivling, the first Israelis to do so.


Moran elected President of the Sde Boqer Students Council

Moran and Mikhal's Wedding

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