September 2021 - A visit to Ziona
Doreen and friend Caroline went to vist and have lunch with good friends Dovvy and Ziona Glassman at their retirement home.

Ziona Glassman

September 2021 - Eilat

Being in hot hot Eilat with having a cooling swim in the Red Sea is the thing to do, even if you do jump from a bridge into the water. Lovely for both the elderly seniors like Doreen and the young like granddaughter Zoe.

Doreen divingZoe diving
See This Week's Picture from September 2021

Rosh Hashanah 2021
We celebrated the Jewish New Year at the home of Daughter Vered and Aviv Ron with most of our family. The food was prepared both by Doreen and the Rons and was as expected delicious - not only traditional gefilte fish and kneidlach but also roast lamb, poached salmon and many salads and vegetables and of course vegan dishes. And of course there was enough left over for a full meal for the family the next day.
While waiting for the meal we watched the Levy Chess Championshop between  Aviv and Maayan (advice from Lotem)
Rosh Hashana 2021

and of course we didn't neglect our traditional shofar blowing competition won again by granddaughter Lior. Lior has won for the last 15 years - ever since she was 7 years old! (See picture.) For some previous shofar blowing pictures click here and here.
Rosh Hashana 2021Rosh Hashana 2021
Rosh Hashana 2021Rosh Hashana 2021

On the way back to Sde Boqer Doreen took her grandchildren to visit the fascinating Maresha-Bet Guvrin National Park. Here Zoe, Maayan and Lotem try out the burial niches in the Sidonian Cave
Bet Joubrinbet jubrin

August-September 2021 - The Rons sail in Corfu

Daughter Vered and Aviv 'got away from it all' with a sailing trip with friends off the coast of Greece in the Corfu region. Vered, the skipper, reports having a fantastic time.
Rons sailingRons sailingRons sailing

On August 1st school in Israel started and together with other families new routines were started.
Here are the Segolis on September 1st:
Top row: Zoe getting ready to bike to school; Maayan sleeping until the last minute; Lotem happy to get back to her school (a 30 minute bus ride)
Bottom row: Moran starting a new part-time job teaching Biology at a girl's high school in Yeruham about 20 minutes away; not quite school but Mikhal on her way to the univertsity where she is a lecturer.

back to schoolback to schoolback to schoolback to schoolback to school

Dani in the Galapagus.
Granddaughter Dani is enjoying her study/stay in the Galapagus.(See here).  She sent us some beautiful picures she had taken, both underwater and on land. One of the best is of blue-footed boobies mating. Click here or on the picture to see a short video clip.
blue footed boobie

August 2021 - The Eilatis prepare a meal
Itamar and Amit in Eilat used Doreen's recipes for preparing curry and vegetarian chopped liver, which I understand was very successful.
Our grandchildren take great interest in cooking and preparing food. This is not surprising in view of the delicious meals Doreen prepares for them, and also because she always enlists their help in cooking when they are with us. In addition Limor (son Aviv's wife) in Eilat is an excellent cook as is Aviv (daughter Vered's husband). The grandchildren sometimes refer to Doreen's cookbook "A Potpouri of Memories" written in 1995 and they either improvise on recipes in it, or refer to other cookbooks.

See another picture below. There is a link to the page page in  the cookbook (in nomal text size) by clicking on the page below.  Doreen's cookbook included comments on some of the circumstances of hearing about or using the recipe. Read her comments following the recipe.
Granny cookbookpotpouri
For some of the many cooking efforts of our grandchildren, see:  MaayanZoeLior

August 2021 - Enjoying the pool.
We had a mini family gathering with  Aviv and his children, joined by Moran and Mikhal with their children,as well as Lior the representative of the Rons.  Our grandchildren had not been together for a long time and it was really heartwarming for Doreen and I to see how well the cousins got on together. They enjoyed each others company at our house in HaBashan Netanya and had a marvelous time at the pool of our good friends Ruti and Dani. Here are some pictures of the morning at the pool.

Click for a picture of breakfast at Habashan.

August 2021 - The Segolis come for the weekend

We went to the Segolis at Midreshet Ben Gurion to help look after the children while mom Mikhal was having medical treatment. We returned the next day with the children who spent the weekend with us.

