UPDATED 18th March 2023
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18th March 2023
David and Wendy Ginsberg, Doreen and I

On our London trip we had a serendipitous meeting with Doreen's cousin Wendy Ginsberg. On our penultimate day in London Wendy and Dave (who live in Capetown South Africa) arrived in London to visit their daughter Natalie and Ryan Smith. There was an underground strike but we took a train and spent a pleasant afternoon with them. Different countries limit contacts, and Doreen (and I) rarely see our cousins who live in South Africa and Australia so it is always an extra pleasure to see them. By chance, it seems that we and the Ginsbergs might be in the Netherlands in July at the same time so another meeting is possible.
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  • We're back in Israel after our enjoyable trip to London. In addition to the two operas we saw we went to see the revival of the musical Oklahoma (good but a little disappointing despite the excellent cast) and a play Unfriend which was hilarious, enjoyable and well acted.
  • We're very happy to hear that my cousin in Australia, Sharon Leibowitz and husband Joe are very much better and making speedy recoveries. Thanks to their son Joshua for keeping us up to date.
  • The Ron's dog Alma ate rat poison and is in serious condition and is being treated in hospital.

  • Happy Birthday this week to:   18 - Brigitte Bloede, Yehuda Bolel, Alice Gullotta, Zvi Karsblad   19 - Andrew Hock, Adrienne Shivers   20 - Melanie Sklar, Noah Kagan , Moriah Pashas, Tamar Tabak, David Bloede  21 - Aviv Ron    23 - Daniel Hock, Stewart Aronson, Logan Thompson-MacLeod   24 - Nitzan Partok

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