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28th November 2020
Drue family 
The Drue Family - late 1930's in Estonia
Back row: Mussi (Karlsblad), Benjamin Drue, Chana Drue
Front row: Mary (nee Shank), Riva (Bortenstein), Moshe Drue

We enjoyed a superb lunch today with Yaakov and Ziva Bortenstein, Doreen's relatives, and Yaakov showed us this picture of his grandparents Mary and Moshe and family. After WWII the three sisters Riva, Mussi and Chana went to Israel, while Benjamin stayed in Estonia. Later Mary and Moshe joined the family in Israel.
We have close contact with the family in Israel - Riva's children Yaakov, Yaffa (Loew) and Rochelle (Kirshner); and Mussie's children Rachel and Zvika. In the last few years we have had contact with Benjamin's son Heini and visited him and his wife Tiina in Estonia.
Heini has visited Israel a few times and the last time Yaakov organised a family dinner for nearly all the relatives. See picture here.

See Schank family tree.

picture added to my Old Pictures collection

  • The Covid virus is still with us (as in the whole world) but this week we were a little more mobile and active, in addition to our usual Friday evening meal with the Rons.
  • We had a very enjoyable visit today with Sydney and Ari Lossin (see Matz famly tree) who live a few minutes away from Doreen's relative Yaakov Bortenstein (see above). Sydney is my 2nd cousin - her mother and my father were cousins. We enjoy seeing them, even if only very occasionally, and again tasted Ari's home-pickled olives and promised to send them seeds from our papaya plants. See Archives for a previous visit.
  • Doreen and some friends went to a birthday celebration for our long-time friend since our Eilat days Yael Paperna. See picture.
  • Earlier in the week we had a most enjoyable afternoon luncheon at our home with Colin and Louise Kessel and Colin and Hadas Gorfil. In addition to the tasty salads Doreen prepared our new speciality, salt-baked fish, which was a great hit.
  • Thanks to Franke Klaff for sending us this picture of  Oren and Amalie Klaff with son Asher. See Goldberg family tree.
  • Happy Birthday this week to:  Natalie Hock (28th), Beverley Taylor (28th),  Eliyahu Skoczylas (29), Jesse Weisz (30th), Andre Sim (Jan 1st), Adam Gordon (Jan 1st), Philip Bacher (Jan 2nd), Jonathan Klotnick (Jan 3rd).
  • Happy Anniversary this week to: Richard and Talia Klotnick (28th)

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  • November Anniversaries: Anniversary wishes to: Samantha and Daniel Hakim (2),  Naama and Mor Kadosh (6), Eric and Avigail Cotton (17th), Shulamit (Lama) and Alan Klotnick (23rd), Limor and Aviv Levy (26th), Richard and Talia Klotnick (28th)

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