We enjoyed a meal at a local cafe, and the three children helped Doreen prepare roast duck and apple pie - both delicious.

cooksSegoli Landwer

The highlight was a visit to a glass blowing workshop at Caesarea National Park, where they made a glass bowl.
glass blowingglass blow bowl

More pictures of the glass blowing on the pages of Maayan, Lotem and Zoe.

August 13, 2021 - Nataliew Leibowitz turns 50

Natalie Leibowitz, daughter of my cousin Sharon and Joe Leibowitz in Melbourne Australia, turns 50
Click for a picture taken earlier this year of Sharon and some of her family.

Auguast 2021 - Bridge party for Louise's birthday
Louise bridge

August 2021 - RIP, Colin
We are saddened by the news of the passing after a long illness of long-time friend Colin Gorfil. We have known Colin for over 60 years, me from University and Doreen from holidays he spent in Durban South Africa where we lived. When we lived in Hofit we were neighbours of Colin and his wife Ella, who passed away many years ago. After leaving Hofit we kept up a close relationship  and often met him and his delightful wife Hadas and mutual friends for dinner.  ( see pictures here and here).
Colin Gorfil DL durban beachColin and Doreen on the beach in Durban South Africa (about 1961)

August 2021
Doreen and I had our third Covid vaccination. By the number of shoppers at the mall where we  had our injection it was hard to believe that the infection rate is so high and going up. We wanted coffee after our vaccinations and all the tables were taken and we had to put our coffees and pastries on a chair.
3rd vaccination

August 2021 - Denise Braverman 'ironmanning' in Estonia

Denise iron man

Click on the picture for a short video.

Our niece Denise travelled to Estonia last week to take part in an IronMan event, a real test of endurance:
3.8 kms swimming
180 kms cycling
42 kms marathon
She finished in 14 hrs 9 minutes!

Denise continues to amaze us with her feats.
See pictures of some of her achievements in the IronMan competitions, triathlon full 42 km marathon., climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and running with a blind runner.

While in Estonia Denise visited with our relatives (Doreen's 2nd cousin) Heini and Tiina Drui (Schank tree) and sent us this picture which brought back pleasant memories of our visit to Tallinn a few years ago.
Denise - Drui

August 2021 - Have a great time Dani!

We all drank champagne and ate an Indian meal when we wished granddaughter Danielle Ron an enjoyable and productive stay on the Galapagos Islands. As part of her University course Dani will be spending a few months in Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. We hope your project is productive and enjoyable  - bon voyage Dani.
Dani farewell

Zoe enjoys a sushi meal
Zoe came and stayed with us and Joanie on Friday night and with Vered's family  and Alma on Saturday night.

Friday night Zoe and we enjoyed a sushi meal at the Japanika Restaurant near us.
Zoe sushi

July 2021 - A visit to Jerusalem
Doreen, daughter Vered and granddaughters Danielle and her friend Oz, and Lior and her friend Gal went to Jerusalem for a fun day.

They went to the market, had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant " צmach"
JerusalemJerusalem visit

and saw an exhibition and enjoyed a wine tasting in the grounds of the museum
JerusalemJerusalem visit

July 2021
Since our crop of lychees is almost gone we are fortunate that we can now enjoy now the fruit from our Pakistan mulberry tree.
When I was young and lived in Durban, South Africa, we had a mulberry tree which not only gave delicious (and messy!) mulberries but also supplied the leaves for raising silk worms - a popular activity for me and my friends.
The Pakistan, or Afghanistan, mulberry is very similar to the ordinary mulberry but very much elongated and sweeter. They resemble, with some imagination, what hairy dark silkworms might look like.
mulberryPicking the elongatec mulberries (see insert)

A new KFC
A new addition to my old  friends KFC and a warning to Col. Sanders: You have stiff competition. Daughter-in-law Limor Levy prepared some chicken KFC style and it looks delicious!

Limor's KFC

July 2021 - Dinner with the Rons and Alexandra and Jonathan Keyson.

