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The site is not a blog, but rather a vehicle for sharing family information such as family news, births, deaths, activities, pictures, achievements. The site relies on input from family members.From January 2004 until August 2010 this site was updated weekly.  From September to December 2010 the site was updated sporadically. Since March 2012 the site is again being updated  weekly.

12th October 2019

Granddaughters Lotem and Zoe Segoli  take a jump

During Yom Kippur this week we went down to Eilat and relaxed with the Segolis and the Eilati Levys. Granddaughter Lior Ron had a couple of days off from the army and joined us. We drove to Eilat on Tuesday afternoon and returned on Wednesday evening and during that time managed to do a lot: resting, sleeping and swimming. Those that fasted, fasted, those that didn't, didn't.
See some more pictures here.

  • Granddaughter Danielle Ron is due back this evening  from her trip to India and we are looking forward to hearing her stories and seeing  her pictures.
  •  Long time friend Maureen Fain was one of the winners of the 1st Israel National Watercolor Exhibition and Doreen, with friends Caroline Livneh and Yael Paperna visited  the exhibition. See picture. Doreen and Maureen have been friends since their school days. Click for Doreen at one of Maureen's previous exhibitions.
  • Happy Birthday this week to:   Witney Burrows (13th),  Michal Segoli (15th), Joseph Levin (15th), Sylvia Kagan (15th), Ora Oppenheimer (15th),  Mark Glogauer (16th), Ivan Gordon (16th), Jack Gilbert (17th), Craig Cleaver (17th), Moshe Bortz (17th), Karen Blotnick (17th), Lloyd van de Laar (17th),  Sheenagh Levy (18th), Talia Gordon (18th),
  • And Happy Birthday LAST week (omitted by mistake last week) : Daniel Weisz (5th), Eila Oppenheimer (5th), Meyer Aronson (5th), Shimona Tzukernik  (6th), Leah Loren Hodes  (7th), Yakira Pauren (7th), Sheryl Marcus (8th),  Malcolm Siegel (9th), Adele Cleaver (10th), Rachel Hodes (10th), Nathan Glick (10th), Hayley Leibowitz (11th), Abby Glogauer (11th)
  • Happy Anniversary this week to: Lynn and Jonathan Hock (13th), Toni and Daniel Hock (17th)
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            Click on the BLUE LINKS  for pictures
           Click on the BLUE LINKS  for pictures
  • October Birthdays: (not sure how and if you're related? Then go to the family trees section)  Happy October birthdays to  Robyn Matz (1st), Leroy Kahn (1st), Haley Bacher (1st), Rebecca Shivers (3rd), Florence Levin  (4th), Braham Kansky (4th), Aharon Glasser (4th), Yehudit Akuka (4th), Daniel Weisz (5th), Eila Oppenheimer (5th), Meyer Aronson (5th), Shimona Tzukernik  (6th), Leah Loren Hodes  (7th), Yakira Pauren (7th), Sheryl Marcus (8th),  Malcolm Siegel (9th), Adele Cleaver (10th), Rachel Hodes (10th), Nathan Glick (10th), Hayley Leibowitz (11th), Abby Glogauer (11th), Witney Burrows (13th),  Michal Segoli (15th), Joseph Levin (15th), Sylvia Kagan (15th), Ora Oppenheimer (15th),  Mark Glogauer (16th), Ivan Gordon (16th), Jack Gilbert (17th), Craig Cleaver (17th), Moshe Bortz (17th), Karen Blotnick (17th), Lloyd van de Laar (17th),  Sheenagh Levy (18th), Talia Gordon (18th),  Danela Ezekiel (20th), Alan Hock (20th), , Ryan Gordon (20th), Irene Bacher (21st), Cale Klaff (21st), Lital Kasorla (21st), Amram Glasser (21st), Alon Haberman (21st), Chloe MacMillan (22nd), Hilda Stern (22nd), Avi Deul (23rd), Laura Bacher (26th), Lotem Segoli (26th), Adam Levy (26th), Jacob Beckman (26th), Susan Hock (26th), Lionel Arieh Gordon (27th), Asher Klaff (27th), Shelley de Millon (28th), Adelaide Bloede (28th), Naftali Oppenheimer (28th),  Adam Bacher (29th), Andrew Glick (29th), Rachel Karlsblad (30th), Yaffa Loew (30th), Jacob Freundlich. (31st)
  • October Anniversaries: Anniversary wishes to: Alex and Tamir Klaff (6th), Eileen and Isaac Glogauer (9th), Jennifer and Leon Matz (10th), Lynn and Jonathan Hock (13th), Toni and Daniel Hock (17th),  Adi and Assaf Amit (21st),  Katelyn and Alex Hock, Carmen and Marlon Kay (27th), Rachel and Alan Smith (29th),

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