UPDATED 20th July 2019
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20th July 2019

The girls (plus Moran) go bowling
Moran, Doreen, Ilay, Lotem, Amit, Zoe, Mikhal

While we were in Norway (see here) the Segolis looked after our dog Joanie. On our return Doreen went to Sde Boqer to pick up Joanie and spent a couple days there. Both granddaughters Amit and Ilay Levy were also there and all the girls enjoyed an outing bowling with Moran, Mikhal and Granny.

  • While Doreen was in Sde Boqer (see above) she asked Moran to show her the scorpion site (see picture) where the children had been two weeks before.
  • During the school holidays the Segoli and Levy cousins have been alternating between Eilat (mainly diving)  and Sde Boqer. Most of the time the girls were in Sde Boqer and Itamar and Maayan in Eilat. See some pictures here.
  • Heini and Tiina Drui, from Estonia, visited Israel for a long weekend and we were happy to meet up with them again. We last saw them in Tallinn about 2 years ago when we visited Estonia (see pictures). Yaacov and Ziva Bortenstein entertained us at a delicious dinner at which nearly all the Drui descendants in Israel of the Schank  family were present. Click here for a group photo of the Drui family.
  • This week Doreen and I are taking granddaughters Amit and Ilay Levy on a weeks trip to Paris. While there, I'll take a couple of days off from Paris and visit Belfast to explore arrangements for a Bridge course there next year.

            Click on the BLUE LINKS  for pictures
           Click on the BLUE LINKS  for pictures
  • July Birthdays: (not sure how and if you're related? Then go to the family trees section) Happy birthdays to Rebecca Mynarski (1), Roderick McCrimmon (1), Selwyn Bolel (2), Samuel Herr (4), Jacob Emanuel (5), Mor Oppenheim (5), Shari Beckman (6), Dov Bolel (6), Heini Drue (7),  Margalit Sadeh (7), Tamir Klaff (7), Louise Bortz (7), Adam Amit (8), Yonatan Amit (8), Jemma Sklar (8), Ruth Korbel (9), Maurice Levy (9), Solly Krengel (9), Claude Hakim (9), Daniel Feinstein (10), Steven Bacher (10), Lauren Berkowitz (10), Jenna Carno (11), Tyron Neiman (12), Candice Pauwen (13), Jennifer Levy (13), Eileen Glogauer (14), Petronille Bloede (14), Tamara Klein (15), Glenda Cleaver (15), Isaac (Issy) Kirsh (16), Rhona Neiman (16), Shira Forman (17), Dion Levin (19), Keren Stern (19),  Daniel Klotnick (20), Rossie Geffen (20), Suzanne Lazarus (20), Arie Bortz (21), Adam Tal (22), Rachelle Smith (22), Joel Feinstein (23), Shari Levy (24), Gavriel Bolel (25), Raymond Cotton (26), Edward Levy (27), Madison Brod (27), Leora Cigler (28),  Limor Sadeh Levy (29), Dvir Kasorla (29),Leora Perlman (29), Melanie Bold (31)
  • Happy birthday to our godson in New Zealand, Ari Davis (11)