Clockwise: Daughter Vered Ron, Alexandra and Jonathan Keyson, Oz, granddaughter Danielle, Doreen, granddaughter Lior Ron, son-in-law Aviv Ron.

Jonathan and Alexander Keyson joined Vered and Aviv Ron and girls and us at dinner at the Rons on Friday night. Jonathan Keyson is the grandson of our close and longtime friends Hans Reijzer Reijzer and his late wife Lottie. Jonathan and two of his brothers have a start-up, Riverside,  which last week featured in this aritcle in Haaretz newspaer on the 20 most promising Israeli startups to follow in 2021:

At a time when the entire world is transitioning to video chats, and podcast listeners are at an all-time high, Riverside has launched the right product at the right time. It has created a sort of online recording studio that enables you to easily edit interviews conducted by video chat, using your browser, with no need for editing software or professional knowledge. But Riverside's product is not just for amateurs: CNN uses it to record, edit, and broadcast televised interviews. Disney uses it for intra-organizational communications, recording managers' messages and sending them to workers in video format. Spotify, as well as independent podcast producers, use Riverside to record voice interviews, and other companies use it to record and edit webinars, lectures or panels for virtual conferences, and to produce video content for social media.

The service resembles a video chat software such as Zoom in its appearance. Riverside's technology records the conversation locally on the device (computer or smartphone), and then uploads it to the cloud - this allows it to retain the original sound and image quality, regardless of the participants' internet connection problems.

"That's our secret sauce," say the founders. The user receives simple editing options, including adding a logo and various effects. "Before, this would have been an exhausting process, taking hours. We make it shorter and simpler. That's why we're growing so fast."

The founders are the three young Keyson brothers, who grew up in the Netherlands: Nadav (27), Gideon (23) and Jonathan (29). There's a fourth brother, 17, who is not part of the company, "yet," as they put it. Gideon and Jonathan (formerly an executive in the Israeli firm Riskified) reside in Israel, and Nadav plans to join them soon. In August the company will open its first offices, in Tel Aviv.

July 2021 - Doreen spent a lovely day sailing with skipper daughter Vered.

dl-vr sailing

July 2021 Tallulah Wood
2nd cousin Susan Nathan sent us this delightful picture of her gorgeous granddaughter Tallula, daughter of  Tanya (Nathan) and Stephen Wood.
Tallula Wood

July 2001 - Whoops!
To summarize:
A neighbour knocked on the door - burst water pipe ouside - straight out of bed (barefoot) to see - whoops slipped on the wet slippery floor - cracked head, bashed my eye (how I don't know) - ambulance with Doreen in car close (very!) behind - CT Scan - hole in head treated after cutting hair - stitches in eye-lid and scratched eye treated - moral support from Doreen and daughter Vered - back home.with wonderful and caring Doreen and under the watchful eyes of son Aviv..

cutting hairfblack eye

July 2021 -Our lychee tree
This year we've had a bountiful crop of absolutely delicious lychees.
When we lived in Hofit we had a lychee tree that usually gave lots of fruit. One year there were very few lychees and they were quickly all eaten. Imagine our surprise on morning on seeing our tree suddenly filled with lychees. On closer examination we realised that son Moran had bought lychees and strung them up on our tree! No need for that this year.

June 2021 - Yehoram Gaon and Aviv
Yehoram Gaon (see Wikipedia) , one of Israel's greatest stars (if not the greatest)  visited Coral World Eilat. Son Aviv, who is the curator of Coral World, recognized him  and amazingly remembered that there was a picture of a previous visit with his son and daughter about 30 years ago and Yehoram was happy to receive the picture.

Pictures from now and from 30 years ago
Rons in US 2021Aviv Gaon

June 2021 - The Rons visit the USA

The Rons, Vered, Aviv, Danielle and Lior, made a short visit to USA
Rons in US 2021Enjoying New York. Click for pictures of Lior enjoying a NY Bagel.

Athough they have spent many years in the USA they have never before visited Fire Island, one of the barrier reef islands off Long Island, New York. (I hadn't even heard of it). They were the guests of the parents of one of Vered's business associates. One of the highlights was going to the beach and seeing deer frolicking in the sea. Click on the picture below for a short video cut.
Fire islanddeerClick picture for video

The Segolis returned this week from a short vacation in Switzerland. Mikhal, Zoe and especially Lotem love to draw and show much talent. So apart from relaxation, hiking, enjoyment and "getting away from it all" the purpose of the trip was to give them the opportunity to experience and depict new sights.

