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24th July 2021
CW old boys
Arik Zilberman, Morris Kahn, Doreen, Mickey Gur, me
Coral World "Old Boys"

We had a lovely surprise this week when Morris invited us over and we  found Arik and Mickey there. Morris was  the entrepaneur who built Coral World, Arik was in charge of the Coral World International head office and Mickey was the CEO of Coral World International., and I was the manager of 3 Coral World properties, Eilat, St Thomas and Bahamas. We had not seen Arik and Mickey for many years and were delighted to see them again and talk about old times. I enjoyed a good relationship with Arik (who came shortly before I left) , and worked closely, successfully and happily with Mickey.  Doreen's and my very friendly relationship with Morris continues to this day.

  • This was a week of meeting up with old friensds. In addition to meeting Arik and Mickey (above), we also had lunch with ex-classmate Steven Berman (see picture - Steven is bottom row 2nd from right; I am top row on right ) and his wife Joyce. Steven told us that another friend from our school days, Maxie Stange - who now lives in Shanghai, was visiting Israel and we had good phone chat. We will be meeting him soon.
  • To continue the old friends theme, Jonathan and Alexander Keyson joined daughter Vered and Aviv Ron and us when we had dinner at the Rons on Friday night. Jonathan Keyson is the grandson of our close and longtime friends Hans Reijzer and his late wife Lottie. Jonathan and two of his brothers have a start-up which last week featured in an artcle in Haaretz newspaer. Click here for details and a picture.
  • Talking about old friends there is an addition to my old  friends KFC and a warning to Col. Sanders: You have stiff competition. Daughter-in-law Limor Levy prepared some chicken KFC style and it looks delicious!
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    • July Birthdays: (not sure how and if you're related? Then go to the family trees section) Happy birthdays to Rebecca Mynarski (1), Roderick McCrimmon (1), Selwyn Bolel (2), Samuel Herr (4), Isabel Siegel (4), Jacob Emanuel (5), Mor Oppenheim (5), Shari Beckman (6), Dov Bolel (6), Heini Drue (7),  Margalit Sadeh (7), Tamir Klaff (7), Louise Bortz (7), James A. Lewenson (7), Adam Amit (8), Yonatan Amit (8), Jemma Sklar (8), Ruth Korbel (9), Maurice Levy (9),  Claude Hakim (9), Galit (Schang) (9), Daniel Feinstein (10), Steven Bacher (10), Lauren Berkowitz (10), Jenna Carno (11), Tyron Neiman (12), Candice Pauwen (13), Jennifer Levy (13), Eileen Glogauer (14), Petronille Bloede (14), Tamara Klein (15), Glenda Cleaver (15), Isaac (Issy) Kirsh (16), Rhona Neiman (16), Shira Forman (17), Dion Levin (19), Keren Stern (19), Yoav Shavit (19),  Daniel Klotnick (20), Rossie Geffen (20), Suzanne Lazarus (20), Arie Bortz (21), Adam Tal (22), Rachelle Smith (22), Joel Feinstein (23), Shari Levy (24), Gavriel Bolel (25), Raymond Cotton (26), Edward Levy (27), Madison Brod (27), Leora Cigler (28),  Limor Sadeh Levy (29), Dvir Kasorla (29),Leora Perlman (29), Melanie Bold (31), Ronni (Schang) (31)
    • Happy birthday to our godson, Ari Davis (11)

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