May 2024 - The Segolis have a visitor
The Segolis live in Midreshet Sde Boqer, a small community in the Negev dessert.  There are a few large mammals that live in Israel's deserts including the very rare cats karakuls and leopards and the more common camels and ibexes.  The ibexes -"wild goats distinguished by the male's large recurved horns" (Wikipedia) -  also roam in the populated areas of the Negev and are common sights in  towns such as Mitzpeh Ramon. They also roam in the area where the Segolis live and are often seen. However I think that this is the first time that an ibex has decided to visit the Segolis. I hope they made him feel welcome.

The ibexes are not afraid of humans. When we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with the family in Mitzpeh Ramon we saw many ibexes close up. Click for a picture of granddaughter Lior Ron with an ibex.

May 2024: Yom Haatzmaut - Independence Day 
As has been the custom for many years Terry and Carol Kessel invited long standing friends to an Independence Day luncheon. This year we didn't have much to celebrate, but the occasion was a celebration of long time friendships - many going back to South African days. It is a special treat to see each other, at least once a year.  A big thanks to the Kessels/
As usual the food was outstanding and despite our initial trepidation the affair was a resounding success.

Fanny Levy's death certificate

The death certificate of Fanny Levy, one of my father's sisters, who died before I was born. My sister Fern was named after her. See also Archives.
Fanny death

May 2024 - Zoe Segoli's batmitzvah celebration

The Levy and the Segoli families celebrated Zoe's batmitzvah with a gathering at the Gofra Beach on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). It was fun to be together and the venue, though very basic, was  suitable for the event. Most slept in tents though a 'caravan' was available. Everyone brought food and everyone pitched in to help prepare the meals. It was an enjoyable event.
Click here for another picture.

Zoe BM party
Zoe BM partyZoe BM partyZoe BM party

May 2024 - Welcome, Yuval Haberman

Congratulations to Dani and Tali Haberman on the birth of son Yuval their first child. They are in Washington DC where Dani has a medical fellowship.
And special Mazal Tov to grandparents Shuli and Eitan Haberman on the birth of their 6th grandchild.
Goldberg family tree.
Haberman Dani Tali

April 2024 Eating lionfish in Cyprus

Wikipedia: "Pterois is a genus of venomous marine fish, commonly known as lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific. It is characterized by conspicuous warning coloration with red or black bands, and ostentatious dorsal fins tipped with venomous spines. Lionfish are a recent and significant invasive species in the west Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

While culling by marine protection agencies and volunteer divers is an important element of control efforts, development of market-based approaches, which create commercial incentives for removals, has been seen as a means to sustain control efforts. The foremost of these market approaches is the promotion of lionfish as a food item."

The fish is well known (and avoided) in Eilat and we have never heard of it being eaten. However it (with the venomous spines removed)  is fairly popular in Cyprus and it's common to see them in various sizes in supermarkets and at the fishing marina close to our apartment.  So we helped the fight against invasive species and bought a good sized lionfish which Doreen baked in the oven. The very white flesh was tasty and didn't have a fishy taste or smell. Visit us in Larnaca and try it!

Cooked and uncooked!

April 2024 - Panos Steakhouse

There are pepper grinders and there are pepper grinders ..............
pepper grinder

April 2024 - Vered and Aviv in Brazil

Daughter Vered Ron and Aviv in Brazil (after multiple flight issues lasting 50 hours). But they got there in the end. Here they at the Iguazu Waterfall between Brazil and Argentina, considered to be the biggest waterfall in the world. 
Iguazu falls

March 20254 - A visit to Yaffa Loew

Second cousin Yaffa Loew was in a traffic accident. Her car is a total write-off and she is suffering from some injuries but fortunately nothing was broken. She will need more treatment and we wish her a speedy recovery. We, Doreen, her sister Louise and I, made a lunch and visited and in spite of the pain, she was her usual  positve self. After visiting Yaffa we visited her brother Yaakov and Ziva and spent an enjoyable couple of hours with them.

March 2024 - Maureen Fain's 80th birthday.

(see another picture, of Doreen raising a toast to Maureen at her 80th), in the archives.

and a picture of Maureen's 60th twenty years ago
Maureen60Maureen60maureen and dick
Maureen and Doreen                                                    Maureen                                                               Maureen and Dick

March 2024 - Lotem amd Amit get their driver's licence.

lotemAmit licence

March 2024 - A preview of Doreen's planned vegan cookbook.