Segolis in SwitzerlandSegolis in SwitzerlandSegolis in Switzerland

More pictures of their vacation are in the Week's Picture Archives, and on Lotem's and Zoe's page.

June 2021 -Lunch with the Kessels and Porters

Long-time friends Louise and Colin Kessel, and Basil and Noga Porter came for a Saturday lunch and in addition to the delicious food and salads prepared by Doreen it was lovely chatting with old and good friends.

June 2021 - A hike and picnic in Ein Aviel

Doreen, Aviv, Amit and Ilai went to Ein Aviel, about 1/2 hour from us, where springs in the area flow into the Nahal Taninim making a lovely spot for a short hike and a picnic. .
Ein AvielEin AvielEin Aviel

June 2021 - Celebrating Aviv's 53rd birthday

Son Aviv Levy came up from Eilat with his daughters Amit and Ilai and we celebrated his birthday (21st June) at the home of daughter Vered and Aviv Ron.
Aviv 53 bday
The main courses were prepared both in Netanya by Doreen (poached salmon) with the granddaughters' help, and in Herzliya by Aviv Ron (roast chilcken). Both were delicious!
girls helpingAvivL bday chickensalmon for AvivL bday

KFC in Israel
After a break of many many years it seems that KFC has returned to Israel. There is a branch in Nazereth and evidently in Beersheva as seen in this picture of the Segolis enjoying a meal there.
kfc beersheba
KFC is my favourite fast food restaurant, and the family looks for KFC's in the various countries they visit and send me photos. See some previous family KFC visits in Wuhan China, Brasov Romania, Moscow Russia, Shenzhen China, Mongolia and Istanbul, Berlin Germany, Belfast N.Ireland, Prague Czechia.

June 2021 - Welcome to Ayla
This is lovely baby Ayla, daughter of Sean and Louise Barron. Louise is the daughter of long-time friend David Rothschild, now married to Frankie who was the wife of my cousin, the late Vivian Klaff.
Congratulations also to aunt Estelle Sapir, also a friend from our Durban days so long ago. .


June 11 - Doreen's 77th birthday

We celebrated Doreen's birthday at the Yamas Greek Taverna, and were happy that the Rons and Segolis could join us. Unfortunately the Levys, living in distant Eilat, couldn't make it but we received this delightful birthday greeting from them.
DL bday 77DL BDAY 77bday 77 DL

June 2021 - dinner with Jan Kamras
We enjoyed a dinner with Jan, President of the European Bridge League at the Porter and Sons Restaurant in Tel Aviv. Doreen showed commendable patience as Jan and I inevitably began discussing bridge matters. (Better than health and political discussions!)
with Jan Kamras

Tel Aviv skyline
On the way to the restaurant we passed the Sarona area and this skyline caught our attention. We were amazed by the amount of building going on here in the centre of Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv skyline

May 2021 - A visit to Tirza Naor.
A couple of weeks ago, after a visit to the Segolis, we visited Tirza Naor in nearby Omer on her 97th birthday. Doreen is a volunteer Befriender with the ESRA organisation and Tirza, a holocaust survivor,  is one of her "befriendees".

May 2021 - Zvike and Zahava Karlsblad in Eilat with son Aviv Levy


See Schank Family tree.

May 2021 - With the Segolis at Kornmehl farm

During a visit to the Segolis in Midreshet Ben Gurion we enjoyed a light lunch at the Kornmehl Farm, a nearby farm and restaurant in the Negev Desset.
Kornmehl restaurant

May 2021 - Doreen and Hazel Wolfson

Doreen was happy to meet up with Hazel Wolfson and her friend Dorothy. Hazel and her late husband Alon were our neighbours in Hofit and we remained friendly even after we left Hofit.Hazel Wolfson
Doreen, Hazel Wolfson, Dorothy Belkind

May 2021 - Doreen visits Susan Nathan
Susan lives in Nof Hagalil, a town just outside Nazareth with a mixed Jewish-Arab population. After all the unrest in the mixed towns in Israel things have quietened somewhat and Doreen decided to visit Susan (see Levy family tree) and see how she was coping.
Doreen reports a lovely visit and a lovely lunch at a local restaurant.
DL and Susan
Click for a previous visit last month.

