Back in Aboriginal Dreamtime there were three beautiful sisters named Meenhi, Weemala, and Gunnedoo. The sisters lived with their father Tyawan who was the witch doctor of the Katoomba tribe. They were madly in love with three brothers of the Nepean tribe.

However, ancestral law forbade the maidens from marrying any man outside their own tribe. The brothers were brave warriors and decided to take the maidens by force. A fierce battle followed forcing Tyawan to use his magic stick to turn his daughters into stone. Furiously, the brothers chased the witch doctor  until they had him cornered against a large rock. Tyawan then quickly used his magic bone to change himself into a lyrebird.

He intended to restore them after the danger had passed, but in the chase he dropped the magic bone.
That is why today, there is a good chance you will hear or see the lyrebird in the bush still scratching around in his desperate search for the magic bone.

Meanwhile, the three sisters watch from the mountain ledge, hoping their father will find the bone that will restore them to their former beauty.

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