The Eilatis' visit was a good opportunity for Doreen to show them how her vegan cookbook is progressing. They were very interested and promised to submit their contributions for the book.
cookbook preview

March 2024
Son Moran and Mikhal paid a surprise and welcome visit to relative Yaffa Loew this weekend.  (see Schank tree)


March 2024 -A visit to Galit Rubin

While in Cyprus we drove to Limassol and visited Galit Rubin who now lives in Cyprus. Galit is friend of  our son Moran and we haven't seen her for many many years. We enjoyed meeting her again and received some useful information about life in Cyprus.

2nd March 2024 - our first day in our holiday flat in Cyprus.
After some months of negotiations we have a holiday apartment in Cyprus.

It's on the fourth floor with a sea view and an easy 2 minute walk to the beach promenade.

Our first meal - breakfast this morning on the verandah

Then a short drive (we could have walked 7 minutes!) to a local marina where fishermen sell their catches in a small wood shed. Today there was a large selection of fish, and octopus, squid and prawns.

We chose a labrak, which Doreen baked in the oven. It was absolutely delicious.

choosing fishlabrak

February 2024 -Gabi Nathan's project

We received this from Melodie and Mark Nathan ( see Nochimovitz/Nickel tree) showing daughter Gabriella's Scout Eagle Project work. She and her volunteers made 20 elevated dog beds for as local rescue organization.  Well done, Gabi!
Melody nathan

February 2024 - Congratulations Yahel and Donny

Congratulations to niece Yahel Braverman and Donny Dvir on their marriage this month. Yahel and Donny have been partners for a long time and decided to tie the knot. Congratulations too to their son Rafael and Donny's daughters Gaby and Avigael.
(see Gordon/Glasser  and  Schank  family trees)
Yahel wededing

February 2024 - Happy Anniversary to Charles and Sheenagh

Charles and Sheenagh

Compare this picture of the "second" traditional wedding of Charles and Sheenagh to their 'first' civil wedding.

February 2024 - Simon wine

We received an unusual bottle of wine from daughter Vered and Aviv. Simon winery is a small family boutique winery in Kfar Tivon in the north of Israel. The wine was being bottled when news of the 7/10/23 attack was heard but the bottling continued. This is written of the back label of the bottle:

This wine was bottled on the morning of black Saturday 7.10.23 as a sign of the continuing production of Israeli products in the face  of the attack on our country, and is dedicated with love  to the memory of all casualties of that accursed Saturday.

Simon wineSimon wine back

February 2024 - Keeping warm

We were invited by granddaughter Lior Ron to brunch at a local cafe. It was very nice and it was lovely being with her. I was a little cold but managed to keep warm.
feeling cold

Ziona is 95


We attended the 95th  birthday party of long-time friend Ziona Glassman.
We have known her since our days in Hofit nearly 60 years ago and shared many
moments with her and her late husband in many places, including Eilat,
Sinai, The Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.

The bucket

On our first family motor home  trip in 1975 we all had jobs to do to keep the motor home clean. Moran and Aviv went to empty the garbage bucket..  On the way back Moran wandered a little off course and big brother Aviv 'helped' him find the way. 😏🤣

January  2024 - Another short visit to Cyprus

We spent 3 days in Larnaca Cyprus and enjoyed the rest and the quiet. Cyprus is an ideal "get away" destination as the flight time from Tel Aviv is only 40 minutes. We enjoyed two excellent meals at restaurants that were an easy walking distance from our hotel (Hobos Steak House and Ocean Basket) and quick meals at the local Metropolis Mall, including of course KFC.

Ocean BasketOcean Basket

KFC Larnaka1

Although I do like eating at KFC (usually hot wings) my main rerason for eating there is to add to the list of KFC restaurants visited by our family.

Here are links to some previous family KFC visits
Beersheva Israel Wuhan China, Brasov Romania, Moscow Russia, Shenzhen China, Mongolia and Istanbul,
Berlin Germany, Belfast N.Ireland, Prague Czech, Madeira, Wroclaw Poland, London., Nicosia Cyprus,
Sinai Egypt, Netanya Israel , New Delhi India, and Marrakech Morocco

January 2024 - Ari Lossin

We were saddened to hear the news of the passing of Ari Lossin, husband of second cousin Sydney Lossin (Matz family tree). We have kept up contact with Sydney and Ari and as always, enjoyed our  visit to them a month or so ago. We send condolences to Ari's children Yonat and Adi and grandchildren and share in the grief of Sydney and her daughters Michal and Yael.

Ari Lossin
Ari Lossin ז"ל