A safer place during hostilities

During the hostilities between Hamas and Israel there was especially heavy firing on Ashkelon and Ashdod, where relatives  Yaffa (Bortenstein) Loew and the Shavit family live.   Fortunately they did not have a direct hit but spent a lot of time in shelters, so we invited them to come and stay with us for a few days as our area was only a mildly threatened area. Yaffa spent a few days with us, and her daughter Vered (Loew) Shavit with her four children stayed with our daughter Vered Ron and Aviv Ron. (see Schank family tree)

While Yaffa was staying with us Doreen took the opportunity of taking her to visit the pedestrian street in nearby town Zichron Yaakov
Doreen and Yaffa

At Vered and Aviv Ron's house Aviv took the opportunity to show little Yaara how to feed little dog Alma. (click on the picture for a short video)
AvivR and Yaara Shavit

May 2021 - baby Carno
Congratulations to cousin Cecile (Levy) Cotton on the birth of another grandchild  - a baby girl named Naomi Tova. Mazaltov to mommy and daddy Jenna and Yonatan Carno and to sisters Meira and Kaela. Cecile sent us this picture of the day-old baby. (see Levy and Matz family trees).

Cotton baby

May 2021 - Aviv dives in St Lucia

Morris Kahn and son Aviv Levy dived off Saint Lucia Island in the Caribbean.
Aviv and Morris diving

May 2021 - The Leibowitzes
Thanks to cousin Sharon (Levy) Leibowitz for this recent picture of some of her family.(see Levy and Matz family trees).

Leibowitz family
Sharon, Joe, Natalie, Dona, Erica, Daniel,  with Michaela in front

May 2021 - A family helps keeping the streets clean

To her amazement while walking the dog Doreen met this exceptional family picking up trash in the streets near us. Doreen: "I thought my collecting dogs' poo was my solitary madness and I am thrilled to meet other people who want to keep our streets clean."
trash pickup

May 2021 - Lewinski Market
The Rons answer to the rocket attacks was to go to the Levinski Market in Tel Aviv to enjoy a delicious meal and to buy some tasty items to take home.

Rons at Lewinski Rd

May 2021 - Alma Pashas celebrates her batmitzvah

We celebrated  the batmitzvah of Alma Pashas, daughter of Moriah (Kirshner) and Gil, and grandaughter of Rochele (Bortenstein) and Moshe Kirshner. The party had been postponed due to the Corona virus and was well catered and with plenty of activites for the younger ones to enjoy. We enjoyed the party and seeing so many family again. See Schank family tree.
Alma PashasAlma and Doreen

1st Ocean Tech Community event
At the launching of the Ocean Tech Community, which deals with water and sea issues, both of our sons Aviv and Moran were invited to give short summaries of the work they do.
There is a picture of Moran here, and below of Aviv, giving their talks.
Aviv Ocean Tech

Vered takes care of Lotem and Zoe

While daughter in law Mikhal Segoli was in hospital, daughter Vered went to Midreshet Ben Gurion to take care of Mikhal's daughters Lotem and Zoe, and to bake and eat  muffins for Saba's birthday and Mikhal's return.
vered and segoli girls

The Segolis visit Superland

As part of Zoe's birthday celebrations the Segolis visited Superland. It looks like they had a great time.

Vered and Aviv celebrate 30 years of marriage

Instead of going to a restaurant Vered and Aviv pooled their talents for a gourmet 30th annibersary meal at home.


BBQ #3 - at our home

With Caroline, Louise, Sybil, Yael , Doreen, Eitan (photographer) at our home.
BBQ us

BBQ #2 at the Rons
With Vered and Aviv and our granddaughters Dani and Lior and some of their friends. Lots of food choices including many Vegan. 
Vered BBQBBQ Vered

At the BBQ of Terry and Carol Kessel
at the Kesselsat the Kessels
Noga and Basil Porter (with Geoff Bethlehem in the background) and Doreen with Carol and Terry Kessel. (The bearded guy is the one who  prepared the Shwarma and the many salads).

Independance Day Flyover

Watching the flyover from the beach in Herzliya. Aviv and Vered Ron (with Alma) , and Doreen

Aviv in The Marker Magazine

The financial  newspaper The Marker publishes a magazine supplement. The supplement appearing on Israel's Independance Day included an article on people who have unusual jobs "Tasting 200 Cups of Coffee a day and Feeding a Shark." Five people were featured, including son Aviv.

For the English version, titled "So, what's it like to have one of the coolest jobs in Israel?" see below  or go directly to Haaretz,

Here is the whole two page article in Hebrew
and this is the part on Aviv.
English version
Aviv The Marker

Diana Restaurant - Nazereth
After visiting Susan Doreen and I went for lunch at the Diana Restaurant in Nazereth. After a few delicious salads we ordered their famous lamb kebabs and were not disappointed. The kebabs are not minced by machine but manually freshly chopped and mixed with herbs. Recommended!

Diana restaurantDiana restaurant

April 2021 - Visiting cousin Susan Nathan
We visited Susan Nathan who is at the Nof HaGalil Retirement Home in Nazareth and spent a few pleasant hours with her.

Susan Nathan

Pesach (Passover) 2021


We had a fabulous seder tonight at the home of  Vered and Aviv.
All 16 of our immediate family took part - so it was like a family reunion.

We had a reasonably traditional seder with only a few passages left out .

Zoe sang the Four Questions mah nishtana

Then followed a feast fit for kings including vegan options: chopped liver both real and vegan, gefilte fish with chrain, chicken soup with kneidlach, roast lamb, baked salmon, gnocci in tomato sauce,all accompanied by salada and matza of course,  and plenty of wine. Some delicious deserts, including Pear Helene and ice-cream, finished off the meal - and us.


We had eaten so much that we needed a break before concluding the seder, and some relaxed by playing chess
Pesach2021-chessPesach2021 chesspesach 2021

After a short search Zoe found the afikoman (confirmed by comparing the two halves)

and the evening was concluded by a highly successful singing of Chad Gadya and Echad-mi-yodea and a medley of favourite Hebrew songs.
Pesach2021 EchadPesach2021 EchadPesach2021 EchadPesach2021 Echad

A great and successful evening that helped us forget last year's disappointing Zoom seder.

Doreen at the polling station, preparing to receive voters
polling booth

Spring flowers

It's spring and son Moran and Mikhal Segoli went up north to the Golan to see the beautiful flowers that the onset of spring brings to the country. On the left are irises and on the right the much rarer White Iris.
We looked after the grandchildren while Moran and Mikhal were away. We always enjoy it, but this time we had to deal with Maayan's giant splinter.

March 2021: A meal in Tel Aviv
Doreen and I are making the most of the easing of the Covid restrictions. We enjoyed a delicious meal at the Porter and Sons restaurant in Tel Aviv, which had been recommended to us by our Italian friend Maurizio. We enjoyed a meal there some years ago and this visit was no disappointment.

At the restaurant we whatsapped Maurizio who regretted he wasn't with us, but was nevertheless enjoying a salami he had made:
"I made a salami called "soppressata". You boil the head of a pig, take all the meat off, dress it with salt, pepper, nutmeg and garlic, stuff it in a bag and refrigertate  for 24 hours. Delicious."
Porter and SonsEnjoying a meal at the Porter & Sons restaurant

March 2021 - erev pesach

I volunteer once a week for an hour or so tutoring middle school pupils in English via zoom. A few days ago I received a visit from them and their teacher wishing me a happy Passover holiday. Both Doreen and I were touched by this simple gesture which says so much about the teacher, Alice, and her relationship with her pupils.

tutor pupils

March 2021 - The Eilat Levys demonstrate

There are plans by a joint Israel-United Arab Emirates company to transfer crude oil through a pipe line from Eilat to the Mediterrean. Many experts fear that an oil leak could severely damage Red Sea Coral reefs, or cripple other marine life in the Medirerranean and halt desalination off the Mediterranean coast that supplies much of Israel's drinking water.
(See, for example, a detailed article in the Times of Israel).
Son Aviv and his children joined a demonstration against this plan. See another picture in the Archives.  We are happy that our grandchildren are active in the causes they believe in - especially, but not only,  when we identify with their actions.


March 2021 Covid restrictions relaxed

In mid-March the relaxation of the restrictions allowed doing things apart from visiting family and shopping:

 * We went to Kibbutz Yizrael about an hour's drive away to enjoy a 'braai' (barbecue) with long-time friends from our South African days Binny and Steve Blass. We were happy to meet some  others there whom we have not seen for many many years.
Binny and Steve Blass

At the kibbutz we sat on a bench dedicated to the memory of my cousin Vivian Klaff, who was a close friend of the Blasses.
Viv benchbench Viv Klaff

* We invited our neighbour's two children, Maayan aged 8 and Hila aged 6, for breakfast while their parents were at work. They devoured the pancakes Doreen had made, lavished with Maple syrup. It seems grandparents are essential - even if they are not your own! (Last year, during a lockdown break, we invited them for supper.)

* Daughter Vered Ron and family got together with cousin Jonty Levy and family.
l-r: Danielle R, Dina L, Yardena L, Jonty L, Vered R, Aviv R, Lior R

March 2021 - Family visit to Eilat
We and the Segolis joined the Eilati Levys in Eilat. The highlight was meeting at Coral World for a barbecue with countless delicious salads prepared by Limor. While the adults rested and talked the younger children enjoyed the freedom of finally enjoying open spaces. It's always a pleasure to see how our grandchildren get along so well with each other. (see for example the picture on granddaughter Zoe's page).

Lior and Aviv made sure the food - including vegan options - was cooked just right, and the adults sat and stood around the fire and chatted and listened to music.
Eilat BBQEilat BBQEilat BBQ
See a picture of all of us enjoying the meal.

The next morning most of the family visited Timna, always an interesting location for  a walk.

March 2021 - Adloyada at Midreshet Ben Gurion (Sde Boqer)

Purim this year was "business as usual" at Midreshet Ben Gurion, where the high school students prepared and staged their traditional adloyada, a carnival-like parade. Due to Covid restrictions this year non-residents could not attend. The theme this year was "Dreams" and below we can see the floats that grandson Maayan was involved in -  the BFG (Big Friendly Giant, from Roald Dahl's book) who could trap dreams and a float representing "nightmares".
The adloyada is an opportunity for the students to express their creativity and also to let "their hair down" - see  for example  Maayan  enjoying himself.
Purim midrasha

February 2021 - Finally,  famiy outings

With most Covid restrictions lessened many are enjoying getting out and visiting friends, relatives and places. Taking advantage of the sunny (though cold) weather the Rons visited the Naharayim Park just south of the Kinereth (Sea of Galilee) and the Segolis went right up to Israel's northernmost beach, Betzet, and are spending a few days at the camping site there

A visit to Lesotho about 1997
On a visit to Southern Africa with Aviv and Limor we also visited Lesotho

Snow in the desert
It's rare but this year the higher areas of the Negev desert had snow and the Segolis were happy to take advantage of the snow in their "backyard"  and enjoy the desert snow on the Amasa Hill (הר עמשא) part of the Hebron Hills in the northern Negev. The camel is in the area bordering on the man-made Yatir forest. What's a desert without camels?
See also Archives 2021.
desert snowdesert snow

February 2021 - Solar Receptors for the Segolis

The Segolis are continuing going "green". They have installed a battery of solar receptors on the roof of their house, together with about another 30 households in the area. The electricity produced is fed into the electricity grid.

February 2021 - Family meetings resume.

No more lockdown and we have green 'passports' so a family weekend was called for. On Friday the Rons, Aviv and Moran and their daughters came for dinner. The Segolis and Levys slept over and then on Saturday we all went for brunch to Vered and the Rons, followed by a family walk..
Friday night dinnerrons brunchfamily walk

February 2021 - A visit to Midreshet Ben Gurion

We took advantage of theend of the lockdown and getting our new car and spent today in Midreshet Ben Gurion in Sde Boqer with our son Moran Segoli and family and with daughter Vered, Aviv and Danielle. On the way there we stopped at Moran's place of work - the Agriculture Research and Development Unit in the Negev - and heard from him about his various projects there.


Moran bday It was also an opportunity to celebrate (a little late) Moran's birthday.

It was a warm sunny day and we enjoyed sitting outside and chatting, while granddaughters Lotem and Danielle went head to head at chess.

February 6, 2021 - Tamar Moskovitz's batmitzvah

Tonight we viewed the batmitzvah of Tamar Moskovich in Colorado via Zoom. Tamar was very impressive singing the full torah portion (cenre below). Tamar is the eldest daughter of Yuvie and Rachel (nee Engleberg). We took pictures during the Zoom broadcast of the ceremony of Tamar, her younger sister Naomi and parents. Click also for pictures of Tamar as a baby age 6 weeks and age 3 months.  (see Matz family tree). 
naomiTamarrachel and Yuvi

February 2021 - Aviv is off to school

Son Aviv sent me this "early school" picture taken in 1973 in Hofit just before going to his first day of school. Compare his school "uniform" with mine from about 20 years earlier.
Aviv off to schoolAviv uniformAIL DPHS

February 2021 - Ducks in Alonim Park

Our home is next to Park Alonim, a eucalyptus grove also known as Hurshat Ha-Sargentim and historically infamous (see Winter brings rain, and every year an ephemeral winter pond forms in the park. In previous years a large portion of the Park was inaccessible due to the pond, but a few years ago a wooden bridge was built over part of the pond  allowing people to stroll in the park and on the bridge and enjoy the  scenery. It is interesting how life returns to the pond every winter year after year. This years some ducks found their way to the pond delighting both adults and children. When walking our dog a stroll through the park is enjoyable and relaxing. .

Puppy Alma breaks a leg - January 2021
Alma, the Ron's puppy jumped off a table and broke a leg bone in two places as can be seen on the  x-ray below.
xrayalma fracture
Click here for a picture of a happier Alma.

anuary 2020 - Re-discovering jigsaw puzzles

We - evidently as well as many many others - have re-discovered jigsaw puzzles as a wonderful activity for lockdown periods.

We had just completed our first puzzle when we saw an article in the New York times about jigsaw puzzles which explained our new addiction ".......Jigsaw puzzles had a huge surge in popularity about 90 years ago, around the time of the Great Depression. Unsurprisingly, they have surged again during lockdown. A good jigsaw — whether it involves hundreds of pieces or thousands — provides a relatively inexpensive form of home entertainment with a tactility that screen-based entertainments don’t allow. 'There is supposed to be a dopamine hit every time you put puzzle pieces together. So assembling a puzzle is just a constant dose of happy chemicals,' said Tammy McLeod, a champion puzzler and a founder of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association. ......"
The internet has many entries about the benefits of jigsaw puzzles.

We have swapped puzzles with the Rons and with Doreen's sister Louise and have done a few in recent days. On on their pre-lockdown dinner visit both granddaughters Dani and Lior helped with our difficult puzzle. In particular, we were amazed at the skill of Dani as she seemingly without effort successfully chose correct pieces.

Aviv and daughter Lior start a puzzle                                       Doreen finishes a panoramic puzzle
Lior-Aviv-puzzlepuzzle DL

January 2020 - pre-lockdown meal

Granddaughters Dani and Lior Ron decided to visit us a few hours before lockdown took effect and we enjoyed a lovely evening and a very good vegan dinner.
Dani and Lior

January 2020 - The Segolis hike in Ein Netafim

Taking advantage of the pre-lockdown period, Moran, Mikhal and Zoe Segoli drove southwards and enjoyed a desert hike in the Ein Netafim area. The hike was particularly nostalgic for Moran because when we lived in Eilat he hiked the area many times.
In the picture on the left Zoe lies in a crack in the mountain - Moran says in his memory the crack was much wider, perhaps he was smaller then?!
On the right is a picture from about 30-40 years ago - Moran snappling down the face of the mountain.